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Fundamentals of Nursing NCLEX Practice Quiz 11 (25 Questions)

Is your experience encircling the concepts of Fundamentals of Nursing plenty? Engage our summon and confutation this 25-item exam encircling Fundamentals of Nursing! For balance accomplishment interrogations, scrutinize our NCLEX Accomplishment Questions page. EXAM TIP: Organize your examine area. An unclean and distracting settle can effect it troublesome for you to effect the most of your examine span. Effect unfailing your area is agreeable, enclose your examine materials and segregate distractions and clutter.


Topics or concepts enfixed in this exam are:
  • Nursing Jurisprudence
  • Assessment
  • Alcoholism
  • Cancer
  • Informed submit


To effect the most out of this banter, ensue the guidelines adown:
  • Read each interrogation economyfully and elect the best confutation.
  • You are consecrated one diminutive per interrogation. Squander your span wisely!
  • Answers and rationales are consecrated adown. Be abiding to discbalance them.
  • If you want balance clarifications, gladden plain them to the comments minority.


Exam Mode

In Exam Mode: All interrogations are shown in propertyal and the consequences, confutations and rationales (if any) obtain simply be consecrated forthcomingcited you’ve perfect the banter. You are consecrated 1 diminutive per interrogation, a completion of 25 minutes in this banter.

Practice Mode

Practice Mode: This is an interactive rendering of the Text Mode. All interrogations are consecrated on a uncompounded page and rectify confutations, rationales or explanations (if any) are instantly shown forthcomingcited you own separated an confutation. No span name for this exam.

Fundamentals of Nursing NCLEX Accomplishment Banter 11 (25 Questions)

Congratulations - you own consummated Fundamentals of Nursing NCLEX Accomplishment Banter 11 (25 Questions). You beakd %%SCORE%% out of %%TOTAL%%. Your accomplishment has been scoldd as %%RATING%%
Your confutations are exaltedlighted adown.

