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11 Exclusive realities of drug use and its outcome for a nursing essay

drug use and its outcome for a nursing essay
drug use and its outcome for a nursing essay

drug use and its outcome.drug use and its outcome for a nursing essay:In case you are composing an essay regarding drug use and its outcomes, you may need some facts. Below is list of facts that can assist you support your assertions:

  1. Both psychology and sociology look to elaborate drug abuse, and every one of them has different viewpoint on the topic. The phrase “drug abuse” explains the uncontrolled use of regulated substance, ending up in negative results.
  2. While sociology intensifies the likely influence of surroundings, custom and social angle on drug abuse, psychology looks to find factors that is there in a human sub-conscious and mind as affecting drug abuse. Actually, psychological and sociological elements might account for the commonness of drug abuse.drug use and its outcome for a nursing essay
  3. Definition of drug abuse is supposed to accept social context. Bad behaviors are associated with drug abuse, according to the society. However, sociology sees behaviors as being good or bad in line with the social context like behavior. That very behavior could take on bad or good shade, based on the social conditions.drug use and its outcome for a nursing essay
  4. There are different sociology elements, like the socio-economic position of person, that could impact drug abuse. For example, having to endure with difficult environmental or social challenges could make a person to abuse drugs.  drug use and its outcome for a nursing essay:A drug abuser could be influenced by mass media, or their peers, any of this may in some way certify his behavior.
  5. According to psychological angle explaining what can make a person end up in drug abuse emphasizes on personal or inner motivations rather than his/her social conditions. In psychological view they do not agree that a drug abuser can willingly decide to abuse drugs, to an extent of that their conduct end up in destroying their individual relationships or financial safety.
  6. Their conduct can also result to imprisonment, barely a preferable option. drug use and its outcome for a nursing essay:Instead according to psychology, the drug abuser acts like they do because of a biological proneness to an addiction that is above their control.
  7. As per the website of the California State University at Northridge, drug abuse is referable to various surroundings and custom factors, that, however, they are not responsible for all the occasions of drug abuse. Psychology expects sociology capability to provide enough reasons as to why even under same environmental, social, and cultural instances, various people abuse drugs while some don’t.drug use and its outcome for a nursing essay
  8. Social relations between humans is also influenced by drug abuse can have extreme effects on your friend’s interactions with other people, family members and the rest. The whole family of a drug abuser teenager is negatively influenced psychologically commercially and sentimentally.
  9. Youth drug abusers always isolate themselves from the rest of the family members and also the activities they are undertaking. They also paint a bad image to their younger siblings. Use of drugs compromises their ability to make decision and good judgment, therefore using hostility towards their relatives and making them to steal cash from their family members to purchase drugs.
  10. drug use and its outcome for a nursing essay:There is a notable decrease in the school performance of youth drug abusers, who also shows a big tendency to miss school and other school related activities, according to research a big number of students who drop out of school are drug abusers. Intellectual and behavioral challenges might also interfere with the school performance of teens who use drugs and alcohol.
  11. Youth drug abusers have a habit of isolating themselves from peers, and the same stigma is transferred by the teen’s separation from society events and school. drug use and its outcome for a nursing essay:Teens who abstain use of drugs are always advised to stay away from those who are engaging themselves in the drug use activities. According to experts, such people are more likely to be absorbed back to drug use if they associate themselves with other drug abusers.
  12. There is a notable connection between drug abuse and crime. Mostly, drug abusing teens face repercussions like arrest and judgement, in which occasion the juvenile justice system steps in. Where there is no clear association between drug abuse and crime cannot be established, or for that case, even the reason association between crime and alcohol and use of drugs, we cannot deny that the that the two actions are related. drug use and its outcome for a nursing essay:That association between drug abuse and crime always lead the teens to relating with the bad per groups, and also challenges in the teens domestic and academic environments.drug use and its outcome for a nursing essay.
  13. Drugs can contain a bad and harmful consequence on a person’s approach, focus and motor functions, resulting to driving while drugged a main reason for concern. Driving while under influence of drugs can result to possible harming of other road users, and increases the probability of accidents. For example, if a driver smokes bhang they can remain impaired for as long as 3 hours after smoking the drug, and it can remain in the driver’s system for as long as 24 hours. Approximately 15% of teens have admitted to driving while under the influence.
  14. drug use and its outcome for a nursing essay:Conduct pattern of youth affected by drug abuse also can make them prone to sexually transmitted diseases like HIV/AIDS. This might be because of injecting drugs and using the same needles. On the other hand, this could be because of lack of judgement or restrained impulse while under the effect of drugs with mood-altering properties. This in return, would escalate the likelihood of engaging in sexual behavior including greater exposure to risk.

