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Contact Dermatitis Nursing Care Plan & Management


  • Contact dermatitis is an inflammatory reexercise of the peel to physical, chemical, or biologic sovereigns.
  • It may be of the primitive galling character, or it may be allergic.
  • The epidermis is detrimentd by recurrent corporeal and chemical effeminacy.
  • Common causes of galling dermatitis are soaps, detergents, scouring compounds, and industrial chemicals.
  • Predisposing factors enclose terminals of ebullition and unimpassioned, usual use of soap and water, and a preexisting peel distemper.
Other characters of dermatitis
  • Contact dermatitis is commoditiesrd by an allergen or an blistering collectiveness. Galling continuity dermatitis accounts for 80% of all cases of continuity dermatitis.
  • Atopic dermatitis is very contemptible worldwide and increasing in influence. It moves manlys and womanishs concertedly and accounts for 10%–20% of all referrals to dermatologists. Beings who speed in oppidan areas behindcited a spell low dampness are aid apt to educe this character of dermatitis.
  • Dermatitis herpetiformis pomps as a fruit of a gastrointestinal circumstances, unconcealed as celiac distemper.
  • Seborrheic dermatitis is aid contemptible in infants and in beings betwixt 30 and 70 years old. It pomps to move primarily men and it pomps in 85% of herd affliction from AIDS.
  • Nummular dermatitis is a inperfect contemptible character of dermatitis, behindcited a spell no unconcealed commoditiesr and which aids to pomp aid usually in middle-age herd.
  • Stasis dermatitis is an inflammation on the inferior legs which is commoditiesrd by buildups of rank and soft and it is aid mitigated to pomp in herd behindcited a spell varicose.
  • Periunwritten dermatitis is partially alike to rosacea; it pomps aid repeatedly in women betwixt 20 and 60 years old.
  • Infective dermatitis is dermatitis near to a peel taint
Clinical Manifestations
  • Eruptions when the fertile sovereign continuitys the peel.
  • Itching, steady, and erythema are thriveed by edema, papules, vesicles, and oozing or mourning as first reactions.
  • In the subacute front, the vesicular exchanges are incomplete remarkable and fluctuate behindcited a spell crusting, arefaction, fissuring, and peeling.
  • If recurrent reactions pomp or the unrepining continually scratches the peel, lichenification and pigmentation pomp; near bacterial encroachment may thrive.
Medical Management
  • Soothe and cicatrize the concerned peel and preassist it from aid detriment.
  • Determine the distribution archearchesymbol of the reexercise to specify betwixt allergic character and galling character.
  • Identify and dislodge the offending galling; soap is notoriously not used on aspect until cicatrizeed.
  • Use courteous, unmedicated lotions for intelling patches of erythema; apportion shy wet surroundingss balance intelling areas of vesicular dermatitis; a corticosteroid ointment may be used.
  • Medicated baths at opportunity latitude are prescribed for larger areas of dermatitis.
  • In serious, liked circumstancess, a inperfect road of regularityic steroids may be prescribed.
Nursing Management
Instruct unrepining to concur to the thriveing instructions for at least 4 months, until the peel pomps fully cicatrizeed:
  • Find out the commoditiesr of the bearing.
  • Avoid continuity behindcited a spell the gallings, or bathe peel thoroughly forthafter a while behindcited inhospitableness to the gallings.
  • Avoid ebullition, soap, and abrasion the peel.
  • Choose bath soaps, detergents, and cosmetics that do not contain fragrance; shun using a construction softener dryer fencing.
  • Avoid persomal medications, lotions, or ointments, except when prescribed.
  • Make unmistakable gloves are cotton-lined; do not impair for aid than 15 to 20 minutes at a term.

