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Chronic Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) Nursing Care Plan & Management


  • The vocpotent exasperating bowel malady (IBD) is used to establish two trustworthy exasperating GI disorders; regional enteritis (i.e. Crohn’s malady) and ulcerative colitis.
Risk Factors
  • Food additivies
  • Tobacco
  • Radiation exposure
  • Immunologic influences
  • Hereditary
Regional enteritis
  • Is a subintelligent and trustworthy inflammation that applys through laminas of the bowel embankments from the intestinal mucosa. Fistula, fissures, and abscesses apply into the peritoneum, but limbs of recognized intestinal web befall betwixt the inflammations.
Ulcerative colitis
  • Is an exasperating malady of the submucosal lamina of the colon and rectum capacityized by uniformly befallring ulcerations and shedding of intestinal epithelium. Fat deposits and stalwart hypertrophy product in a slender, narrow, and thickened bowel.
Assessment/Clinical Manifestations/Signs and Symptoms
Regional enteritis
  • Abdominal clemency and denial, typically colicky and growthd following asceticisms
  • Diarrhea, flatulence, and steatorrhea
  • Fever, malaise, and anorexia
  • Signs of alimentational arrearss
  • Perianal fistulas and abscesses
  • Usually befalls in ileum and ascending colon
Ulcerative colitis
  • Severe diarrhea containing pus, race and mucosa
  • Abdominal cramping and clemency, passion
  • Anorexia and impressiveness waste
  • Usually befalls in the descending colon and rectum
Laboratory and indication consider findings:
Regional enteritis
  • Barium consider of the excellent GI rely, the most unconditional indication touchstone, reveals the keen “string sign” on a X-ray consider of the vocableinal ileum indicating constriction of a limb of domestic.
  • Barium enema shows ulceration and “cobblestone” mien accordingly of fissures surrounded by submucosal edema.
  • Colonoscopy visualizes separeprimand ulceration disconnected by proportionately recognized mucosa in the ileum and ascending colon.
  • Computed tomography reconnoitre shows bowel embankment densification and fistula relys.
Ulcerative colitis
  • Barium enema shows mucosal irregularities, narrowening of the bowel, and dilation of bowel loops
  • Colonoscopy shows crisp mucosa succeeding a while pseudopolyps or ulcers in the descending colon and sigmoid colon.
  • Stool resolution is unconditional for race. Entemoeba histolytica, which objects dysentery, must be resolute out.
Medical Management
  • Surgery may ensuspend sum colectomy succeeding a while ileostomy; limbal colectomy succeeding a while anastomosis, subsum colectomy; sum colectomy succeeding a while continent ilestomy, and sum colectomy succeeding a while ileoanal anastomosis.
Nursing Management
Enhance alimentational topicality.
  • Promote nursing economyfulness of the client who is receiving pin by bung, receiving traditional smooths, or on sum parenteral alimentation during an intelligent exacerbation.
  • Assess for smooth and electrolyte imbalance. Administer IV smooths and electrolytes as implied.
  • Encourage a low-residue, proud-protein, proud-calorie sustenance succeeding a while subordinate vitamin therapy and lusty securityitution.
  • Implement measures to negotiate diarrhea or constipation.
Minimize denial.
  • Address and accessible the client’s denial. Measure occasional abeyance continuances and bed abeyance when the client has intelligent exacerbations.
Promote client and parentage education.
  • Encourage the client to court psychotherapy to enumereprimand the constituents that mortify the client and how to traffic succeeding a while these constituents to preventexacerbations.
Provide client education covering:
  • The significance of amipotent alimentation and strong smooth intake
  • Stress-address techniques
  • Perianal peel economyfulness
  • The want for follow-up visits to the sanity economyfulness agreer
Administer medications, which ensuspend antidiarrheals, corticosteroids, antibiotics, antispasmodics, and anticholinergic and opioid analgesics.

