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Fundamentals of Nursing NCLEX Practice Quiz 12 (25 Questions)

Is your comprehension environing the concepts of Fundamentals of Nursing abundance? Take our dare and counterportio this 25-item exam environing Fundamentals of Nursing! For further vehemence doubts, scrutinize our NCLEX Vehemence Questions page. EXAM TIP: Minimize distractions. Procrastination is something we are all guilty of. Everyone puts things off until the final exact rarely, but procrastinators continuousally bypass perplexing tasks and intentionally appear for distractions. Swear that your devices are out of strain until examine date is manufactured.


Topics or concepts intervening in this exam are:
  • Nursing Jurisprudence
  • Assessment
  • Alcoholism
  • Cancer
  • Informed agree


To constitute the most out of this taunt, supervene the guidelines beneath:
  • Read each doubt thriftfully and embezzle the best counterpart.
  • You are abandoned one exact per doubt. Spend your date wisely!
  • Answers and rationales are abandoned beneath. Be certain to learn them.
  • If you scarcity further clarifications, content trodden them to the comments specificity.


Exam Mode

In Exam Mode: All doubts are shown in haphazard and the enucleatements, counterparts and rationales (if any) allure solely be abandoned behind you’ve perfect the taunt. You are abandoned 1 exact per doubt, a aggregate of 25 minutes in this taunt.

Practice Mode

Practice Mode: This is an interactive account of the Text Mode. All doubts are abandoned on a unmarried page and reform counterparts, rationales or explanations (if any) are straightway shown behind you entertain clarified an counterpart. No date boundary for this exam.

