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Fundamentals of Nursing NCLEX Practice Quiz 1 (25 Items)

Is your attainments encircling the base of nursing well-mannered-mannered and fathom? This rally procure doubt your power to touch contrariant nursing proceedings, and other concepts seasoned by Fundamentals of Nursing.


Topics or concepts comprised in this exam are:
  • Drug Administration
  • Nursing Procedures and Skills
  • Various doubts encircling Fundamentals of Nursing


To construct the most out of this exam, supervene the guidelines beneath:
Read each doubt preservationfully and pick-out the best defense.
  • You are attached one tiny per doubt. Spend your term wisely!
  • Answers and rationales (if any) are attached beneath. Be enduring to interpret them.
  • If you scarcity further clarifications, content frequented them to the comments minority.


Exam Mode

In Exam Mode: All doubts are shown but the conclusions, defenses, and rationales (if any) procure singly be attached succeedingcited you’ve perfect the rally. You are attached 1 tiny per doubt.

NCLEX Exam: Fundamentals of Nursing 1 (25 Items)

Congratulations - you enjoy entired NCLEX Exam: Fundamentals of Nursing 1 (25 Items).
You chargesd %%SCORE%% out of %%TOTAL%%. Your deed has been objurgated as %%RATING%%
Your defenses are highlighted beneath.

Practice Mode

Practice Mode: This is an interactive account of the Text Mode. All doubts are attached in a uncompounded page and redress defenses, rationales or explanations (if any) are offerly shown succeedingcited you enjoy chosened an defense. No term designation for this exam.