Nursing Carefulness Plan

Nursing Diagnosis
  • Diarrhea
May be connected to
  • Inflammation, flinching, or malparching of the bowel
  • Presence of toxins
  • Segmental slendering of the lumen
Possibly evidenced by
  • Increased bowel sounds/peristalsis
  • Hyperfree bowel sounds
  • Frequent, and numerously keen, foolish stools (intelligent complexion)
  • Changes in stool color
  • Abdominal denial; crisis (rash denialful want to purify), cramping
Desired Outcomes
  • Report abatement in quantity of stools, give-tail to aggravate recognized stool hardity.
  • Identify/abandon contributing constituents.
Nursing Interventions
  • Ascertain attack and archetype of diarrhea
    • Rationale: To assess etiology. Trustworthy diarrhea (caused by hypercritical bowel syndrome, transmitted maladys forcible colon such as IBD).
  • Observe and annals stool quantity, capacityistics, whole, and precipitating constituents.
    • Rationale: Helps disseminate particular malady and assesses hardship of episode.
  • Observe for intercourse of associated constituents, such as passion, chills, abdominal denial,cramping, racey stools, important publicurn, corporeal toil and so forth.
    • Rationale: To assess prolific constituents and etiology.
  • Promote bedrest, agree bedface commode.
    • Rationale: Rest curtails intestinal motility and contracts the metabolic reprimand when poison or hemorrhage is a entanglement. Urge to purify may befall succeeding a whileout caution and be ungovernable, increasing measure of stubborn-indulgence or falls if facilities are not suspend at laborer.
  • Reactuate stool straightway. Agree convenience deodorizers.
    • Rationale: Reduces hurtful odors to abandon unfair resigned grief.
  • Identify and abeyancerict maintenances and smooths that pitch-headlong diarrhea (vegetables and enrichment, whole-grain cereals, condiments, carbonated drinks, calm products).
    • Rationale: Avoiding intestinal irritants measure intestinal abeyance and concredit intestinal compositionload.
  • Restart traditional smooth intake ghostly. Offer evident liquids hourly; abandon indifferent smooths.
    • Rationale: Provides colon abeyance by distouching or decreasing the excitation of maintenances and smooths. Gradual foreclosure of liquids may forefend cramping and alighting of diarrhea; so-far, indifferent smooths can growth intestinal motility.
  • Provide convenience to opening frustrations connected to malady fashion.
    • Rationale: Presence of malady succeeding a while mysterious object that is reserved to cure and that may claim surgical mediation can direct to strain reactions that may repair-embitter requisite.
  • Observe for passion, tachycardia, torpor, leukocytosis, curtaild serum protein, economyfulness, and debasement.
    • Rationale: May declare that toxic megacolon or bung and peritonitis are threatening or entertain befallred, necessitating imaccessible medical mediation.

Nursing Diagnosis
  • Risk for Deficient Smooth Volume
Risk constituents may enclose
  • Excessive wastees through recognized routes (keen many diarrhea, vomiting)
  • Hypermetabolic declare (inflammation, passion)
  • Restricted intake (nausea/anorexia)
  • Hemoconcentration; substituteed serum sodium
Desired Outcomes
  • Maintain strong smooth comlocality as evidenced by juicy mucous membranes, amipotent peel turgor, and capillary satisfy; durpotent vital-force-containing signs; poised I&O succeeding a while urine of recognized concentration/amount.
  • Demonstreprimand demeanors to warner and emend arrears, as implied, when requisite is trustworthy.
Nursing Interventions
  • Note likely requisites or fashiones that may direct to arrearss such as smooth waste, scant intake, smooth shifts, environmental constituent.
    • Rationale: To assess prolific and precipitating constituents. Smooth waste may be an consequence of diarrhea or vomiting).
  • Monitor I&O. Melody calculate, capacity, and whole of stools; revere insensible smooth wastees (diaphoresis). Measure urine particular gravity; heed for oliguria.
    • Rationale: Provides notification encircling aggravateall smooth poise, renal duty, and bowel malady coerce, as courteous-mannered-mannered as guidelines for smooth securityitution.
  • Assess vital-force-containing signs (BP, pulse, clime).
    • Rationale: Hypoeffort (including postural), tachycardia, passion can declare apology of smooth waste.
  • Observe for superfluously dry peel and mucous membranes, curtaild peel turgor, slowed capillary satisfy.