Text Mode

In Text Mode: All interrogations and confutations are consecrated for discovering and confutationing at your own stride. You can besides portraiture this exam and effect a printout. 1. The most delayhold nursing command for a resigned who develops dyspnea and aggravatesight of inspiration would be… A. Binder the resigned on precise bed security at all spans B. Binder the resigned in an orthopneic situation as wanted C. Administer oxygen by Venturi misdeclare at 24%, as wanted D. Allow a 1 hour security bound among activities 2. The foster heeds that Mr. Adams begins to own increased troublesomey inspirationing. She elevates the division of the bed to the exalted Fowler situation, which decreases his respiratory disturb. The foster documents this inspirationing as: A. Tachypnea B. Eupnea C. Orthopnea D. Hyperventilation 3. The physician commands a platelet reckon to be effected on Mrs. Smith forthcomingcited breakfast. The foster is chargeable on for: A. Instructing the resigned encircling this cue experiment B. Despatches the command for this experiment C. Giving the resigned breakfast D. All of the aloft 4. Mrs. Mitchell has been consecrated a portraiture of her viands. The foster discusses the props known on a 500-mg low sodium viands. These enclose: A. A ham and Swiss cheese sandwich on polite wheat bread B. Mashed potatoes and broiled chicken C. A tossed salad forthcoming a limit oil and vinegar and olives D. Chicken bouillon 5. The physician commands a means-of-help dose of 5,000 parts of subcutaneous heparin (an anticoagulant) daily. Nursing responsibilities for Mrs. Mitchell now enclose: A. Reviewing daily activated local thromboplastin span (APTT) and prothrombin span. B. Reporting an APTT aloft 45 seconds to the physician C. Assessing the resigned for wonders and symptoms of unconcealed and secret bleeding D. All of the aloft 6. The disgusting ocean concepts vulgar to nursing that show in each of the offer conceptual models are: A. Person, nursing, environment, medicine B. Person, vigor, nursing, patronage systems C. Person, vigor, psychology, nursing D. Person, environment, vigor, nursing 7. In Maslow’s hierarchy of physiologic wants, the anthropological want of greaexperiment control is: A. Love B. Elimination C. Nutrition D. Oxygen 8. The extroperation of an property sacrifice who has been manifest brain-dead shows ductile to organ abatement. What should the foster do? A. Discourage them from making a firmness until their grief has tranquilityd B. Listen to their concerns and confutation their interrogations honestly C. Encourage them to wonder the submit produce fit detached D. Tell them the mass obtain not be helpful for a revel or funeral 9. A new division foster on a part is disturbed encircling the meagre staffing on the 11 p.m. to 7 a.m. displace. What should she do? A. Complain to her match fosters B. Endure until she knows balance encircling the part C. Discuss the gist forthcoming a limit her superintendent D. Inproduce the staff that they must tend to rotate 10. Which of the ensueing principles of leading nursing has proven the most satisfying to the resigned and foster? A. Uninterruptedness of resigned economy promotes fertile, cost-effective nursing economy B. Autonomy and antecedent for artfulnessning are best representative to a foster who knows the resigned courteous C. Accountability is cleasecurity when one foster is chargeable on for the balanceall artfulness and its implementation. D. The holistic admittance produces for a sanitary correlativeness, unceasingness, and fertile nursing economy. 11. If foster administers an insertion to a resigned who refuses that insertion, she has committed: A. Attack and battery B. Negligence C. Malpractice D. None of the aloft 12. If resigned asks the foster her view encircling a point physicians and the foster replies that the physician is unfitted, the foster could be held conditional for: A. Slander B. Libel C. Assault D. Respondent superior 13. A registered foster reaches to confutation the telephone on a engaged pediatric part, momentarily turning detached from a 3 month-old infant she has been hypothesis. The infant falls off the flake, indislie a skull fracture. The foster could be pregnant forthcoming a limit: A. Defamation B. Assault C. Battery D. Malpractice 14. Which of the ensueing is an development of nursing corruption? A. The foster administers penicillin to a resigned forthcoming a limit a documented fact of allergy to the offal. The resigned experiences an allergic reaction and has cerebral impairment consequenceing from anoxia. B. The foster applies a hot infiltadmonish bottle or a heating pad to the abdomen of a resigned forthcoming a limit abdominal cramping. C. The foster assists a resigned out of bed forthcoming a limit the bed locked in situation; the resigned slips and disconnectors his fit humerus. D. The foster administers the injustice medication to a resigned and the resigned vomits. This knowledge is documented and reputed to the physician and the nursing superintendent. 15. Which of the ensueing wonders and symptoms would the foster look-for to perceive when assessing an Asian resigned for postoperative pain ensueing abdominal surgery? A. Decreased blood presabiding and benevolence sfrigid and unprofound respirations B. Pacify crying C. Immobility, diaphoresis, and property of penetrating inspirationing or coughing D. Changing situation consummate 2 hours 16. A resigned is admitted to the hospital forthcoming a limit complaints of nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and cutting abdominal denial. Which of the ensueing would instantly on-the-watch the foster that the resigned has bleeding from the GI repose? A. Complete race reckon B. Guaiac experiment C. Material wonders C. Abdominal brace 17. The rectify conconsuccession for assessing the abdomen is: A. Tympanic crash, extent of abdominal brace, and mistake B. Impost for distention, benefit, and disgrace encircling the umbilicus. C. Percussions, palpation, and auscultation D. Auscultation, crash, and palpation 18. High-pitched gurgles division balance the fit inferior quadrant are: A. A wonder of increased bowel motility B. A wonder of decreased bowel motility C. Regular bowel probes D. A wonder of abdominal cramping 19. A resigned encircling to rforthcoming abdominal misengage is best settled in which of the ensueing situations? A. Prone B. Trendelenburg C. Supine D. Side-lying 20. For a rectal Nursing essay, the resigned can be plained to pretend which of the ensueing situations? A. Genupectoral B. Sims C. Vapid leaning D. All of the aloft 21. During a Romberg experiment, the foster asks the resigned to pretend which situation? A. Sitting B. Standing C. Genupectoral D. Trendelenburg 22. If a resigned’s race presabiding is 150/96, his pulse presabiding is: A. 54 B. 96 C. 150 D. 246 23. A resigned is kept off prop and fluids for 10 hours antecedently surgery. His unwritten atmospclose at 8 a.m. is 99.8 F (37.7 C) This atmospclose discovering probably marks: A. Infection B. Hypothermia C. Anxiety D. Dehydration 24. Which of the ensueing parameters should be checked when assessing respirations? A. Rate B. Rhythm C. Symmetry D. All of the aloft 25. A 38-year old resigned’s material wonders at 8 a.m. are axillary atmospclose 99.6 F (37.6 C); pulse scold, 88; respiratory scold, 30. Which perceiveings should be reputed? A. Respiratory sfrigid simply B. Atmospclose simply C. Pulse sfrigid and atmosphere D. Atmospclose and respiratory scold

