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3 New Best Ways to Pass an Online nursing course

Online nursing course
Online nursing course

Online nursing course:100% online and part-time masters in nursing degree, designed for nursing and other healthcare professionals hoping to progress to senior nursing roles, this course combines healthcare modules with a grounding in management and leadership. Download a prospectus to find out more!

Nursing Courses

Free online nursing courses to learn the fundamentals of Nursing. Want to pursue a career in one of the fastest-growing and most important professions in the world today? Our diploma and certificate courses can help you reach your career goals. You can take our training classes that teach about advanced patient hygiene procedures, environmental health and safety awareness, and how to ensure patient safety and comfort in the care setting. We can even teach you about the dynamic roles that nursing professionals play in today’s evolving healthcare settings. Enrol, today!

Nursing Courses

Develop, grow or start your nursing career with a range of flexible online nursing courses ideal for continuing professional development (CPD).

Nursing is an essential and highly sought after skill set worldwide. We rely on nurses and other healthcare professionals throughout our lives.

Whether you’re experienced in nursing or just starting out on your learning experience, a nursing course can help you expand your professional skills or take the next step in your career.

Why study nursing online?

If you enjoy taking care of those in need, a career in nursing can be highly rewarding. Similarly, if you have an interest in healthcare and medicine, an online nursing course can be a fascinating area of study.

By choosing to study a nursing course online, you get access to a wide variety of topics in many different formats. This breadth of knowledge means you can pick and choose which areas you study and develop.

So, whether you’re new to the field or an experienced professional, you can expand your understanding of nursing. Studying online can fit around your existing lifestyle, commitments, and shift patterns.

You don’t have to commute to a study location or buy textbooks; you can access all the materials online whenever you so choose, giving you the freedom to pursue study without impacting your schedule or lifestyle.

Choosing an online nursing course

Our portfolio of nursing courses offers learning opportunities for newly qualified nurses through to professionals looking to progress into leadership roles.

For example, those just considering nursing as a profession may find a course giving an introduction to nursing beneficial. Those with more experience may want to focus on specific subjects such as Parkinson’s disease.

No matter what your level of knowledge is currently, you’re sure to find a nursing course that’s suitable for you. As you expand your understanding, you can continue to explore new and exciting areas of this wonderful profession.

Nursing certifications and qualifications

Many of the introductory courses in nursing are short-form modules that span a few weeks’ worth of learning. Often, these types of courses require around 2-6 hours of study each week. You can upgrade within these courses to gain certification.

If you want a more detailed learning experience that results in a qualification, you might want to consider an online degree.

These qualifications, offered by top universities, will give you the depth and breadth of learning required to kick-start your career in this field.

Free Online Nursing Courses & Classes You Can Take Right Now

If you’re considering a career in nursing, a great way to get started is taking a free online course from the comfort of your home. Many of these classes cover the same topics as a traditional college course without the cost. Universities offer courses like this online as recruiting tools to connect interested students in additional courses or degrees. Free online course can also help working nurses stay aware of developments in the field. Below, you will find a list of online nursing courses offered for free.

Care Relationships

Caring for and fostering relationships with patients and medical staff are a part of a nurse’s job duties. A good nurse should be able to perform complicated tasks while also comforting patients through a difficult experience. A course in care relationships helps you develop this tricky skill.

Nursing Theory and Advanced Practice

Nursing theories are the foundation on which nursing skills are built. Understanding these is necessary to provide quality care to patients of all different ages and backgrounds. This free online course on nursing theory and practice focuses on utilizing and critiquing nursing theories to improve your skills.

Diet Therapy

Nutrition is a huge part of health, and diet-related knowledge is important for nurses to have when advising patients. Nurses educated in proper nutrition can help patients make good diet choices and take back their health. You can learn the basics of diet theory online for free.

The Anatomy of the Kidneys

Nurses who specialize in kidney diseases will find this course about kidney anatomy highly beneficial. Students in this course learn all about the kidneys’ design and function, which can be relayed back to patients and help increase their knowledge about this organ.

Understanding Dementia

Dementia affects more patients and families every day, and having a nurse who understands this disease and its progression is essential. This free course helps nurses understand more about the brain, the causes of dementia, and how the disease impacts not only patients but also their friends and loved ones.

Understanding Clinical Research: Behind the Statistics

Medical statistical analysis is a handy skill for working nurses and doctors. Comparing and analyzing statistical numbers can improve medical practices and patient health outcomes. Taking a free online course in statistical analysis paves the way to a better understanding of data.

The Science of Staying Active into Old Age

Patients are often taught to eat right and stay active to remain healthy as they age. This free online course gives nurses a framework for educating patients in how to stay healthy through exercise as they age.

