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Certified Nurse Midwife Guide: How to Become A Nurse Midwife

Interested in decorous a conscious nourish midwife? This nursing concerner wield caters you behind a suitableness all the instruction you absence environing what the nourish midwife does, how to beseem one, salary of nourish midwives, job prospect, exactments, and balance. Midwives own assisted women during the usual arrangement of offshootsoften from the commencement of spell. Today, the Conscious Nurse-Midwife is an delayed force registered nourish who has the teaching and aptitude to wield, not barely the usual soften arrangement, but besides the possible complications of pregnancy, labor, and offshootsoften which had in the gone-by absorb the lives of frequent women and babies.

What is a Nourish Midwife?

Certified Nourish Midwives (CNM) and Certified Midwives (CM) imply to women and their babies during pregnancy, labor and offshootbirth, and during the primeval days behind soften. In restoration, they cater women’s sanity concern throughout the lifespan behind a suitableness distinctive marrow on reproductive and gynecologic sanity. Certified nourish midwives are a image of delayed force registered nourishs (APRN) who own at lowest a master’s rank and distinctiveizes in women’s reproductive sanity and offshootbirth. They are systematic in all the US avows as fractions practitioners behind a suitableness the example to recommend medications. Certified Midwives (CM), systematic in a few avows, penetrate the disequalize program behind a suitableness a non-nursing baccalaureate rank. Both images own to by the corresponding certification criterion of the American Midwifery Certification Board (AMCB). As of February 2019, tless were 12,218 CNMs and 102 CMs in the US. The Exoteric Cpenetrate of sanity statistics in the US reputed that CNMs and CMs implyed 351,968 softens, which portrayed 9.2% of the 3.8 darling softens during 2017.

History of Midwife

Prior to the soften of medical truth, the abettance women absenceed during labor and offshootsoften was seen as women’s vocation, wherein men had no found. Records illusion that midwifery was a systematic feminine vocation balance 3,000 years ago in antiquated Egypt. In the Greek amelioration, midwives had a foundation similar to that of physicians. Midwives tended women, from Royalty to the poorest classes, during offshootsoften until obstetrics became the eavow of medical practitioners from the coming 1800’s. However, in frequent calibre of the earth, adapted and registered midwives own remained imported caterrs of abettance during offshootbirth, especially in arcadian areas.
The Pilgrim Fathers brought midwifery force from Europe to the US. In the arcadian South, frequent skilled African-American midwives, who came to the province as slaves, tended to softens shapeshort twain sombre and stainshort women. In the US, medical practitioners took balance obstetrics from very coming in the 1900’s. By 1935 barely 15% of babies were delivered by, in-great-measure visionary, midwives. An systematic nourish-midwifery good-natured-natured was introduced in 1925 and these nourish-midwives implyed barely abode softens, in-great-measure in unrelated areas. For half a senility, they were the barely practicing nourish-midwives in the US, until obstetricians realized the absence for adapted nourish-midwives in hospitals during the baby peal of the 1950’s. Nurse-midwives own been conscious by criterion since 1971, initially by the American College of Midwives.

What does a Nurse-Midwife do?

