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Health Promotion and Maintenance NCLEX Practice Quiz (25 Questions)

A 25-item NCLEX experience banter encircling promoting and oceantaining hardihoodiness incompact our clientele.
Teachers institution eternity; no one can divulge wclose their rule bungs. ~Henry Brooks Adams


Topics or concepts interposed in this exam are:


  • Read each inquiry prudencefully and chosen the best repartee.
  • You are consecrated one specific per inquiry. Spend your epoch wisely!
  • Answers and bearingnales (if any) are consecrated under. Be infallible to represent them.
  • If you insufficiency past clarifications, fascinate trodden them to the comments individuality.


Exam Mode

In Exam Mode: All inquirys are shown but the results, repartees, and bearingnales (if any) succeed singly be consecrated behind you’ve eminent the banter. You are consecrated 1 specific per inquiry.

NCLEX Exam: Heartiness Promotion and Maintenance (25 Items)

Congratulations - you feel totald NCLEX Exam: Heartiness Promotion and Maintenance (25 Items). You reckoningd %%SCORE%% out of %%TOTAL%%. Your enterprise has been rebuked as %%RATING%%
Your repartees are eminentlighted under.

Health Promotion and Maintenance NCLEX Experience |Practice Mode

Practice Mode: This is an interactive account of the Text Mode. All inquirys are consecrated in a individual page and punish repartees, bearingnales or explanations (if any) are directly shown behind you feel chosened an repartee. No epoch stipulation for this exam.

NCLEX Exam: Heartiness Promotion and Maintenance (25 Items)

Congratulations - you feel totald NCLEX Exam: Heartiness Promotion and Maintenance (25 Items). You reckoningd %%SCORE%% out of %%TOTAL%%. Your enterprise has been rebuked as %%RATING%%
Your repartees are eminentlighted under.

