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35 Creepy Last Words Uttered by Patients Before Dying as Shared by Doctors and Nurses

Working in bloom attention conquer train you that relreadiness is inevitable. You’ll be one of those few race to perceive how vivacity begins and how it conquer end. Here’s a patchachievement of the responses from the /r/askreddit thread: 1. “But I don’t perceive how to get there…” Grandpa in hospice. Hadn’t verbal in days. Died encircling two hours succeeding. 2.  Not a teacher but I balanceheard an old lady inhalatione this to her old mate cessation of kidney problems. “You are going to defeat this, you got afar following a span slaughter, this is pin.” 3. I achievement in a cardiac ICU. We had a unrepining who had a pulmonary artery break (a expensive, but perceiven entanglement of a Swan-Ganz catheter). One specific he was joking encircling following a span us and the bestow crystalline red blood was spewing out of his mouth. His conclusive say anteriorly he died were “why is this happening to me?” It stationary haunts me years succeeding. 4. Nurse hinder – had a unrepining end into the ER following a span failure of inhalation. He agoing deteriorating in the ER, and then altogether fast on the enravishment up the ICU. We got him wheeled into his locality, replaced the ER lines and tubes following a span our own, and infectious him from the enravishment stretcher to his ICU bed. He veritably did most of the transplant himself. He didn’t say eternallyything, but equitable anteriorly he died he stupidly adjusted his own pillow, laid his desire down, and then his eyes went broad. This man equitable made himself convenient anteriorly laying down to die. 5. I’m a readiness and was priorly achievementing at an assisted aid nationality on the dementia/Alzheimer’s sunder. My very idol unrepining had been subdued tolerably steadily so I was restraining on him very frequently. We would own desire chats and twit encircling following a span each other, but in the conclusive two weeks of his vivacity, he bungped talking wholly and didn’t veritably assert conference directed at him at all. I artistic my medication rounds for the leveling and went to see him anteriorly I left. I told him I was leaving for the misunderestablished and that I’d see him the followingcited day, and he countenanceed me in the eyes and smiled SO genuinely and said, “You countenance attachment an cherub.” I reasoning it was so amiable owing he had not seemed intelligible in weeks. He died the bestow early. It veritably messed following a span me. 6.  I don’t attention that I’m not a readiness, but this was said by my dad to the readiness, so halt plenty. Backstory: Dad had MS. He’d had it past he was 18. Diagnosed at 20, married my mom at 24, had me at 29, died 15 days blunt of 45. Six months anteriorly that, he was put on hospice. He and Mom were discussing funeral arrangements, and my mom jokingly said, “You perceive Tim, the best monstrosity you could do would be to die on a Wednesday. That way we can own the collection responsive on Thursday, the viewing on Friday, and the relic on Saturday, so past race could end. The early we got the persuade that it was message, my mom, two sisters, and I were encircling five specifics too advanced. Following we said our good-naturedbyes, the readiness pulled my mom aloof and asked if that day had any recognition. It’s not level 6 am yet, so Mom doesn’t level perceive what day it IS fur hinder if it’s relevant. The readiness explains her it’s May 21st. No… pin is future to desire. The readiness told her that the prior day dad kept inquiry what day it was and they’d explain him it was the 20th. He’d countenance irritated but confirm it. That early, he asked what day it was, and they said, “It’s Wednesday, May 21st.” He smiled, pressd his idol readiness’s operationman, and was past hinderly bestowly. It was Relic Day weekend, and we did equitable as he and Mom had adapted. And notwithestablished manifold friends activity out of town for the misemployment, we had balance 250 race profession up at the relic use, balanceabundant the scanty pavilion past than it had eternally been occupied. To his cessation day, he was up-hill to produce monstrositys easier for our race. I miscomprehend him. 7. My dad bare into unconsciousness encircling noon. We managed to get him into bed and he responded following a span a operationman press when I said “I attachment you.” We watched and endureed the hush of the day. Encircling 3:00 am his inhalationing radical and as his inhalationing beend past and past studied he bolted fair, eyes extensive notorious, countenanceed at his consort, my sister, then me. Smiled, exhaled, and died. 8. “Get residence assured, scanty one.” It wasn’t what he said – he said the corresponding monstrosity to me any message I had him as a unrepining for the leveling. It was how he said it. He gave me this countenance and rest attachment he knew. The DNR’s in my proof, incessantly perceive when it’s message. It’s creepy. 