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Antihistamines selectively obstruct the property of histamine at the histamine-1 receptor sites, decreasing the allergic acceptance. Antihistamines are used for the refreshment of symptoms associated forthcomingcitedcited a period seasonal and unfailing allergic rhinitis, allergic conjunctivitis, uncomplicated urticaria, and angioedema. Learn environing the uses and nursing economy pur-pose considerations and nursing diagnoses scarcityed for resigneds gate antihistamines in this nursing pharmacology consider direct.

Antihistamines: Collective and Infamy Names

Here is a table of uniformly encountered antihistamines, their collective calls, and infamy calls:
Generic call Brand call
First era brompheniramine Bidhist
carbinoxamine Histex, Palgic
chlorpheniramine Aller-Chlor, others
clemastine Tavist
cyclizine Marezine
cyproheptadine (generic)
dexchlorpheniramine (generic)
dimenhydrinate Dimetabs, others
diphenhydramine Benadryl, others
hydroxyzine Vistaril, others
meclizine Antivert
promethazine Phenergan
triprolidine Zymine
Second era (nonsedating) azelastine Astelin
cetirizine Zyrtec
desloratadine Clarinex
fexofenadine Allegra
levocetirizine Xyzal
loratadine Claritin

Disease Spotlight: Seasonal Rhinitis

Seasonal rhinitis is an inflammation of the nasal cavity, uniformly calld hay fever, that afflicts sundry mob.
  • This case appears when the excellent airways reply to a inequitable antigen (e.g., pollen, configure, clay) forthcomingcitedcited a period a virile exasperating acceptance, resulting anew in nasal plethora, sneezing, stuffiness, and unconvincing eyes.

What are Antihistamines?

Antihistamines obstruct the indemnify or exercise of histamine, a chemical indemnifyd during inflammation that acceptions secretions and narrows airways.
  • Antihistamines are pur-poset in multiple OTC preparations that are intended to succor respiratory symptoms and speak allergies.
  • When choosing an antihistamine, the indivisible resigned’s reexercise to the offal is usually the controlling element.
  • Beinducement highest-era antihistamines entertain main anticholinergic property forthcomingcitedcited a period inferior swoon, a idiosyncratic who scarcitys to be active should be attached one of the second-generation, short sedating antihistamines.
  • Beinducement of their OTC availability, these offals are frequently misused to speak colds and influenza.

Therapeutic Actions

The desired exercises of antihistamines are as prospers:
  • Selectively obstruct the property of histamine at the histamine-1 receptor sites, decreasing the allergic acceptance.
  • Anticholinergic (atropine-like) and antipruritic property.

Indication of Antihistamines

Antihistamines are implicated for the forthcomingcitedcitedcited:
  • Relief of symptoms of seasonal and unfailing allergic rhinitis, allergic conjunctivitis, uncomplicated urticarial, and angioedema.
  • Relief of nasal and non-nasal symptoms of seasonal and unfailing allergic rhinitis.
  • Relief of trouble associated forthcomingcitedcited a period dermographism; used as adjunctive therapy in anaphylactic reactions.
  • Relief of nausea and vomiting associated forthcomingcitedcited a period turmoil illness.

Pharmacokinetics of Antihistamines

The antihistamines are well-absorbed orally, forthcomingcitedcited a period an aggression of exercise ranging from 1 to 3 hours.
Route Onset Peak Onset
Oral 15-30 min 1-4h 4-7h
IM 20-30 min 1-4h 4-7h
IV Rapid 30-60 min 4-8h
T 1/2: 2.5 to 7 hours | Metabolization: Liver | Excretion: Urine

Contraindications and Cautions

The forthcomingcitedcitedcited are contraindications and calculating when using antihistamines:
  • Pregnancy and lactation. Antihistamines are contraimplicated during pregnancy and lactation unshort the boon to the dowager perspicuously outweighs the implicit imperil to the fetus or baby.
  • Renal or hepatic want. They should be used forthcomingcitedcited a period inadventurousness in renal or hepatic want, which could modify the metabolism and perspiration of the offal.
  • Arrhythmias. Special economy should be smitten when these offals are used by any resigned forthcomingcitedcited a period a truth of arrhythmias or prolonged QT seasons accordingly mortal cardiac arrhythmias entertain been associated forthcomingcitedcited a period the use of unfailing antihistamines and offals that acception QT seasons, including erythromycin.

Adverse Property of Antihistamines

Adverse property from the use of antihistamines embrace:
  • CNS: Swoon and sedation.
  • GI: Arefforce of the GI mucous membranes, GI disestablish, disgust.
  • GU: Dysuria, urinary changeableness.
  • Skin: Husk explosion and lustful.


Interactions implicated in the use of antihistamines embrace:
  • Monoamine inhibitor (MAOI). Anticholinergic property may be prolonged if diphenhydramine is smitten forthcomingcitedcited a period a monoamine inhibitor.
  • Ketoconazole/erythromycin. Interexercise of fexofenadine forthcomingcitedcited a period ketoconazole or erythromycin may educate fexofenadine concentrations to toxic levels.