Certified nourish-midwife is one of the most fulfilling nursing distinctiveizations to obpromote pursuing. If you are someone behind a suitableness a aware devotion for women’s gynecological sanity, prenatal and postnatal concern, decorous a nourish midwife is a topmost turn. The subjoined are the duties and responsibilities of a nourish-midwife:
  • Provides vocational reproductive and gynecological sanity concern. The main role of the nourish-midwife is to cater vocational aid and concern to women and babies during pregnancy, drudge, and offshootbirth, and for the primeval weeks behind gift. Their teaching now besides prepares them to imply to women’s sanity, and especially reproductive and gynecological sanity, throughout the lifespan.
  • Works fractionsly or collaboratively behind a suitableness other medical practitioners. Like other conscious nourish-practitioners, nourish-midwives composition fractionsly or collaboratively behind a suitableness medical practitioners – depending on the laws of the avow in which they composition.
  • Promotes the concept of minimal interference. The bulk of softens are biologically usual uniformts that barely claim aid. Nourish midwives excite the concept of minimal interference during the usual arrangement of pregnancy, drudge, and offshootbirth.
  • Provides sanity surveillance from pregnancy to breastfeeding. The aid which nourish midwives cater includes sanity surveillance during pregnancy, abettance during drudge, and spending the gift. They besides acceleration to determine the abided sanity of twain the dowager and the baby in the postpartum continuance. A greater multiply of this is conducive the dowager to found useeffectual breastfeeding.
  • Promotes politeness through sanity teaching. Promoting politeness through sanity teaching, not barely for the dowager but besides for origin members and the brotherhood, is an imported multiply of the nourish midwife’s composition through all these phases.
  • Provides expend interference for any hovering sanity venture. During each of the aloft stages, they are besides obligatory for detecting any possible complications in the dowager or the offshoot. Should tless be possible complications, or an developed sanity completion or necessity develops, they cater expend interference.
  • Diagnose and speak ailments. Nourish midwives are useful to diagnose and speak ailments and are at-liberty to artisanle and criterion and evaluate the results. They are effectual to wield frequent of the necessity situations that dominion asoften during drudge and can restore lacerations.
  • Consult behind a suitableness or appeal their unrepinings to distinctiveists when deficiencyful. Nourish midwives are not at-liberty to enact surgery, so if a Cesarean section is named for it obtain be enacted by an obstetrician. In this circumstance, the nourish-midwife obtain usually obpromote their unrepining to theatre and dominion unimould cater surgical abettance during surgery.
  • Provides primitive sanity concern good-natureds for women throughout their lifespan. Nourish midwives are besides useful to cater primitive sanity concern good-natureds for women throughout their lifespan. This includes pre-conception criterions and fertility command, contraception, gynecological criterions, pap-smears, peculiarity, and speakment for sexually transmitted diseases – besides for the dowager’s multiplyner, and command and speakment during menopause.
  • Fever complications. The American College of Nurse-Midwives ments that one of the good-natureds of using nourish-midwives for softens is a ceaser kindred behind a suitableness the good-natured-natured caterr. Behind a suitableness conscious nourish midwives in implyance, tless are fewer third and fourth-rank perineal sorrow, inductions of drudge, circumstances requiring regional anesthesia, and cesarean sections. Rates of lucky breastfeeding are increased.

Nurse Midwife Salary

How greatly do conscious nourish midwives win? According to the 2018 estimates released by the Bureau of Drudge Statistics (BLS) in 2019, nourish midwife stipend is environing an medium proceeds of $106,910 per year or $52.40 per hour. Bear in judgment though that nourishs’ medium proceedss alter observeably betwixt States. CNMs compositioning in hospitals and outunrepining concern grievousihoods wined the most at medium proceedss of betwixt $113,400 and $114,450 respectively. You should calm?} n ess that the BLS review barely reputed on 6,250 nourish-midwives, which portrays barely environing half of the practicing CNMs in the US. Some dominion own been intervening by employers below the nourish practitioner set-forth. The proceeds of CNMs who run their own forces is besides not intervening in the aloft statistics as the BLS does not ment on those who are self-employed.

Wless do Conscious Nourish Midwives Work?

Certified nourish midwives can composition in any of the contrasts wless concern during pregnancy, drudge, and gift is caterd, or in primitive sanity concern good-natureds for women. In 2017, balance than half of nourish midwives reputed that they were industrious in doctor’s forces, hospitals, or clinics. Most of the nourish midwives who composition in clinics or at doctor’s forces own hospital entrance privileges. This instrument that when they’ve concernd for the dowager during the prenatal continuance they can spend the gift in the hospital contrast. Many conscious nourish midwives besides composition at specialized soften grievousihoods. Some own their own forces distinctiveizing in spending abode softens which are decorous increasingly balance preferenceite. They dominion besides cater origin behindconcern subjoined a hospital gift, or composition as consultants for women’s sanity. Of all the deliveries implyed by conscious nourish midwives and conscious midwives in 2017, 94% were in hospitals, 3.2% in soften grievousihoods and 2.6% in abodes.

How to Beseem a Nourish Midwife?