It is a really serious issue write about. That is why it is important to use factual information. Apply these facts together with the proposed subjects on drug use and its outcome to state a high-quality text. Although to finish the writing you are supposed to make use of our guide nursing essay.

Impact of drug use and its outcome for a nursing essay on Health of Teenagers Aged 13-19

Literature Review

This chapter provides a comprehensive critical literature review of a small number of sources.The sources are considered to be particularly useful in exploring the two key themes of this dissertation.

drug use

outcome for a nursing essay.

The first of these themes is the impact of drug abuse on the health of the teenagers aged 13-19 in London

second is the impact of governmental strategies in tackling drug abuse among teenagers aged 13-19 in London

drug use and its outcome for a nursing essay.

These themes are discussed using the resources selected:

the quality

methodological approach

relevance ethical and anti-oppressive practices

The chapter finishes with a short summary bringing these key ideas together.

1.1 The Impact of Drug Abuse on the Health of Teenagers Aged 13 – 19 in London

The first theme investigates the impact of drug abuse on specific aspects of health on teenagers in London.

drug use and its outcome for a nursing essay:

There are two key sources that form the core of this critical review for this theme. Even so, neither of these relate solely to the target population, and in each case some extrapolation of findings is made in order to describe the likely characteristics of 13 – 19 years’ olds in London.

The first is source is the case-controlled study carried out by Di Forti et al (2015:1), and briefly discussed in Chapter Two above

drug use and its outcome for a nursing essay:

Looking more closely at this study

reviewing it critically

it still remains a useful article, as it focuses on the mental health impacts of cannabis .It shows a clear association between use of the drug in its high potency form (skunk) and psychosis.

It might not at first appear that the study is relevant given that it started in 2005. However, it continued recruiting for over 6 years, and amassed a wealth of data on those individuals abusing drugs – specifically high potency and easily available cannabis.drug use and its outcome for a nursing essay.

The research study used a primary research methodology. For the recruitment of cases, the authors approached all patients (18 – 65 years) with first episode psychosis presenting at the inpatient units of the South London and Maudsley Hospital. drug use and its outcome for a nursing essay.

They invited people to participate in the study only if they met the International Classification of Diseases 10 criteria for a diagnosis of non-affective (F20–F29) or affective (F30–F33) psychosis, which they validated by administering the Schedules for Clinical Assessment in Neuropsychiatry (SCAN) (Di Forti et al, 2015:2). drug use and its outcome for a nursing essay:For the controls, the authors used internet and newspaper adverts and also distributed leaflets on public transport and in shops and job centres.

The controls were given the Psychosis Screening Questionnaire and were excluded if they met the criteria for a psychotic disorder. While the two groups only included the last two years of the target population group for this study i.e. 18 and 19 year olds, it was a study located in London, and on analysis appeared to indicate a number of characteristics that were felt to be useful for providing information that would also be useful for younger teenagers.drug use and its outcome for a nursing essay

All participants (cases and controls) included in the study gave written informed consent under the ethical approval obtained from the Institute of Psychiatry Local Research Ethics Committee.

There did not appear to be any unethical practices, but the study had the potential to be oppressive as by the nature of the patients presenting at the clinics, and by the nature of their access to skunk, being more likely to be of certain ethnic groups – especially of black West Indian origin – it could be argued that the study to some extent misrepresented the populations of south west London, and more specifically, the West Indian communities found there.

In other words, the inclusion of participants from these origins might be likely to give observers an unjust view of the ethnic group or of the population of that area of London as a whole. drug use and its outcome for a nursing essay

The method used with the participants was quantitative and involved questionnaire assessments, specifically socioeconomic data and the Cannabis Experience Questionnaire modified version (CEQmv) which included data on history of use of alcohol. tobacco, alcohol, any other use of recreational drugs, and detailed information on cannabis use (i.e. first use age, use duration, frequency of use, type of cannabis used) (Di Forti et al, 2015:2). Between 2005 and 2011, the researchers approached 606 patients of which 145 (24%) refused to participate, therefore 461 patients with first-episode psychosis were recruited.

