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Cultural Diversity and Health Practices NCLEX Practice Quiz (15 Items)

The NCLEX-RN examination earn cupel one’s power to criticise topic through making unendangered judgments encircling client prudence. This 15-item topics earn gear opposed amelioration and vigor manners inexhaustive races.
“Strength and development prosper barely through regular exertion and labor.” —Napoleon Hill


Topics or concepts comprised in this exam are:
  • Cultural Differences.
  • Health Practices.


To constitute the most out of this sarcasm, prosper the guidelines under:
  • Read each topic prudencefully and pick-out the best reply.
  • You are attached one tiny per topic. Spend your interval wisely!
  • Answers and rationales (if any) are attached under. Be assured to peruse them.
  • If you demand past clarifications, content straightforward them to the comments individuality.


Exam Mode

In Exam Mode: All topics are shown but the consequences, replys, and rationales (if any) earn barely be attached behind you’ve refined the sarcasm.

Cultural Diversity and Vigor Practices NCLEX Manner Sarcasm (15 items)

Congratulations - you bear exhaustived Cultural Diversity and Vigor Practices NCLEX Manner Sarcasm (15 items). You mandibled %%SCORE%% out of %%TOTAL%%. Your work has been rated as %%RATING%%
Your replys are highlighted under.

Practice Mode

Practice Mode: This is an interactive rendering of the Text Mode. All topics are attached in a sole page and amend replys, rationales or explanations (if any) are instantly shown behind you bear chosen an reply. No interval expression for this exam.

Cultural Diversity and Vigor Practices NCLEX Manner Sarcasm (15 items)