Text mode

In Text Mode: All doubts and counterparts are abandoned for learning and counterparting at your own tread. You can as-well-behaved vision this exam and constitute a printout. 1. All of the superveneing can motive tachycardia except: A. Fever B. Exercise C. Abbiant expressive scheme stimulation D. Paraabbiant expressive scheme stimulation 2. Palpating the midclavicular verse is the reform technique for assessing A. Baseverse animate signs B. Systolic blood urgency C. Respiratory trounce D. Apical pulse 3. The omission of which pulse may not be a symbolical ascertaining when a enduring is admitted to the hospital? A. Apical B. Radial C. Pedal D. Femoral 4. Which of the superveneing endurings is at nobleest betray for unraveling prescertain ulcers? A. An prepared, continuous arthritic enduring treated delay steroids and aspirin B. An 88-year old incontinent enduring delay gastric cancer who is onesided to his bed at abode C. An indifferent 63-year old COPD enduring receiving nasal oxygen via cannula D. A complex 78-year old enduring delay congestive courage imperfection (CHF) who requires coadjutorship to get out of bed. 5. The physician mandate the government of proud-humidity oxygen by visage misdeclare and settlement of the enduring in a proud Fowler’s lie. Behind assessing Mrs. Paul, the nurse writes the superveneing nursing idiosyncrasy: Impaired gas vary allied to augmentationd secretions. Which of the superveneing nursing interventions has the nobleest virtual for fit this predicament? A. Encourage the enduring to augmentation her clear intake to 200 ml integral 2 hours B. Settle a humidifier in the enduring’s interval. C. Continue administering oxygen by proud humidity visage misdeclare D. Transact chest physiotherapy on a periodical schedule 6. The most sordid imperfection seen in alcoholics is: A. Thiamine B. Riboflavin C. Pyridoxine D. Pantothenic acid 7. Which of the superveneing announcement is inaccublame environing a enduring delay dysphagia? A. The enduring allure ascertain pureed or mild influences, such as custards, easier to engross than water B. Fowler’s or semi Fowler’s lie classifys the betray of aspiration during engrossing C. The enduring should constantly recaggravate himself D. The nurture should transact vocal hygiene antecedently promotive delay recovering. 8. To assess the kidney power of a enduring delay an inherent urinary (Foley) catheter, the nurture measures his hourly urine output. She should inform the physician if the urine output is: A. Close than 30 ml/hour B. 64 ml in 2 hours C. 90 ml in 3 hours D. 125 ml in 4 hours 9. Certain substances augmentation the totality of urine commoditiesed. These inferiorstand: A. Caffeine-containing drinks, such as coffee and cola. B. Beets C. Urinary analgesics D. Kaolin delay pectin (Kaopectate) 10. A manful enduring who had surgery 2 days ago for minority and neck cancer is environing to constitute his pristine Nursing essay to ambulate beyond his interval. The nurture notes that he is fixed on his feet and that his vision was unmonstrous by the surgery. Which of the superveneing nursing interventions would be embezzle? A. Encourage the enduring to step in the moiety singular B. Discourage the enduring from steping in the moiety for a few further days C. Accompany the enduring for his step. D. Care-for a natural therapist antecedently allowing the enduring to ambulate 11. A enduring has exacerbation of continuous redundant pulmonary ailment (COPD) manifested by lack of spiritlessness; orthopnea: numerous, obstinate secretions; and a dry hacking cough. An embezzle nursing idiosyncrasy would be: A. Ineffective airway colliquation allied to numerous, obstinate secretions. B. Undignified airway colliquation allied to dry, hacking cough. C. Ineffective specific coping to COPD. D. Pain allied to immobilization of monstrous leg. 12. Mrs. Lim initiates to cry as the nurture discusses hair forfeiture. The best solution would be: A. “Don’t tantalize. It’s solely temporary” B. “Why are you crying? I didn’t get to the bad notification yet” C. “Your hair is truly pretty” D. “I apprehend this allure be perplexing for you, but your hair allure amplify end behind the gist of chemotherapy13. An affixed Vitamin C is required during all of the superveneing periods except: A. Infancy B. Boyish adulthood C. Childhood D. Pregnancy 14. A prescribed totality of oxygen s scarcityed for a enduring delay COPD to nullify: A. Cardiac arpeace allied to augmentationd portioial prescertain of carbon dioxide in arterial class (PaCO2) B. Circulatory aggravateadmonish due to hypervolemia C. Respiratory turbidity D. Inhibition of the respiratory hypoxic excitation 15. Behind 1 week of hospitalization, Mr. Gray unravels hypokalemia. Which of the superveneing is the most symbolical concurrent of his experimentation? A. Lethargy B. Increased pulse trounce and class urgency C. Muscle frailty D. Muscle expressiveness 16. Which of the superveneing nursing interventions promotes enduring protection? A. Asses the enduring’s power to ambulate and assign from a bed to a chair B. Demonsttrounce the illustrious scheme to the enduring C. Check to see that the enduring is wearing his identification bond D. All of the above 17. Studies entertain shown that environing 40% of endurings sink out of bed resisting the use of behalf rails; this has led to which of the superveneing conclusions? A. Behalf rails are undignified B. Behalf rails should not be used C. Behalf rails are a seek that nullify a enduring from sinking out of bed. D. Behalf rails are a reminder to a enduring not to get out of bed 18. Examples of endurings affliction from adulterated awareness inferiorstand all of the superveneing except: A. A semiconscious or aggravate jaded enduring B. A disoriented or complex enduring C. A enduring who cannot thrift for himself at abode D. A enduring demonstrating concurrents of offals or alcohol withdrawal 19. The most sordid waste unordered elderly living-souls is: A. Atherosclerotic changes in the class vessels B. Increased stroke of gallbladder ailment C. Urinary Tract Infection D. Hip fracture 20. The most sordid psychogenic experimentation unordered olden idiosyncratic is: A. Depression B. Sleep disturbances (such as bizarre dreams) C. Inpower to conglomerate D. Decreased disposition 21. Which of the superveneing vascular scheme changes enucleatements from aging? A. Increased peripheral oplie of the class vessels B. Decreased class issue C. Increased workadmonish of the left ventricle D. All of the above 22. Which of the superveneing is the most sordid motive of dementia unordered olden living-souls? A. Parkinson’s ailment B. Multiple sclerosis C. Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (Lou Gehrig’s ailment) D. Alzheimer’s ailment 23. The nurture’s most dignified lawful bisect behind a enduring’s departure in a hospital is: A. Obtaining a agree of an autopsy B. Notifying the coroner or medical examiner C. Labeling the carcass embezzlely D. Ensuring that the accompanying physician issues the departure certification 24. Antecedently roughness mortis befalls, the nurture is obligatory for: A. Providing a thorough bath and surroundings change B. Placing one pillow inferior the collection’s minority and shoulders C. Removing the collection’s investment and wrapping the collection in a cover D. Allowing the collection to loosen normally 25. When a enduring in the final stages of lung cancer initiates to inform forfeiture of perception, a superior nursing repress is to: A. Protect the enduring from waste B. Insert an airway C. Elevate the minority of the bed D. Withdraw all trouble medications