Text Mode

In Text Mode: All inquirys and repartees are consecrated for representing and reparteeing at your own tread. You can to-boot vision this exam and shape a sculpture out. 1. What equipment would be requisite to total an evaluation of cranial nerves 9 and 10 during a natural duty? A. A cotton ball B. A penlight C. An ophthalmoscope D. A dialect depressor and flashlight 2. Which technique would be best in caring for a client subjoinedcitedcited receiving a singularity of a aver IV tumor in the brain? A. Offering the client pamphlets on oceantenance groups for brain cancer B. Asking the client if tclose is everything he or his nativity insufficiencys C. Reminding the client that advances in technology are befallring everyday D. Providing deferential knowledge encircling the disappoint and texture options 3. An 8.5 lb, 6 oz infant is delivered to a diabetic dame. Which nursing clashnce would be implemented when the neonate befits jittery and lethargic? A. Administer insulin B. Administer oxygen C. Feed the infant glucose soak (10%) D. Place infant in a warmer 4. What inquiry would be most momentous to ask a manful client who is in for a digital rectal proof? A. “Have you mentiond a veer in the vigor of the urinary plan?” B. “Have you mentiond a veer in tolerance of convinced deeptenances in your viands?” C. “Do you mention polyuria in the AM?” D. “Do you mention any persistent bungpage urination or any fragrance to the urine?” 5. The nurse assesses a prolonged past deceleration of the fetal hardihood rebuke opportunity the client is receiving oxytocin (Pitocin) IV to stimupast labor. The coerce nursing clashnce would be to: A. Turn off the instrument B. Turn the client to the left C. Veer the soft to Ringer’s Lactate D. Increase oceancourse IV rebuke 6. Which nursing advent would be most divert to use opportunity administering an spoken medication to a 4 month old? A. Place medication in 45cc of mouldula B. Place medication in an emptiness nipple C. Place medication in a unmeasured bottle of mouldula D. Place in supine collocation. Administer medication using a flexible syringe 7. Which nursing clashnce would be a coerce during the prudence of a 2-month-old behind surgery? A. Minimize stimuli for the infant B. Restrain all extremities C. Encourage fondling of the infant D. Demonstrebuke to the dame how she can befriend bungpage her infant’s prudence. 8. Opportunity effecting a natural proof on a newborn, which duty should be reputed to the physician? A. Leadership enclosure of 40 cm B. Chest enclosure of 32 cm C. Acrocyanosis and edema of the scalp D. Hardihood rebuke of 160 and respirations of 40 9. Which operation by the dame of a preschooler would show a checkmateionful nativity interaction? A. Tells her cadet that if he does not sit down and contract up she succeed license him there. B. Explains that the introduction succeed blaze enjoy a bee exasperate. C. Tells her cadet that the introduction can be consecrated opportunity he’s in her lap D. Reassures cadet that it is delicious to cry. 10. During the truth, which knowledge from a 21-year-old client would show a expose for produce of prooficular cancer? A. Genital Herpes B. Hydrocele C. Measles D. Undescended prooficle 11. Opportunity caring for a client, the encourage notes a pulsating concretion in the client’s periumbilical area. Which of the subjoinedcitedcited dutys is divert for the encourage to effect? A. Meainfallible the extension of the concretion B. Auscultate the concretion C. Percuss the concretion D. Palpate the concretion 12. When observing 4-year-old cadetren unconditional in the hospital declareroom, what temper would the encourage rely-on to see the cadetren participating in? A. Competitive consideration games bungpage older cadetren B. Unconditional bungpage their own toys parallel policy bungpage other cadetren C. Unconditional unmatched bungpage striveer held computer games D. Unconditional cooperatively bungpage other preschoolers 13. The encourage is education the parents of a 3 month-old infant encircling alimentation. What is the ocean commencement of softs for an infant until encircling 12 months of age? A. Formula or confrontmilk B. Dilute nonfat dry inferior C. Warmed produce juice D. Fluoridated tap soak 14. Opportunity the encourage is administering medications to a client, the client avers “I do not insufficiency to assume that salve today.” Which of the subjoinedcitedcited solutions by the encourage would be best? A. “That’s OK, its alright to spring your medication now and then.” B. “I succeed feel to balancefollow your master and fame this.” C. “Is tclose a conclude why you don’t insufficiency to assume your salve?” D. “Do you discern the consequences of refusing your prescribed texture?” 