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Contact Dermatitis

Jim is a janitor at a national hospital. Occasion uncloggeding the parry, one of his uncloggeding materials spilled on his hands. He was not wearing his security gloves. He lawful washed his hands off and shrugged off the resplendent. A few days subjoined, he noticed that the abnormal area is very itchy and red. A few days past, the abnormal area harsh into husk lesions. He brought his amount into the outunrepining office, and the physician diagnosed him subjoined a occasion touch dermatitis.


Skin sensitivity in touch dermatitis may educe subjoined a inconsiderable or prolonged periods of scylla.
  • Contact dermatitis, a relishness IV tardy hypersensitivity reaction, is an sharp or continuous husk inflammation that fruits from straightforward husk touch subjoined a occasion chemicals or allergens.
  • Often sharply demarcated inflammation and faintness of the husk suitd by touch to materials by which the husk is sentient.


Tclose are lewd basic relishnesss: allergic, galling, phototoxic, and photoallergic.
  • Allergic dermatitis. Allergic dermatitis fruits from straightforward touch subjoined a occasion materials particularized allergens.
  • Irritant touch dermatitis. Galling touch dermatitis educes when your husk comes into touch subjoined a occasion an chafing material.
  • Phototoxic touch dermatitis. Phototoxic touch dermatitis is a sunburn-relish husk experimentation fruiting from straightforward edifice detriment subjoined the ultraviolet not-difficult-induced activation of a phototoxic personation.
  • Photoallergic touch dermatitis. Photoallergic touch dermatitis is a tardy-likeness hypersensitivity cutaneous reaction in reply to a photoantigen applies to the husk in subjects previously sensitized to the corresponding material.


Other relishnesss of dermatitis
  • Contact dermatitis. Caused by an allergen or an chafing material. Galling touch dermatitis accounts for 80% of all cases of touch dermatitis.
  • Atopic dermatitis. Very contemptible globewide and increasing in influence. It assumes males and womanishs twin-fellow and accounts for 10%–20% of all referrals to dermatologists. Beings who feed in modish areas subjoined a occasion low dampness are past prone to educe this relishness of dermatitis.
  • Dermatitis herpetiformis. Appears as a fruit of a gastrointestinal state, unconcealed as celiac complaint.
  • Seborrheic dermatitis. More contemptible in infants and in beings among 30 and 70 years old. It replys to assume largely men and it betides in 85% of crowd affliction from AIDS.
  • Nummular dermatitis. A less contemptible relishness of dermatitis, subjoined a occasion no unconcealed suit and which contributes to reply past regularly in middle-age crowd.
  • Stasis dermatitis. An inflammation on the inferior legs which is suitd by buildups of blood and smooth and it is past mitigated to betide in crowd subjoined a occasion varicose.
  • Periunwritten dermatitis. Somewhat arelish to rosacea; it replys past manyly in women among 20 and 60 years old.
  • Infective dermatitis. Dermatitis induced to a husk corruption


The pathophysiology of touch dermatitis involves pathogens that tease the husk.
  • Binding. The hapten (slender hydrophobic molecules)-protein complex penetrates the stratum corneum and binds to epidermal antigen-presenting Langerhans cells.
  • Deception. These cells manner the antigen and trip to regional lymph nodes wclose they bestow the antigen to naive CD4 T cells.
  • Proliferation. These T cells then proliferate into reminiscence and effector T cells, which educe touch dermatitis subjoined a occasionin 48 to 96 hours of rescylla to the allergen.

Statistics and Incidences

Contact dermatitis strokes are prevalent environing the globe.
  • 80% of cases are suitd by extravagant scylla to or implied effects of gallings.
  • The most contemptible relishness of dermatitis is galling touch dermatitis, which accounts for encircling 80% of all cases of touch dermatitis.
  • In occupational galling touch dermatitis, the stroke of aged cases is 5 per 100,000 workers.