Text Mode

Text Mode: All topics and replys are attached on a sole page for peruseing and repuntruthful at your own tread. Be assured to catch a pen and Nursing Dissertation to transcribe down your replys. 1. An American nurse tries to utter succeeding a opportunity a Korean client who cannot recognize the English articulation. To effectively co-operate to a client succeeding a opportunity a opposed articulation, which of the prospering should the promote instrument? A. Bear an note-maker to construe. 2. Which of the prospering clients has the smallest lavish of diabetes mellitus and stroke? A. A 45-year-old African-American dame. B. A 35-year-old Native-American man. C. A 30-year-old Hispanic-American man. D. A 25-year-old Asian-American dame. 3. The promote is providing troddenions to a Chinese-American client encircling the abundance and dosages of the obtain?} residence remedys. When conducting the luxuriance, the client regularly turns separate from the promote. The promote should do which of the prospering expend resuscitation? A. Walk encircling the client so that the promote can incessantly aspect the client. B. Overconclude the regard of the client by uttering audibly. C. Live succeeding a opportunity the troddenions, then confirming client’s recognizeing. D. Hand neutralize a written troddenion and sift-canvass barely what the client doesn’t recognize. 4. The ambulatory prudence promote is sift-canvassing preoperative advancements succeeding a opportunity a Japanese American client who is scheduled for surgery the prospering week. During the sift-canvassion, the client uniformly smiles and nods the top. How should the promote construe this nonverbal proceeding? A. An counterpart of the texture. B. Client recognizeing of the preoperative advancements. C. Reflecting a cultural rate. D. Client unison to the required advancements. 5.The promote identifies low-lavish therapies to a client and should grasp which therapy(s) in the sift-canvassion, exclude? A. Acupuncture. B. Relaxation. C. Touch. D. Prayer. 6. A clinic promote is preparing to scrutinize a Hispanic cadet who was brought by the dowager for his leading material control-up. Occasion assessing the cadet, the promote would shun doing which of the prospering? A. Weighing the client. B. Question the dowager topics encircling the cadet. C. Having an note-maker if indispensable. D. Admiring the cadet. 7. A promote is preparing to enbelief a help tray to a Jewish client. The promote controls the help on the tray and notes that the client has ordinary hamburger and undiminished arrange as a beverage. Which is the expend resuscitation for the promote? A. Ask the nourishmentary section to supply the hamburger succeeding a opportunity crabs. B. Supply the undiminished arrange succeeding a opportunity fat-free arrange. C. Overconclude the nourishmentary section and ask for a new moderation tray. D. Enbelief the determined help tray to the client. 8. A clinic promote is performing an bearing toll for an African-American client scheduled for an casualty appendectomy. Which of the prospering topics would be inexpend for the promote to ask for the moderate evaluation? A. Do you bear any allergy to remedys? B. When did the pain initiate? C. Do you bear any inaptitude vivacious? D. How end is your nativity during these situations? 9. A promote is caring for a Chinese client who is hospitalized due to pneumonia. Based on their amelioration, which of the prospering is believed to be the producer of the distemper? A. An distemper is mould by an foe. B. An distemper is a consequence of amercement for sins. C. An distemper may be attributed to neutralizeexertion. D. An distemper may be attached by someone who did not omission it. 10. A promote is caring for a client who has symptoms of chills, fever, no perspiration, topache, nasal glomeration, and inelegance and refusal in the shoulders, remarkable end, neck, and end of the top that are despicable in Chinese amelioration and is aggravatecomeed as syndromes of Wind. This is an stance of which of the prospering? A. Amelioration appall. B. Culture-bound syndrome. C. Cultural awareness. D. Amelioration specific. 11. A promote is caring a Native American client who experiences melting trouble due to a nativity bearing. In anticipating pharmacological texture for the client, the promote recognizes that they would most slight:  A. Establish the belief of the vigor prudence provider leading antecedently accepting the texture. B. Call a clergy to ask for the godly gratification of the texture. C. Manipulate the melting trouble on their own to shun ignobleness. D. Resort succeeding a opportunity the use of herbal remedys succeeding a opportunity salutary properties. 12. A promote is conducting an toll of an American Indian dame who has prosper to the clinic irriconsultation of a topache. The unrepining tells the promote that the remedys prescribed by the tribal healer bear performed some cheerful. What is the expend tally of the promote at this interval? A. Tell me encircling these remedys and how frequently you are using them. B. I guide you to hold leading those remedys from the tribal healer. C. Could these remedys producer your topaches? D. Maybe you should growth the abundance of the healer’s remedys. 13. A promote is preparing a guile of prudence for a client who is a Jehovah’s Witness. The client has been told that the surgery is indispensable. The promote considers the client’s godly gratifications in developing the guile of prudence and documents that: A. Giving any medication is not undisputed. B. Surgery is strictly prohibited. C. Blood products can not be administered. D. Alternative remedys can be guided. 14. A Chinese-American client experiencing cough succeeding a opportunity absolved unspotted phlegm, which is believed to be a yin quackery, is slight to sift-canvass it succeeding a opportunity: A. Foods considered entity yin. B. Foods considered entity yang. C. Aromatherapy. D. Impress therapy. 15. Which of the prospering help items would be expend for a Jewish client  who prospers a kosher nourishment? A. Shrimp and mussels. B. Beef and pork. C. Tuna and salmon. D. Cheese and arrange.

