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7 Spina Bifida Nursing Care Plans

Spina Bifida Nursing Preservation Plans,spina bifida involves the deficiency of the neural tube to disarrest or arrest during embryonic disclosement causing omissions in the spinal succession and in the bones of the spine. There are two symbols of spina bifida: spina bifida occulta is the most contemptible and as-well-mannered is a omission in the seclusion externally the herniation and scylla of the spinal succession or meninges at the manner of the bark in the lumbosacral area. While spina bifida cystica (meningocele or myelomeningocele) is a omission in the seclusion of a sac and as-well-mannered herniated tongue of meninges, spinal liquescent and perhaps some sunder of the spinal succession and resolutions at the manner of the bark in the lumbosacral or sacral area. Hydrocephalus is repeatedly akin delay spina bifida cystica. The size of neurologic feebleness are as-well-mannered associated to the subsidence and as-well-mannered resolutions compromised in the omission and ramble from diversifying degrees of sensory deficits, to sunderial or entirety dropping of motor portio-among-among terminationing in flaccidity, sunderial paralysis of inferior extremities, and bowel and urinary intemperance. There are opposed opposed treatments that can be used to wield symptoms or stipulations associated delay spina bifida such as surgery to arrest the begin in the spine which may as-well-mannered be done during infancy or succeeding, physiotherapy, oration and occupational therapy, use of assistive devices and mobility equipment, such as a wheelchair, or walking aids, and urinary and bowel wieldment.


Spina bifida is sunder of a cluster of nativity omissions designated neural tube omissions. Caused by a omission in the neural arch generally in the lumbosacral tract-of-land, spina bifida is a deficiency of the tardyr laminae of the vertebrae to arrest; this leaves an begin through which the spinal meninges and spinal succession may jut.


Spina bifida can be classified into three: Spina bifida occulta. A angular omission that befalls externally undecided tissue involvement is designated spina bifida occulta. Spina bifida delay meningocele. When sunder of the spinal meninges juts through the angular omission and constructs a cystic sac, the circumstance is termed spinal bifida delay meningocele. Spina bifida delay myelomeningocele. In spinal bifida delay myelomeningocele, there is a tongue of the spinal succession and the meninges, delay rebreach roots embedded in the glacis of the cyst.


Neural tube omissions are the termination of a teratogenic system that suits failed seclusion and exceptional opposediation of the embryonic neural tube. During prenatal disclosement, neuroectoderm thickens into the neural compound which folds into a neural cavity by the period somite’s answer. The cavity deepens to beseem the neural tube, and dorsal fusion begins mediately, extending cephalad and caudally, delay the cephalad pole fusing at the 25th day The ventricle beseems penetrable at the 6th to 8th week of gestation but this does not produce ordinaryly in unrepinings delay spinal bifida.

Statistics and Incidences

The affair of spinal bifida in the United States and internationally are estimated in the subjoined: The impact of spinal bifida has been estimated at 1-2 circumstances per 1000 population, delay unfailing populations having a significantly senior impact inveteblame on genetic preference. Neural tube omissions are the succor most contemptible symbol of nativity omission succeeding ingrained character omissions, and myelomeningocele is the most contemptible construct of neural tube omission. In the United States, almost 1, 500 infants are born delay myelomeningocele each year. Birth impact of the malady was reputed to be 4.4-4.6 circumstances per 10 000 feed nativitys from 1983-1990. Rates sundry by tract-of-land, delay the impact substance excellent on the East Coast than on the West Coast and the ocean blames befallring in Appalachia. The blame of myelomeningocele and other neural tube omissions has unsound gone the tardy 20th senility. The middle worldwide impact of spina bifida is 1 circumstance per 1000 nativitys, but noticeable geographic variations befall. Neural tube omissions befall at frequencies (per 10, 000 nativitys) ranging from 0.9 in Canada and 0.7 in mediate France to 7.7 in the United Arab Emirates and 11.7 in South America. The ocean blames of spina bifida are root in sunders of the British Isles, primarily Ireland and Wales, where 3-4 circumstances of myelomeningocele per 1000 population entertain been reputed. The reputed aggravateall impact of myelomeningocele in the British Isles is 2-3.5 circumstances per 1000 feed nativitys. In France, Norway, Hungary, Czechoslovakia, Yugoslavia, and Japan, a low predominance is reputed, substance righteous 0.1-0.6 circumstances per 1000 feed nativitys. According to the CDC, the predominance of spina bifida in the United States is excellent in the pure and Hispanic populations (2 and 1.96, respectively, per 10, 000 feed nativitys) than in the ebon population (1.74 per 10, 000 feed nativitys). Data from keep-aparticularize and social surveillance systems from 1983-1990 root the nativity predominance blame of myelomeningocele to be keep-apartially excellent in females than in males (1.2:1).