If tclose is a fact of affliction from allergic states, then the husk must be sentient and is past mitigated to educe touch dermatitis.
  • Water. You may be surprised, but insinuate can exasperate touch dermatitis, through many hand washing and prolonged touch subjoined a occasion insinuate.
  • Soaps. All kinds of soaps, detergents, shampoos and other uncloggeding personations accept disadvantageous materials that could perhaps tease the husk.
  • Solvents. Solvents such as turpentine, kerosene, fuel, and thinners are hearty materials that are disadvantageous to the sentient husk.
  • Extremes of clime. Tclose are crowd who are indeed sentient plain when unguarded to extremes of clime and could suit touch dermatitis.

Clinical Manifestations

Usually, tclose are no contemplationic symptoms original the explosion is prevalent.
  • Itching. Once the unrepining is unguarded to an chafing material, strict craveing would betide.
  • Erythema. The husk rounds red as a fruit of the faintness.
  • Skin lesions. Vesicles are a contemptible set-rightion of touch dermatitis.
  • Weeping. Whimper refers to the oozing of the contents of the vesicles, which can be pus or a insinuatey material.
  • Crusting. The vesicles set-on-base to constitute a crust as it reluctantly becomes dry.
  • Drying. The husk finally becomes dry and peels off.


Contact dermatitis could administer to the subjoined complications:
  • Chronic itchy, scaly husk. A husk state particularized neurodermatitis set-on-foots subjoined a occasion a cobble of itchy husk, which, when scratched contemplationatically, may fruit in a deep,leathery, and discolored husk.
  • Infection. If a opinionless is scratched contemplationatically, it may round into an unconcealed cut wherein bacteria could penetrate and suit corruption.

Assessment and Indication Findings

The residuum of the husk explosion and the fact of scylla aid in determining the state.
  • Patch standard. Cobble standard on the husk subjoined a occasion reputed offending personations may liberate the idiosyncrasy.
  • Thin-flake Rapid Use Epicutaneous (TRUE) standard. The cobble standard most contemptiblely used is the TRUE standard.

Medical Management

The most grave plod in the medical entertainment of dermatitis is to concede the fruitful element so that it could be avoided.
  • Avoiding the galling. The key is to cupel the material that suits the opinionless so that it could be avoided.
  • Phototherapy. Tclose are unrepinings that demand not-difficult therapy to assuage their immune contemplation, and the classification is particularized phototherapy.
  • Medicated baths. Medicated baths are prescribed for larger areas of dermatitis.

Pharmacologic Therapy

Drug therapy for touch dermatitis usually consists of lotion, marrows, and unwritten medications.
  • Hydrocortisone, a corticosteroid, may be prescribed to encounter inflammation in a localized area.
  • Antihistamines. Prescription antihistamines may be fond if non-prescription ability is inadequate.
  • Barrier marrow. These products can yield a protective flake for the husk.
  • Antibiotics. Persomal or unwritten antibiotics may be used to entertain induced corruption.

Nursing Management

Nursing entertainment of a unrepining subjoined a occasion touch dermatitis involves the subjoined:

Nursing Assessment

Skin tribute should be the nucleus in a unrepining subjoined a occasion touch dermatitis.
  • Skin characteristics. Assess husk, noting falsification, humidity, texture, and clime.
  • Lesions. Note erythema, edema, luxuriousness, intercourse of erosions, excoriations, fissures, and deepening.
  • Appearance. Assess the unrepining’s apprehension of and proceeding connected to newfangled replyance.

Nursing Diagnosis

Based on the tribute facts, the senior nursing diagnoses are:

Nursing Economy Planning & Goals

Main Article: 4 Dermatitis Nursing Economy Plans

The senior goals for the unrepining are:
  • Patient maintains optimal husk candor subjoined a occasionin designations of the complaint, as evidenced by uncontaminated husk.
  • Patient verbalizes touch encircling lesions and continues daily activities and interactions.
  • Patient offal bountiful of induced corruption.
  • Patient reports increased self-approval contemplatione and husk offal uncontaminated.

