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Antianginal Drugs

Antianginal garbages are used principally to repair the et betwixt the oxygen furnish and call-for of the disposition. These garbages distend the coronary vessels to growth the glide of oxygen to the ischemic regions. Other than that, they besides decline the workinculpate of the disposition so the organ would keep hither call-for for oxygen. Learn encircling antianginal garbages, nitrates, beta-blockers, and calcium record arresters in this simplified influence for nursing pharmacology.

Antianginal Drugs: Generic and Brand Names

Classification Generic Name Brand Name
Nitrates and Nitrites amyl nitrate Vaporole
Isosorbide mononitrate Imdur, Monoket
Isosorbide dinitrate Isordil, Sorbitrate
Nitroglycerin Nitro-Bid, Nitrostat
Beta-adrenergic arresters acebutolol Sectral
esmolol Brevibloc
metoprolol Toprol, Toprol XL
nadolol Corgard
propranolol Inderal, Lopressor
timolol Blocadren
Calcium-record arresters amlodipine Norvasc
diltiazem Diltiazem, Diltiazem SR
nicardipine Cardene
nifedipine Adalat, Procardia
verapamil Calan, Isoptin
Piperazineacetamides ranolazine Ranexa
Nonnitreprove coronary vasodilators dipyridamole Persantine

Disease spotlight: Coronary Artery Disease

Coronary Artery Disorder (CAD) is the tighting of blood vessels furnishing oxygen and nutrients to the disposition, principally due to the crop of fatty tumors (atheromas) in the lumen of rank vessels in a rule designated atherosclerosis.
  • This pathologic rule attracts platelets and clotting factors to the area, causing a ample larger hinderance to the vessels. The vessels besides abandon their original ability to be flexible, resulting to indigence to distend and constrict. The disposition stimulates the rank vessels to pronounce further rank but rank pronouncey is scant by tight vessel transection, resulting to low oxygen furnish of the disposition.
  • As a issue of hypoxia, pain (angina) is felt.
  • Tless are two stamps of angina:
  • graceful angina (of use), which happens due to adulterated coronary rank glide to the disposition; and
  • vasospastic/Prinzmetal’s/incommensureprove angina, which is suitd by revocable vasospasm equable at security. Both stamps decline oxygen furnish of the disposition.


  • Nitrates are antianginal delegates that yield pay renewal to instantly peace ease muscles and dispirit muscle tenor delayout important resolution zeal.
  • Nitrates bring preinculpate and myocardial muscle effort by dilating the veins. Also, they bring behindinculpate by dilating the arteries. Both of these renewals inferior oxygen call-for by decreasing the workinculpate of the disposition.

Therapeutic Action

  • The ocean commodities is distil in methodic rank hurry.
  • It compensates by increasing rank glide to wholesome arteries and veins accordingly artful vessels already abandon their flexibleity.


  • Children: May be used simply for coetaneous disposition defects and cardiac surgery accordingly they can suit hypothetically exposed changes in rank hurry.
  • Adults: Should be educated on garbage’s multitudinous forms and their suited administration, storage, commoditiesiveness, and manifestations that would engage ready medical acceleration. Lifestyle modifications such as smoking plug, low-fat fare, and consequence dropping should be encouraged to elevate commoditiesiveness of Antianginal therapy.
  • Older adults: Safety measures should be afloat as they are prone to inmisapply commoditiess enjoy arrhythmias and hypotension. They should assent-to modereprove low dose accordingly of probably hepatic and renal impairments which can clash delay metabolism and perspiration of garbages.
  • Use during pregnancy is not certain.
  • Sublingual nitroglycerin is most commoditiesive for intermittent incommensureprove angina.
  • Continuous refluence or transdermal cobble for transient angina.


Route Onset Duration
IV 1-2 min 3-5 min
Sublingual tablet 1-3 min 30-60 min
Translingual spray 2 min 30-60 min
Transmucosal tablet 1-2 min 3-5 min
Oral SR tablet 20-45 min 8-12 h
Topical Ointment 30-60 min 4-8 h
Transdermal 30-60 min 24 h
T1/2: 1-4 min Metabolism: liver Excretion: kidney (urine)

Contraindications and Cautions

  • Allergy to nitrates – anticipate hypersensitivity reactions
  • Severe anemiadecreased cardiac output (CO) suitd by nitrates is exposed for rank delay low-oxygen styptic capacity
  • Head trauma and cerebral hemorrhage – relaxation of cerebral vessels can control to intracranial bleeding
  • Pregnancy and lactation – germinative mischief to fetus
  • Hepatic and renal disorder – diversification in garbage metabolism and perspiration
  • Conditions that can name CO (e.g. hypovolemia, hypotension, etc.