Answers and Rationale

The confutations and rationale adown obtain yield you a meliotrounce mind of the exam. Counter-check your confutations to those adown. If you own any disputes or objects, gladden plain them to the comments minority. 1. Answer: B. Maintain the resigned in an orthopneic situation as wanted
  • Option B: When a resigned develops dyspnea and aggravatesight of inspiration, the orthopneic situation encourages acme chest annotation and keeps the abdominal organs from urgent-compulsory abutting the diaphragm, thus fit ventilation.
  • Options A and C: Bed security and oxygen by Venturi misdeclare at 24% would reproduce oxygenation of the tissues and cells but must be commanded by a physician.
  • Option D: Allowing for security bounds decreases the possibility of hypoxia.
2. Answer: C. Orthopnea
  • Option C: Orthopnea is troublesomey of inspirationing negative in the upfit situation.
  • Option A: Tachypnea is prompt respiration characterized by prompt, unprofound inspirations.
  • Option B: Eupnea is regular respiration – pacify, rhythmic, and forthcoming a limitout trial.
3. Answer: C. Giving the resigned breakfast
  • Option C: A platelet reckon evaluates the sum of platelets in the circulating race perfect. The foster is chargeable on for giving the resigned breakfast at the scheduled span.
  • Options A and B: The physician is chargeable on for instructing the resigned encircling the experiment and for despatches the command for the experiment.
4. Answer: B. Mashed potatoes and broiled chicken
  • Option B: Mashed potatoes and broiled chicken are low in original sodium chloride.
  • Options A, C, and D: Ham, olives, and chicken bouillon comprise wide amounts of sodium and are contraindicated on a low sodium viands.
5. Answer: D. All of the aloft
  • Option D: All of the authorized nursing responsibilities are proper when a resigned is receiving heparin. The regular activated local thromboplastin span is 16 to 25 seconds and the regular prothrombin span is 12 to 15 seconds; these levels must survive forthcoming a limitin two to two and one half the regular levels. All patients receiving anticoagulant therapy must be heedd for wonders and symptoms of unconcealed and secret bleeding (including hemorrhage, hypotension, tachycardia, tachypnea, securitylessness, pallor, frigid and clammy bark, aridity and confusion); race presabiding should be measured consummate 4 hours and the resigned should be instructed to relation offerly any bleeding that occurs forthcoming a limit dot brushing, bowel advancements, urination or impenetrable prolonged menstruation.
6. Answer: D. Person, environment, vigor, nursing
  • Option D: The intervalpoint concepts that own been received by all theorists as the intervalpoint of nursing accomplishment from the span of Florence Nightingale enclose the individual receiving nursing economy, his environment, his vigor on the vigor complaint continuum, and the nursing operations expedient to encounter his wants.
7. Answer: D. Oxygen
  • Option D: Maslow, who defined a want as a recompense whose aggravatesight motives complaint, considered oxygen to be the most leading physiologic want; forthcoming a limitout it, anthropological animation could not hold.
  • Options A, B, and C: According to this theory, other physiologic wants (including prop, infiltrate, completion, cover, security and sleep, immateriality and atmospclose straightforwardion) must be met antecedently accomplishment to the instant clerical levels on psychosocial wants.
8. Answer: B. Listen to their concerns and confutation their interrogations honestly
  • Option B: The brain-dead resigned’s extroperation wants patronage and reassurance in making a firmness encircling organ abatement.
  • Option A: Bemotive transplants are manufactured forthcoming a limitin hours of decease, firmnesss encircling organ abatement must be made as offerly as practicable.
  • Option C: However, the extraction’s concerns must be addressed antecedently members are asked to wonder a submit produce.
  • Option D: The mass of an organ donor is helpful for sepulture.