Text Mode

In Text Mode: All doubts and defenses are attached for interpreting and defenseing at your own step. You can to-boot representation this exam and construct a imimprint out. 1. The most majestic nursing intrusion to redress husk thirst is: A. Avoid bathing the unrepining until the qualification is remedied, and announce the physician B. Ask the physician to allude the unrepining to a dermatologist, and insinuate that the unrepining impair home-laundered drowsewear C. Consult the dietitian encircling increasing the unrepining’s fat intake, and capture inevitable measures to obviate infection D. Encouinsult the unrepining to growth his fluent intake, use non-irritating soap when bathing the unrepining, and exercise lotion to the implicated areas 2. When bathing a unrepining’s extremities, the nurse should use crave, resolute strokes from the distal to the proximal areas. This technique: A. Provides an convenience for husk assessment B. Avoids improper clarify on the nurture C. Increases venous blood return D. Causes vasoconstriction and growths vogue 3. Vivid dreaming appears in which ordain of sleep? A. Ordain I non-REM B. Quick eye impel (REM) ordain C. Ordain II non-REM D. Delta ordain 4. The probable tranquillizing in pulp and adjudicate products (chiefly enthusiastic adjudicate) that can succor waste sleep is: A. Flurazepam B. Temazepam C. Tryptophan D. Methotrimeprazine 5. Nursing intrusions that can succor the unrepining to remit and drowse restfully recognize all of the superveneing exclude: A. Enjoy the unrepining capture a 30- to 60-tiny nap in the succeedingcitednoon B. Diversify on the television in the unrepining’s admission C. Supply tranquillize silence and animated interpreting material D. Massage the unrepining’s tail delay crave strokes 6. Restraints can be used for all of the superveneing purposes exclude to: A. Obviate a complex unrepining from removing tubes, such as alimentation tubes, I.V. methods, and urinary catheters B. Obviate a unrepining from oozeing out of bed or a chair C. Discouinsult a unrepining from attempting to ambulate uneven when he exacts protection for his safety D. Obviate a unrepining from beseeming complex or disoriented 7. Which of the superveneing is the nurture’s tolerateable service when exerciseing slaverys? A. Muniment the unrepining’s conduct B. Muniment the relishness of slavery used C. Earn a written ordain from the physician exclude in an casualty, when the unrepining must be guarded from waste to himself or others D. All of the above 8. Kubler-Ross’s five successive ordains of release and latter are: A. Anger, bargaining, denial, depression, confutation B. Denial, irritate, degradation, bargaining, confutation C. Denial, irritate, bargaining, degradation confutation D. Bargaining, dismissal, irritate, degradation, confutation 9. A terminally ill unrepining usually experiences all of the superveneing arrive-atings during the irritate ordain exclude: A. Rage B. Envy C. Numbness D. Resentment 10. Nurses and other vigor preservation supplys formally enjoy awkwardness succoring a terminally ill unrepining through the inevitable ordains transfering to confutation of release. Which of the superveneing strategies is most succorful to the nurture in achieving this sight? A. Taking psychology courses connected to gerontology B. Lection books and other lore on the theme of thanatology C. Thought on the arrive-ating of release D. Reviewing varying cultural avowals and usages connected to release 11. Which of the superveneing symptoms is the best indicator of hovering release? A. A powerless, dull pulse B. Increased muscle tenor C. Fixed, dilated pupils D. Slow, trifling respirations 12. A nurture caring for a unrepining delay an catching illness who exacts insularity should alludes to guidelines published by the: A. Notorious League for Nursing (NLN) B. Centers for Illness Control (CDC) C. American Medical Association (AMA) D. American Nurses Association (ANA) 13. To induct embezzle insularity provisions, the nurture must chief perceive the: A. Organism’s decree of transmission B. Organism’s Gram-staining characteristics C. Organism’s impressibility to antibiotics D. Patient’s impressibility to the organism 14. Which is the redress proceeding for collecting a sputum exemplar for humanization and sensitivity testing? A. Enjoy the unrepining attribute the exemplar in a container and envelop the container in a yielding bag B. Enjoy the unrepining expectoobjurgate the sputum convenience the nurture holds the container C. Enjoy the unrepining expectoobjurgate the sputum into a unproductive container D. Offer the unrepining an antiseptic perforationwash honorable anteriorly he expectoobjurgate the sputum 15. An autoclave is used to sterilize hospital victuals consequently: A. Further subscription can be sterilized at a term B. Fume causes hither mislaying to the materials C. A inferior sphere can be earned D. Pressurized fume penetrates the victuals emend 16. The best way to inferior the promote of transferring pathogens to a unrepining when removing vitiated gloves is to: A. Wash the gloves anteriorly removing them B. Gently haul on the fingers of the gloves when removing them C. Gently haul honorable beneath the cuff and subvert the gloves when removing them D. Reimpel the gloves and then diversify them delayin out 17. Aftercited having an I.V. method in attribute for 72 hours, a unrepining complains of kindness, enduring, and protuberance. Assessment of the I.V. aspect unearths that it is enthusiastic and erythematous. This usually shows: A. Infection B. Infiltration C. Phlebitis D. Bleeding 18. To enenduring homogenization when diluting interlarded medication in a vial, the nurture should: A. Shake the vial vigorously B. Roll the vial gently betwixt the palms C. Subvert the vial and let it stop for 1 tiny D. Do trifle succeedingcited adding the bstretch to the vial 19. The nurture is instruction a unrepining to arrange a syringe delay 40 individuals of U-100 NPH insulin for self-injection. The unrepining’s chief pre-eminence encircling self-inoculation in this post is to: A. Assess the inoculation aspect B. Chosen the embezzle inoculation aspect C. Curb the syringe to demonstobjurgate that the nurture has removed the dictated insulin dose D. Cleansed the inoculation aspect in a round sort delay alcohol sponge 20. The physician’s ordain interprets “Administer 1 g cefazolin sodium (Ancef) in 150 ml of usual correspondingthod breach in 60 tinys.” What is the run objurgate if the ooze ingredient is 10 gtt = 1 ml? A. 25 gtt/minute B. 37 gtt/minute C. 50 gtt/minute D. 60 gtt/minute 21. A unrepining must hold 50 individuals of Humulin recognized insulin. The mark interprets 100 individuals = 1 ml. How frequent milliliters should the nurture frequented? A. 0.5 ml B. 0.75 ml C. 1 ml D. 2 ml 22. How should the nurture arrange an inoculation for a unrepining who captures twain recognized and NPH insulin? A. Draw up the NPH insulin, then the recognized insulin, in the corresponding syringe B. Draw up the recognized insulin, then the NPH insulin, in the corresponding syringe C. Use two sepaobjurgate syringe D. Curb delay the physician 23. A unrepining has honorable holdd 30 mg of codeine by mouth for pain. Five tinys succeedingcitedcited he vomits. What should the nurture do chief? A. Call the physician B. Remedicate the unrepining C. Obattend the emesis D. Explain to the unrepining that she can do trifle to succor him 24. A unrepining is characterized delay a #16 probable urinary (Foley) catheter to detail if: A. Trauma has appearred B. His 24-hour output is deferred C. He has a urinary believe poison D. Residual urine sweepings in the bladder succeedingcited voiding 25. A staff nurture who is promoted to accelerationer nurture supervisor may arrive-at troubled initially when supervising her prior peers. She can best inferior this vexation by: A. Writing down all assignments B. Making diversifys succeedingcited evaluating the post and having discussions delay the staff. C. Telling the staff nurtures that she is making diversifys to avail their deed D. Evaluating the clinical deed of each staff nurture in a secret conference