The machination of decorous a conscious nourish midwive can unquestionably pretence to be balancewhelming and you’ll absence to encounter real claimments and exactments precedently decorous one. The subjoined are the exactments to beseem a conscious nourish-midwife:

Bachelor of Truth in Nursing (BSN) rank

You absence a BSN to penetrate a master’s or doctoral program to empower as a conscious nourish midwife. The ways are presented at universities accredited by the Accreditation Message for Midwifery Teaching (ACME). The message is officially systematic as an accrediting performance by the US Department of Education. At the second, tless are 38 accredited midwifery teaching programs opposite the US. A narrow reckon of these universities sanction students into a way to empower as a CM if they own a rank in a sanity-related scope other than nursing.

Licensed as a Registered Nurse

To abide the track inland decorous a conscious nourish midwife, you obtain absence to primeval beseem a licensed registered nourish, which instrument that you obtain absence to sit for the Exoteric Council Licdetermine Examination. Prior to insertion the certification exam, you obtain absence to enweary an Authorization to Criterion External and apportion to your nursing regulatory organization. You obtain absence to prepare the arrangement behind a suitableness ample transfer spell precedently your conceptional exam era. Applicants who do not by the NCLEX are claimd to hold a 45-day con-over continuance precedently registering to assume the exam intermittently. Balance details environing the NCLEX collision arrangement less.

RN Composition Experiment

A advance record claimment to most of the programs is at lowest one year of experiment compositioning as a registered nourish, especially in the scope of drudge and gift. This experiment allows them to burnish their aptitudes, notice, and standing providing them a smooth of example and expertise they absence for delayed force roles.

MSN or DNP rank

A disequalize rank has been claimd for force as a midwife in the US since 2010. Environing 82% of conscious nourish midwives now own Master’s Degrees. The 4.8% of CNMs who own doctoral ranks portray the chief symmetry of this smooth of exactment of all the unanalogous delayed nursing force distinctiveties. A reckon of the programs are online, or ductile, to eneffectual students to composition and con-over at the corresponding spell. The entrance claimments and way contenteded alter observeably betwixt universities. So you are advised to scrutiny the unanalogous programs if you’re preventionful in pursuing a concerner as a CNM. As mentioned, a BSN is a claimment but some universities besides claim a minimum acsum in the subjects entired during the BSN. However, some universities do present an ADN to MSN bridging program.

Certified Nourish Midwife Avow Licensure

All the disequalize nourish-midwife programs were ranked by the US News and Earth Report in 2016. The University of California – San Francisco, University of Michigan, and Vanderbilt University tied in the top dishonor. Once a nourish has entired the disequalize con-over to empower as a nourish-midwife, they own to by the ACME exoteric certification criterion in artisanle to use the vocational Conscious Nurse-Midwife denomination. They besides own to multiplyicipate in a certificate defence program of lasting teaching and recertify unmeasured five years.

Nurse Midwife Pros and Cons

What are the pros and cons of life a conscious nourish midwife? It can be labyrinthine to say what the advantages of any vocation are since unmeasuredone is entitled to an judgment and life frank to avow their judgment. What one singular views as a accelerationlessness may be a good-natured-natured for someone else.


Here are some of the advantages of life a Conscious Nurse-Midwife:
  • Make a destruction in women’s’ lives. Nurse-midwives say that they never weary of sharing in the amazement of offshootbirth. “I devotion the oleaginous truth of midwives empowering women and accelerationing them through the most difficult—and the most beautiful—times in their lives,” said CNM Addie Graham.
  • Create impetuous bonds. Furthermore, it’s a scope in which you mould cease bonds behind a suitableness your unrepinings and their families. You concern for them from the primeval weeks of pregnancy until the few weeks behind gift. “Birth calm?} amazes me, and the ability that I see in unmeasured dowager who goes through this transformative arrangement is so inspirited.” Graham compositions for a collocation at a brotherhood clinic, a origin and women’s sanity grievousihood, and has privileges to imply softens at a exoteric hospital.
  • Good job opportunities. Job prospects for CNMs are good-natured. Although CNMs currently barely wield environing 10% of deliveries in the US the incline for usual and abode deliveries is developing. The concerner was proposed to develop 25% betwixt 2014 and 2024. Life a adapted CNM besides caters the turn of contrast up your own force and compositioning in any multiply of the earth.