Vital Signs

As nurse knows better than anyone, the human body is complex. Understanding what vital signs are trying to communicate is essential when assessing patient needs. This course is a great refresher in the essential basics for any nurse.

Children with Asthma

For nurses specializing in pediatric care, you will come across children suffering from asthma, and you need to be prepared with up-to-date information. Knowing the proper care and prevention techniques can quite possibly help to save a child’s life. This helpful course will help you care for children suffering from asthma.

Chronic Urticaria

Urticaria — also known as hives — is an allergic reaction that can be triggered by food, environmental factors, and stress. Understanding the causes and prevention methods for urticaria is essential for any healthcare practitioner. You can learn the ins and outs of urticaria for free online.

15 free Online Nursing Courses with Certificates in 2020

Online nursing course
Online nursing course

Nursing falls in the top ten best-paying jobs in the world list. This explains the fact that going for any of the free Online Nursing Courses with Certificates is undoubtedly one of the best educational investments that you can make today.

These free Online Nursing Courses has helped many nursing students achieve their goals without having to pay through there nose. So, if you really want to take up a nursing profession and save lives, don’t be quick to close this tab.

This post shows you 15 educational free Online Nursing Courses with Certificates that you can enroll for in the comfort of your home.

Why choose free Online Nursing Courses?

If you are still asking yourself why you should choose free Online Nursing Courses? I will tell you.

You can study at the comfort of your Home

This is one reason why online programs are better than on-campus programs generally. Imagine the possibility of acquiring a certificate from your comfort zone without worrying about transportation or accommodation.

Free Online nursing course provide the platform for you to access quality nursing programs. You can even get certified eliminating time and distance barriers.

Most, it won’t find it difficult to access textbooks and other materials.

More access to education

Free online nursing courses give students access to education which can lead to a greater sense of personal fulfillment. In addition, online education can lead to better jobs, more money, and other benefits, including health insurance.

Also because of the current pandemic (COVID-19), there is a huge surge in demand for qualified nurses and online education can help fill the gap for this noble profession. This is because it has the potential to reach more people.

Greater Potential for Participation

Another reason you should consider taking Online nursing course is that you will have full participation. For instance, an on-campus class, you will have one lecture teaching more than 50 students.

In such a setting, some students may choose not to concentrate maybe because they are shy even though they are physically present. but in an online setting, it’s not like that.

Moreso, you will be given a unique opportunity to organize your thoughts and engage with their instructors and classmates from the privacy of their homes.

How to take an Online Nursing Course

It is one thing to desire to take an Online nursing course in Nursing and another thing to actually take and complete it. Even though these courses are offered online for free if you are not determined you would find it challenging because it is not easy.

One big hurdle that you may likely face is the ability to give 100% attention to the course and get it completed. But with commitment and motivation, you will complete the course.

What Do I need to consider?

Many people today dive into a career they don’t have passion for simply because it’s lucrative, pays well, and a large world’s population is there. It’s wrong.

Before you choose to get a certificate in any Online Nursing Courses, you must consider your passion for it. Although getting certified in any nursing specialty may help you reach your goals, if you don’t have a love for it, you might get frustrated.

What Do I need to before I can study a free Online Nursing Course?

This very important. You cannot just hit the apply button of any nursing course you want to study and expects to just be accepted because you were told that its free.

Generally, before you can have access to nursing courses online free, you must meet the have what it takes.

Note, the requirements for any of the online nursing courses with certificate depends on the type of program.

For example, students entering a pre-licensure program do have certain academic prerequisites that registered nurses enrolled in a BSN completion program won’t need to complete.

Admission Process for Online Nursing Courses

There are degree-specific admissions requirements you must meet before you can enroll for any Nursing program online whether it’s free or not. These requirements are known as ‘Admission Criteria’

  • You must the basic criteria which are academic transcripts and meet a very high GPA. You can also include if any, extracurricular activities, such as volunteering that you are engaged in.
  • Your work experience can help showcase other skills you may possess. You will be more advantaged if you have had long-term working experience.
  • A high test score, in the ACT or SAT tests.
  • Present a personal statement that is well written.
  • Letter of Recommendation

What are the Universities that offer free Online Nursing Courses?

There are universities in the world that offers free online Nursing Courses to both national and international students.

Some of these universities are top-notch in what they do and they are globally recognized. they offer online nursing programs at different levels just like on-campus programs.

Here is a list of Universities that offer free Online Nursing Courses

What can I gain with an Online Nursing Certificate

Talking about what you can gain with an Online Nursing Certificate, its numerous.

First, Certification in nursing provides you with the legal authority to practice professional nursing. That means if you have whether on-campus or online Nursing Certificate, you will be recognized as a professional nurse and can be employed.

Aside from that, Online nursing certificate professionalism and clinical competence. it shows that you are committed to achieving excellence in your nursing career. Moreso, it that you are dedicated to a certain subject area and that you took the time to educate yourself further in the field.

