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Health and Illness

  • As defined by the World Bloom Organization (WHO): propound of entire visible, intangible and gregarious welfare, not narrowly the nonproduction of ailment or weakness.
  1. A regard for the detail as a total scheme
  2. A judgment of bloom that identifies interior and palpefficacious environment
  3. An reception of the weight of an detail’s role in society
*A dynamic propound in which the detail adapts to veers in interior and palpefficacious environment to guard a propound of courteous-mannered-mannered disposition
Models of Bloom and Illness
1. Health-Illness Continuum (Neuman) – Degree of client courteous-manneredness that exists at any top in date, ranging from an optimal courteous-mannerednesscondition, after a period beneficial immateriality at its ultimatum, to termination which represents total immateriality depletion. 2. High – Equalize Wellness Type (Halbert Dunn) – It is oriented inland maximizing the bloom germinative of an detail.This type requires the detail to guard a continuum of pit and purposeful line after a periodin the environment. 3. Agent – Army – environment Type (Leavell) – The equalize of bloom of an detail or bunch depends on the dynamic homogeneity of the proxy, army and environment
  • Agent – any interior or palpefficacious element that ailment or indisposition.
  • Host – the idiosyncratic or idiosyncratics who may be tender to a detail indisposition or ailment
  • Environment – consists of all elements after a periodout of the army
4. Health – Permission Model – Addresses the homogeneity among a idiosyncratic’s permission and behaviors. It provides a way of intellect and predicting how clients obtain beaccept in affinity to their bloom and how they obtain give-in after a period bloom regard therapies. Four Components
  • The detail is apprehension of impressibility to an indisposition
  • The detail’s apprehension of the seriousness of the indisposition
  • The perceived menace of a ailment
  • The perceived benefits of vestibule the insufficiencyful destructive measures
5. Evolutionary – Based Model – Indisposition and termination serves as a evolutionary office. Evolutionary vipower reflects the degree to which individual’s office to elevate continuance and welfare. The type interrelates the aftercited elements:
  • Life events
  • Life diction determinants
  • Evolutionary vipower after a periodin the gregarious context
  • Control apprehensions
  • Vipower emotions
  • Health outcomes
6. Health Advancement Model – A “complimentary copy types of bloom protection”. Directed at increasing a client’s equalize of courteous-mannered-mannered disposition. Decipher the infer for client’s competition bloom-advancement behaviors. The type rendezvouses on three offices:
  • It identifies elements (demographic and gregariously) augment or decline the competition in bloom advancement
  • It organizes cues into precedent to decipher apparition of a client’s competition bloom-advancement behaviors
  • It deciphers the infers that details occupy in bloom activities
  • State in which a idiosyncratic’s visible, tender, metaphysical, gregarious developintangible or divine officeing is mixed or deteriorated. It is a situation characterized by a gap from a regular, bloomy propound.
3 Stages of Illness
  1. Stage of Denial – Refusal to avow indisposition; trouble, consternation, sensitiveness and aggressiveness.
  2. Stage of Acceptance – Turns to authoritative succor for backance
  3. Stage of Recovery (Rehabilitation or Convalescence) – The unrepining goes through of resolving forfeiture or want of office
  1. A dynamic, bloom oriented manner that backs detail who is ill or disabled to finish his first practicefficacious equalize of visible, intangible, divine, gregarious and thin officeing.
  2. Abilities not disabilities are emphasized.
  3. Begins during primal continuity after a period the unrepining
  4. Emphasis is on restoring the unrepining to anarchy or retrieve his pre-illness/predispower equalize of office as less a date as practicable
  5. Patient must be an locomotive participant in the rehabilitation motive elucidation an din rehabilitation manner.
Focuses of Rehabilitation
  1. Coping precedent
  2. Functional power – rendezvouses on self-care: activities of daily wave (ADL); alimentation, bathing/hygiene, dressing/grooming, toileting and mobility
  3. Mobility
  4. Integrity of skin
  5. Control of bowel and bladder office


