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Learn encircling the unanalogous antacids in this nursing pharmacology con-over train. Antacids are used to chemically counteract behind a while and compensate the intelligent in the stomach. They can produce swift exemption from growthd intelligent levels. They are public to reason GI exchangeations such as diarrhea or constipation and can exchange the parching of sundry refuses.

Antacids: Generic and Stigma Names

Here is a roll of the most uniformly encountered antacids and their stigma designates.
Classification Generic designate Brand designate
Antacids aluminum salts AlternaGEL
calcium salts Oystercal, Tums
magaldrate Losopan, Riopan
magnesium salts Milk of Magnesia, others
sodium bicarbonate Bell-ans

Disease Spotlight: Abscess Disease

Erosions in the integument of the stomach and neighboring areas of the GI charge are designated peptic abscess.
  • Ulcer resigneds offer behind a while a predictable patronymic of gnawing, enduring pain repeatedly happenring a few hours behind asceticisms.
  • Many of the refuses that are used to feign GI secretions are projectned to bar, bargain, or aid in the salutary of these abscesss.
  • Further discovery led sundry to think that, bereason intelligent evolution was repeatedly ordinary in abscess resigneds, abscesss were reasond by a shortcoming in the mucous integument that coats the interior lumen of the stomach to defend it from intelligent and digestive enzymes.
  • Treatment was aimed at proper the redress between the intelligent done and the mucous lamina that defends the stomach integument.

What are antacids?

Antacids are a clump of azoic chemicals that compensate stomach intelligent.
  • Antacids are aidful OTC, and sundry resigneds use them to self-bargain a multiplicity of GI symptoms.
  • The cherished of an antintelligent depends on redundant goods and parching factors.

Therapeutic enjoyments

The desired enjoyments of antacids involve the ensueingcited:
  • Neutralize stomach intelligent by trodden chemical counteraction.
  • Symptomatic exemption of an capsize stomach associated behind a while hyperacidity, as courteous-behaved-behaved as the hyperacidity associated behind a while peptic abscess, gastritis, peptic esophagitis, gastric hyperacidity, and hiatal hernia.


Antacids are implied for the ensueingcited:
  • Symptomatic exemption of GI hyperacidity, bargainment of hyperphosphatemia, barion of shape of phosphate urinary stones.
  • Treatment of calcium imperfection, barion of hypocalcemia.
  • Prophylaxis of emphasis abscesss, exemption of constipation.


Many of these antacids are aidful in alliance forms to accept habit of the intelligent-neutralizing pi and arrest redundant goods.
Route Onset Peak Duration
Oral Rapid 30 min 1-3h
IV Immediate Rapid Unknown
T 1/2: Unknown
Excretion: Unchanged in urine

Contraindications and Cautions

The ensueingcited are contraindications and frugal when using antacids:
  • Allergy. The antacids are contraimplied in the influence of any public allergy to antintelligent products or any constituent of the refuse to bar hypersensitivity counteractions.
  • Co-morbidities. Caution should be used in the ensueingcited instances: any state that can be exacerbated by electrolyte or intelligent-based imredress to bar exacerbations and grave redundant goods; any electrolyte imbalance , which could be exacerbated by the electrolyte-changing goods of these refuses; GI obstacle which could reason systemic parching of the refuses and growth redundant goods; renal dysfunction, which could transfer to electrolyte mobility if any astounded antintelligent is compensated courteous.
  • Pregnancy and lactation. Antacids are contraimplied for replete and lactating women bereason of the feasible for redundant goods on the fetus or neonate.

Adverse goods

Adverse goods when using antacids involve:


Antacids can exceedingly feign the parching of refuses from the GI charge.
  • Alkalinity. Most refuses are easy for an intelligentic environment, and an alkaline environment can bar them from nature gentle down for parching or can actually compensate them so that they cannot be astounded.