Answers and Rationale

The counterparts and rationale beneath allure concede you a emend inferiorstanding of the exam. Counter-check your counterparts to those beneath. If you entertain any disputes or objects, content trodden them to the comments specificity. 1. Answer: D. Paraabbiant expressive scheme stimulation
  • Option D: Paraabbiant expressive scheme stimulation of the courage classifys the courage trounce as polite-behaved-behaved as the power of befoulment, trounce of motive conduction and class issue through the coronary vessels. Fever, employment, and abbiant stimulation all augmentation the courage trounce.
2. Answer: D. Apical pulse
  • Option D: The apical pulse (the pulse at the object of the courage) is located on the midclavicular verse at the fourth, fifth, or sixth intercostal interval. Base verse animate signs inferiorstand pulse trounce, latitude, respiratory trounce, and class urgency. Class prescertain is typically assessed at the antecubital fossa, and respiratory trounce is assessed best by observing chest move delay each inspiration and expiration.
3. Answer: C. Pedal
  • Option C: Bemotive the pedal pulse cannot be detected in 10% to 20% of the population, its omission is not necessarily a symbolical ascertaining. However, the nearness or omission of the pedal pulse should be documented upon arrival so that changes can be attested during the hospital arrive.
  • Options A, B, and D: Omission of the apical, radial, or femvocal pulse is monstrous and should be investigated.
4. Answer: B. An 88-year old incontinent enduring delay gastric cancer who is onesided to his bed at abode
  • Option B: Prescertain ulcers are most mitigated to unravel in endurings delay adulterated unsubstantial condition, disturbance, earnestness roll, sustentation, publicity and bladder or bowel guide. Age is as-well-behaved a ingredient. Thus, the 88-year old incontinent enduring who has adulterated sustentation (from gastric cancer) and is onesided to bed is at senior betray.
5. Answer: A. Encourage the enduring to augmentation her clear intake to 200 ml integral 2 hours
  • Option A: Adequate hydration thins and loosens pulmonary secretions and as-well-behaved succors to peaceore clears obsolete from eminent-minded latitude, diaphoresis, dehydration, and dyspnea.
  • Options B, C, and D: High-humidity air and chest physiotherapy succor melt and mobilize secretions.
6. Answer: A. Thiamine
  • Option A: Continuous alcoholism commsolely enucleatements in thiamine imperfection and other concurrents of malnutrition.
7. Answer: C. The enduring should constantly recaggravate himself
  • Option C: A enduring delay dysphagia (awkwardness engrossing) requires coadjutorship delay recovering. Alimentation himself is a long-range expected issue.
  • Options A, B, and D: Mild influences, Fowler’s or semi-Fowler’s lie, and vocal hygiene antecedently eating should be portio of the recovering aid.
8. Answer: A. Less than 30 ml/hour
  • Option A: A urine output of close than 30ml/hour marks hypovolemia or oliguria, which is allied to kinsfolk power and insufficient clear intake.
9. Answer: A. Caffeine-containing drinks, such as coffee and cola.
  • Option A: Fluids containing caffeine entertain a diuretic commodities.
  • Options B and C: Beets and urinary analgesics, such as Pyridium (Phenazopyridine), can falsification urine red.
  • Option D: Kaopectate is an antidiarrheal medication.
10. Answer: C. Accompany the enduring for his step.
  • Option C: Accompanying him allure prprpropose mvocal subsistence, enabling him to visage the peace of the cosmos-people.
  • Option A: A hospitalized surgical enduring leaving his interval for the pristine date fears repudiation and others staring at him, so he should not step singular.
  • Option B: Patients should initiate ambulation as antecedently-long as mitigated behind surgery to classify complications and to retrieve power and belief.
  • Option D: Waiting to custody-for a natural therapist is uncalled-for.
11. Answer: A. Undignified airway colliquation allied to numerous, obstinate secretions.
  • Option A: Thick, obstinate secretions, a dry, hacking cough, orthopnea, and lack of spiritlessness are signs of undignified airway colliquation.
  • Option B: Undignified airway colliquation allied to dry, hacking cough is inaccublame bemotive the cough is not the argue for the undignified airway colliquation.
  • Option C: Undignified specific coping allied to COPD is crime bemotive the etiology for a nursing idiosyncrasy should not be a medical idiosyncrasy (COPD) and bemotive no postulates mark that the enduring is coping undignifiedly.
  • Option D: Trouble allied to immobilization of monstrous leg would be an embezzle nursing idiosyncrasy for a enduring delay a leg fracture.
12. Answer: D. “I apprehend this allure be perplexing for you, but your hair allure amplify end behind the gist of chemotherapy
  • Option D: “I apprehend this allure be perplexing” acknowledges the gist and suggests a disintegration to it.
  • Option A: “Don’t tantalize..” proffers some subsistence but doesn’t  acknowledge the enduring’s feelings.
  • Option B: “..I didn’t get to the bad notification yet” would be irrelevant at any date.
  • Option C: “Your hair is truly pretty” proffers no boon or alternatives to the enduring.
13. Answer: B. Young adulthood
  • Option B: Affixed Vitamin C is scarcityed in augmentation periods, such as infancy and childhood, and during pregnancy to contribute demands for fetal augmentation and kind tissues. Other stipulations requiring extra vitamin C inferiorstand damage healthful, flush, infection and urgency.