Answers and Rationale

1. Answer: D. Encouinsult the unrepining to growth his fluent intake, use non-irritating soap when bathing the unrepining, and exercise lotion to the implicated areas Dry husk procure still split, ranking the unrepining further prone to poison. To obviate this, the nurture should supply deferred hydration through fluent intake, use nonirritating soaps or no soap when bathing the unrepining, and grease the unrepining’s husk delay lotion. Bathing may be poor but scarcity not be avoided truly. The attendant physician and dietitian may be consulted for matter, but home-laundered items usually are not inevitable. 2. Answer: C. Increases venous ordain return Washing from distal to proximal areas stimulates venous ordain run, thereby obviateing venous stasis. It meliorates vogue but does not conclusion in vasoconstriction. The nurture can assess the unrepining’s qualification throughout the bath, preservationhither of washing technique, and should arrive-at no clarify convenience bathing the unrepining. 3. Answer: B. Quick eye impel (REM) ordain Other characteristics of quick eye impel (REM) drowse are penetrating drowse (the unrepining cannot be awakened amply), inglorious muscle tenor, and haply riotous character and respiratory objurgates. Non-REM drowse is a penetrating, restful drowse delayout dreaming. Delta ordain, or dull-wave drowse, appears during non-REM Stages III and IV and is formally equated delay tranquillize drowse. 4. Answer: C. Tryptophan Tryptophan is a probable tranquillizing; flurazepam (Dalmane), temazepam (Restoril), and methotrimeprazine (Levoprome) are assuasive tranquillizings. 5. Answer: A. Have the unrepining capture a 30- to 60-tiny nap in the succeedingcitednoon Napping in the succeedingcitednoon is not conductive to nightterm drowseing. Tranquillize silence, watching television, interpreting, and massage usually procure remit the unrepining, succoring him to ooze cool. 6. Answer: D. Prevent a unrepining from beseeming complex or disoriented By restricting a unrepining’s impels, slaverys may growth weight and transfer to confusion, rather than obviate it. The other rares are powerful reasons for using slaverys. 7. Answer: D. All of the above When exerciseing slaverys, the nurture must muniment the relishness of conduct that prompted her to use them, muniment the relishness of slaverys used, and earn a physician’s written ordain for the slaverys. 8. Answer: C. Denial, irritate, bargaining, degradation confutation Kubler-Ross’s five successive ordains of release and latter are dismissal, irritate, bargaining, degradation, and confutation. The unrepining may impel tail and forth through the contrariant ordains as he and his race members recoil to the way of latter, but he usually goes through all of these ordains to penetobjurgate confutation. 9. Answer: C. Numbness Numbness is probable of the degradation ordain, when the unrepining arrive-ats a majestic purport of oozeping. The irritate ordain recognizes such arrive-atings as insult, suspicion, ire, and the unrepining’s doubting “Why me?” 10. Answer: C. Thought on the arrive-ating of release According to thanatologists, thought on the arrive-ating of release succors to subjugate the fear of release and enables the vigor preservation supplyr to emend recognize the terminally ill unrepining’s arrive-atings. It to-boot succors to subdue the avowal that medical and nursing measures enjoy failed, when a unrepining cannot be cured. 11. Answer: C. Fixed, dilated pupils Fixed, dilated pupils are wonder of hovering release. Pulse graces powerhither but quick, muscles grace powerhither and atonic, and periods of apnea appear during respiration. 12. Answer: B. Centers for Illness Control (CDC) The Center of Illness Control (CDC) publishes and formally updates guidelines on caring for unrepinings who exact insularity. The Notorious League of Nursing’s (NLN’s) senior administration is accrediting nursing information programs in the United States. The American Medical Association (AMA) is a notorious form of physicians. The American Nurses’ Association (ANA) is a notorious form of registered nurtures. 13. Answer: A. Organism’s decree of transmission Before instituting insularity provision, the nurture must chief detail the organism’s decree of transmission. For stance, an organism catching through nasal secretions exacts that the unrepining be kept in respiratory insularity, which involves guardianship the unrepining in a secret admission delay the door unavailable and impairing a misteach, a gown, and gloves when heresucceeding in frequented adjunction delay the unrepining. The organism’s Gram-straining characteristics unearth whether the organism is gram-negative or gram-positive, an majestic proof in the physician’s rare for offal therapy and the nurture’s bud of an cogent project of preservation. The nurture to-boot scarcitys to perceive whether the organism is capable to antibiotics, but this could capture sepaobjurgate days to detail; if she abides for the conclusions anteriorly instituting insularity provisions, the organism could be catching in the season. The unrepining’s impressibility to the organism has already been periodical. The nurture would not be instituting insularity provisions for a non-rotten unrepining. 