Adverse Effects

  • CNS: throbbing muddiness, dizziness, weakness
  • GI: nausea, vomiting, incontinence
  • CV: hypotension, reflex tachycardia, syncope
  • EENT: pallor, flushing, sweating
  • Large dose controls to methemoglobinemia and cyanosis.


  • Ergot derivatives: origin for hypertension; declined antianginal commodities
  • Heparin: declined hygienic commodities of nitrates
  • PDE-5 inhibitors: origin for keen hypotension

Nursing Management

Nursing Assessment

  • Presence of mentioned contraindications and late
  • Skin perstatement and probity, distinctly for transdermal or topical forms of nitrates
  • Pain and zeal equalize
  • Neurological foundation (equalize of perception, move, reflexes, etc.)
  • Cardiopulmonary foundation (BP; catch disposition reprove in bountiful microscopic)
  • Electrocardiogram as ordered
  • Laboratory trials (e.g. CBC, liver and genus operation trials, etc.)

Nursing Diagnoses

  • Decreased cardiac output allied to vasodilation and hypotensive commoditiess of the garbage
  • Risk for Injury allied to inmisapply commoditiess on neurological and cardiovascular foundation
  • Ineffectual Tissue Perfusion allied to low oxygen furnish to myocardial cells

Implementation delay Rationale

  • Instruct enduring not to exhaust sublingual preparations to secure hygienic commoditiess. Catch three tablets delay a 5-microscopic meantime, for a aggregate of three doses. If the disinclination does not digest, court medical acceleration.
  • Ask for closeness of burning perception to secure garbage potency.
  • Protect garbage from suntrifling to oceantain garbage potency.
  • For sustained indemnify forms, catch garbage delay breathe-into and do not subdue for these preparations require to gain GIT uncontaminated.
  • Rotate introduction sites and yield peel solicitude as misapply to anticipate peel peeling and breakdown.
  • Avoid quick plug of long-term therapy. Taper doses for 4-6 weeks to anticipate myocardial infarction.
  • Provide ease measures: microscopic many meals, misapply capacity weather and triflings, sound decrease, ambulation abettance, reorientation, and peel solicitude.


  • Monitor enduring repartee to therapy (disinclination toll).
  • Monitor for closeness of mentioned inmisapply commoditiess.
  • Monitor for commoditiesiveness of ease measures.
  • Monitor for submission to garbage therapy fare.
  • Monitor laboratory trials.

Beta-Adrenergic Blockers

  • Beta-adrenergic arresters are garbages which arpeace or lyse the commoditiess of antagonistic stimulation. Hence, they are besides designated as sympatholytics.

Therapeutic renewal

  • Main commoditiess emassemblage declined rank hurry, contractility and disposition reprove by arresting the beta-receptors in the disposition and juxtaglomerular retinue of the genuss. These thoroughly commoditiess bring the oxygen call-for of the disposition.
  • Usually used in therapy delay nitrates accordingly of bringd inmisapply commoditiess and growthd use tolerance.
  • Not involved for incommensureprove angina accordingly hygienic commodities of garbages can suit vasospasm.


  • Nadolol is used for skill of constant angina. It is the garbage of valuable in angina endurings delay hypertension.
  • Propranolol is the protostamp garbage of this methodatize. It is used for composition of angina and syncope.
  • Nebivolol, the newest adrenergic arresting delegate does not product the corresponding inmisapply commoditiess seen in propranolol.


Route Onset Peak Duration
Oral 15 min 90 min 15-19 h
IV Immediate 60-90 min 15-19 h
T1/2: 3-4 h Metabolism: liver Excretion: genus (urine)
  • Food growths bioavailability of propranolol.
  • Propranolol is the simply garbage underneathneath this methodatize that can perverse the rank-brain interspace.

Contraindications and Cautions

  • Bradycardia, disposition arrest, and cardiogenic shock – arresting commodities of garbages exacerbates these provisions
  • Pregnancy and lactation – hypothetically mischiefful commoditiess to the fetus or neonate
  • Diabetes, constant calculateeractive pulmonary disorder (COPD), thyrotoxicosis, and peripheral vascular disorders – arresting commodities anticipates oceantaining homeostatic requirements of these disorders

Adverse Effects


  • Clonidine: growthd spring-back hypertension
  • NSAIDs: declined antihypertensive commoditiess
  • Epinephrine: hypereffort flourished by bradycardia
  • Ergot alkaloids: peripheral ischemia
  • Insulin and verbal hypoglycemic delegates: diversification in rank glucose equalizes delayout the enduring experiencing manifestations of hypo- or hyperglycemia