The etiology in most circumstances of spina bifida is multi factorial, involving genetic, racial, and environmental factors, in which feeding, sundericularly folic discerning intake, is key. Low folic discerning intake. Research indicates foliate can impoverish the impact of neural tube omissions by encircling 70% and can as-well-mannered diminish the injustice of these omissions when they befall. Genetics. If a woman gives nativity to a baby delay spinal bifida, she has a excellent-than-ordinary waste of having another baby delay spinal bifida too (encircling 5% waste). Certain medications. Some medications, such as some for treating epilepsy or bipolar experimentation entertain been associated delay a excellent waste of giving nativity to babies delay ingrained omissions, such as spina bifida. Diabetes. Women delay diabetes are aggravate mitigated to entertain a baby delay spina bifida, compared to other females. Obesity. Obese women, those whose BMI (matter association protest) is 30 or aggravate entertain a excellent waste of having a baby delay spinal bifida. The excellent the woman’s BMI is aggravate 30, the excellent the waste.

Clinical Manifestations

Clinical manifestations may diversify depending on the symbol of spinal bifida. Paralysis. If the begin befalls at the top of the spine, the unrepining’s legs are aggravate mitigated to be totally superannuated, and there achieve be other problems delay move elsewhere in the matter. Cognitive symptoms. Problems befallring in the neural tube entertain a denying result on brain disclosement; the ocean sunder of the brain (cortex), specially the frontal sunder does not disarrest justly, accidental to some percipient problems. Arnold-Chiari deformity. There may as-well-mannered be Symbol 2 Arnold-Chiari deformity, an exceptional brain disclosement involving the cerebellum – this may affect the unrepining’s diction systeming and natural coordination skills. Birthmark. There may be a paltry nativitymark, dimple or knot of hair on the bark where the spinal omission is. Assessment and Diagnostic Findings Assessment and laboratory findings of a unrepining delay spina bifida may communicate the subjoined: AFP levels. Elevated serveer alpha fetoprotein levels in the serveer seruma nd the amniotic liquescent indicates the chance of CNS exceptionalities. Ultrasonography. Ultrasonographic demonstration of the fetus may appearance an peccable neural tube. Clinical demonstration. Diagnosis of spina bifida is made from clinical attention and demonstration. Other imaging studies. Additional evaluation of the omission may embody magnetic clash imaging (MRI), computed tomography (CT), and myelography.

Surgical Management

Many specialists are compromised in the treatment of these newborns, specially in the circumstance of myelomeningocele. Surgery. Surgery is required to arrest the disclosed omission but may not be produced instantly, depending on the surgeon’s judgment. Prenatal surgery. In this regularity — which conducts locate antecedently the 26th week of pregnancy — surgeons imperil a prolific dame’s uterus surgically, disclosed the uterus and relit the baby’s spinal succession.Ongoing preservation. Babies delay myelomeningocele may as-well-mannered begin exercises that achieve qualify their legs for walking delay braces or crutches when they’re older. Cesarean nativity. Cesarean nativity may be sunder of the treatment for spina bifida; sundry babies delay myelomeningocele serve to be in a feet-first (breech) aspect.

Nursing Management

Highly skilled nursing preservation is indispensable in all aspects of the newborn‘s preservation.

Nursing Assessment

A tenor newborn demonstration is convoyed delay reason on neurologic feebleness. Physical demonstration. When collecting date during the demonstration, behalt the move and confutation to stimuli of the inferior extremities; preservationfully estimate the chief circuit and sift-canvass the fontanelles. Assessment of conversance reaching the omission. Determine the race’s conversance and construction of the omission, as well-mannered-mannered-mannered as their aspect reaching the nativity of a newborn delay such solemn problems.

Nursing Diagnoses

Based on the duty grounds, the superior nursing diagnoses are:
  • Risk for corruption akin to scylla of the myelomeningocele sac.
  • Risk for adulterated bark uprightness akin to scylla to urine and feces
  • Risk for waste akin to neuromuscular feebleness.
  • Compromised race coping akin to perceived dropping of the absolute newborn.
  • Deficient conversance of the race preservationgivers akin to the complexities of caring for a newborn delay solemn neurologic and musculoskeletal omissions.

Nursing Preservation Planning and Goals

The superior goals for the unrepining are to:
  • Prevent corruption.
  • Maintain bark uprightness.
  • Prevent trauma akin to subjection.
  • Increase race coping skills, command encircling the circumstance, and living.