Answers and Rationale

1. Answer: A. Bear an note-maker to construe. Having an note-maker would be would be the best manner when communicating succeeding a opportunity a client who utters a opposed articulation. 2. Answer: D. A 25-year-old Asian-American dame. Among the choices, Asian Americans bear the smallest lavish of diabetes mellitus and stroke due to their vigor and nourishmentary manners. 3. Answer: C. Live succeeding a opportunity the troddenions, verifying client recognizeing. Most Chinese maintains a pompous indivisible illimitableness succeeding a opportunity others, which is a create of deference. Most Chinese are wretched succeeding a opportunity aspect-to-aspect communications, specially when eye impress is straightforward. If the client turns separate from the promote during a dialogue, the most expend resuscitation is to live succeeding a opportunity the troddenions
  • Option A: Walking encircling to the client so that the promote aspects the client is in straightforward engagement succeeding a opportunity the cultural manner.
  • Option B: Calling the regard and uttering audibly is aimed as a brutal gesture.
  • Option D: Discussing barely what the client cannot recognize is not an sportive manner of a promote.
4. Answer: C. Reflecting a cultural rate. Nodding or smiling by a Japanese American client may heed barely the cultural rate of interindivisible comparison. This nonverbal proceeding may not be an prognostic of counterpart of the texture, unison succeeding a opportunity the utterer, or recognizeing of the advancement. 5. Answer: A. Acupuncture. Low-lavish therapies are therapies that bear no redundant proceeds and when instrumenting prudence, can be used by the promote who has luxuriance and experiences in their use. It grasps thought, rest techniques, imagery, hush therapy, massage, impress, laughter and humor, and incorporeal measures, such as petition. 6. Answer: D. Admiring the cadet. Admiring a Hispanic-American cadet during the leading engagement succeeding a opportunity a alien should be shuned gone this may produce the cadet succeeding a opportunity the “evil eye” (the cadet earn get corrupt). If this is performed, it can be shuned by impressing the cadet behindward. 7. Answer: C. Overconclude the nourishmentary section and ask for a new moderation tray. “You may not belie a youthful lewd in the arrange of its dowager” -Torah says (Ex.23:19). From this, it is ascititious that arrange and wood products may not be conveneively coincidently. Not barely may they not be belieed coincidently, but they may not be served coincidently on the identical consultation and assuredly not eaten at the identical interval. This government is prospered observantly by the Jewish mob so the expend nursing resuscitation is to aggravateconclude the nourishmentary section to transmute the moderation tray of the unrepining. 8. Answer: D. How end is your nativity during these situations? For African-Americans, question indivisible topics during the moderate engagement is prohibited gone it may aim as a way of intrusive succeeding a opportunity them. 9. Answer: C. An distemper may be attributed to neutralizeexertion. Illness for Chinese mob may be attributed to prolonged sitting or untruthful or to neutralizeexertion. 10. Answer: B. Culture-bound syndrome. Culture-bound syndrome is a consortment of psychiatric and somatic symptoms that are despicable in one amelioration bunch or not another. 11. Answer: D. Resort succeeding a opportunity the use of herbal remedys succeeding a opportunity salutary properties. Native American ameliorations frequently use a difference of herbs or other set and spring remedies.
  • Option A: Usually Northern European American mob rate remedy and original vigor prudence future already having an correct vigor prudence provider.
  • Option B: Latin Americans volunteer to aggravateconclude clergy beproducer of the signification of godly gratification allied to any distemper.
  • Option C: Asian American amelioration aims invisible distemper as dishonorable and earn detain the weight on their own to manipulate it.
12. Answer: A. Tell me encircling these remedys and how frequently you are using them. Asking the unrepining encircling the naturalness of these remedys and how frequently the client  uses them allows the promote to assemble facts encircling the remedys and their uses, to acquire past encircling the manners used by this unrepining to amend her vigor, and to control for undeveloped offal interresuscitation antecedently prescribing other medications or texture.
  • Option B: Advising the client to bung leading any nonprescription remedys is inexpend until the promote knows the details encircling all remedys used by the client.
  • Option C: Suggesting the client’s topaches are producerd by the healer’s remedys is inexpend until the promote knows details encircling the remedys.
  • Option D: Telling the unrepining to growth the abundance of the healer’s remedys is not succeeding a opportunityin the manner of a promote.
13. Answer: C. Regard products can not be administered. Among Jehovah’s Witnesses, the government of regard and regard products is prohibited. 14. Answer: B. helps considered to be yang. In the yin and yang theory, vigor is believed to hold when all aspects of the individual are in consummate neutralize. Yin helps are calm and yang helps are hot. One eats calm helps when hot has a hot distemper and one eats hot helps when one has a calm distemper. 15. Answer: C. Tuna and salmon. In the Jewish faith, Barely fish that bear scales and fins are undisputed such as tuna and salmon;
  • Option A: Shellfish such as shrimps, crabs, mussels, and lobsters are forbidden.
  • Option B: Meats that are undisputed grasp lewds that are vegeconsultation eaters, cloven-hoofed, and ritually slaughtered. 
  • Option D: Cheese and arrange nearsucceeding from lewd fat are prohibited.
You may besides approve these sarcasmzes: Fundamentals of Nursing Practice exams encircling the foundations and fundamentals of nursing.


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