HCA 504 Health Care Economics Research Paper Instructions…

HCA 504 Health Care Economics
Research Paper Instructions
Spring 2016
Fevzi Akinci, Ph.D.
General Instructions:
As stated on p. 6 of the courses syllabus, Research Paper will constitute 40% of the final grade in HCA 504. You are asked to complete a 15-page research paper on a health care economics topic covered in this class as part of a team.
Potential topics include production function analysis of X (nursing home services), supply and demand analysis of Y (physician services), economic evaluation of Z (cost-benefit analysis of interventions to prevent Type 2 diabetes), technical efficiency analysis of X (for profit vs not-for profit hospitals), comparative health care system analysis (USA vs Canada), etc. Please make sure to establish clear relevance of your topic to appropriate health care economics concepts and theories.
Please submit your research topic to the course instructor for approval by 5:00 pm on March 26, 2016. Research papers will be due on May 6, 2016. You are encouraged to follow the example outline below for your papers.
Prof. Dr. Fevzi Akinci
Topic (Title) of your paper Author (your) name Abstract

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HCA 504 Health Care Economics Research Paper Instructions…
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  • 100-150 words
  • Should be done last!

Introduction (1-2 pages)

  • Purpose statement (i.e., the purpose of this paper is ….)
  • Significance and relevance of the chosen topic (i.e., it is important to study this topic because …) supported by appropriate background literature
  • Organization of the paper (i.e., the sections to follow and what is discussed in each section)

Literature Review Methodology (1/2- page)

  • Description of the databases searched (i.e., PubMed, EBSCOhost, etc.)
  • List of key search terms used (i.e., “community health center”, “health centers”, “Technical efficiency” “production functions”, etc.)
  • Explanation of the criteria of relevance (i.e., what criteria did you use to identify relevant literature on your topic?)
  • Time frame specified for the search?
    Total number of citations identified (N)
  • Total number of relevant citations (n)
  • Total number of relevant citations used in the paper (all n? or less than n?)

Findings (the most important section of the paper- length depends on the volume of relevant studies identified –about 8-10 pages?)
Integrated summary of research findings
Make sure to establish clear relevance of your topic to appropriate health care economics concepts and theories
You can use appropriate subheadings to organize this section
Try to highlight the main themes emerged rather than listing the specific findings of each study
Discussion (2 pages) What are the managerial and policy implications of the study findings presented in the previous section?
What are the limitations of your research?
Did you identify the gaps in the literature?
Summary and Conclusions (1 page) What is your overall conclusion?
What are your recommendations for future research?
Are there any specific policy and/or managerial recommendations?