9. My leading hospice circumstance. She was on morphine and agoing ape smoking. She countenanceed at me, took my operationman and said “Please.” in the most agreeable tone I’ve eternally attendd. I sat following a span her collection until the [coroner] arrived. She has no friends or race. Simply her counsellor professioned up. I’ve simply manufactured one hospice circumstance past. 10. Cardiac ICU: Had a gentleman who was DNR on readiness attention. He was broken-down and was cursing attachment a seaman. He seemed to own moments of clarity and would ask to see his brothers (who were twain passed). After a especially worrisome feeling rhythm, he went tail into a Sinus tachycardia and countenance me in my eyes and said “Hey, what’s your designate?” “Kabc” “What do you do hinder?” “I’m a readiness.” Following this, he was hush for some message… then he said… “Fuck you.” And then he died encircling 20 specifics succeeding. 11. I plant one of my “readiness measures simply” unrepinings established at the border of his bed. It surprised me owing he had been chiefly unresponsive during my change. I aided him tail into bed and he asked me why all these race were in his locality. He suddenly became hush again and I noticed he wasn’t inhalationing. He was a DNR so thinder wasn’t eternallyymonstrosity to do to try to induce him tail. Looking tail he may own been talking encircling me and the CNA that was assisting me get him tail into bed, but who perceives what or who he was spectacle the conclusive specifics of his vivacity. Stationary creeps me out a scanty when I fancy encircling it. 12. My mom was watching balance my sublime-grandsenior in the hospital. He’d been unresponsive for a day or so, when suddenly he said: “It’s encircling damn message you got hinder! I’ve been endureing!” And then he died. 13. DNR unrepining was on readiness attentions. Was on a noble dose of morphine and hallucinating. She would halt betwixt grasping for monstrositys not thinder and up-hill to clamber out of bed. She was too unstable to stalk so my job was to sit in the locality and produce assured she was assured. She trained to get up and I went to ask her what she wanted. She grabbed my arm and pulled me down towards her countenance and said, very angrily, “massacre me”. That one fucked following a span me for briefly. 14. Not a readiness, not a teacher, but I’m an apprentice funeral master. We went to a nursing residence on a removal and as we were stalking down the moiety one of the unrepinings got antsy and notorioused the door to his locality and saw us stalking following a span the stretcher. “I’ll see you bestow week boys.” And imagine who we had to cull up the bestow week. 15. My grandma died in 1989 my grandsenior (Bob) died encircling 1965. She neternally remarried, neternally dated, but she did own a sublime vivacity. When she was cessation she yelled “Bob. Bob, hinder I end… Oh honey I’ve misunderstanded you so fur!” We incessantly twitd that we were joyous she didn’t yelled “Bob who the torture is that”? 16. Ugh. I was a hospice readiness for manifold years. Super delectable job for a readiness, surprisingly. As a “regular” readiness, you are expensively offered gift. Hospice nursing is an island unto itself. Chiefly well-mannered-disposed, lots of messages sad, often a benediction. This is sad, but aidovers creepy, and I wouldn’t regard it if I hadn’t seen it. Had a 20 year old kid, herd component, who was cessation of leading subsistr cancer. Super remarkable, foul, and marginal. He was wrathful at the universe. His race was thinder to readiness him, but he literally spit in their countenances. Every ounce of courage he had left was wrathful and average and ill-looking. His mom would beg him to illumine up and confirm Jesus into his feeling. He would wave at her and explain her to eff herself. The race remained aidover, in hopes he would chillout at the end. His conclusive day, hours, moments, he was wrathful. The race persuadeed me into the locality, and told me they reasoning he was going (he wasn’t responding, Cheyne-Stokes inhalations, eyes fine and bark cold–the end was impending.) His attachmently dame, in her deahush Nursing essay, inhalatiowant to him to go towards the bright, to her Jesus. Following a span his cessation inhalation he notorioused his eyes, countenanceed at her and said “Eff your Jesus!!!”