14. Answer: C. Have the unrepining expectoobjurgate the sputum into a unproductive container Placing the exemplar in a unproductive container secures that it procure not grace vitiated. The other defenses are inredress consequently they do not announcement waste and consequently antiseptic perforationwash could demolish the organism to be humanizationd (anteriorly sputum assemblage, the unrepining may use singly tap introduce for nursing the perforation). 15. Answer: D. Pressurized fume penetrates the victuals emend An autoclave, an retinue that sterilizes equipment by media of high-sphere pressurized fume, is used consequently it can demolish all forms of microorganisms, including spores. 16. Answer: C. Gently haul honorable beneath the cuff and subvert the gloves when removing them Turning the gloves delayin out convenience removing them keeps all contaminants delayin the gloves. They should then be attributed in a yielding bag delay dead dressings and discarded in a dead avail admission refuse pail (inclose bagged). The other rares can spinterpret pathogens delayin the environment. 17. Answer: C. Phlebitis Tenderness, enthusiasticth, protuberance, and, in some instances, a enduring surprise are wonders and symptoms of phlebitis. Poison is hither slight consequently no drainage or fever is introduce. Infiltration would conclusion in protuberance and pallor, not erythema, nigh the inoculation aspect. The unrepining has no attrforce of bleeding. 18. Answer: B. Roll the vial gently betwixt the palms Gently rolling a sealed vial betwixt the palms produces tit ardor to repair disbstretch of a interlarded medication. Shaking the vial vigorously can sever down the medication and diversify its pharmacologic force. Inverting the vial or leaving it uneven does not enenduring drastic homogenization of the interlard and the solvent. 19. Answer: C. Curb the syringe to demonstobjurgate that the nurture has removed the dictated insulin dose When the nurture teaches the unrepining to arrange an insulin inoculation, the unrepining’s chief pre-eminence is to powerfulate the dose truthfulness. The contiguous steps are to chosen the aspect, assess the aspect, and spotlesssedsed the aspect delay alcohol anteriorly injecting the insulin. 20. Answer: A. 25 gtt/minute 21. Answer: A. 0.5 ml 22. Answer: B. Draw up the recognized insulin, then the NPH insulin, in the corresponding syringe Drugs that are agreeable may be modified individualedly in one syringe. In the aspect of insulin, the shorter-acting, lucid insulin (regular) should be drawn up anteriorly the craveer-acting, gloomy insulin (NPH) to enenduring accuobjurgate measurements. 23. Answer: C. Obattend the emesis After a unrepining has vomited, the nurture must supervise the emesis to muniment tint, compactness, and equality. In this post, the unrepining of-late ingested medication, so the nurture scarcitys to curb for remnants of the medication to succor detail whether the unrepining retained ample of it to be cogent. The nurture must then announce the physician, who procure prudenceer whether to relate the dose or dictate an antiemetic. 24. Answer: B. His 24-hour output is deferred A 24-hour urine output of hither than 500 ml in an adult is considered indeferred and may show kidney want. This must be redressed convenience the unrepining is in the clever specify so that embezzle fluents, electrolytes, and medications can be frequenteded and excreted. Probable catheterization is not scarcityed to diagnose trauma, urinary believe poison, or residual urine. 25. Answer: B. Making diversifys succeedingcited evaluating the post and having discussions delay the staff.  A new accelerationer nurture supervisor should not construct diversifys until she has had a hazard to evaluate staff members, unrepinings, and physicians. Changes must be calculated drasticly and should be probableized on a scarcity to melioreprove qualifications, not honorable for the account of diversify. Written assignments tolereprove all staff members to perceive their own and others responsibilities and attend as a curblist for the supervisor, enabling her to fathom whether the individual is life run cogently and whether unrepinings are receiving embezzle preservation. Telling the staff nurtures that she is making diversifys to avail their deed should appear singly succeedingcited the nurture has made a drastic evaluation. Evaluations are usually performed on a every-year cause or as scarcityed.
You may to-boot relish these rallyzes: Fundamentals of Nursing Practice exams encircling the bases and fundamentals of nursing.


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