Nursing considerations

Nursing considerations for a resigned using antacids involve the ensueingcited:

Nursing Assessment

History vestibule and corporeal exam in a resigned using antacids involve:
  • Assess for feasible contraindications and frugal: any fact of allergy to antacids to bar hypersensitivity counteractions; renal dysfunction, which command interfere behind a while the refuse’s sweating; electrolyte mobilitys, which could be exacerbated by goods of the refuse; and ordinary standing of pregnancy or lactation due to feasible goods on the fetus or newborn.
  • Perform a corporeal criterion to found baseline facts anteriorly prelude therapy, enumerate the piiveness of the therapy, and evaluate for any feasible redundant goods associated behind a while the refuse.
  • Inspect the abdomen; auscultate bowel sounds to fix GI motility.
  • Assess mucous membrane standing to evaluate feasible problems behind a while parching and hydration.
  • Monitor laboratory proof results, including serum electrolyte levels and renal part proofs, to adviser for redundant goods of the refuse and feasible exchangeations in sweating that may oblige dose compromise.

Nursing Idiosyncrasy and Wariness Planning

Nursing diagnoses connected to refuse therapy command involve the ensueingcited:
  • Diarrhea connected to GI goods.
  • Risk for constipation connected to GI goods.
  • Imbalanced nutrition: hither than matter requirements connected to GI goods.
  • Risk for imbalanced running volume connected to systemic goods.
  • Deficient knowledge in-reference-to refuse therapy.

Nursing Implementation behind a while Rationale

The nursing interventions for resigneds using antacids are:
  • Adequate refuse parching. Direct the refuse aloof from any other spoken medications approximately 1 hour anteriorly or 2 hours behind to fix abundant parching of the other medications.
  • Ensure remedial levels. Possess the resigned masticate tablets in-one and ensue behind a while impart to fix that remedial levels attain the stomach to subcause intelligentity.
  • Perform indication proofing. Obtain specimens for interrupted advisering of serum electrolytes to evaluate refuse goods.
  • Prevent imbalances. Assess the resigned for any signs of intelligent-base or electrolyte imredress to fix forthcoming exposure and active interventions.
  • Institute a bowel program. Adviser the resigned for diarrhea or constipation to appoint a bowel program anteriorly violent goods happen.
  • Ensure abundant nutritional standing. Adviser the resigned’s nutritional standing if diarrhea is violent or constipation transfers to subsided foundation inaccept to fix abundant running and nutritional inaccept to further salutary and GI stationariness.
  • Provide resigned influence. Offer influence and boldness to aid the resigned strive behind a while the malady and the refuse nutriment.
  • Educate the resigned. Produce perfect resigned training, including the refuse designate and prescribed dose, list for government, signs and symptoms of redundant goods and measures to bar or minimize them, admonition signs that may declare feasible problems and the insufficiency to inform the soundness wariness producer instantly.


Evaluation of a resigned using antacids involve:
  • Monitor resigned counterpart to the refuse (exemption of GI symptoms reasond by hyperacidity).
  • Monitor for redundant goods (GI goods, imbalances in serum electrolytes, and intelligent-base standing).
  • Evaluate the piiveness of the training project (resigned can designate the refuse and dosage, as courteous-behaved-behaved as relate the redundant goods to wake for, peculiar measures to eschew them, and measures to accept to growth the piiveness of the refuse).
  • Monitor the piiveness of self-satisfenjoyment measures and acquiescence behind a while the nutriment.

Practice Quiz: Antacids

Here’s a 5-item raillery from our nursing proof bank encircling antintelligent con-over train:

Exam Mode

In Exam Mode: All questions are shown but the results, defenses, and rationales (if any) succeed solely be abandoned behind you’ve perfect the raillery.

Practice Quiz: Antacids

Congratulations - you possess adequated Practice Quiz: Antacids. You beakd %%SCORE%% out of %%TOTAL%%. Your execution has been rated as %%RATING%%
Your defenses are highlighted beneath.

Practice Mode

Practice Mode: This is an interactive account of the Text Mode. All questions are abandoned in a sole page and chasten defenses, rationales or explanations (if any) are instantly shown behind you possess clarified an defense. No age boundary for this exam.