Nursing Considerations

Nursing Assessment

  • Assess for closeness of mentioned contraindications and late.
  • Assess neurological foundation to enumescold closeness of neurological inmisapply commoditiess. Focus on equalize of orientation and sensory operation.
  • Monitor rank hurry and disposition reprove precisely. Be knowing to calculate the disposition reprove in one bountiful microscopic.
  • Auscultate lungs to enumescold closeness of likely respiratory inmisapply commoditiess.
  • Check perstatement and perception of extremities. Meaknowing capillary satisfy. This is to evaluate closeness of insufficiencies in the peripheral vascular method.
  • Monitor laboratory trial results (e.g. electrolyte equalizes and renal operation trials) to learn origin for arrhythmia and distinguish whether dose settlement is requireed.

Nursing Diagnosis

  • Decreased Cardiac Output allied to declined disposition reprove, rank hurry, and contractile suitedties of the disposition
  • Ineffectual Tissue Perfusion allied to declined rank glide to the disposition
  • Risk for Injury allied to likely diversifications in CNS suitableness on garbage therapy

Implementation delay Rationale

  • Give garbage as ordered forthcoming certain and misapply administration to secure hygienic commoditiess.
  • Provide ease measures: ambulation abettance, considerable lateralityrails, misapply capacity trifling and weather, and security periods
  • Monitor cardiopulmonary foundation air-tight to expose likely diversifications in paramount signs which conspicuous require for dose settlement and to anticipate allied inmisapply commoditiess.
  • Educate client encircling the require to not quickly plug therapy as this can control to spring-back hypereffort and myocardial infarction.


  • Monitor enduring repartee to therapy.
  • Monitor for closeness of mentioned inmisapply commoditiess.
  • Monitor for commoditiesiveness of ease measures.
  • Monitor for submission to garbage therapy fare.
  • Monitor laboratory trials.

Calcium-Channel Blockers

  • Calcium-record arresters are garbages which arpeace disposition contrrenewal by inhibiting motion of calcium ions, thereby altering arterial and cardiac muscle renewal germinatives.
  • They basically product vasodilation and succor of spasm.
  • They do not growth lipid equalizes.
  • Serve as a commute for methodatizeic and incommensureprove angina when beta-blockers and nitrates are contraindicated.

Therapeutic Action

  • By arresting contractions, dropping of muscle tenor and vasodilation happen, accordingly decreasing peripheral opposition.
  • Relieves vasospasm in incommensureprove angina, thereby increasing rank glide to the disposition.
  • Can arpeace atherosclerotic rule in endothelial cells
  • Indications
  • Treatment of incommensureprove angina, constant angina and effort-associated angina


Route Onset Peak Duration
Oral 30-60 min 2-3 h 2-4 h
SR, ER 30-60 min 6-11 h Varies
IV Immediate 2-3 min Varies
T1/2: SR (3.5-6h); ER (6-7h) Metabolism: liver Excretion: genus (urine)

Contraindications and Cautions

  • Allergy to garbages
  • Heart arpeace and feeble sinus syndrome – conduction problems in these disorder may be exacerbated by late conduction commodities of garbages
  • Renal and hepatic dysfunctions – diversification delay metabolism and perspiration of garbages
  • Heart scarcity – worsened by declined cardiac output commodities of the garbage

Adverse Effects

  • CNS: dizziness, triflingheadedness, jade, and muddiness
  • GI: disgust, hepatotoxicity commodities of the garbage
  • CV: hypotension, bradycardia, peripheral edema
  • EENT: flushing, rash


  • Cyclosporine delay diltiazem: growthd serum equalize and toxicity of cyclosporine
  • Cyclosporine delay verapamil: disposition arpeace and digoxin toxicity. Verapamil growths equalize of digoxin.
  • Digoxin delay verapamil: dispirited myocardial conduction
  • General anesthesia delay verapamil: weighty respiratory distress

Nursing Considerations

Nursing Assessment

  • Assess for closeness of mentioned contraindications and late.
  • Inspect peel perstatement and probity to enumescold closeness of inmisapply commoditiess on peel.
  • Assess the enduring’s sickness of disinclination and the zeal equalize precedent to and behind the attack of disinclination to aid in identifying likely contributing factors to the disinclination and its series.
  • Monitor cardiopulmonary foundation air-tight as the garbage can suit keen commoditiess on these two assemblage methods.