14. Answer: D. Inhibition of the respiratory hypoxic excitation
  • Option D: Delivery of further than 2 liters of oxygen per exact to a enduring delay continuous redundant pulmonary ailment (COPD), who is usually in a say of possessed respiratory acidosis (cherishing carbon dioxide (CO2)), can prohibit the hypoxic excitation for respiration.
  • Option A: An augmentationd portioial prescertain of carbon dioxide in arterial class (PACO2) would not initially enucleatement in cardiac apprehend.
  • Options B and C: Circulatory aggravateadmonish and respiratory turbidity entertain no relation to the doubt.
15. Answer: C. Muscle frailty
  • Option C: Presenting concurrents of hypokalemia ( a serum potassium roll beneath 3.5 mEq/liter) inferiorstand muscle frailty, continuous fatigue, and cardiac dysrhythmias. The utterly property of insufficient influence intake and prolonged diarrhea can deplete the potassium stores of a enduring delay GI gists.
16. Answer: D. All of the above
  • Option D: Promotive a enduring delay ambulation and assign from a bed to a chair allows the nurture to evaluate the enduring’s power to raise out these powers safely. Demonstrating the illustrious scheme and providing an incverse for a produce semblance ensures that the enduring apprehends how to produce-an-commodities the equipment and encourages him to wheedle for coadjutorship when scarcityed. Checking the enduring’s identification bond verifies the enduring’s convertibility and nullifys identification mistakes in offal government.
17. Answer: D. Side rails are a reminder to a enduring not to get out of bed
  • Option D: Past environing 40% of endurings sink out of bed resisting the use of behalf rails, behalf rails cannot be said to nullify sinks; at-last, they do forward as a reminder that the enduring should not get out of bed.
  • Options A, B, and C: The other counterparts are inaccublame interpretations of the statistical postulates.
18. Answer: C. A enduring who cannot thrift for himself at abode
  • Option C: A enduring who cannot thrift for himself at abode does not necessarily entertain adulterated awareness; he may solely entertain some order of imperturbability.
19. Answer: D. Hip dislocation
  • Option D: Hip dislocation, the most sordid waste unordered olden living-souls, usually enucleatements from osteoporosis.
  • Options A, B, and C: The other counterparts are ailments that can besink in the olden from physiologic changes.
20. Answer: A. Depression
  • Option A: Depression typically initiates antecedently the onslaught of old age and usually is motived by psychosocial, genetic, or biochemical ingredients.
  • Options B, C, and D: Sleep disturbances, inpower to concenttrounce and classifyd dislie are concurrents of valley, the most sordid psychogenic experimentation unordered olden living-souls. Other concurrents inferiorstand deteriorated retrospect, insensibility, disintepeace in manifestatlon, delaydrawal, and expressiveness.
21. Answer: D. All of the above
  • Option D: Aging classifys the elasticity of the class vessels, which leads to augmentationd peripheral oplie and classifyd class issue. These changes, in incline, augmentation the workadmonish of the left ventricle.
22. Answer: D. Alzheimer’s ailment
  • Option D: Alzheimer;s ailment, rarely apprehendn as aged dementia of the Alzheimer’s fashion or original degenerative dementia, is an insidious; transitional, immutable, and degenerative ailment of the brain whose etiology is tranquil unrecognized.
  • Option A: Parkinson’s ailment is a neurologic experimentation motived by lesions in the extrapyramidal scheme and manifested by tremors, muscle inflexibility, hypokinesia, dysphagia, and dysphonia.
  • Option B: Multiple sclerosis, a transitional, degenerative ailment involving demyelination of the power fibers, usually initiates in boyish adulthood and is notable by periods of absolution and exacerbation.
  • Option C: Amyotrophic parallel sclerosis, a ailment notable by transitional debasement of the neurons, at-last enucleatements in atrophy of all the muscles; including those inherent for respiration.
23. Answer: C. Labeling the carcass embezzlely
  • Option C: The nurture is lawfully obligatory for labeling the carcass when departure befalls in the hospital.
  • Options A and B: She may be disorganized in obtaining agree for an autopsy or informing the coroner or medical examiner of a enduring’s departure; at-last, she is not lawfully obligatory for transacting these powers.
  • Option D: The accompanying physician may scarcity notification from the nurture to thorough the departure certificate, but he is obligatory for issuing it.
24. Answer: B. Placing one pillow inferior the collection’s minority and shoulders
  • Option B: The nurture must settle a pillow inferior the departed idiosyncratic’s minority and shoulders to nullify class from settling in the visage and discoloring it.
  • Option A: She is required to lave solely rusty areas of the collection past the mortician allure purese the integral collection.
  • Option C: Antecedently wrapping the collection in a cover, the nurture settles a purified gown on the collection and closes the eyes and mouth.
25. Answer: A. Protect the enduring from waste
  • Option A: Ensuring the enduring’s protection is the most inherent vehemence at this date.
  • Options B, C, and D: The other nursing vehemences may be inherent but are not a superior repress.
You may as-well-behaved relish these tauntzes: Fundamentals of Nursing Practice exams environing the foundations and fundamentals of nursing.


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