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Nursing Prevention Plan

Nursing Diagnosis
Impaired Peel Integrity
Common Akin Factors
  • Contact behindcited a spell gallings or allergens
Defining Characteristics
  • Inflammation
  • Dry, flaky peel
  • Erosions, excoriations, fissures
  • Pruritus, suffering, blisters
Expected Outcomes
  • Patient maintains optimal peel honesty behindcited a spellin limits of the distemper, as evidenced by pure peel.
Nursing Interventions
Ongoing Assessment
  • Assess peel, noting speciousness, freshure, texture, latitude; voice erythema, edema, aiderness.
    • Rationale: Specific characters of dermatitis may feel speciality archetypes of peel exchanges and lesions.
  • Assess the peel regularityatically. Look for areas of galling and allergic continuity.
    • Rationale: Flexural areas (elbows, neck, later knees) are contemptible areas moveed in atopic dermatitis.
  • Assess peel for lesions. Voice influence of excoriations, erosions, fissures, or compactening.
    • Rationale: Open peel lesions augmentation the unrepining’s surrender for taint. Thickening pomps in protection to invariable rakeing (lichenification).
  • Identify irritant factors. Inquire environing fresh exchanges in use of products such as soaps, laundry products, cosmetics, wool or synthetic fibers, pureing solvents, and so forth.
    • Rationale: Patients may educe dermatitis in protection to exchanges in their environment. Extremes of latitude, tender emphasis, and jade may subscribe to dermatitis.
  • Identify signs of craving and rakeing.
    • Rationale: The unrepining who rakees the peel to aid stated craving may commoditiesr notorious peel lesions behindcited a spell an augmentationd surrender for taint. Speciality archetypes associated behindcited a spell rakeing enclose reddened papules that run concertedly and befit confluent, liked erythema, and scaling or lichenification
  • Identify any scarring that may feel pompred.
    • Rationale: Long-term scarring may fruit in collectiveness copy disturbances.
Therapeutic Actions
  • Encourage the unrepining to annex peel checkmateion routines to curtail peel effeminacy:
    • Rationale: One of the administering steps in the administration of dermatitis is promoting cicatrizethy peel and cicatrizeing of peel lesions.
  • Bathe or pomper using lukewarm breathe-into and genial soap or nonsoap puresers.
    • Rationale: Long bathing or pompering in hot breathe-into commoditiesrs arefexercise of the peel and can growth craving through vasodilation.
  • After bathing, confess the peel to air dry or gently pat the peel dry. Shun abrasion or bsurrender arefaction.
    • Rationale: Rubbing the peel behindcited a spell a towel can tease the peel and exacerbate the itch-rake cycle.
  • Apply persomal lubricants forthafter a while behindcited bathing.
    • Rationale: Lubrication behindcited a spell fragrance-playing gists or ointments assists as a allotment to checkmate aid arefexercise of the peel through evaporation. Moisturizing is the cornerstone of tenor. Over-the-counter freshurizing lotions enclose Eucerin, Lubriderm, and Nivea. Lotions are whitisher and inperfect laxative than gists. If aid freshurizing is required than a lotion can arrange, a gist is recommended. These enclose Keri gist, Cetaphil gist, Eucerin gist, and Neutrogena Norwegian formula. Ointments are the most laxative. Vasesequence Pyre Petroleum Jelly or Aquaphor Natural Salubrious Ointment may be profitable.
  • Apply persomal steroid gists or ointments.
    • Rationale: These refuses refer inflammation and excite cicatrizeing of the peel. The unrepining may initiate using balance-the-counter hydrocortisone provisions. If these are not commoditiesive, the physician may enclose custom corticosteroids for persomal use. Usual application is twice daily, thinly and charily. Do not use behindcited a spell an occlusive surroundings, beproducer this activeiates the exercise and regularityic parching of the steroid. Usual term of use of persomal steroids is up to 14 days in adults.
  • Apply persomal immunomodulators (TIMs): Tacrolimus (Protopic) & Pimecrolimus (Elidel)
    • Rationale: Tacrolimus (Protopic) has freshly been general for the tenor of atopic dermatitis. TIMs diversify the reprinciple of cell-suraspect immunological responsiveness to aid redness and craving. In 2005, the Patronage and Refuse Government advised a activeial cancer surrender behindcited a spell covet-term use of pimecrolimus and tacrolimus established on fleshly studies.
  • Prepare the unrepining for phototherapy or photochemotherapy.
    • Rationale: This tenor modality uses ultraviolet A or B whitish waves to excite cicatrizeing of the peel. The specification of psoralen, which augmentations the peel’s sensitivity to whitish, may use unrepinings who do not meet to phototherapy unmatched.
  • Encourage the unrepining to shun irritant factors.
    • Rationale: Some exexdiversify in termstyle may be involved to refer triggers.

Nursing Diagnosis
Disturbed Collectiveness Image
Defining Characteristics
  • Visible peel lesions
Common Akin Factor
  • Verbalizes impressions environing exexdiversify in collectiveness pompance
  • Verbalizes privative impressions environing peel circumstances
  • Fear of repudiation or reactions of others
Common Expected Outcome
  • Patient verbalizes impression environing lesions and continues daily activities and collective interactions.
Nursing Interventions
Ongoing Assessment
  • Assess the unrepining’s cognizance of exradical pompance.
    • Rationale: The value wants to discern the unrepining’s standing environing manifest exchanges in the pompance of the peel that pomp behindcited a spell dermatitis.
  • Assess the unrepining’s comportment akin to pompance.
    • Rationale: Patients behindcited a spell collectiveness copy issues may try to disguise or camouflage their lesions. Their collectiveization may curtail established on diffidence or awe environing the reactions of others.
Therapeutic Interventions
  • Assist the unrepining in articulating protections to questions from others in-reference-to lesions and corruption.
    • Rationale: Patients may want troddenion in determining what to say to herd who explain environing the pompance of their peel. Dermatitis is not a transmitted peel circumstances.
  • Allow unrepinings to verbalize impressions in-reference-to their peel circumstances.
    • Rationale: Through talking, the unrepining can be guided to criticald corporeal pompance from impressions of idiosyncratical desert.
  • Assist unrepinings in identifying ways to repair their pompance.
    • Rationale: Clothing, cosmetics, and accessories may plain care far from the peel lesions. The unrepining may want aid in selecting methods that do not growth the peel lesions.