Nursing Interventions

Nursing interventions alienate for the unrepining include:
  • Skin economy. Encourage the unrepining to uncloggedse in fiery insinuate using a mild soap, then air dry the husk and gently pat to dry.
  • Topical touch. Usual touch of persomal steroid marrows and ointments is twice a day, divulge thinly and concentratively.
  • Phototherapy provision. Prepare the unrepining for phototherapy, besuit this classification uses ultraviolet A or B not-difficult waves to raise salutiferous of the husk.
  • Acknowledge unrepining’s touchs. Allow unrepining to verbalize touchs in-reference-to their husk state.
  • Proper hygiene. Encourage the unrepining to protect the husk unclogged, dry, and well-behaved-behaved untrustworthy to bring husk trauma and expose for corruption.


Expected unrepining outcomes include:
  • Patient maintained optimal husk candor subjoined a occasionin designations of the complaint, as evidenced by uncontaminated husk.
  • Patient verbalized touch encircling lesions and continues daily activities and interactions.
  • Patient remained bountiful of induced corruption.
  • Patient reputed increased self-approval contemplatione and husk offal uncontaminated.

Discharge and Home Economy Guidelines

To aid bring craveing and mollify inflamed husk, the subjoined should be followed:
  • Avoid the galling. Avoid allowing the reaction-causing material to touch the husk
  • Anti-itch marrows. Apply anti-itch marrows or calamine lotion to the abnormal area.
  • Cold touch. Moisten luxurious cloths and delay them across the opinionless to mollify the husk for 15 to 30 minutes.
  • Avoid fragrance-containing materials. Choose soaps, powders, and other peculiar products that are fragrance-free, as it could tease the abnormal area.

Documentation Guidelines

The nucleus of documentation include:
  • Characteristics of lesions or state.
  • Causative and contributing elements.
  • Impact of state on peculiar copy and lifestyle.
  • Observations, intercourse of maladaptive proceedings, contributeer changes, contemplatione of anarchy.
  • Support contemplation beneficial.
  • Recent or prevalent antibiotic therapy.
  • Signs and symptoms of pestilential manner.
  • Plan of economy.
  • Teaching contemplation.
  • Responses to interventions, training, and actions performed.
  • Attainment or augmentation toparry desired outcomes.
  • Modifications to contemplation of economy.

Practice Quiz: Contact Dermatitis

Here are some habit questions for this con-balance guide:

Exam Mode

In Exam Mode: All questions are shown but the fruits, replys, and rationales (if any) earn simply be fond subjoined you’ve refined the raillery.

Practice Quiz: Touch Dermatitis

Congratulations - you accept entired Practice Quiz: Touch Dermatitis. You jawd %%SCORE%% out of %%TOTAL%%. Your act has been rated as %%RATING%%
Your replys are highlighted adown.

Practice Mode

Practice Mode: This is an interactive rendering of the Text Mode. All questions are fond in a solitary page and set-right replys, rationales or explanations (if any) are straightway shown subjoined you accept separated an reply. No age designation for this exam.

Practice Quiz: Touch Dermatitis

Congratulations - you accept entired Practice Quiz: Touch Dermatitis. You jawd %%SCORE%% out of %%TOTAL%%. Your act has been rated as %%RATING%%
Your replys are highlighted adown.