Nursing Interventions

News that the newborn offshoot has a circumstance such as spina bifida can naturally suit the race to move affliction, exasperate, betrayal, consternation and soberness, notwithstanding, nurses are there to succor the race vie and comprehend the omission the offshoot has. Prevent corruption. Monitor the newborn’s inseparable signs, neurologic signs, and demeanor frequently; convey prophylactic antibiotic as ordered; convey out tenor aseptic technique; caggravate the sac delay a barren surroundings freshened in a ardent barren breach and modify it whole 2 hours; the surroundingss may be hideed delay a tractile coverive hideing. Promote bark uprightness. Placing a coverive distribution among the anus and the sac may frustrate soilure delay fecal representative, and diapering is not wise delay a low omission. Prevent contractures of inferior extremities. Newborns delay spina bifida repeatedly entertain talipes equinovarus (clubfoot) and ingrained hip dysplasia (dissubsidence of the hips); if there is dropping of tumult in the inferior limbs besuit of the omission convoy ramble-of-tumult exercises to frustrate contractures; aspect the newborn so that the hips are abducted and the feet are in a unavowed aspect; associationage the knees and other angular prominences delay lotion frequently, then pad them, and caggravate them from impatience. Proper aspecting of the newborn. Frequent the newborn in a disposed aspect so that no constraining is located on the sac; succeeding surgery, endure this aspecting until the surgical situate is well-mannered-mannered-mannered adept.Promote race coping. Be specially perceptive to their needs and emotions; suffer race members to specific their moveings and emotions as disclosedly as possible; yield secrecy as needed for the race to sorrow simultaneously aggravate their dropping; suffer the race members to cuddle and reach the newborn using decent precautions for the protection of the omission. Provide race instruction. Give race members counsel encircling the omission and suffer them to sift-canvass their concerns and ask questions; yield counsel encircling the newborn’s bestow keep-aparticularize, the projected surgery, and follow-up preservation; counsel shall be yieldd in paltry segments to prepare comprehension; succeeding the surgery, indoctrinate the race to halt the newborn’s chief, neck, and chest keep-apartially proud in one index during feeding; as-well-mannered indoctrinate them that endearment the newborn’s cheeks succors stimutardy sucking. Evaluation Expected outcomes from the unrepining embody:
  • Prevented corruption.
  • Maintained bark uprightness.
  • Prevented trauma akin to subjection.
  • Increased race coping skills, command encircling the circumstance, and living.

Documentation Guidelines

Documentation for a unrepining delay spinal bifida may embody:
  • Individual waste factors including late or running antibiotic therapy.
  • Signs and symptoms of pestilential system.
  • Characteristic of lesion or circumstance.
  • Causative and contributing factors.
  • Clients/caregiver’s construction of specific wastes and protection concerns.
  • Current and late coping demeanors, emotional confutation to requisite and stressors, living systems available.
  • Plan of preservation.
  • Teaching contrivance.
  • Responses to interferences, instruction, and actions produced.
  • Attainment or proficiency towards desired outcomes.
  • Modifications to contrivance of preservation.
  • Discharge needs, referrals made, and who is lawful for actions to be fascinated.

Nursing Preservation Plans

Nursing preservation contrivancening goals for clients delay spina bifida embody frustrate corruption, oceantain bark uprightness, frustrate trauma akin to subjection, growth race coping skills, command encircling the circumstance, and living.

Here are seven (7) nursing preservation contrivances (NCP) and nursing diagnosis (NDx) for spina bifida:

  1. Hypothermia
  2. Impaired Urinary Elimination
  3. Bowel Incontinence
  4. Disturbed Matter Image
  5. Interrupted Race Processes
  6. Risk for Infection
  7. Risk for Injury


Spina Bifida Nursing Preservation Plans|Nursing Diagnosis

May be akin to

  • Illness circumstance

Possibly evidenced by

  • Loss of geniality and as-well-mannered liquescent from vast area of imperild sac
  • Cool bark
  • Body weather inferior than ordinary ramble
Desired Outcomes
  • Child’s weather achieve reocean over (97.8°F)
Nursing Interventions Rationale
Monitor weather plan whole 2 to 4 hours; Assess weather of end bestow. Gives grounds as to the cause of modifys in weather which may as-well  be under the ordinary if an corruption is.
Provide luminous ardenter or locate infant in an incubator (isolette) inveteblame on hypothermia evaluation maintenance sac fresh postoperatively. Provides a controlled ardentth and as-well-mannered lessens the geniality dropping causing hypothermia.
Educate parents on how to conduct weather and as-well-mannered give-notice-to of any modifys. Early remembrance of weather fluctuations achieve as-well-mannered manage to present interference.
Educate parents reaching the expend whole of dress and ground weather decent for the infant/child. Provides optimal environmental weather.

See Also

You may as-well-mannered affect the subjoined posts and preservation contrivances: Maternal and Newborn Preservation Plans Nursing preservation contrivances as-well-mannered akin to the preservation of the prolific dame and her infant. See preservation contrivances for maternity and obstetric nursing:


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