Health, Indisposition and Wellness Practice Exam (PM)**

Choose the message of the rectify tally. Good luck!
Congratulations - you accept entired Health, Indisposition and Wellness Practice Exam (PM)**. You mandibled %%SCORE%% out of %%TOTAL%%. Your deed has been rated as %%RATING%%
Your tallys are loftylighted underneath.
Question 1
In the Bloom Permission Model, the foster recognizes that the rendezvous is placed on the:
Relation of apprehensions and consent after a period therapy
Functioning of the detail in all size
Basic rational insufficiencys for continuance
Multidimensional disposition of clients and their interaction after a period the environment
Question 1 Explanation:
In the Bloom Permission Model, the foster rendezvouses on the affinity among a idiosyncratic’s permissions and bloom behaviors. By rendezvousing on the client’s apprehensions of bloom, the foster is meliorate efficacious to learn and forebode how a client obtain give-in after a period bloom regard therapies.
Question 2
Which one of the aftercited is one of the deep, balancereaching motives for Wholesome People
Elimination of bloom disparities.
Determination of acceptefficacious morbidity rates.
Investigation of be affront.
Reduction of bloom regard costs.
Question 2 Explanation:
Two balancearching motives for Wholesome People 2010 are (1) to growth kind and years of bloomy society, and (2) to reject bloom disparities.
Question 3
Client tribute provides the foster after a period insufficiencyful notice for the fruit of a project of regard. Destroy elements are grave to authenticate to back the client, if practicable, to accord and modify his or her societystyle. Which one of the aftercited tribute findings indicates a societydiction destroy element?
Industrial-based occupation
Overcrowded housing
Question 4
The client propounds, “Heart ailment runs in our lineage. My order wave has been lofty.” The foster determines that this is an in of the client’s:
Risk elements
Active strategy
Health permissions
Negative bloom behavior
Question 4 Explanation:
Risk elements are everything that growths the vulnerpower of an detail or bunch to an indisposition or garb. This client is authenticateing the visible destroy element of genetic detriment to center ailment.
Question 5
Thither are opposed ways to contemplate on bloom and indisposition. When formulating a determination of “health,” a idiosyncratic should deduce that bloom, after a periodin its floating determination, is:
The nonproduction of ailment
The power to supervene activities of daily wave
A office of the physiological propound
A propound of courteous-mannered-mannered disposition involving the total idiosyncratic
Question 5 Explanation:
When formulating a determination of “health,” a idiosyncratic should deduce the total idiosyncratic, as courteous-mannered-mannered as the environment in which the idiosyncratic lives. Bloom generally implies a propound of courteous-mannered-mannered disposition, which is notwithstanding defined in conditions of the detail.
Question 6
The client ordinary a genus transmit and is now unefficacious to effort. She is worried encircling her husband’s emphasis equalize owing of her indisposition and the insufficiency for him to engage balance her daily activities in the home. The client is in the manner of adapting to a veer in:
Family dynamics
Body image
Illness behavior
Question 6 Explanation:
The proceeds of indisposition on the client and lineage accept created veer in lineage dynamics. Lineage dynamics is the manner by which the lineage offices, makes decisions, gives wave to detail members, and copes after a period unamazed veers and challenges.
Question 7
The foster bonds the equalizes of obstruction as a account for the types of client insufficiencys that are incontrovertible and the nursing regard that is granted. Which of the aftercited activities of the foster is an in of tertiary equalize destructive regard giving?
Arranging for a hospice foster to scrutinize after a period the lineage of a client after a period cancer
Teaching a client how to submerge a new colostomy
Providing a assort on hygiene for an constituent train assort
Informing a client that immunizations for her infant are beneficial through the bloom department
Question 7 Explanation:
Tertiary obstruction occurs when a want or dispower is enduring and irreversible. Regard of the hospice foster at this equalize bequest to succor the client and the client’s lineage finish as lofty a equalize of officeing as practicable, opposing the limitations caused by the cancer.
Question 8
When assessing the palpefficacious unsteadys that wave a client’s bloom permissions and practices, the foster must deduce his:
Income foothold
Educational contrast
Reaction to the center ailment
Religious practices
Question 8 Explanation:
External unsteadys influencing a idiosyncratic’s bloom permissions and practices understand lineage practices, cultural contrast, and socioeconomic elements, such as allowance. Economic variefficacious s may assume a client’s equalize of bloom by increasing the destroy for ailment and influencing how or at what top the client enters the bloom regard scheme. A idiosyncratic’s consent after a period the texture to guard or reform bloom to-boot is assumeed by economic foothold.
Question 9
The client is a paraplegic and is in the hospital for an electrolyte imbalance. Based on the equalizes of obstruction, the client is receiving regard at the:
Tertiary obstruction equalize
Primary obstruction equalize
Health advancement equalize
Secondary obstruction equalize
Question 9 Explanation:
The resultant obstruction equalize rendezvouses on forthcoming speciality and apt texture as courteous-mannered-mannered as on dispower limitations. Adequate texture for the electrolyte impit is sought to intercept excite complications.
Question 10
A foster is using a holistic appropinquation after a period a client. To bond all of the elements that may wave the client, the foster should accord to the client as supervenes:
“The laboratory tests divulge the insufficiency to contract your daily percentage of fat grams.”
“I would enjoy you to consummate this drill unintermittently a day.”
“Your physician has left nod for you to supervene.”
“Adapting your viands and principle obtain inferior your order glucose equalizes.”
Question 10 Explanation:
Using a holistic appropinquation involves deduceation of all elements that may assume a client’s equalize of courteous-mannered-mannered disposition in all size, not lawful visible bloom. Factors such as viands and drill can wave one’s equalize of bloom.
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