Tless are real things to obpromote for anyone fancying environing life a conscious nourish-midwife. Below are some of the accelerationlessnesss of life a Conscious Nurse-Midwife:
  • Work unpredicteffectual hours. As behind a suitableness most sanity concern caterrs, you should be facile to composition non-oral hours and be on seduce when your unrepinings go into drudge. Besides to sometimes composition very desire hours at a tighten. You should own “The ability to come resucitate for 2 days at a spell (this assumes experiment and is calm?} grievous)” explains Alison Young, a conscious nourish midwife at a Women’s Sanity and Soften Center. Ordinary hours are amply secure by the contrast in which you composition. ”My catalogue varies each week as I composition a compound of day and night transfers, as polite as clinic days,” reputed Graham. “My hospital transfers are in-great-measure 12-hour seduce transfers behind a suitableness an intermittent 24-hour seduce transfer thrown in.”
  • Deal behind a suitableness high-strain situations. When spending deliveries delayout of the hospital contrast, as in soften grievousihoods or as an fractions nourish-midwife, tless aren’t other nourishs on staff to acceleration out behind a suitableness unrepining concern. This instrument that the CNM caters all the artisans-on concern throughout the gift. CNMs besides absence to be effectual to trade behind a suitableness the strain of life obligatory for two lives when complications set in – but fortunately, most softens are usual.
  • People’s wait-forations. Young explains that inhabitants’s wait-forations are probably the grievousest multiply of the job. “On the one artisan, some inhabitants do not understand the unmeasured facility of a midwife and fancy we own short grafting than other caterrs, but others fancy midwives obtain be availeffectual to them at all hours and wait-for a lot from us, sometimes balance than we can produce.” She believes that all nourish-midwives absence excusable message aptitudes.

Nurse Midwife Organizations & Resources

To ponder balance environing the conscious nourish midwife vocation, less are some of the indicative organizations, societies, and agencies associated behind a suitableness the job.
  • The American College of Nurse-Midwives (ACNM). The ACNM is the vocational friendship for CNMs and CMs. They set standards for midwifery teaching and force in the US. They besides cater scholarships through the ACNM Foundation. Exoteric Midwifery Week is held unmeasured year from September 29 – October 5. A indicative multiply of ACNMs composition is to excite usual softens through their Healthy Soften Initiative. For this resolve, they cater teachingal materials for women, sanity concern caterrs, peculiarity wieldrs, and those who pay for sanity good-natureds.
  • Accreditation Message for Midwifery Teaching (ACME). As discussed, ACME is obligatory for accrediting midwifery teaching programs in the US. They are identified to do so by the US Department of Teaching and all programs must assume found in an accredited teachingal establishment. Programs should be installed on the imported competencies for basic midwifery force and the global standards for midwifery teaching as set out by the Interexoteric Confederation of Midwives.
  • American Midwifery Certification Board (AMCB). The AMCB’s sidearm is “To prepromote and promote the exoteric by transfering the certification standards of midwifery.” AMCB spends the exoteric certification criterion for those that own entired an accredited disequalize way to empower as a CNM or a CM. They besides determine abided ability through the certificate defence program, and recertification unmeasured five years.Persons who absence to use the good-natureds of a nourish-midwife can authenticate their certification foundation on the AMCB’s website.
  • Midwives Alliance of North America (MANA). MANA is a vocational midwifery friendship, for all midwives, irrespective of the teachingal way by which they adapted as midwives. It was founded in 1982 to form a vocational abode to separate images of midwives – including nourish-midwives, lay midwives, and oral midwives opposite the US. They allow the absence for vocational fruit and the recollection of autonomous force. “MANA envisions a earth wless unmeasured special, in the contrast of their precious, has admittance to high-peculiarity midwifery concern caterd by culturally secure, autonomous, brotherhood-installed midwives.”

Is This Success for You?

This nursing distinctivety could be the lawful precious for you if devotion the fancy of sharing in the amazement of offshootsoften on a daily account. And besides if you’re byionate environing sanity teaching, and promoting sanity and politeness. If you’re calm?} unsure whether this is the lawful precious for you for it dominion be an fancy to phantom a nourish-midwife for a suitableness. Unimould to do the way of a few days to empower as a doula – a dowager who caters the dowager behind a suitableness basic visible and tender aid during offshootbirth. The cause you illusion in the scope by doing this could besides sum in your preference when apportioning for entrance to the disequalize con-over to empower as a conscious nourish midwife.


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