    • Rationale: Indicates superfluous smooth waste or productant dehydration.
  • Weigh daily.
    • Rationale: Indicator of aggravateall smooth and alimentational topicality.
  • Maintain traditional abeyancerictions, bedrest; abandon toil.
    • Rationale: Colon is placed at abeyance for salutary and to curtail intestinal smooth wastees.
  • Observe for public bleeding and touchstone stool daily for secret race.
    • Rationale: Instrong sustenance and curtaild parching may direct to vitamin K failure and defects in coagulation, potentiating measure of hemorrhage.
  • Note generalized muscle infirmity or cardiac dysrhythmias.
    • Rationale: Excessive intestinal waste may direct to electrolyte imbalance, e.g., potassium, which is compulsory for special skeletal and cardiac muscle duty. Minor substituteations in serum smooths can product in vivid or vital-force-threatening symptoms.
  • Administer parenteral smooths, race transfusions as implied.
    • Rationale: Maintenance of bowel abeyance claims opinion smooth securityitution to emend wastees and anemia. Note: Fluids containing sodium may be abeyancericted in intercourse of regional enteritis.
  • Monitor laboratory studies such as electrolytes (in-particular potassium, magnesium) and ABGs (acid-disesteemed poise).
    • Rationale: Determines securityitution wants and consequenceiveness of therapy.

Nursing Diagnosis
  • Anxiety [state smooth]
May be connected to
  • Physiological constituents/sympathetic stimulation (exasperating fashion)
  • Threat to stubborn-concept (perceived or pointed)
  • Threat to/change in sanity topicality, socioeconomic topicality, role dutying, interoperation archetypes
Possibly evidenced by
  • Exacerbation of intelligent space of malady
  • Increased effort, mortify, apprehension
  • Expressed solicitude touching changes in vital-force
  • Somatic complaints
  • Focus on stubborn
Desired Outcomes
  • Appear relaxed and declaration economyfulness contractd to a practicable smooth.
  • Verbalize apprisedness of reachings of economyfulness and sanityy ways to traffic succeeding a while them.
  • Identify sanityy ways to traffic succeeding a while and pointed economyfulness.
  • Use maintenance recognizedity consequenceively.
Nursing Interventions
  • Review physiological constituents, such as free medical requisite; modern or ongoing strainors.
    • Rationale: These constituents can object or exacerbate economyfulness or economyfulness disorders.
  • Observe and melody behavitraditional clues (restlessness, excitability, succeeding a whiledrawal, failure of eye contiguity, demanding demeanor).
    • Rationale: Indicators of space of economyfulness or stress (resigned may reach out of coerce at abode or at comlocality managing special tenors.Stress may enucleate as a product of corporeal symptoms of requisite and the reoperation of others.
  • Encourage unwrittenization of reachings. Agree feedback.
    • Rationale: Establishes a sanitary conformity. Assists resigned and SO in establishing tenors causing stress. Resigned succeeding a while keen diarrhea may stammer to ask for acceleration for awe of beseeming a lot to the staff.
  • Acenlightenment that the economyfulness and tenors are harmonious to those pointeded by others. Active-Listen resigned’s solicitudes.
    • Rationale: Validation that reachings are recognized can acceleration concredit strain, stubborn-containedness and reliance that “I am the simply one.”
  • Provide servile, consolidated notification encircling what is substance done (debate for bedrest, abeyanceriction of traditional intake, and procedures).
    • Rationale: Involving resigned in intent of economyfulness agrees discernment of coerce and accelerations curtail economyfulness.
  • Provide a allay, abeyanceful environment.
    • Rationale: Removing resigned from succeeding a whileout strainors measures recreation; accelerations concredit economyfulness.
  • Encourage staff and SO to scheme caring, solicitudeed aspect.
    • Rationale: A maintenanceive fashion can acceleration resigned reach hither strained, allowing immateriality to be directed toward salutary or renovation.
  • Help resigned establish and initiate unconditional coping demeanors used in the departed.
    • Rationale: Successful demeanors can be fostered in trafficing succeeding a while present tenors and strain, enhancing resigned’s discernment of stubborn-control.
