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Fundamentals of Nursing NCLEX Practice Quiz 7 (20 Items)

Fundamentals of nursing involves basic things that a nurse has to do in the order of his or her trust. This exam highlights the badgeification of the indispensable wants of humans and wealth in indispensable skills as prerequisites to providing vast nursing prudence. Accomplish this 20-item NCLEX-style exam and do amiable on your explicit NCLEX!
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Topics or concepts interjacent in this exam are:
  • Various investigations environing Fundamentals of Nursing


To commodities the most out of this exam, supervene the guidelines adown:
  • Read each investigation prudencefully and adopt the best apology.
  • You are fond one microscopic per investigation. Spend your turn wisely!
  • Answers and rationales (if any) are fond adown. Be secure to recognize them.
  • If you want over clarifications, gladden straightprogressive them to the comments individuality.


Exam Mode

In Exam Mode: All investigations are shown but the outcomes, apologys, and rationales (if any) accomplish merely be fond behind you’ve refined the banter. You are fond 1 microscopic per investigation.

Practice Mode

Practice Mode: This is an interactive account of the Text Mode. All investigations are fond in a barely page and set-honest apologys, rationales or explanations (if any) are contiguously shown behind you enjoy clarified an apology. No turn proviso for this exam.

Fundamentals of Nursing NCLEX Manner Banter 7 (20 Items)

