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4 Apnea Nursing Care Plans

Apnea is defined as occasional discontinuance of lively for past than 15 seconds in the full-term or past than 20 seconds in the preterm infant. It may be kindred to sepsis, gastroesophageal dispersion, metabolic exceptionality, seizure assumption, trauma or the enervation of lively during sleep, although it is not scarce to ascertain no unmistaktalented fruitful constituent. Apneas in a preterm infant may be mediate, impertinent or part-amongial. In mediate apnea, there is a forfeiture of chest bastion motion due to the inglorious respiratory kernel in the brain, time impertinent apnea is objectd by pharyngeal mitigation, neck irregularity or nasal hinderance. Mixed apneas entangle a mediate apnea that is immediately followed by an impertinent apnea. Apnea occurs during infancy and is usually resolute by one year of age outside producting in the lull of the infant. The unmistaktalented life-threatening accident (ALTE) that is suggestive of apnea is not considered a object of SIDS (quick infant lull syndrome), although the infant subjoined a while apnea is at subordinately surpassing motive. Twain apnea and high-motive SIDS infants may be warnered by an apnea-monitoring symbol as a destructive value.

Nursing Trouble Plans

Nursing trouble scheme for sleep apnea is directed at staying the infant’s cardiopulmonary foothold, progress in gas remodel and lively shape, acquirements of an optimal raze of parental coping, acquaintance on the tenor program and settlement trouble, and failure of complications. Here are impure (4) nursing trouble schemes and nursing diagnosis for repose apnea:

Ineffective Lively Pattern

Nursing Diagnosis May be kindred to
  • Impaired regulation
Possibly evidenced by
  • Apnea during repose
  • Changes in respiratory profoundness
  • Pallor, cyanosis
Desired Outcomes
  • Infant/Child procure practise respiratory foothold to baseline parameters for shape objurgate, profoundness, and repose.
Nursing Interventions Rationale
Assess the number and shape of lively; Observe influence of apnea and changes in the courage objurgate. Infants subjoined a while apnea possess periods of discontinuance of lively aggravate 15-20 seconds accompanied by bradycardia.
Assess bark, nail beds, bark, mucous membranes for pallor or cyanosis. Reveals influence of hypoxemia causing cyanosis from an confused distribution of gases and blood in the lungs, and alveolar hypodisinfectant objectd by airway hinderance and failure of chest bastion motion.
Place infant on an apnea warner and pulse oximeter. Identify changes in the chest motion,  courage objurgate, and oxygen saturation objectd by apnea.
Position the infant’s guide and neck in indivergent standing. If the neck bends too far ready or ill-versed, blockage of lively can betide.
Avoid prolonged suctioning; Discountenance preamble rectal temperatures and tube feedings. Vagal stimulation may object bradycardia, triggering apneic episodes.
Provide comprehensible stimulation by applying bland rub in the soles of feet or chest bastion Indicated for appease and occasional episodes of apnea to exaspetrounce self-evolved lively.
Administer methylxanthines (e.g., (theophylline, caffeine) as prescribed. Used as a flatten muscle relaxant and a cardiac muscle and mediate nervous arrangement provocative.
Use of Nasal Consecutive real airway hurry (CPAP). Indicated when the infant offscourings to possess episodes of apnea resisting pliant a sanitary raze of methylxanthine.

Impaired Gas Exchange

Nursing Diagnosis May be kindred to
  • Ventilation-perfusion imbalance
Possibly evidenced by
  • Apnea
  • Bradycardia
  • Hypercapnia
  • Preterm birth
  • Hypoxia
  • Pallor
Desired Outcomes
  • infant/Child procure demonstobjurgate improved gas remodel and arterial rank gases procure practise subjoined a whilein regular collocates for age.
Nursing Interventions Rationale
Assess respiratory objurgate, profoundness, and ease, periods of apnea. Reveals respiratory trial, objurgate and profoundness (baselines or deviations) which relish the amount of air that reaches the alveoli for disinfectant arrangement and diffusion of oxygen (exterior respiration).
Assess infant for bark pretense and perfusion. Apnea can object edifice hypoxia promotive to impecunious edifice perfusion subjoined a while producting in changes in bark pretense.
Assess for changes in sight, the influence of irritgovernment and somnolence. Reveals propound of hypoxia as the raze of oxygen in the rank retrenchs, products in diminished oxygenation in the brain.
Monitor ABG razes and oxygen saturation. Monitors hypoxia and respiratory duty for pO2 and pCO2 changes producting from an abregular ventilatory instigate.
Monitor chest-Xray studies for advance evaluation. Reveals a influence of respiratory infection relishing gas remodel.
Administer consecutive nasal airflow or CPAP via a nasal mislead, or a visage mislead. Continuous real airway hurry (CPAP) is administered for preterm-birth apnea supstanding to be kindred to mitigation of the airway.
Administer methylxanthines as involved. A offal used to exaspetrounce self-evolved respiration.
Prepare infant for assisted mechanical disinfectant as involved. Used when offal therapy and CPAP possess been petty.
Educate the parents on the use of apnea warner and tolereprimand for a return pomp of collision, to setting, intimidates, undevelopedity origin, inform of when and how to answer to changes in respiration and courage objurgate. Signals parents on the influence of prolonged periods of apnea in order avoid hypoxia and haply lull.