Using a range of statistical tests, and adjusting for a number of variables including the variables for frequency of cannabis use and the type of cannabis used, and in combining these the authors found that controls were more likely to be occasional users of hash, whilst the frequent users were more likely to be using skunk. drug use and its outcome for a nursing essay.

They also found, using logistic regression, that those people who had started using cannabis at a younger age had a greater risk of developing psychotic episodes (Di Forti et al, 2015:5).

The second resource to be analysed was the study by McCardle (2004). This was a literature review focusing on the impacts of substance abuse by children and young people.

Although this did not use primary research, it provided a useful analysis of a number of other studies.  drug use and its outcome for a nursing essay:Although the age of this study meant that it might have had limited relevance to teenagers in 2017, in fact the study related directly to the findings of the later Di Forti et al study.

This was because McCardle (2004:1) found that cannabis was becoming stronger than it had been in the past – just as Di Forti et al found that skunk use was increasing and that it was of a much higher potency than previously. McCardle (2004:2) also found that there was a range of mental health issues resulting from the use of cannabis, including an increased risk of suicide, and an increase in aggressive, disassociated behaviours, anxiety, depression and other similar problems (McCardle, 2004:2).

Another useful aspect of this research was that it identified the problems of terminology relating to the gathering and analysis of data – so many different terms are used that it is often difficult to ascertain accurate trends and outcomes (McCardle, 2004:3).

While it would have been preferred to have used a London based source or one that engaged participants of the target age group though a primary method, the lack of sources of academic literature meant that this study was valuable in that it analysed other studies, and also existing datasets from the UK government. drug use and its outcome for a nursing essay.

The article also focused on the social impacts of cannabis, for example, looking at the developmental impacts, and the negative effects on education, both of which could lead to poor outcomes in terms of quality of life and attainment in later life.

The findings from these two articles provided valid evidence of the relationship between the use of cannabis and mental, emotional, social and physical health of teenagers and young people. Although there was limited focus on the population age target group for the dissertation specifically, both articles provided relevant points of interest, and it is possible to extrapolate from them to state that teenagers in London engaged in cannabis abuse are very likely to be at risk of experiencing the various health effects identified above.drug use and its outcome for a nursing essay.

3.2 The Impact of Government Strategies in Tackling Drug Abuse Amongst Teenagers Aged 13-19 in London

drug use and its outcome for a nursing essay:Finding academic research sources that focused on recent government strategies aimed at the target group based in London was very challenging.

For the most recent strategy – the Troubled Families Programme, Lambert and Crossley (2017:1) get to the very heart of the ethical and oppressive practices issue, as they argue that this government strategy is one of a wider spectrum of policies that locates problems within the family itself, and which emphasizes behavior as the target for action irrespective of the socio-economic influences that exist.

This is a review study – critically reviewing a strategy – and is very current, as the TFP has recently been revisited by the Government, who are considering an extension, despite evidence that it has not met its targets or expected outcomes.

While this article is not based on a piece of primary data, the authors have conducted primary data about this issue through interviews in the very recent past, and the article refers to these. They have found that TFP has continued the view of target families as an ‘underclass’, as ‘neighbors from hell’ and as expensive and very difficult to ‘treat’.

While the TFP took a holistic approach, using one individual or team to work with families on all of their problems, Lambert and Crossley (2017:4), and others (Bonell et al, 2016) argue that the underlying attitude of the Government and of the strategy meant that its approach was unlikely to succeed.drug use and its outcome for a nursing essay.

3.3 Summary

This chapter showed that there were clearly associated health impacts with the use of cannabis; some of these impacts were severe, and often included mental illness and behavioral change, especially where high potency cannabis was used.

It also showed that despite many years of government strategies and policies, there still does not appear to be a solution that can reduce the use or impacts of cannabis and other drugs. drug use and its outcome for a nursing essay:The final chapter provides a reflection on the research undertaken for this dissertation, and provides some brief conclusions and recommendations.


4.0 Introduction

In this final chapter, three tasks are completed. First, a reflective account of the research is undertaken. drug use and its outcome for a nursing essay:In research and practice, reflection on a task and outcome is very important because it provides the author with the opportunity to look back and learn from their actions.

There are in fact two types of reflection, both of which might be applicable to this work. The first definition is that of ‘reflection’ which is considered to be a ‘process or activity’ that involves thinking and is judged to include cognitive processes of problem finding and problem solving (Leitch and Day, 2000:180). drug use and its outcome for a nursing essay:The second type of reflection is that of ‘reflective practice’.