Text Mode

In Text Mode: All investigations and apologys are fond for recognizeing and apologying at your own stride. You can too vision this exam and commodities a print out. 1. Clients should be taught that frequently-again-and-again by the surprise of wanting to stretch could outcome in which of the superveneing? A. Constipation B. Diarrhea C. Incontinence D. Hemorrhoids 2. Which announcement agrees badge that an older adult who is prone to constipation is in want of excite instruction? A. “I want to draught one and a half to 2 quarts of mellifluous each day.” B. “I want to follow a balsamic such as compose of magnesia or if I don’t enjoy a BM perfect day.” C. “If my bowel exemplar changes on its own, I should allure you.” D. “Eating my meals at symmetrical turns is slight to outcome in symmetrical bowel moves.” 3. A client is scheduled for a colonoscopy. The promote accomplish agree advice to the client environing which character of enema? A. Oil murmur B. Come-tail way C. Elevated quantityy magnitude D. Low, feeble magnitude 4. The promote is most slight to narration which apology to the earliest prudence agreer for a client who has an recurrent colostomy? A. The stoma extends 1/2 inch aloft the abdomen. B. The bark beneath the mechanism looks red little behind removing the mechanism. C. The stoma pretense is a thick red purple. D. An ascending colostomy impartial delivers mellifluous feces 5. Which aim is the most expend for clients behind a suitableness diarrhea allied to ingestion of an antibiotic for an surpassing respiratory infection? A. The client accomplish exhibit a medical prompt bracelet for antibiotic allergy. B. The client accomplish come-tail to his or her antecedent fecal end exemplar. C. The client verbalizes the want to follow an antidiarrheal medication PRN. D. The client accomplish growth infollow of inseparable fiber such as grains, rice, and cereals. 6. A client behind a suitableness a new stoma who has not had a bowel move gone surgery tidingsinal week narrations sentiment disgusting. What is the expend nursing employment? A. Lay to wet the colostomy. B. Behind assessing the stoma and extreme bark, bestow-notice-to the surgeon. C. Assess bowel sounds and guide antiemetic. D. Guide a quantity forming balsamic, and promote growthd mellifluouss and training. 7. The promote assesses a client’s abdomen distinct days behind abdominal surgery. It is immovable, grandiloquent, and grievous to palpate. The client narrations sentiment “bloated” the promote promote behind a suitableness the surgeon, who token an enema. The promote lays to bestow what bark of enema? A. Soapsuds B. Retention C. Come-tail way D. Oil murmur 8. Which of the superveneing is most slight to validate that a client is experiencing intestinal bleeding? A. Bulky quantities of fat partial behind a suitableness livid yellow mellifluous stool. B. Brown, formed stool. C. Semi mild tar pretenseed stools. D. Narrow, Pencil shaped stool 9. Which nursing diagnoses is/are most ry to a client behind a suitableness fecal dissoluteness? Select all that devote. A. Bowel dissoluteness B. Induce for faulty mellifluous magnitude C. Disturbed association image D. Social isolation E. Induce for adulterated bark integrity 10. A promote determines that a fracture bedpan should be used for the unrepining who: A. has a spinal course damnification. B. is on bedrest. C. has dementia. D. is rich 11. A unrepining behind a suitableness the individualality of diverticulosis is advised to eat a viands elevated in fiber. What should the promote praise that the unrepining eat to best growth the quantity and fecal symbolical? A. Undiminished wheat viands B. Unblemished rice C. Pasta D. Kale 12. Which announcement by a unrepining behind a suitableness an ileostomy prompt the promote to the want for excite notice? A. “I don’t aabide to enjoy considerable of a unadulterated behind a suitableness fecal redolence.” B. “I accomplish enjoy to follow extraordinary premunition to cover my bark environing the stoma.” C. “I’m going to enjoy to wet my stoma so I enjoy a bowel move perfect early.” D. “I should dodge gas forming livelihoods affect beans to proviso droll sounds from the stoma.” 13. A practitioner token a come-tail way enema (Harris thriving ooze) for an adult unrepining behind a suitableness flatulence. When preparing to guide this enema The promote compares the steps of a come-tail way enema behind a suitableness purification enemas. What should the promote do that is matchclose to a come-tail way enema? A. Lubricate the tidingsinal 2 inches of the rectal tube. B. Extort the rectal tube environing 4 inches into the anus. C. Raise the rereseparation embraceer environing 12 inches aloft the anus. D. Inferior the rereseparation embraceer behind instilling environing 150 mL of resolution. 14. A promote discourages a unrepining from tightening extravaganceively when attempting to enjoy a bowel move. What physiological retort principally may be nullifyed by dodgeing tightening on clarification? A. Incontinence B. Dysrhythmias C. Fecal impaction D. Rectal hemorrhoids 15. A promote is caring for a client who accomplish consummate fecal sombre blood experienceing at settlement. Which of the superveneing advice should the promote involve when explaining the process to the client? A. Eating over protein is optimal foregoing to experienceing. B. One stool illustration is adapted for experienceing. C. A red pretense changes indicates a inhanging experience. D. The illustration cannot be putrid behind a suitableness urine. 16. A promote is talking behind a suitableness a client who narrations constipation. When the promote discusses viandsary changes that can succor nullify constipation, which of the superveneing livelihoods should the promote praise? A. Macaroni and cheese B. Fresh livelihood and undiminished wheat toast C. Rice pudding and seasoned bananas D. Roast chicken and unblemished rice 17. A promote is caring for a client who has diarrhea for the gone-by disgusting days. When assessing a client, the promote should aabide which of the superveneing apologys? Select all that devote. A. Bradycardia B. Hypotension C. Fever D. Poor bark turgor E. Peripheral edema 18. A promote is preparing to guide a purification enema to an adult client in provision for a cue process. Which of the superveneing are expend steps for the promote to follow? Select all that devote. A. Fervid the enema rereseparation foregoing to installation. B. Position the client on the left laterality behind a suitableness the proper leg flexed wayive. C. Lubricate the rectal tube or nozzle. D. Unwillingly extort the rectal tube environing 2 inches. E. Hang the enema embraceer 24 inches aloft the clients anus 19. Interval a promote is guideing a purification enema, the client narrations abdominal cramping. Which of the superveneing is the expend intrusion? A. Enjoy a client dcourteous his morals little. B. Discontinue the mellifluous installation. C. Remind the client that cramping is niggardly at this turn. D. Inferior the enema mellifluous embraceer. 20. A client behind a suitableness continuous pulmonary disrefreshment has a cerulean-colored-colored dye environing the lips. The promote charts which tidings to most correspondently define the client’s case? A. Hypoxia B. Hypoxemia C. Dyspnea D. Cyanosis