. A second or two succeeding, he sloth pungent his desire to the to the left, and got the most alarming countenance on his countenance as if he was countenanceing at somemonstrosity we couldn’t see, and horrified, attachment in a bad movie, his countenance contorted, and he screamed following a span his conclusive inhalation, eyes extensive, “Oh shit, oh shit, OH NOOOOOOO!!!!”, then made a guttural din and quickly bare tail into the bed and died. Every race component was refutation and too timid to express, and I left the locality and took two days off. I don’t attention if I neternally furnish out what he saw. 17. “See you there.” 18. A 17 y/o effeminate during a car jar: “Please, blithesomeden, blithesomeden…don’t explain my parents I was drinking.” 19. I subsist in the Pacific NW and thinder was a break of the Olympic Pipeline in Bellingham in 1999. The petroleum flowed into Whatcom Creek. Thinder were two scanty boys detached in the rivulet rearwards one of their lineages following a span a barbecue brighter. They equitable happened to be in the injustice assign at the injustice message and the petroleum abundant into the rivulet was set on vivacity by the brighter they were detached following a span. It became a arson. We could see the inarticutardy sombre fume oration into the air from 25 miles afar. From what I bear-in-mind, one of the older brothers and a alien of his friends ran out to the rivulet rearwards their lineage and brought the boys out of the inspire. The scanty guys were severely burnt but in shame and following a span adrenaline ordinary didn’t reap how grieve they were. I stationary cry when I fancy encircling it to this day when I discaggravate that the scanty guys reasoning that they had caused the outburst from detached in the rivulet following a span a brighter. Worse, and this veritably haunts me, is one of the boys explaining the rescuers that “Oh, my mom is going to be so mad that I beggared my new caparison.” These scanty guys died the bestow day of their burns. It was an unbearable representation. 20. Last year: my grandsenior agoing desperately agreeable for his vivacity following a span his German captors from WWII. The teacher bestow was piercing and said in German: “You are liberal, Herr Caticature. You are liberal.” And then he died. 21. “You’re not gonna regard this…” Talk encircling a cliffhanger. Can’t endure for span 2 of Old Man Following a span Heart Failure. 22. I achievemented a bank change in A&E a few months ago. A youthful man was in a horrid car jar, his countenance was seasoned in rank and had a junction fracture of his clavicle but aware, he was screaming “don’t explain me she’s cheerless, whinder is she???” anteriorly succumbing to his injuries an hour succeeding. His damselfriend had died straightway in the jar. 23. Can’t regard this doubt has popped up in my Reddit recaggravate on today, of all days. This followingnoon, my consort and I were equitable bear-in-minding an miraculous friend of mine, Kevin, who died a scanty past than 18 years ago. We did the math and reapd that the son he left rearwards is now the corresponding age that Kevin was when he passed, which gave me rest, to say the smallest. Kevin died from a redeviate of the corresponding emblem of cancer that had leading professionn up in him span he was stationary in his teens. The corresponding cancer (seriously, fuck cancer) had aidovers captured his senior aidovers at the age of 34 when Kev was equitable encircling the corresponding age as his kid. He was a excited, droll, bark, no-bullshit guy who had naught calibre for flowery-talk or mysticism, you perceive? He was a legitimate cash-and-carry bark of dude. So, you’ll comprehend why his conclusive conference following a span me has readinessed me for approximately two decades, now. I went in to scrutinize him at the hospital on what ended up activity the decisive day of his vivacity and, when he and I were decisively sole, he leaned balance to me and said “Stan, thinder own been cherubs in my locality, on and off, past equitable anteriorly sunrise.” I ask him if he reasoning it was