Nursing Considerations for Antihistamines

Nursing considerations for a resigned using antihistamines embrace the forthcomingcitedcitedcited:

Nursing Assessment

History gate and Nursing essay of a resigned using antihistamines may embrace the forthcomingcitedcitedcited:
  • Assess for practicable contraindications or calculating: any truth of allergy to antihistamines; pregnancy and lactation; and prolonged QT season, which are contraindications to the use of the offal; and renal or hepatic want, which claims cowardly use of the offal.
  • Perform a corporeal Nursing essay to prove baseline facts for assessing the usefulness of the offal and the event of any inoperative property associated forthcomingcitedcited a period the offal therapy.
  • Assess the husk complexion, tenor, and lesions to warner for anticholinergic property or allergy.
  • Evaluate orientation, seek, and reflexes to warner for changes due to CNS property.
  • Assess respirations and abnormal sounds to warner offal property.
  • Evaluate renal and liver duty tests to warner for elements that could seek the metabolism or perspiration of the offal.

Nursing Diagnosis and Economy Planning

Nursing diagnoses and nursing economy pur-poses kindred to medical therapy forthcomingcitedcited a period an antihistamine may embrace:
  • Acute pain kindred to GI, CNS or husk property of the offal.
  • Disturbed sensory understanding (Kinesthetic) kindred to CNS property.
  • Deficient experience in-reference-to offal therapy.

Nursing Implementation forthcomingcitedcited a period Rationale

Nursing interventions for resigneds using antihistamines embrace the forthcomingcitedcitedcited:
  • Proper government. Bring offal on an vacuity stomach, 1 hour anteriorly or 2 hours forthcomingcitedcited meals, to acception the aridity.
  • Drug usefulness. Note that the resigned may entertain a inconsiderable acceptance to one of these agents but a very efficient acceptance to another; the prescriber may scarcity to try various contrariant agents to furnish the one that is most efficient.
  • Relief from dry mouth. Accordingly of the arefforce regularity of antihistamines, resigneds frequently habit dry bunghole, which may bring to disgust and anorexia; intimate sugarshort candies or lozenges to succor some of the troubles.
  • Safety estimates. Provide prophylactic estimates as expend if CNS property appear to obviate resigned defective.
  • Increase limpid intake. Acception humidity and urge limpids to reduce the example of thickened secretions and dry nasal mucosa.
  • Enunfailing wantinging. Entertain resigned wanting anteriorly each dose to reduce urinary contention if this is a example.
  • Skin economy. Provide husk economy as scarcityed if husk thirst and lesions grace a example to obviate husk breakdown.
  • Awanting alcohol. Inadventurousness the resigned to awanting alcohol period gate these offals accordingly careful sedation can appear.
  • Awanting OTC offals. Inadventurousness the resigned to awanting exorbitant dose and to control OTC offals for the intercourse of antihistamines, which are pur-poset in sundry OTC preparations and could inducement toxicity.
  • Health education. Provide powerful resigned education, including the offal call and prescribed dosage estimate to aid awanting inoperative property, admonition signs that may evince examples, and the scarcity for occasional warnering and evaluation, to augment resigned experience environing the offal therapy and advance acquiescence.
  • Encourage resigned foundation. Offer foundation and expectation to aid the resigned compete forthcomingcitedcited a period the malady and the offal cheer.


Evaluation of a resigned using antihistamines embrace:
  • Monitor resigned acceptance to the offal (refreshment of the symptoms of allergic rhinitis).
  • Monitor for inoperative property (husk thirst, GI disestablish, sedation and swoon, urinary contention, thickened secretions, glaucoma).
  • Evaluate the usefulness of the education pur-pose (resigned can call offal, dosage, inoperative property to tend for, inequitable estimates to awanting them, and estimates to select to acception the usefulness of the offal.
  • Monitor the usefulness of self-satisfforce and prophylactic estimates and acquiescence forthcomingcitedcited a period the cheer.

Practice Quiz: Antihistamines

Here’s a 5-item satire for this antihistamine consider direct:

Exam Mode

In Exam Mode: All questions are shown but the results, tallys, and rationales (if any) earn merely be attached forthcomingcitedcited you’ve perfect the satire.

Practice Quiz: Antihistamines

Congratulations - you entertain adequated Practice Quiz: Antihistamines. You beakd %%SCORE%% out of %%TOTAL%%. Your work has been rated as %%RATING%%
Your tallys are highlighted adown.

Practice Mode

Practice Mode: This is an interactive rendering of the Text Mode. All questions are attached in a separate page and rectify tallys, rationales or explanations (if any) are forthcoming a conjunctureout-delay shown forthcomingcitedcited you entertain separated an tally. No spell expression for this exam.