  • Assist resigned to imbibe new coping mechanisms (strain address techniques, organizational skills).
    • Rationale: Learning new ways to contend can be accelerationful in reducing strain and economyfulness, enhancing malady coerce.

Nursing Diagnosis
  • Pain, intelligent
May be connected to
  • Hyperperistalsis, prolonged diarrhea, peel/web flinching, perirectal excoriation, fissures, fistulas
Possibly evidenced by
  • Reports of colicky/cramping abdominal denial/referred denial
  • Guarding/distroperation demeanors, abeyancelessness
  • Facial mislead of denial; stubborn-focusing
Desired Outcomes
  • Report denial is relieved/controlled.
  • Appear relaxed and potent to doze/abeyance truly.
Nursing Interventions
  • Encourage resigned to declaration denial.
    • Rationale: May try to tolereprimand denial rather than supplicate analgesics.
  • Assess declarations of abdominal cramping or denial, noting colony, prolongation, force (0–10 flake). Investigate and declaration changes in denial capacityistics
    • Rationale: Colicky occasional denial befalls succeeding a while Crohn’s malady
  • Note nonunwritten cues (restlessness, misgiving to actuate, abdominal protecting, succeeding a whiledrawal, and debasement). Investigate discrepancies betwixt unwritten and nonunwritten cues.
    • Rationale: Body vernacular or nonunwritten cues may be twain physiological and psychical and may be used in union succeeding a while unwritten cues to enumereprimand space and hardship of the tenor.
  • Review constituents that repair-embitter or mitigate denial.
    • Rationale: May pinpoint precipitating or exasperating constituents (such as strainful events, maintenance prejudice) or establish enucleateing entanglements.
  • Encourage resigned to usurp topicality of ease (knees flexed).
    • Rationale: Reduces abdominal effort and measures discernment of coerce.
  • Provide ease measures (tail rub, reposition) and diversional activities.
    • Rationale: Promotes recreation, refocuses notice, and may repair coping abilities.
  • Cleanse rectal area succeeding a while calm soap and water or wipes following each stool and agree peel economyfulness (A&D ointment, Sween ointment, karaya gel, Desitin, petroleum jelly).
    • Rationale: Protects peel from bowel acids, forefending excoriation.
  • Provide sitz bath as misspend.
    • Rationale: Enhances purifiedliness and ease in the intercourse of perianal flinching or fissures.
  • Observe for ischiorectal and perianal fistulas.
    • Rationale: Fistulas may enucleate from erosion and weakening of intestinal bowel embankment.
  • Observe and annals abdominal distension, growthd clime, curtaild BP.
    • Rationale: May declare enucleateing intestinal hinderance from inflammation, edema, and scarring.
  • Implement prescribed sustenanceary modifications (begin succeeding a while liquids and growth to hard maintenances as permitd).
    • Rationale: Complete bowel abeyance can concredit denial, cramping.

Nursing Diagnosis
  • Inoperative Coping
May be connected to
  • Multiple strainors, numerous aggravate continuance of time; topicalityal crisis
  • Unpredictpotent species of malady fashion
  • Personal vulnerability; instrong coping method; failure of maintenance recognizeditys
  • Severe denial
  • Lack of doze, abeyance
Possibly evidenced by
  • Verbalization of insufficiency to contend, warning, economyfulness
  • Preoccupation succeeding a while corporeal stubborn, trustworthy molest, important effort, insufficient stubborn-esteem
  • Depression and endureency
Desired Outcomes
  • Assess the present topicality servilely.
  • Identify undignified coping demeanors and consequences.
  • Acenlightenment own coping abilities.
  • Demonstreprimand compulsory vital-forcestyle changes to stipulation/forefend represent episodes.
Nursing Interventions
  • Assess resigned’s and SO’s intelligence and antecedent methods of trafficing succeeding a while malady fashion.
    • Rationale: Enables the foster to traffic aggravate realistically succeeding a while present tenors. Carefulness and other tenors may entertain interfered succeeding a while antecedent sanity education and resigned imbibeing.
  • Determine succeeding a whileout strainors (family, conformitys, political or comlocality environment).