the morphine (which, normally, he would own been the leading to suggest/lol), and he said “No, I’m not fucking following a span you, buddy… I’m not talking encircling ‘feeling’ cherubs or eternallyything… Thinder are express cherubs who sustain future into my locality.” I asked him if they were frightening and he replied, “No, they’re veritably making me quiet the fuck down a scanty bit.” He passed, succeeding that leveling. You perceive, I own incessantly had (and stationary own) doubts encircling thinder activity eternallyymonstrosity following this vivacity. And, of round, the pragmatic sunder of my brain recognizes that it unquestionably could own been the medications he was commencement, or some aid metastasis to his brain, proper? But, if I’m activity conscientious encircling what my gut explains me, or, my feeling? Thinder were cherubs in my friend’s locality. You perceive what? Fuck it, I’m going to divide one past anecdote encircling him… A few weeks anteriorly the message I equitable divided, the two of us were talking encircling the possibility of an followinglife. He had equitable gotten vocable that monstrositys had captured a ghastly deviate and that he probably had simply weeks left to subsist, so, it was a tolerably intense conference. We discussed the proposal of thinder activity a Heaven, following a span a entrance, and I asked him who he would attachment to be the leading peculiar he got to see following activity let inside… and the fucker answered “You.” Then, following we had laughed ourselves fucking raucous, he ascititious “No… I neglect to see my dogs from childhood.” I’m going to go hug my consort now. Much attachment, strangers. Much, fur attachment. 24. A fastidious old lady who told my CNA she neglected to carry all unspotted. When asked why, she said “the man in sombre is hinder.” She countenanceed in the nook of the locality. The CNA countenanceed, but thinder was no one there. That’s when I came into the locality. We asked her to depict what she was spectacle and she said “he’s in all sombre, and he’s got a top hat on.” Then she inhalatiowant “and his eyes are red” span her eyes agitated opposing the locality to undeviatingly rearwards the CNA, attachment she was watching him agitate haltr to us. She died succeeding that misunderstanding. But it was unlocked-for. That locality creeped me out for a desire message following that. 25. I achievement in desire message attention, and one of my inhabitants was cessation from lung cancer, we knew it was going to happen any day and she did too, she often recognized she didn’t neglect to be sole so all Friday misunderestablished readinesss took deviates sitting following a span her, when I came in Saturday early they asked if I would sit following a span ( I achievemented in revival). She was such a amiablefeeling and had no progeny but had a niece who orderly scrutinizeed and when we persuadeed Friday basically said persuade me when she is cheerless. Anyway this lady was labouring to inhalatione, in and out of aware but would incessantly press my operationman if I pressd hers. Finally I inhalatiowant in her ear, ” the readiness equitable told me your niece is on the way” she died hinder than five specifics succeeding, she equitable neglected to perceive someone was future. Her niece neternally came :( 26. “I want to explain someone whinder to dig to furnish her.” 27. It was years ago, I was a younger inhabitant. I didn’t perceive the unrepining all that well-mannered, but got persuadeed up to get her paperachievement discovery for free. (She was an inadequately bloomy 96 or so, had a palliative colon resection for cancer, colossus, colossus). I went to her locality to do a conclusive rend restrain and DC a JP parch and she kept talking encircling how she was “going residence to Bill*” Her son severe out that she’s usually mentally very clever, but Bill was her mate who had died years ago. He reassured her, “No, mom, dad is past. We’re equitable going tail to the lineage.” She insisted. “No, I’m going to him. He came to see me this early and said he’s commencement me residence.” Whatever, I imagine? Son said she was inadequately at baseline – it was the leading and simply weird monstrosity she said – vitals and labs countenanceed good-natured, so we progressed adesire the DC footpath. Not level a few specifics succeeding the Jurisprudence Blue got persuadeed to her locality. She was Don’t Code, so we didn’t do eternallyything, but it was attachment, “WTAF, I imagine Bill veritably was future for her.” Her son was surprisingly OK following a span how this played out. This one chilled me for briefly. 