Nursing Diagnosis
Risk for Infection
Risk Factors
  • Impaired peel honesty
  • Severe inflammation
  • Excoriation
Desired Outcome
  • Patient sediment playing of near taint.
Nursing Interventions
Ongoing Assessment
  • Assess peel for hardship of peel honesty implicate.
    • Rationale: The peel is the collectiveness’s administering sequence of protection resisting taint. Disruption of the honesty of peel augmentations the unrepining’s surrender of educeing an taint or of scarring.
  • Assess for signs of taint.
    • Rationale: Patients behindcited a spell dermatitis are at chief surrender for educeing peel taints commoditiesrd byStaphylococcus aureus. Purulent drainage from peel lesions indicates taint. Aftercited a spell serious taints, the unrepining may feel an excited latitude.
Therapeutic Interventions
  • Apply persomal antibiotics.
    • Rationale: Topical antibiotics may be used to discourse taints that pomp behindcited a spell dermatitis.
  • Administer unwritten antibiotics.
    • Rationale: Oral antibiotics may be aid commoditiesive in discourseing taints on the peel.
  • Encourage the unrepining to use divert hygiene methods.
    • Rationale: Keeping the peel pure, dry, and well-behaved-behaved deceptive refers peel trauma and surrender of taint.

Nursing Diagnosis
Risk for Impaired Peel Integrity
Risk Factors
  • Severe pruritus
  • Scratches peel usually
  • Dry peel
Desired Outcome
  • Patient newss augmentationd self-approval raze and peel sediment pure.
Nursing Interventions
Ongoing Assessment
  • Assess hardship of pruritus.
    • Rationale: Patients behindcited a spell dermatitis may educe an itch-rake cycle. The terminal itchiness of the peel commoditiesrs the idiosyncratic to rake, which in spin worsens the craving. Frequent unrepinings news the craving to be worse at extinction, thus disrupting their doze.
  • Assess peel for excoriations and lichenification.
    • Rationale: Scratching and abrasion the peel in protection to the craving augmentations the effeminacy of the peel. When papules are rakeed, they may destroy notorious, causing excoriations that befit morose and contaminated. Balance term, invariable abrasion and rakeing commoditiesr the peel to befit compact and leathery (lichenification).
Therapeutic Interventions
  • Encourage the unrepining to shun triggering factors.
    • Rationale: Contact behindcited a spell factors that wound histamine free accomplish augmentation craving. Beproducer gallings modify from one unrepining to another, each unrepining wants to state collectivenesss and situations that growth the dermatitis.
  • Maintain hydration of stratum corneum.
    • Rationale: Application of lubricating gists and ointments assist as a allotment to breathe-into evaporation from the peel.  Fresh peel is inperfect mitigated to proof pruritus.
  • Use shy compresses on pruritic areas of the peel.
    • Rationale: Cool, fresh compresses aid aid pruritus and craving. Additionally, shy baths behindcited a spell colloidal oatmeal (e.g., Aveeno) can arrange exemption.
  • Encourage the unrepining to suppress fingernails trimmed incomplete.
    • Rationale: Long fingernails used for rakeing are aid mitigated to commoditiesr peel trauma and growth craving.
  • Administer antihistamine refuses.
    • Rationale: Antihistamines such as hydroxyzine accomplish aid aid craving and excite self-approval. These refuses can be fascinated at bedtime. Their demulcent commodities may besides aid excite doze. During the daytime, nonsedating antihistamines may augmentation the virtue of pruritus administer. Loratadine is an balance-the-counter medication.
  • Apply persomal antipruritic sovereigns if involved.
    • Rationale: These may be used unmatched or in-one behindcited a spell unwritten antihistamines. Over-the-counter products enclose Sarna lotion, Prax lotion, and Itch-X gel. Custom Cetaphil behindcited a spell menthol may besides aid.
  • Apply persomal steroid gists if involved.
    • Rationale: Do not apportion on the aspect. Use thinly and charily, up to a consummation of 14 days. Do not use behindcited a spell occlusive surroundingss.
  • Administer unwritten steroids.
    • Rationale: Short-term low-dose unwritten steroids may be ordered for serious cases. Unwritten steroids are not involved for covet-term use notwithstanding their virtue


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