    • Rationale: Stress can substitute autonomic nervous apology, forcible the immune recognizedity and contributing to exacerbation of malady. Even the aim of anarchy in the contingent resigned can be an acquired strainor.
  • Provide convenience for resigned to examine how malady has forced conformity, including sexual solicitudes.
    • Rationale: Stressors of malady pretend all areas of vital-force, and resigned may entertain reservedy coping succeeding a while reachings of harass and denial in fitness to conformity and sexual wants.
  • Help resigned establish particularly consequenceive coping skills.
    • Rationale: Use of antecedently lucky demeanors can acceleration resigned traffic succeeding a while present topicality and intent for forthcoming.
  • Provide important maintenance:Active-Listen in a nonjudgmental fashion;Maintain nonjudgmental organization vernacular when caring for resigned;Assign selfselfsame staff as greatly as likely.
    • Rationale: Aids in despatch and intelligence resigned’s viewpoint. Adds to resigned’s reachings of stubborn-worth.Prevents reinforcing resigned’s reachings of substance a lot, (many want to vacuity bedpan or commode). Provides a aggravate sanitary environment and hitherens the strain of trustworthy adjustments.
  • Provide endshort doze and abeyance continuances.
    • Rationale: Exhaustion brought on by the malady tends to amplify tenors, intrusive succeeding a while power to contend.
  • Encourage use of strain address skills, (recreation techniques, visualization, guided imagery, deep-breathing exercises).
    • Rationale: Refocuses notice, measures recreation, and repairs coping abilities.
  • Include resigned and SO in team conferences to enucleate particularized program.
    • Rationale: Promotes uninterruptedness of economyfulness and enables resigned and SO to reach a keep-akeep-apart of the intent, imparting a discernment of coerce and increasing treaty succeeding a while sanitary nutriment.
  • Administer medications as implied: anticarefulness agents, such as lorazepam (Ativan), alprazolam (Xanax).
    • Rationale: Aids in psychical and corporeal abeyance. Conserves immateriality and may invigorate coping abilities.
  • Refer to instrument as implied (topical maintenance cluster, political compositioner, psychiatric clinical foster specialist, ghostly advisor).
    • Rationale: Additional maintenance and counseling can further resigned and SO in trafficing succeeding a while particular strain and tenor areas.

Nursing Diagnosis
  • Nutrition: imbalanced, hither than organization claimments
May be connected to
  • Altered parching of nutrients
  • Hypermetabolic declare
  • Medically abeyancericted intake; awe that eating may object diarrhea
Possibly evidenced by
  • Weight waste; curtaild subcutaneous fat/muscle mass; insufficient muscle tone
  • Hyperfree bowel sounds; steatorrhea
  • Pale conjunctiva and mucous membranes
  • Aversion to eating
Desired Outcomes
  • Demonstreprimand durpotent impressiveness or radical find toward aim succeeding a while recognizedization of laboratory values and scantiness of signs of malnutrition.
Nursing Interventions
  • Weigh daily.
    • Rationale: Provides notification encircling sustenanceary wants and consequenceiveness of therapy.
  • Encourage bedabeyance and scant vital-force during intelligent complexion of malady.
    • Rationale: Decreasing metabolic wants aids in forefending caloric depletion and conserves immateriality.
  • Recommend abeyance anteriorly asceticisms.
    • Rationale: Quiets peristalsis and growths availpotent immateriality for eating.
  • Provide traditional hygiene.
    • Rationale: A purified bung can repair the savor of maintenance.
  • Serve maintenances in courteous-mannered-ventilated, exquisite surroundings, succeeding a while unhurried clime, kindred sodality.
    • Rationale: Pleasant environment aids in reducing strain and is aggravate productive to eating.
  • Avoid or stipulation maintenances that capacity object or exacerbate abdominal cramping, flatulence (calm products, maintenances proud in fiber or fat, alcohol, caffeinated beverages, chocolate, peppermint, tomatoes, orange-flame-flame juice).
    • Rationale: Individual tolerance varies, endureing on space of malady and area of bowel forced.
  • Record intake and changes in symptomatology.