28. Working in the ICU and a elderly guy came in following a span sepsis. As we were achievementing on him, he countenances up and says “Yeah, that’s it!” and quickly jurisprudences, we did not get him tail. 29. Surgeon hinder. Not assured if this is “creepy” but a man on his releasebed kept repeating “the collection is in the woods bestow to the oak tree” balance and balance until he passed. The police were notified and they did inquiry some woods rearwards the man’s lineage but neternally plant eternallyything. 30. I was a residence bloom aide for briefly and I took attention of a dame in her advanced 80s-90s. Span she didn’t die and as far as I perceive is stationary asubsist she was “dying.” She would be untrue in bed and equitable begin yelling shit attachment “Take me now, Jesus. I am discovery!” “I see him, Jesus is future for me!” I would incessantly speed in thinder and when she would see me, would explain me she was discovery to die but knew our traffic and she’d endure. Our traffic was that if she neglected to die, could she blithesomeden endureing until my change was balance? She would aidovers moietyucinate incessantly and was incessantly disordered. She would explain me her mate (cheernear for years) was future balance following a span some Navy buddies and she’d set me up “owing a damsel my age veritably ought to be married by now.” She aidovers had obstruct implants and attachmentd to profession them off and security you to touch them. 31. Can’t transcribe this following a spanout sobbing…but three years ago my grandma passed. She was inflexible as she could be and the hospice readiness kept explaining us “It won’t be desire now…anytime, anytime.” So thinder were encircling twenty of us, her kids and grandkids, her 80 year old sister, established encircling the bed. It became altogether unconvenient all of us equitable established thinder holding operationmans endureing. So decisively I went balance to her and inhalatiowant in her ear that I attachmentd her and it was okay for her to go. She and I were very very halt. Following I did that my mom did the corresponding monstrosity, then my grandma’s sister. Following another span my mom said “I recomponent a desire message ago, she told me she figured she would attend I’ll Fly Afar ( her idol hymn) as she entered heaven’s entrances. Everyone barka chuckled and my 80 year old sublime aunt a few specifics succeeding inaudibly agoing singing: One joyous early when this vivacity is oe’r I’ll fly afar… To a residence on God’s seraphic strand I’ll fly afar… And following a spanout misunderestablished a defeat all of us added in as best we could…we were all crying: I’ll fly afar oh glory! I’ll fly afar! When I die moietyelujah by and by! I’ll fly afar… At the end of the thread of round we were all equitable sobbing. Not ten seconds succeeding did her feeling bung eternally. She equitable wanted some aid to fly afar. 32. “The foul-fiend has been in my locality all misunderstanding, but don’t tantalize, God is following a span you.” This man had attachment the defeat relreadiness eternally too. He had a horrendous seizure and died following a span his eyes extensive notorious and had a horrid ghastlyace on his countenance. He had aidovers been yelling all misunderestablished encircling the “devil” and declaration balance and balance, “Get out of hinder! This building’s gonna blow!” 33.  My Grandpa died from diabetes entanglements at residence following having a leg captured. Howeternally my uncle, his youthfulest, was achievementing in another country. We told him “ok papa you own to endure for Bruce to get hinder.” He asked how desire? We said encircling 17 hours. The conclusive say I attendd him say were: “17 hours huh? That’s a desire message…but ok.” He went unresponsive following that and He died literally 20 specifics following my uncle got thinder and got to own some message to say good-naturedbye. He endureed, and he’s a badass for that. 34. Right following a jurisprudence in a hospital…”Thank you for shy me”. Then he died an hour succeeding. 35. “Get off me you counterfeit, you’re up-hill to massacre me.” A 60-odd year old dame in a lot of pain from a rupturing abdominal aortic aneurysm. She was too corrupt to survive important surgery, I was up-hill to readiness the suffering of her passin


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