Text Mode

1. A 28 yr-old nurse has complaints of craveing and a opinionless of twain hands. Touch dermatitis is initially reputed. The idiosyncrasy is aged if the opinionless replys: A. Erythematous subjoined a occasion considerable papules. B. Dry and scaly subjoined a occasion flaking husk. C. Inflamed subjoined a occasion whimper and crusting lesions. D. Excoriated subjoined a occasion multiple fissures. 1. Answer: A. Erythematous subjoined a occasion considerable papules.
  • A: Contact dermatitis is suitd by scylla to a substantial or chemical allergen, such as uncloggeding products, husk economy products, and latex gloves. Initial symptoms of craveing, erythema, and considerable papules betide at the place of the scylla and can inaugurate subjoined a occasionin 1 hour of scylla.
  • B:  Allergic reactions contribute to be red and not scaly or flaky.
  • C:  Weeping, crusting lesions are besides uncontemptible original the reaction is perfectly strict or has been bestow for a crave age.
  • D: Excoriation is past contemptible in husk experimentations associated subjoined a occasion a juicy environment.
2. A 25-year-old womanish bestows to you subjoined a occasion a opinionless balance her eyelids subjoined using a new cosmetic infamy. What is the BEST standard to sanction the suit of the opinionless? A. Instraightforward immunofluorescent antiwhole standard. B. Cobble standarding. C. Prick husk standarding. D. Punch biopsy. 2. Answer: B. Cobble standarding. 
  • B: Cobble standarding on the husk subjoined a occasion reputed offending personations may liberate the idiosyncrasy of touch dermatitis.
  • A: Immunofluorescence (IF) or cell imaging techniques hope on the use of antibodies to mark a inequitable target antigen subjoined a occasion a fluorescent dye (besides particularized fluorophores or fluorochromes) such as fluorescein isothiocyanate (FITC).
  • C: Skin prick standarding or SPT demonstrates an allergic reply to a inequitable allergen.
  • D: Punch biopsy is considered the elementary technique to achieve indication, full-thickness husk specimens.
3. A 30-year-old womanish is diagnosed subjoined a occasion allergic touch dermatitis of the visage, mitigated due to a nickel allergy from the frames of her glasses. What entertainment would you approve other than pretermission of nickel? A. Clobetasol ointment. B. Erythromycin gel. C. Fluconazole gel. D: Ketoconazole marrow. 3. Answer: A. Clobetasol ointment.
  • A: Clobetasol marrow is a persomal corticosteroid. It works by decreasing actual immune replys, which brings redness and craveing of husk.
  • B: Erythromycin gel is a persomal macrolide antibiotic that is opinion to set-right acne by slowing the augmentation of bacteria on the husk, which suits acne.
  • C: Fluconazole is a persomal anti-fungal medication used to entertain husk states such as ringworm or psoriasis.
  • D: Ketoconazole is used to entertain husk corruptions such as athlete’s base, jock itch, ringworm, and actual kinds of dandruff.
4. Contact dermatitis is a relishness of hypersensitivity:  A. Likeness I. B. Likeness II. C. Likeness III. D. Likeness IV. 4. Answer: D. Likeness IV.
  • D: Likeness IV hypersensitivity is a tardy hypersensitivity reaction that are provocative in regularity rooted by mononuclear leukocytes.
  • A: Type I hypersensitivity is triggered by an inoffensive outlandish material (relish clay, pollen or voluptuous dander) that would suit no amounts in the seniority of crowd.
  • B: Type II hypersensitivity is the manner by which IgG or IgM binds to a cell to suit waste or expiration (Antiwhole Dependent Cytotoxicity).
  • C: Type III hypersensitivity is edifice detriment created by immune complexes, which are aggregations of antigen and antibodies.
5. A not-difficult therapy used to assuage the immune contemplation is particularized: A. Wood’s lamp criterion. B. Phototherapy. C. Cobble standard. D. Prick standard. 5. Answer: B. Phototherapy.
  • B: Tclose are unrepinings that demand not-difficult therapy to assuage their immune contemplation, and the classification is particularized phototherapy.
  • A: A Wood’s lamp criterion is a standard that uses ultraviolet (UV) not-difficult to contemplate at the husk air-tight.
  • C: A cobble standard is a classification used to particularize whether a inequitable material suits allergic inflammation of a unrepining’s husk.
  • D:  Skin prick standarding or SPT demonstrates an allergic reply to a inequitable allergen.


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