This is the use of reflection and reflective skills to transfer learnt knowledge i.e. theories to the application of those theories to the everyday practices of an individual. It has been shown to be very important for individual practitioners as it aids their ability to learn from their actions and associated outcomes, and enables them to develop improvements based on experience and theoretical knowledge (White et al, 2016:9).drug use and its outcome for a nursing essay.

drug use and its outcome for a nursing essay:There are two main models of reflection that can be used to support the reflective researcher or the reflective practitioner. These are Kolb’s model of experiential learning (Kolb, 1984) and Gibbs’ reflective cycle (Gibbs, 1988). Gibbs developed his model as a refinement of the earlier Kolb model, and it is Gibbs’ model that is used in this dissertation.

Reflection on the Process of the Research

The Experience

The process of writing the dissertation was both challenging and enjoyable. It was enjoyable because any research activity is one of problem solving and of searching for information, and these two activities can be very satisfying when they result in finding out something new. drug use and its outcome for a nursing essay.

While primary research is often seen as the most valid form of activity, in fact secondary research, based as it is on the gathering of existing data, and the synthesis of that data to suggest new outcomes or findings, can be just as valid, and just as difficult as carrying out processes that collect new or primary date

The Challenges and the Achievements

drug use and its outcome for a nursing essay
drug use and its outcome for a nursing essay

As alluded to a number of times throughout this dissertation there were a number of difficulties or challenges. drug use and its outcome for a nursing essay:The choice of the topic was in retrospect a good one because it focussed on a population group in a particular location, London, that had clearly received little research focus previously.

While there has been substantial data gathered on drug use and abuse more generally in the UK and more generally across age ranges, very little has been done in relation to the 13 – 19 year old age group.

In fact, it was this aspect that caused the greatest difficulty in completing the dissertation – the lack of resources and data available that were relevant to this age group, in London, for any kind of drug abuse other than newspaper articles that often used the issue of drug abuse in relation to crime, ethnic minorities or deprivation, meant that the data that was available had to be used carefully. drug use and its outcome for a nursing essay.

For example, it was possible to obtain academic resources such as that of Di Forti et al, that looked at drug abuse, specifically, cannabis, in London, but only two years of respondents in that study (18 and 19 year olds) fit into this dissertation, whilst the study by McCardle (2004) provided relevance to the wider age group (15 – 24) but was not based in London, so could point to some useful outcomes but did not have specific locational knowledge.

In relation to the strategies developed to address the issue, again the resources of an academic nature were very limited, made even more challenging because the most recent strategies, i.e. those that had occurred in the past five years, have yet to undergo much academic analysis, but as they are a very different approach from those used a decade or so ago, there is little point in trying to evaluate those older approaches.drug use and its outcome for a nursing essay

Despite the difficulties outlined above, it was felt that there were a number of positives obtained from the research. drug use and its outcome for a nursing essay:As there was such a dearth of resources available, this dissertation appears to provide new research and new analysis of data for this group of the population in this location.

As a result, the author felt that the validity of their choice of topic and their research approach was justified to some extent. In terms of time management, it was felt that the research was planned well, and even though the search for data and resources took longer than expected, it was still possible to incorporate the timing required into the overall research schedule. drug use and its outcome for a nursing essay.

The research also challenged the overall beliefs and judgements held by the author at the start of the process. Whilst it was felt that some degree of knowledge was held about these issues, there were some preconceptions held about the type of teenagers that participated in drug abuse.

The gathering of the data enabled the author to begin to challenge those preconceptions especially in relation to the factors that cause people of this age to start abusing drugs. This new understanding allowed the author to start to view the issues differently.

Changes Required

There are a number of changes that could be implemented to make the research easier and to address the question of limited resources. Firstly, the age range would be extended to include children from the age of 0 years to 24 or 25 years, as this would enable a greater number of data sources to be used, and they could be more easily analyzed and extrapolation made for teenage years.

Second, the inclusion of drug abuse by parents impacting on the health of their children would be included, as this issue has consistently emerged as a key problem for children and teenagers throughout the data collection, and can be a major factor in determining whether teenagers participate in drug use and abuse.

Finally, although London would still be the locational focus, because a lot of data that is collected for London and the South-East, the locational boundaries would be stretched to incorporate this area within the research. 

If these changes were put into place, it would be a positive exercise to undertake the research process again to see if it was possible to obtain data and achieve findings that were even more valuable than those already developed.


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