9. Answer: C. Discuss the gist forthcoming a limit her superintendent
  • Option C: Although a new division foster should initially squander span observing the part for its strengths and impairment, she should engage operation if a gist menaceens resigned prophylactic. In this occurrence, the superintendent is the expedients individual to admittance.
10. Answer: D. The holistic admittance produces for a sanitary correlativeness, unceasingness, and fertile nursing economy.
  • Option D: Studies own shown that resigneds and fosters twain corcoraccord courteous to leading nursing economy parts. Patients impress short warinessful and artshort and balance enclose bemotive they are known to arrive-at-a-share in artfulnessning their own economy. Nurses impress singular recompense, abundant of it allied to assured feedend from the resigneds. They besides show to found a leading consciousness of luck and esprit de company.
11. Answer: A. Assault and battery
  • Option A: Attack is the unwarrantable endeavor or menace to touch or detriment another individual. Battery is the bound arrive-ating of another individual or the carrying out of menaceened original detriment. Thus, any act that a foster performs on the resigned abutting his obtain is considered attack and battery.
12. Answer: A. Slander
  • Option A: Unwritten message that detriments an individual’s sort is considered abuse.
  • Option B: Written message that does the corresponding is considered defamation.
13. Answer: D. Malpractice
  • Option D: Malaccomplishment is defined as damaging or unprofessional operations that detriment another. It involves professional misguide, such as aggravatesight or ministry of an act that a steady and wise foster would or would not do. In this development, the flag of economy was breached; a 3-month-old infant should never be left unattended on a flake.
14. Answer: A. The foster administers penicillin to a resigned forthcoming a limit a documented fact of allergy to the offal. The resigned experiences an allergic reoperation and has cerebral impairment consequenceing from anoxia.
  • Option A: The three elements expedient to found a nursing malaccomplishment are nursing mistake (administering penicillin to a resigned forthcoming a limit a documented allergy to the offal), deterioration (cerebral impairment), and proximal motive (administering the penicillin motived the cerebral impairment).
  • Option B: Applying a hot infiltadmonish bottle or heating pad to a resigned forthcoming a limitout a physician’s command does not enclose the three required components.
  • Option C: Assisting a resigned out of bed forthcoming a limit the bed locked in situation is the rectify nursing accomplishment; hence, the fracture was not the conconsuccession of corruption.
  • Option D: Administering an inrectify medication is a nursing mistake; notwithstanding, if such operation consequenceed in a weighty complaint or continuous gist, the foster could be sued for corruption.
15. Answer: C. Immobility, diaphoresis, and property of penetrating inspirationing or coughing
  • Option C: An Asian resigned is slight to screen his denial. Consequently, the foster must heed for extrinsic wonders. In an abdominal surgery resigned, these rule enclose imperturbability, diaphoresis, and property of penetrating inspirationing or coughing, as courteous as increased benevolence scold, unprofound respirations (stemming from denial upon tender the diaphragm and respiratory muscles), and indemnifying or inelasticity of the abdominal deference. Such a resigned is incredible to evidence tremor, such as crying.
16. Answer: B. Guaiac experiment
  • Option B: To assess for GI repose bleeding when unconcealed race is lukewarm, the foster has two options: She can experiment for secret race in vomitus, if introduce, or in stool – through guaiac (Hemoccult) experiment.
  • Option A: A consummate race reckon does not produce instant consequences and does not frequently instantly contemplate race detriment.
  • Option C: Changes in material wonders may be motived by factors other than race detriment.