Answers and Rationale

1. Answer: A. Constipation Habitually by the incite to stretch can direct to constipation through missing of the usual incite and the store of feces. Diarrhea accomplish not outcome-if perfectthing, tshort is growthd turn for instil reabsorption accordingly the stool sweepings in the colon, directing to immovableer stool. By the incite shows a sound unconstrained sphincter, not a inconclusive one that could outcome in dissoluteness. Hemorrhoids would merely betide merely if violent arefpossession out of the stool betides, and thus general want to tighten to by stool. 2. Answer: B. “I want to follow a balsamic such as compose of magnesium or if I don’t enjoy a BM perfect day” The model of manner in assistant the older adults to guard usual discharge of the gastrointestinal deposit is symmetrical ingestion of a thriving viands, forcible mellifluous intake, and symmetrical training. If the bowel exemplar is not symmetrical behind a suitableness these activities, this abnormality should be reputed. Stimulant balsamics can be very chafing and are not the preferred matter for interrupted constipation in older adults. In observation, a usual stool exemplar for an older adult may not be daily end. 3. Answer: D. Low, feeble magnitude Small magnitude enemas ahanker behind a suitableness other provisions are used to lay the client for this process. An oil murmur enema is used to macereprimand difficult stool. Return way enemas succor cast flatus accordingly of the induce of missing of mellifluous and electrolytes elevated,bulky magnitude enemas are inconstantly used. 4. Answer: C. The stoma pretense is a thick red purple. An recurrent stoma should be ebon pink affect the pretense of the buccal mucosa and is partially amending aloft the abdomen. The bark beneath the mechanism may endure pink/red for a interval behind the retentive is pulled off feces from an ascending ostomy are very mellifluous, close so from a athwart ostomy, and over resistant from a descending or sigmoid stoma. 5. Answer: B. The client accomplish come-tail to his or her antecedent fecal end exemplar. Once the motive of diarrhea has been authorized and set-righted, the client to come-tail to his or her antecedent end exemplar. This is not an sample of an allergy to the antibiotic but a niggardly importance of overgrowth of bowel organisms not killed by the refuse. Antidiarrheal medications are usually prescribed according to the enumereprimand of stools, not routinely environing the clock. Increasing infollow of separable fiber such as oatmeal or potatoes may succor assume extravagance mellifluous and diminish the diarrhea, but inseparable fiber accomplish not. 6. Answer: B. After assessing the stoma and extreme bark, bestow-notice-to the surgeon. The client has duty apologys harmonious behind a suitableness complications of surgery. Liberty A: irrigating the stoma is a contingent nursing employment, and is too intrusion behind a suitablenessout expend duty. Liberty C: assessing the peristomal bark area is an incontingent employment, but guideing an antiemetic is an intrusion behind a suitablenessout expend duty. antiemetics are generally ordered to negotiate contiguous postoperative nausea, not distinct days postoperative. Liberty D: guideing a quantity forming balsamic to a disgustted postoperative client is contraindicated 7. Answer: C. Come-tail way This agrees relrefreshment of postoperative flatus, sharp bowel motility. Options one, two, and disgusting contrive constipation and do not agree flatus release. 8. Answer: C. Semi mild tar pretenseed stools. Blood in the surpassing G.I. deposit is ebon and lag. Liberty one can be a badge of malabsorption in an infant, liberty two is usual stool, and liberty disgusting is individualality of an nullifyive case of the rectum. 9. Answer: A, C, D, and E Option A is the most expend. The client is incapable to determine when stool diffusion accomplish betide. In liberty C, client thoughts environing stubborn may be substituteed if incapable to mould stool diffusion. In liberty E, growthd construction continuity behind a suitableness fecal symbolical may outcome in feebleness. Liberty B is over expend for a client behind a suitableness diarrhea. Dissoluteness is the poverty to mould feces of usual representative. 10. Answer: A. has a spinal course damnification. A fracture bedpan has a low tail that promotes discharge of the unrepining’s inferior tail interval on the bedpan. 11. Answer: D. Kale Kayle is an excusable producer of viandsary fiber. A serving of 3 1/2 ounces of kale embrace 6.6 g of viandsary fiber. One hunk of undiminished wheat brecognize embraces merely 1.5 g of viandsary fiber. A serving of a 1/2 cup of unblemished rice embraces merely 0.8 g of viandsary fiber. A serving of 3 1/2 ounces of genial gone-bya embraces merely 1.6 g of viandsary fiber. 12. Answer: C. “I’m going to enjoy to wet my stoma so I enjoy a bowel move perfect early” This announcement is faulty in reference to an ileostomy and indicates that the unrepining wants over instruction. And ileostomy produces mellifluous fecal drainage that is invariable and cannot be regulated. The redolence from drainage is minimal accordingly fewer bacteria are introduce in the ileum compared behind a suitableness the quantityy intestine. And ileostomy is an aperture into the ileum (distal feeble domestic from the jejunum to the cecum). Purification the bark, bark barriers, and a courteous-mannered-mannered easy mechanism are premunitions to cover the bark environing the ileostomy stoma. The drainage from ileostomy embraces enzymes that can detriment the bark. An ileostomy stoma does not enjoy a sphincter that can mould the way of flatus or drainage, outcomeing in sound. 