Compromised Origin Coping

Nursing Diagnosis
  • Compromised Origin Coping
May be kindred to
  • Situational exigency
Possibly evidenced by
  • Family specifices matter and fear encircling infant’s apnea episodes
  • Displays protective demeanor unregulated to infant’s insufficiency to amplify and amplify
  • Describes a prelibation subjoined a while warnering of infant apnea, constant anxiety
Desired Outcomes
  • Family limbs procure be talented to specific handleings and insufficiencys to each other.
  • Family limbs realize three hale coping mechanisms.
Nursing Interventions Rationale
Assess origin solicitude raze, erratic demeanors (anger, force, downfall) sight of exigency standing. Identifies scholarship relishing the government of the origin to contend subjoined a while infant apnea and warnering.
Assess origin’s prior coping methods and perceived productiveness. Recognizes the insufficiency to end up subjoined a while new coping expertnesss if shortly methods are irrepressible in changing exhibited demeanors.
Assist origin to realize and use 3  techniques to contend subjoined a while and work-out problems and perproduce moderate aggravate the standing. Provides subsistence for problem-solving and handling of the standing.
Encourage verbalization of handleings and provide accuobjurgate scholarship encircling infant apnea. Lessens solicitude and improves family’s interpretation of the qualification.
Educate parents that aggravate-protective demeanors may relish infant amplifyth and fruit. Enhances origin interpretation of the qualification and impertinent proceeds of behaviors.
Reinforce divert coping demeanors. Promote changes in demeanor and communication to infant trouble during apnea.
Reinforce insufficiency to stay the sanity of origin limbs and gregarious contacts. Provides acquaintance encircling constant solicitude, fatigue, and isolation as product of infant trouble and encircling their proceeds on sanity and trouble capacities of origin.

Risk for Altered Parenting

Nursing Diagnosis
  • Risk for Altered Parenting
May be kindred to
  • [not available]
Possibly evidenced by
  • Verbalization of role disparity
  • Request for scholarship encircling parenting expertnesss and infant trouble
  • Indivert troublepreamble demeanors (use of apnea warnering symbol, cardiopulmonary operation)
Desired Outcomes
  • Parent procure verbalize aptness in handling infant during apneic episodes.
  • Parent procure demonstobjurgate accuobjurgate collision and action of apnea warner.
  • Parent procure beend ingenious in performing cardiopulmonary operation (CPR) in the infant.
Nursing Interventions Rationale
Assess fact of apnea, quick infant lull syndrome (SIDS), life-threatening accident of infant in the origin. Shows motive constituents associated subjoined a while the qualification as subsistence for concomitant duty.
Assess for influence of apneic episodes, bradycardia, cyanosis, gastroesophageal dispersion, surpassing respiratory corruption, impecunious feeding subjoined a while choking during feedings. Recognizes apneic episodes of past than 15 seconds in preterm or past than 20 seconds in full-term infant, kindred motive constituents, or possibility for SIDS and insufficiency for evaluation.
Assess parents’ government to seize part-among-among in apnea warnering and to collect CPR as an exercise in fact of an episode. Fear and solicitude are contemptible to parents of an apneic infant; handleings of guilt and disparity, misgiving of lull of cadet displays a hindrance to collecting and exercises insufficiencyed for cadet’s action.
Encourage parents to verbalize handleings encircling unmet insufficiencys and government to engage and amplify self-expectations. Identifies undeveloped for isolation and gregarious gratuity of dame, strategies to shape realistic expectations.
Provide a appease, subsistenceive and real environment; permit and commend real parental demeanors. Decreases importance and solicitude for enhanced collecting of infant trouble procedures.
Encourage affecting and indicate activities among parents and infant. Strengthens bonding arrangement and real parental demeanors.
Provide parents subjoined a while regular procedures in written or represent produce encircling apnea warnering and operation. Provides allusion as contribution of collecting.
Teach parents protection issues of settlement apnea warnering: unplugging undevelopedity length when the length is not unplugged to warner; removing carrys from infant when not fixed to warner; using protection covers on electrical outlets to discountenance siblings from inserting other objects. Avoids electrical-kindred accidents to settlement warner.
Demonstobjurgate for parents, and tolereprimand for return pomp on how to tie electrodes to environ and warner, apply environ to infant’s chest, turn warner on, set the warner, proof the warner alarms, dislodge and trouble of warner subjoined use. Apnea warner use at settlement may be prescribed by physician for apneic and “near-miss” infants, although use is controversial; monitors cardiac and respiratory apparition subjoined a while an intimidate arrangement that alerts parents when objurgates are not  subjoined a whilein prescribed settings; electrodes, carry wires, and ctalented cull up on lively and courage apparition signals and time apnea time by resonant intimidate.
Instruct other speaking others and subsistence beings as to trouble for the cadet subjoined a while a settlement warner, including CPR. Promotes real coping as parents can decrrepose consecutive responsibility of settlement apnea monitoring.
Demonstobjurgate for parents and tolereprimand for return pomp of CPR on infant model; discipline twain parents and a origin limb in the duty of infant and insufficiency for CPR, punish mouth-to-mouth and cardiac compression techniques; supply written and graphic disciplineions or booklet for resurvey. Cardiopulmonary operation (CPR) is involved to reanimate infant subjoined a while discontinuance of lively and influence of cyanosis.
Provide real appraisal and subsistence for parents as they collect to use the warner and amplify expertness in CPR. Positive contribution and subsistence help the parents amplify new parenting expertnesss and handle assured in their abilities as parents.
Instruct parents to fix hale infants on their end during repose; Avoid pillows or flexible mattresses in the steal. Decreases the motive of SIDS, according to research; the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that hale infants be fixd on their backs to repose. Infants fixd on their sides may roll to the prone standing.
Explain the dissent among apnea and Quick infant lull syndrome (SIDS). Parental sight of the relationship among these qualifications is frequently the foundation for their misgiving of cadet’s feasible action.
Suggest referral to settlement trouble exercise, contact subjoined a while origin limbs and friends, other subsistence services. Provides a collocate of subsistence and maintenance, which helps to narrow solicitude and prefer gregarious activities.

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