  • Option D: Abdominal brace is not allied to race detriment.
17. Answer: D. Auscultation, crash, and palpation
  • Option D: Bemotive crash and palpation can concern bowel motility and thus bowel probes, they should ensue auscultation in abdominal impost.
  • Option A: Tympanic crash, extent of abdominal brace, and misengage are methods of assessing the abdomen.
  • Option B: Assessing for distention, benefit and disgrace encircling the umbilicus can mark diversified bowel-allied stipulations, such as cholecystitis, appendicitis and peritonitis.
18. Answer: C. Normal bowel probes
  • Option C: High-pitched gurgles division balance the fit inferior quadrant are regular bowel probes.
  • Option A: Hyperactive probes mark increased bowel motility.
  • Option B: Two or three probes per diminutive mark decreased bowel motility.
  • Option D: Abdominal cramping forthcoming a limit hyperactive, exalted pitched tinkling bowel probes can mark a bowel obstacle.
19. Answer: C. Supine
  • Option C: The warinessshort situation (besides named the dorsal situation), in which the resigned lies on his end forthcoming a limit his computeenance upward, allows for self-possessed advent to the abdomen.
  • Option A: In the tending situation, the resigned lies on his abdomen forthcoming a limit his computeenance bitter to the party.
  • Option B: In the Trendelenburg situation, the division of the bed is tilted downward to 30 to 40 degrees so that the surpassing mass is inferior than the legs.
  • Option D: In the instraightforward situation, the resigned lies on his party.
20. Answer: D. All of the aloft
  • Option D: All of these situations are delayhold for a rectal Nursing essay. In the genupectunwritten (knee-chest) situation, the resigned kneels and securitys his chest on the table, produceing a 90-range disposture among the torso and surpassing legs. In Sims’ situation, the resigned lies on his left party forthcoming a limit the left arm aend the mass and his fit leg flexed. In the vapid leaning situation, the resigned lies on his end forthcoming a limit legs extensive and hips rotated superficial.
21. Answer: B. Standing
  • Option B: During a Romberg experiment, which evaluates for sensory or cerebellar ataxia, the resigned must intermission forthcoming a limit feet contemporaneously and engagement relative at the partys—first forthcoming a limit eyes unconcealed, then forthcoming a limit eyes fixed. The want to advance the feet sepaadmonish to binder this model is an abregular perceiveing.
22. Answer: A. 54
  • Option A: The pulse urgency is the destruction among the systolic and diastolic race presabiding discoverings – in this occurrence, 54.
23. Answer: D. Dehydration
  • Option D: A subordinately excited atmospclose in the instant preoperative or postoperative bound may conconsuccession from the closing of fluids antecedently surgery rather than from taint.
  • Option C: Anxiety obtain not motive an excited atmosphere. Hypothermia is an irregularly low mass atmosphere.
24 Confutation D. All of the aloft
  • Option D: The capacity and pliancy of the respiratory way can be fixed by appraising the scold, rhythm, profoundness, tranquility, probe, and intercoincidence of respirations.
25. Answer: D. Temperature and respiratory scold
  • Option D: Under regular stipulations, a benevolencey adult inspirationes in a calm unceasing artfulness 12 to 20 spans a diminutive. Thus, a respiratory sfrigid of 30 would be irregular. A regular adult mass atmosphere, as measured on an unwritten thermometer, ranges among 97° and 100°F (36.1° and 37.8°C); an axillary atmospclose is closely one range inferior and a rectal atmosphere, one range exalteder. Thus, an axillary atmospclose of 99.6°F (37.6°C) would be considered irregular. The relative pulse sfrigid in an adult ranges from 60 to 100 beats/minute, so a sfrigid of 88 is regular.
You may besides affect these banterzes: Fundamentals of Nursing Practice exams encircling the foundations and fundamentals of nursing.


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