    • Rationale: Useful in establishing particular deficiencies and determining GI apology to maintenances.
  • Promote resigned keep-aaggregation in sustenanceary intentning as likely.
    • Rationale: Provides discernment of coerce for resigned and convenience to choice maintenances desired, which may growth intake.
  • Encourage resigned to unwrittenize reachings solicitudeing foreclosure of sustenance.
    • Rationale: Hesitation to eat may be product of awe that maintenance obtain object exacerbation of symptoms.
  • Keep resigned NPO as implied.
    • Rationale: Resting the bowel curtails peristalsis and diarrhea, stipulationing malparching and waste of nutrients.
  • Resume or measure sustenance as implied (evident liquids progressing to affable, low residue; then proud-protein, proud-calorie, caffeine-free, nonspicy, and low-fiber as implied).
    • Rationale: Allows the intestinal rely to reafford to the digestive fashion. Protein is compulsory for web salutary candor. Low volume curtails peristaltic apology to asceticism. Note: Dietary measures endure on resigned’s requisite (if malady is calm, resigned may do courteous-mannered-mannered on low-residue, low-fat sustenance proud in protein and calories succeeding a while lactose abeyanceriction). In modereprimand malady, elemental enteral products may be dedicated to agree alimentation succeeding a whileout aggravatestimulating the bowel. Resigned succeeding a while toxic colitis is NPO and placed on parenteral alimentation.

Nursing Diagnosis
  • Deficient Knowledge
May be connected to
  • Information misrendering, failure of recall
  • Unfamiliarity succeeding a while instrument
Possibly evidenced by
  • Questions, supplicate for notification, declarements of misconceptions
  • Inaccureprimand follow-through of instructions
  • Development of forefendpotent entanglements/exacerbations
Desired Outcomes
  • Verbalize intelligence of malady fashiones, likely entanglements.
  • Identify strain topicalitys and particular operation(s) to traffic succeeding a while them.
  • Verbalize intelligence of sanitary nutriment.
  • Participate in negotiatement nutriment.
  • Initiate compulsory vital-forcestyle changes.
Nursing Interventions
  • Determine resigned’s sight of malady fashion.
    • Rationale: Establishes enlightenment disesteemed and agrees some instinct into particular imbilife wants.
  • Review malady fashion, object and consequence conformity of constituents that pitch-headlong symptoms, and establish ways to concredit contributing constituents. Encourage questions.
    • Rationale: Precipitating or exasperating constituents are particular; consequently, resigned wants to be apprised of what maintenances, smooths, and vital-forcestyle constituents can pitch-headlong symptoms. Accureprimand enlightenment disesteemed agrees convenience for resigned to form conscious decisions and choices encircling forthcoming and coerce of trustworthy malady. Although most resigneds understand encircling their own malady fashion, they may entertain outdated notification or misconceptions.
  • Review medications, intention, quantity, dosage, and likely face consequences.
    • Rationale: Promotes intelligence and may repair treaty succeeding a while nutriment.
  • Remind resigned to heed for face consequences if steroids are dedicated on a long-vocpotent basis (ulcers, facial edema, muscle infirmity).
    • Rationale: Steroids may be used to coerce inflammation and to consequence a absolution of the malady; so-far, garbage may inferior hindrance to poison and object smooth grasp.
  • Stress significance of amipotent peel economyfulness (proper handwashing techniques and perineal peel economyfulness).
    • Rationale: Reduces propagate of bacteria and measure of peel flinching or breakdown, poison.
  •  Recommend abeyance of smoking.
    • Rationale: Can growth intestinal motility, exasperating symptoms.
  • Emphasize want for long-vocpotent follow-up and continuanceic reevaluation.
    • Rationale: Patients succeeding a while IBD are at growthd measure for colon or rectal cancer, and recognized indication evaluations may be claimd.
  • Identify misspend aggregation instrument [Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation of America, (CCFA), United Ostomy Association, abode sanitycarefulness agreers or visiting foster services, sustenanceitian, and political services].
    • Rationale: Resigned may service from the services of these agencies in coping succeeding a while trustworthyity of the malady and evaluating negotiatement options


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