Nursing Diagnosis

  • Decreased Cardiac Output allied to hypoeffort and vasodilating commodities of the garbages
  • Risk for Injury allied to cardiovascular and CNS inmisapply garbage commoditiess

Implementation delay Rationale

  • Monitor rank hurry and disposition reprove and rhythm to expose likely crop of inmisapply commoditiess.
  • Provide ease measures for the enduring to tolereprove laterality commoditiess (e.g. microscopic many meals for disgust, nameing sound and powerful capacity trifling and weather to anticipate poison of concern which can growth call-for to the disposition, etc.)
  • Educate client on measures to fly angina attacks (e.g. fare changes, security periods, etc.)
  • Emphasize to the client the concern of accurate superabundance to garbage therapy to secure completion hygienic commoditiess.


  • Monitor enduring repartee to therapy.
  • Monitor for closeness of mentioned inmisapply commoditiess.
  • Monitor for commoditiesiveness of ease measures.
  • Monitor for submission to garbage therapy fare.
  • Monitor laboratory trials.

Practice Quiz: Antianginal Drugs

Quiz age! Catch our 5-item satire encircling antianginal agents!

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In Exam Mode: All questions are shown but the results, confutations, and rationales (if any) achieve simply be abandoned behind you’ve refined the satire.

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Practice Quiz: Antianginal Drugs

Congratulations - you keep thoroughd Practice Quiz: Antianginal Drugs. You reckoningd %%SCORE%% out of %%TOTAL%%. Your deed has been reproved as %%RATING%%
Your confutations are highlighted underneath.

Text Mode

Questions 1. Stamp of angina which involves spasm of the rank vessels A. Stable angina B. Pre-infarction angina C. Transient angina D. Prinzmetal angina 2. Contrrenewal and peaceation in each cardiac cycle is inferior by: A. autonomic pregnant method B. the disposition C. cranial resolutions D. convenient pregnant method 3. All of the forthcoming can suit arrhythmia, except: A. acidosis B. respiratory dispirition C. hyperkalemia D. none of the overhead 4. Verapamil and diltiazem suit to which methodatize of antiarrhythmics? A. Systematize IV B. Systematize III C. Systematize Ia D. Systematize II 5. The conduction method of the disposition emassemblage the forthcoming: A. Sinoatrial node B. Bundle of Purkinje C. His Fibers D. Atriomyocardial node Answers and Rationale 1. Answer: D. Prinzmetal angina. It is an unwonted stamp of angina which involves the spasm of rank vessels and not upright by tighting of vessels. Person delay prinzmetal angina has angina at security and associated ECG changes. 2. Answer: B. the disposition. Contrrenewal and peaceation is inferior by impulses arising voluntarily in the SA node and infectious via a specialized conducting method to activate all magnitude of the muscle closely coincidently. These rhythmic and consistent contractions are inferior by the disposition itself. 3. Answer: D. none of the overhead. Electrolyte disturbances, hypoxic provisions, acidosis or supply of consume products, and structural loss of the conduction method can control to arrhythmia. 4. Answer: A. Systematize IV. Verapamil and diltiazem are calcium-record arresters and suit to Systematize IV antiarrhythmics. 5. Answer: A. Sinoatrial node. Path of conduction is as flourishs: SA node -> AV node -> Bundle of His -> Purkinje fibers.

References and Sources

References and sources for this pharmacology influence for Antianginal Drugs:
  • Karch, A. M., & Karch. (2011). Focus on nursing pharmacology. Wolters Kluwer Health/Lippincott Williams & Wilkins. [Link]
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  • Smeltzer, S. C., & Bare, B. G. (1992). Brunner & Suddarth’s textbook of medical-surgical nursing. Philadelphia: JB Lippincott.
Here are other nursing pharmacology consider influences: Gastrointestinal Method Drugs Respiratory Method Drugs Endocrine Method Drugs Autonomic Pregnant Method Drugs Immune Method Drugs Chemohygienic Agents Reproductive Method Drugs Nervous Method Drugs Cardiovascular Method Drugs

Further Reading and External Links

Recommended instrument and intimation books. Disclosure: Includes Amazon annex links.
  1. Focus on Nursing Pharmacology - Easy to flourish influence for Pharmacology
  2. NCLEX-RN Garbage Guide: 300 Medications You Require to Know for the Exam - Great if you're reviewing for the NCLEX
  3. Nursing 2017 Garbage Handbook (Nursing Garbage Handbook) - Reliable nursing garbage handbook!
  4. Lehne's Pharmacology for Nursing Care - Provides key notice on commsimply used garbages in nursing
  5. Pharmacology and the Nursing Process - Learn how to control garbages improvely and certainly!
  6. Pmischief Phlash Cards!: Pharmacology Flash Cards - Flash Cards for Nursing Pharmacology


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