In addition, completing free online nursing certification courses can contribute to better patient care.

What do I mean by that? online nursing certification will enable you to provide the best possible care to patients. It provides you with the knowledge and expertise needed to provide excellent care, exercise good judgment, and ensure patient safety.

Furthermore, Certification can broaden and diversify your employment opportunities. Certification can also provide more opportunities for further education and advancement. It shows that you meet national standards, which is attractive to employers.

Types of Nursing Certifications

There are over 100 nursing certifications available for a nurse to earn and maintain. Some of them include;

  • Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP)
  • Certified Pediatric Nurse (CPN)
  • Advanced Oncology Certified Nurse (AOCN)
  • Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA)
  • Adult-Gerontology Nurse Practitioner (AGNP).

List of the Free Online Nursing Courses with Certificate

Earning a free online nursing course with a certificate of completion is the best step to building a nursing career. Even while you stay at home, there are online courses that the classes cover the same topics as a traditional college course without the cost.

These courses are offered by Universities in a way of helping nursing students gain additional degrees and also help them stay aware of developments in the field.

Cancer Survivorship for Primary Care Practitioners

Location: The University of Melbourne & Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre

One major disease that has claimed the lives of many today is cancer. With this free nursing course, you will enlighten on the importance of cancer recovery and how to develop an effective care plan for your patients.

Moreso, this course is a 4 weeks course that will teach you the psychological, social, and emotional impact of cancer, and the possible side effects of treatment.

Furthermore, you will get to know about new and emerging cancer treatments and results for cancer survivors of all ages through this course.

Nursing and Long-term Conditions: An Introduction

Location: Coventry University

Nurses have a responsibility to reduce people’s risk of developing long-term conditions and help people manage their conditions.

In this course, you will explore the impact of long-term conditions on an international and national scale.

You will examine the opinions of patients, their families, and professionals, and apply these ideas to your own experiences as a nurse.

Nursing theory and advanced practice

Location: Liberty University

Next in our list of free Online Nursing Courses with Certificate is Nursing Theory and Advanced practice. If you want to build effective nursing skills, this course is the best for you.

This free online nursing theory and practice course focus on the use and criticism of nursing theories to improve your skills.

Moreso, it place emphasis is placed on the critique, evaluation, and utilization of nursing and other relevant theories that apply to advanced nursing practice and a comprehensive approach to care.

Diet therapy

Are you concern about your patients and you want them to recover fast? this online nursing course will help you get that done.

This free online nursing course teaches you about diet therapy and discusses intestinal, bowel, and food-related diseases.

A well-nourished person is more likely to be mentally and physically lively, and capable of resisting and fighting off infectious diseases. This is why patients in a hospital are given an appropriate diet to aid their recovery.

Nutrition is a big part of health, and knowledge of diet is important to nurses when advising patients.

If you are educated in proper nutrition as a nurse, you can help patients make good diet choices and restore their health.

You can learn all about the dietary needs of recovering patients with this free online course.

Kidney anatomy

Do you specialize in kidney diseases? This course will help you. The Anatomy of the Kidneys is among the free nursing courses online with certificates that will help you know about kidney diseases.

Understanding dementia

Location: University of Tasmania, Australia

Dementia affects more patients and families every day, and a nurse must understand this disease and its development.

This free course helps nurses understand more about the brain, the causes of dementia, and how the disease affects not only patients but also their friends and loved ones.

As a Participants, you will have an opportunity to engage with the material via video clips, activities, games, scenarios and quizzes.

Understanding clinical research: behind the statistics

Medical statistical analysis is a useful skill for working nurses and doctors. This free online nursing course will help you interpreting common statistical concepts without getting into nitty-gritty mathematical formulae.

So, If you are want to understand the published literature or conduct your own research, this course is your first step.

Note, taking a free online course in statistical analysis paves the way for a better understanding of the data. this course is starting on 20th April 2020 and its 6 weeks program.

Furthermore, you will have the platform to meet an international network of peers online to discuss the key issues surrounding dementia and get a free certificate.

Note, this course is starting on 7th July 2020 and its a 3 hours a week course.

The Musculoskeletal System: The Science of Staying Active into Old Age

Location: Newcastle University , The University of Sheffield and University of Liverpool

This is one of the free online nursing training courses you can go for if you want to know about the bones, joints, and muscles and why they function the way they function.

Basically, this course is a 3 weeks program designed for people who lead active lives and would appreciate knowing how their lifestyle is likely to affect their long-term health.

Moreso, it will provide you with a framework to teach patients how to stay healthy through exercise as they age.

Although the courses are free, to get the certificate, you will have to pay $54. Note, these free nursing online courses will be starting on the 8th of June 2020.


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