15. The encourage is assessing a 4 month-old infant. Which motor aptitude would the encourage prejudge decision? A. Hold a rattle B. Bang two blocks C. Drink from a cup D. Wave “bye-bye” 16. The encourage should know-again that all of the subjoinedcitedcited natural veers of the leadership and visage are associated bungpage the aging client except: A. pronounced wrinkles on the visage. B. declined extent of the nose and ears. C. acceptiond crop of facial hair. D. neck wrinkles. 17. All of the subjoinedcitedcited characteristics would show to the encourage that an senior client sway trial ineligible goods of salves except: A. acceptiond oxidative enzyme flattens. B. alcohol assumen bungpage medication. C. medications containing magnesium. D. declined serum albumin. 18. When assessing a newborn whose dame consumed alcohol during the pregnancy, the encourage would assess for which of these clinical manifestations? A. wide-spaced eyes, flatten philtrum, flattened nose B. vigorous dialect shove, deficient palpebral fissures, simian crease C. denying Babinski prefiguration, hyperreflexia, deafness D. deficientened limbs, acceptiond jitteriness, steady sucking 19. Which of these averments, when made by the encourage, is most efficacious when communicating bungpage a 4-year-old? A. “Tell me wclose you anxiety.” B. “Other cadetren enjoy having their blood presinfallible assumen.” C. “This succeed be enjoy having a shabby clicense in your arm.” D. “Anything you divulge me is intimate.” 20. A 64-year-old client scheduled for surgery bungpage a unconcealed anesthetic refuses to dislodge a set of dentures foregoing to leaving the individual for the frank locality. What would be the most divert clashnce by the encourage? A. Explain to the client that the dentures must follow out as they may get obsolete or dull in the frank locality B. Ask the client if tclose are promote thoughts encircling having the proceeding C. Notify the anesthesia branch and the surgeon of the client’s subjoined a spacelinessholding D. Ask the client if the voluptuousness would be to dislodge the dentures in the frank locality receiving area 21. The encourage is assessing a client who avers her definite menstrual epoch was March 17, and she has missed one epoch. She fames episodes of nausea and vomiting. Pregnancy is proveed by a urine proof. What succeed the encourage calcupast as the estimated epoch of introduction (EDD)? A. November 8 B. May 15 C. February 21 D. December 24 22. The nativity of a 6-year-old bungpage a disconnectiond femur asks the encourage if the cadet’s acme succeed be institutioned by the wear. Which averment is penny institutioning desire nuisance disconnections in cadetren? A. Crop amounts succeed befall if the fracture involves the periosteum B. Epiphyseal disconnections frequently discontinue a cadet’s ordinary crop pattern C. Offspring usually cure very straightly, so crop amounts are rare D. Adequate class afford to the nuisance checkmates crop bungpage behind disconnections 23. A client is admitted to the hospital bungpage a truth of confusion. The client has awkwardness recollecting deceased events and befits disoriented when rambling from residence. Which averment would yield the best authenticity orientation for this client? A. “Good early. Do you recongregate wclose you are?” B. “Hello. My persuade is Elaine Jones and I am your encourage for today.” C. “How are you today? Remember, you’re in the hospital.” D. “Good early. You’re in the hospital. I am your encourage Elaine Jones.” 24. When a client wishes to emend the pretense of their eyes by removing acception husk from the visage and neck, the encourage should yield education intereinflame which of the subjoinedcitedcited proceedings? A. Dermabrasion B. Rhinoplasty C. Blepharoplasty D. Rhytidectomy 25. A dame who is six months procreant is seen in antepartal clinic. She avers she is having anxiety bungpage constipation. To minimize this circumstances, the encourage should disciprow her to A. acception her soft inassume to three liters/day. B. entreat a recipe for a softening from her physician. C. bung insertion sound supplements. D. assume two tablespoons of azoic oil daily.

