545 Ashley 6.1 Diverse management of the healthcare environment is essential for the… 1 answer below »

545 Ashley 6.1

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545 Ashley 6.1 Diverse management of the healthcare environment is essential for the… 1 answer below »
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Diverse management of the healthcare environment is essential for the organization’s business and success in communities. Diversity management promotes homogeneity in the workplace by identifying the importance of inclusion (Adebukola & Oyewunmi, 2018). Management diversity provides opportunities for a competitive advantage in the workplace. In order to promote a diverse workplace, management must promote and possess their ability to relate and lead a diverse workforce. Studies have shown in order to effectively serve a community, healthcare providers and organizations must recognize common cultural differences, practices, and beliefs. By validating patients’ beliefs and asking questions providers are able to diagnose and create the best treatment plans that align with their cultural beliefs. Diversity education and management are necessary for the adequate provision of services to the diverse customer base (Adebukola & Oyewunmi, 2018).

Negative impacts providers and professionals may get upset about patients refusing treatment that would save them due to their cultural beliefs (Goode & Landefeld, 2018). Lack of education on cultural matters and differences leads to inadequate care and conflict between patient and providers. The more education healthcare professionals receive the less likely patients will go misdiagnosed meanwhile patients will be less apprehensive to receive care when their needs are being met.

Within my healthcare organization, there are numerous ways management uses diversity management. All organization providers are required to take diversity training, which allows providers to understand common cultures they serve in the community. Diversity training provides healthcare providers and organization personnel with the best tools when communicating with patients. Diversity management practices are implemented in our workflows and teams by ensuring all employees have equal opportunity to work through the chain of command. Policies are continuously being evaluated to ensure inclusivity and appropriately fit the demographics’ needs.


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