13. Answer: D. Inferior the rereseparation embraceer behind instilling environing 150 mL of resolution. Lowering the embraceer of rereseparation compose a siphon commodities that pulls the instilled mellifluous tail out through the rectal tube into the rereseparation embraceer. The come-tail way promotes the diffusion of gas from the domestics. This technique is used merely behind a suitableness a come-tail way enema. All rectal tube should be perilous to dispose initiation of the tube into the anus and rectum and nullify mucosal trauma.The anal canal is 1 to 2 inches hanker. Inserting the rectal tube 3 to 4 inches ensures that the tip of the tube is gone-by the anal Sphincter. This employment is expend for all characters of enemas. The rereseparation embraceer should be amending no elevateder than 12 inches for all enemas; this allows the rereseparation to instill unwillingly, which provisos annoyance and intestinal spasms. 14. Answer: B. Dysrhythmias Straining on clarification requires the individual to dcourteous the morals interval course down. This maneuver growths the intrathoracic and intracranial constrainings, which can overwhelm dysrhythmias, brain assault, and respiratory difficulties; all of these can be morals unpromising. The missing of the unconstrained force to mould the byage of fecal or gaseous discharges through the anus is motived by adulterated dischargeing of the anal sphincter or its strength furnish, not tightening on clarification. Fecal impemployment is motived by prolonged murmur and the store of fecal symbolical in the quantityy domestic, not tightening on clarification. Although tightening on clarification can assist to the construction of hemorrhoids, this is not the earliest discuss tightening on clarification is dishearten. Hemorrhoids, although grievous, are not morals-threatening. 15. Answer: D. The illustration cannot be putrid behind a suitableness urine. For fecal sombre respect experienceing at settlement, the stool illustrations cannot be putrid behind a suitableness instil or urine. Some proteins such as red wood, fish, and poultry can substitute the experience outcomes. Three illustrations from three incongruous bowel moves are required. A cerulean-colored-colored-colored pretense indicates respect in the stool. 16. Answer: B. Fresh livelihood and undiminished wheat toast. A elevated fiber viands promotes usual bowel end. The meritorious of stayder and toast is the elevatedest fiber liberty. Macaroni and cheese is a low redundancy liberty that could explicitly worse and constipation. Rice pudding and seasoned bananas are low redundancy libertys that could explicitly worsen constipation. Roast chicken and unblemished rice or low redundancy libertys that could explicitly worsen constipation. 17. Answer: B, C and D Prolonged diarrhea direct to dehydration, which motives a diminish in respect constraining. Prolonged diarrhea directs to dehydration, which motives ardor. Prolonged diarrhea is over slight to motive follow a tachycardia than bradycardia. Peripheral edema outcomes from a mellifluous surfeit. Prolonged diarrhea is over slight to motive a mellifluous arrears. 18. Answer: A, B, and C The promote should fervid the enema rereseparation accordingly indivergent mellifluous can motive abdominal cramping and hot mellifluous can malhandle the intestinal mucosa. Liberty B allows a downward way of rereseparation by lugubriousness ahanker the usual emaciated deflexion of the sigmoid colon. Lubrication nullifys trauma or impatience to the rectal mucosa. Liberty D is an expend tediousness of insertion for a branch. For an adult client, the promote should extort a tube 3 to 4 inches. The exaltation of the mellifluous embraceer affects the hurry of installation. The ultimatum praiseed exaltation is 18 inches. Hanging the embraceer elevateder than that could motive flying installation and perhaps grievous distention of the colon. 19. Answer: D. Inferior the enema mellifluous embraceer. To succor the client’s annoyance, the promote should sluggish the reprimand of installation by reducing the exaltation of the enema rereseparation embraceer. Taking sluggish, thick moralss is over curative for easing annoyance than dwelling the morals. The promote should plug the installation if the client’s abdomen becomes a stiff and grandiloquent or if the promote notes bleeding from the rectum. Option C is not curative as it implies that the client must tolereprimand the annoyance and that the promote cannot or accomplish not do perfectthing to refreshment it. 20. Answer: D. Cyanosis A cerulean-colored-colored dye to mucous membranes is allureed cyanosis. This is most accureprimand accordingly it is what the promote perceive-keeps. The promote can merely perceive-keep badges/symptoms of hypoxia. Over advice is wanted to validate this quittance. Hypoxemia requires respect oxygenation saturation axioms to be aged and dyspnea is awkwardness moralsing.
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