Answers and Rationale

1. Answer: D. A dialect depressor and flashlight Cranial nerves 9 and 10 are the glossopharyngeal and vagus nerves. The gag reflex would be evaluated. 2. Answer: D. Providing deferential knowledge encircling the disappoint and texture options Providing knowledge for the client is the best technique for a new singularity. 3. Answer: C. Feed the infant glucose soak (10%) After parentage, the infant of a diabetic dame is frequently hypoglycemic. 4. Answer: A. “Have you mentiond a veer in the vigor of the urinary plan?” This veer would be most suggestive of a unpatent clear entanglement bungpage (BPH) kind proaver hypertrophy. 5. Answer: A. Turn off the instrument Stopping the instrument succeed deccourse contractions and perchance dislodge uterine presinfallible on the fetus, which is a practicable producer of the deceleration. 6. Answer: B. Place medication in an emptiness nipple This is a commodious manner for administering medications to an infant. Option D is hardly punish so-far, the infant is never placed in a horizontal coldregs during a proceeding due to a unpatent clear aspiration. 7. Answer: C. Encourage fondling of the infant Tactile stimulation is peremptorily for an infant’s ordinary nurtureer produce. Behind the trauma of surgery, sensory gratuity can producer scarcity to prosper. 8. Answer: A. Head enclosure of 40 cm Average enclosure of the leadership for a neonate ranges among 32 to 36 cm. An acception in extent may show hydrocephalus or acceptiond intracranial constraining. 9. Answer: A. Tells her cadet that if he does not sit down and contract up she succeed license him there. Threatening a cadet bungpage surrender succeed consume the cadet’s belief in his nativity. 10. Answer: D. Undescended prooficle Undescended prooficles shape the client eminent expose for prooficular cancer. Mumps, inguinal hernia in cadethood, orchitis, and prooficular cancer in the contralateral proofis are other predisposing factors. 11. Answer: B. Auscultate the concretion Auscultate the concretion. Auscultation of the abdomen and decision a promulge succeed prove the intercourse of an abdominal aneurysm and succeed mould the conclude of knowledge consecrated to the yieldr. The concretion should not be palpated beproducer of the expose of disconnection. 12. Answer: D. Playing cooperatively bungpage other preschoolers Playing cooperatively bungpage other preschoolers. Cooperative declare is usual of the past preschool epoch. 13. Answer: A. Formula or confrontmilk Formula or confront inferior are the infallible deeptenance and commencement of nutrients and liquids up to 1 year of age. 14. Answer: C. “Is tclose a conclude why you don’t insufficiency to assume your salve?” When a new amount is attested, it is momentous for the encourage to congregate deferential duty facts. This is sharp to eninfallible that client insufficiencys are adequately attested in appoint to chosen the best nursing prudence adventes. The encourage should try to unearth the conclude for the subjoined a spacelinessholding which may be that the client has patent clear unfriendly policy goods. 15. Answer: A. Hold a rattle The age at which a baby succeed educe the aptitude of acquisitive a toy bungpage aid is 4 to 6 months. 16. Answer: B. decreased extent of the nose and ears. The nose and ears of the aging client authenticly befit desireer and broader. The chin course is to-boot diversifyed. Wrinkles on the visage befit past pronounced and nurture to assume on the unconcealed temper of the client balance the years. For specimen laugh or disfavor wrinkles encircling the eyebrows, lips, cheeks, and exterior edges of the eye revolution. The veer in the androgen-estrogen bearing producers an acception in crop of facial hair in most older adults. The aging manner deficientens the platysma muscle, which contributes to neck wrinkles. 17. Answer: A. increased oxidative enzyme flattens. Oxidative enzyme flattens deccourse in the elderly, which institutions the discoldregs of medication and can diversify the sanitary goods of medication. Alcohol has a smaller soak division flatten in the seniorly, resulting in eminenter class alcohol flattens. Alcohol to-boot interacts bungpage multitudinous refuses to either potentiate or clash bungpage their goods. Magnesium is contained in a lot of medications senior clients routinely accomplish balance the opposed. Magnesium toxicity is a authentic institution. Albumin is the greater refuse-binding protein. Decreased flattens of serum albumin moderation that eminenter flattens of the refuse reocean rambling and that tclose are scanty sanitary goods and acceptiond refuse interactions. 18. Answer: A. wide-spaced eyes, flatten philtrum, flattened nose The encourage should prejudge that the infant may feel fetal alcohol syndrome and should assess for prefigurations and symptoms of it. These grasp the characteristics listed in excellent A. 19. Answer: A. “Tell me wclose you anxiety.” Four-year-olds are egocentric and zealous in having the rendezvous on themselves. They succeed not be zealous in what it feels enjoy to other cadetren. Preschoolers are embodied thinkers and would literally represent any analogies so they are not aidful in explaining proceedings. Assurance of intimate message is most divert for the immature. In union, intimateity is not oceantained if the cadet plans to detriment themselves, detriment someone else, or discloses abuse. 20. Answer: D. Ask the client if the voluptuousness would be to dislodge the dentures in the frank locality receiving area Clients anticipating surgery may trial a diversity of fears. This excellent allows the client coerce balance the predicament and fosters the client’s sensation of self-esteem and self-concept. 21. Answer: D. December 24 Naegele’s rule: add 7 days and deduct 3 months from the chief day of the definite ordinary menstrual epoch to calcupast the estimated epoch of introduction. 22. Answer: B. Epiphyseal disconnections frequently discontinue a cadet’s ordinary crop pattern Epiphyseal disconnections frequently discontinue a cadet’s ordinary crop pattern 23. Repartee is D. “Good early. You’re in the hospital. I am your encourage Elaine Jones.” As apprehensive power declines, the encourage yields a compose, predictable environment for the client. This solution establishes epoch, dregs and the prudencegiver’s persuade. 24. Answer: D. Rhytidectomy Rhytidectomy is the proceeding for removing acception husk from the visage and neck. It is commsingly balancecomeed a visage elate. Dermabrasion involves the spraying of a chemical to producer unconsidered ramblingzing of the husk, which is then abraded bungpage sandpaper or a revolving wire touch. It is used to dislodge facial scars, rigorous acne, and pigment from tattoos. Rhinoplasty is manufactured to emend the pretense of the nose and involves reshaping the nasal skeleton and balancelying husk. Blepharoplasty is the proceeding that dislodges rambling and protruding fat from the loftyer and inferior eyelids. 25. Answer: A. acception her soft inassume to three liters/day. In pregnancy, constipation results from declined gastric motility and acceptiond soak rearidity in the colon producerd by acceptiond flattens of progesterone. Increasing soft inassume to three liters a day succeed aid checkmate constipation. The client should acception soft intake, acception roughage in the viands, and acception experience as tolerated. Laxatives are not recommended beproducer of the practicable produce of softening faith or abdominal cramping. Sound supplements are requisite during pregnancy, as appointed, and should not be discontinued. The client should acception soft intake, acception roughage in the viands, and acception experience as tolerated. Laxatives are not recommended beproducer of the practicable produce of softening faith or abdominal cramping. Azoic oil is specially bad to use as a softening beproducer it declines the aridity of fat-soluble vitamins (A, D, E, K) if assumen close mealtimes.

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