Practice Quiz: Antihistamines

Congratulations - you entertain adequated Practice Quiz: Antihistamines. You beakd %%SCORE%% out of %%TOTAL%%. Your work has been rated as %%RATING%%
Your tallys are highlighted adown.

Text Mode

Text Mode: All questions and tallys are attached on a separate page for lection and tallying at your own gait. Be unfailing to seize a pen and disquisition to transcribe down your tallys. 1. A nurse is giving educations to a client receiving Desloratadine (Clarinex). Which of the forthcomingcitedcitedcited statements made by the client earn scarcity exalt instructions? A. “I can eat gum forthcomingcitedcited I imbibe the therapeutics” B. “I can select the therapeutics on an vacuity stomach“ C. “I should awanting using alcohol” D. “I earn awanting driving period using this medication1. Answer: B. “I can select the therapeutics on an vacuity stomach”.
  • Option B: This therapeutics should be smitten forthcomingcitedcited a period foundation or compose to minimize gastrointestinal disestablish.
  • Option A: Use gum or impenetrable candy to minimize dry bunghole.
  • Options C and D: The medication inducements swoon so awanting gate alcohol or interesting in activities which claim moral activeness such as driving a car.
2. Nurse Zeke is giving instructions to her client who is gate antihistamine. Which of the forthcomingcitedcitedcited promote educations is expend for the client? A. Expect a refreshment in 24 hours B. Be certified that you may entertain acceptiond saliva C. Be certified that you may scarcity to select a decongestant D. Awanting ingesting alcohol 2. Answer: D. Awanting ingesting alcohol.
  • Option D: Beinducement alcohol and antihistamines entertain sedating properties, correlative government of these offals should be dodgeed.
  • Option A: Not all antihistamines ultimate 24 hours.
  • Option B: Dry bunghole is a base laterality movables, not acceptiond salivation.
  • Option C: Antihistamines and decongestants are frequently attached coetaneously.
3. Andrew has vertigo, which antihistamine is best for his case? A. Terfenadine B. Guaifenesin C. Meclizine D. Hydrocodone 3. Answer: C. Meclizine.
  • Option C: Meclizine (Antivert) is attached for vertigo and turmoil illness.
  • Option A: Terfenadine is an antihistamine, but meclizine is the flag offal in the speakment of vertigo.
  • Option B and D: Choices C and D are not antihistamines.
4. Raul, a 20-year-old novice, used to buy OTC offals whenever he feels diseased. Which of the forthcomingcitedcitedcited statements best describes the insecurity of self-medication forthcomingcitedcited a period over-the-counter offals? A. Clients are not certified of the exercise of over-the-counter offals. B. Clients are not certified of the laterality property of over-the-counter offals. C. Clients minimize the property of over-the-counter offals accordingly they are advantageous forthcomingcitedcited a periodout a recipe. D. Clients do not gain the property of over-the-counter offals. 4. Answer: C. Clients minimize the property of over-the-counter offals accordingly they are advantageous forthcomingcitedcited a periodout a recipe.
  • Option C: This valuable is rectify accordingly it embraces the other three imperils renowned in valuables A, B, and D.
5. Which histamine-2 adversary is associated forthcomingcitedcited a period the most offal interactions? A. Prilosec B. Nizatidine C. Ranitidine D. Cimetidine 5. Answer: D. Cimetidine. Option D: Cimetidine was the highest histamine-2 adversary open and is associated forthcomingcitedcited a period the most toxic offal interactions of the knot.

References and Sources

The forthcomingcitedcitedcited are the recommended supplemoral lection for this antihistamine nursing pharmacology consider direct:
  • Roth, T., Roehrs, T., Koshorek, G., Sicklesteel, J., & Zorick, F. (1987). Sedative property of antihistamines. Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology80(1), 94-98.
  • Vallerand, A. H. (2018). Davis’s offal direct for promotes. FA Davis. [Link]
  • Woosley, R. L. (1996). Cardiac exercises of antihistamines. Annual criticism of pharmacology and toxicology36(1), 233-252.
Here are other nursing pharmacology consider directs: Gastrointestinal System Drugs Respiratory System Drugs Endocrine System Drugs Autonomic Nervous System Drugs Immune System Drugs Chemotherapeutic Agents Reproductive System Drugs Nervous System Drugs Cardiovascular System Drugs

Further Lection and External Links

Recommended media and relation books. Disclosure: Includes Amazon unite links.
  1. Focus on Nursing Pharmacology - Easy to prosper direct for Pharmacology
  2. NCLEX-RN Offal Guide: 300 Medications You Scarcity to Know for the Exam - Great if you're criticisming for the NCLEX
  3. Nursing 2017 Offal Handbook (Nursing Offal Handbook) - Reliable nursing offal handbook!
  4. Lehne's Pharmacology for Nursing Care - Provides key notice on uniformly used offals in nursing
  5. Pharmacology and the Nursing Process - Learn how to bring offals rectifyly and safely!
  6. Pharm Phlash Cards!: Pharmacology Flash Cards - Flash Cards for Nursing Pharmacology


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