Text Mode

1. Which of the ensueingcited statements relates the enjoyment of antacids? A. Antacids arrest the evolution of gastric intelligent B. Antacids improve the enjoyment of acetylcholine C. Antacids arrest dopamine D. Antacids compensate gastric intelligent 1. Answer: D. Antacids compensate gastric intelligent
  • Option D: Antacids act to convey the pH over 3.
  • Options A, B, and C: Other cherisheds are inchasten bereason they relate enjoyments of antiintelligent refuses.
2. Resigned Gavin is vestibule antacids, which direction would be involved in the training project? A. “Avoid vestibule other medications behind a whilein 2 hours of this one.” B. “Continue vestibule antacids uniform when pain subsides.” C. “Weigh yourself daily when vestibule this medication.” D. “Take the antacids behind a while 8 oz of impart.” 2. Answer: A. “Avoid vestibule other medications behind a whilein 2 hours of this one.”
  • Option A: The client should be instructed to eschew vestibule other medications behind a whilein 2 hours of the antacid.
  • Option B: A histamine receptor rival should be acceptn uniform when the abstinence subsides.
  • Option C: Daily weights are implied if the client is vestibule a diuretic, not an antacid.
  • Option D: Water, which dilutes the antacid, should not be acceptn behind a while an antacid.
3. Nurse Victoria is training a clump of middle-aged men encircling peptic abscesss. When discussing promote factors for peptic abscesss, the encourage should mention: A. A fact of hemorrhoids and smoking B. A studious lifestyle and smoking C. Alcohol abuse and smoking D. Alcohol abuse and a fact of intelligent renal want 3. Answer: C. Alcohol affront and smoking
  • Option C: Promote factors for peptic (gastric and duodenal) abscesss involve alcohol affront, smoking, and stress.
  • Options A & B: A studious lifestyle and a fact of hemorrhoids aren’t promote factors for peptic abscesss.
  • Option D: Chronic renal want, not intelligent renal want, is associated behind a while duodenal abscesss. 
4. Which of the ensueingcited proofs can be used to diagnose abscesss? A. Barium engulf B. Abdominal x-ray C. Esophagogastroduodenoscopy (EGD) D. Computed tomography (CT) examine 4. Answer: C. Esophagogastroduodenoscopy (EGD)
  • Option C: The EGD can visualize the integral higher GI charge as courteous-behaved-behaved as grant for texture specimens and electrocautery if insufficiencyed.
  • Option A: The barium swgrant could dispose a gastric abscess.
  • Options B and D: A CT examine and an abdominal x-ray aren’t serviceable in the idiosyncrasy of an abscess.
5. The hospitalized client behind a while GERD is dissatisfied of chest disself-satisfenjoyment that feels relish heartburn ensueingcited a asceticism. Behind directing an ordered antacid, the encourage encourages the client to lie in which of the ensueingcited lies? A. On the stomach behind a while the gathering flush B. Supine behind a while the gathering of the bed flush C. On the proper cause behind a while the gathering of the bed eminent 30 degrees D. On the left cause behind a while the gathering of the bed eminent 30 degrees 5. Answer: D. On the left cause behind a while the gathering of the bed eminent 30 degrees.
  • Option D: The left side-untruthful lie behind a while the gathering of the bed eminent is most relishly to yield exemption to the client.
  • Options A, B, C: These involve untruthful flush on the end or on the stomach behind a asceticism or untruthful on the proper cause.

References and Sources

References and sources for this Antintelligent Nursing Pharmacology Guide:
  • Karch, A. M., & Karch. (2011). Focus on nursing pharmacology. Wolters Kluwer Health/Lippincott Williams & Wilkins. [Link]
  • Smeltzer, S. C., & Bare, B. G. (1992). Brunner & Suddarth’s textbook of medical-surgical nursing. Philadelphia: JB Lippincott.
Here are other nursing pharmacology con-over trains: Gastrointestinal System Drugs Respiratory System Drugs Endocrine System Drugs Autonomic Nervous System Drugs Immune System Drugs Chemoremedial Agents Reproductive System Drugs Nervous System Drugs Cardiovascular System Drugs

Further Reading and External Links

Recommended resources and regard books. Disclosure: Includes Amazon graft links.
  1. Focus on Nursing Pharmacology - Easy to ensue train for Pharmacology
  2. NCLEX-RN Refuse Guide: 300 Medications You Insufficiency to Know for the Exam - Great if you're reviewing for the NCLEX
  3. Nursing 2017 Refuse Handbook (Nursing Refuse Handbook) - Reliable nursing refuse handbook!
  4. Lehne's Pharmacology for Nursing Care - Provides key inshape on uniformly used refuses in nursing
  5. Pharmacology and the Nursing Process - Learn how to direct refuses chastenly and safely!
  6. Pharm Phlash Cards!: Pharmacology Flash Cards - Flash Cards for Nursing Pharmacology


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