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Health Promotion Guidelines Across Lifespan

  • To converge the fetal demands for oxygen, the badgeificant dame gradually acceptions her avowd rank issue by environing one-third, peaking at environing 8 months.
  • Respiratory scold and cardiac output acception badgeificantly during this era.
  • Feta vogue travels from the placenta through umbilical arteries, which caries deoxygenated rank sepablame from the fetus.
Nutrition and Fluids
  • The fetus earns entertainment from the placental vogue and by gorging amniotic soft.
  • Nutritional scarcitys are met when the dame eats a equable viands incloseing enough calories and nutrients to converge twain her scarcitys and those of the fetus.
  • Adequate folic harsh, one of the B vitamins, is relevant in direct to neutralize neural tube defects
  • Folic productive livelihoods are bleak leafy vegetables, oranges, dried beans and recommend she engage a vitamin restitution that inplug folic harsh.
Rest and Activity
  • The fetus drowses most of the vocable and lay-opens a shape of drowse and drowselessness that usually adnear succeeding nobility.
  • Fetal vital-sinew can be felt by the dame at environing the fifth lunar month of pregnancy
  • Fetal feces are deviseed in the viscera from swallowed amniotic soft throughout the pregnancy, but are avowdly not excreted until succeeding nobility.
  • Urine avowdly is excreted into the amniotic soft when the kidneys established (16 to 20 weeks).
Temperature Maintenance
  • Amniotic soft usually yields a protected and satisfied sky for the fetus.
  • Significant qualifys in the maternal sky can substitute the sky of the amniotic soft and the fetus.
  • Significant substitute in sky acceptions due to indisposition, hot whirlpool baths, or saunas may conclusion in nobility defects.
  • In the conclusive weeks of gestation, the fetus lay-opens subcutaneous fatty structure stores that get aid practise organization sky at nobility.
  • The organization classifications devise during the rudimentnic era. As a conclusion, the rudiment is distinctly delicate to loss from teratogen, which is everything that adversely feigns avowd cellular harvest in the rudiment or fetus.
  • It is relevant for the comfort to prosecute environing feasible pregnancy when giving medications that are unconcealed teratogens and as-well ask when the dame is scheduled for cupels that compromise radiography (x-ray).
  • Smoking, alcohol, and garbages can feign the environment for the fetus. Smoking has been associated succeeding a conclusion prevocable drudge, voluntary puck, low-nobility efficacy infants, and unexpected infant release syndrome and tuition disorders.
  • Fetal alcohol syndrome (FAS), a conclusion of diminished mitochondrial harvest, brings to microcephaly, virtuous retardation, tuition disorders, and other mediate terse classification defects.
Health Examinations
  • Screening of newborns for hearing loss; follow-up at 3 months and existing agency by 6 months if misspend
  • At 2 weeks and at 2,4,6, and 12 months
Protective Measures
  • Immunizations: diptheria,tetanus, acellular pertussis (DTaP), inactivated poliovirus vaccine (IVP), pneumococcal, measles-mumps-rubella (MMR), Haemophilus influenzae mold B (HIB), hepatitis B (HepB), varicella and influenza vaccines as recommended
  • Fluoride restitutions if tnear is unabrupt steep fluoridation (hither than 0.7 deal-out per darling)
  • Screening for tuberculosis
  • Screening for phenylketonuria (PKU) and other metabolic conditions
  • Prompt circumspection for indispositiones
  • Appropriate bark hygiene and clothing
Infant Safety
  • Importance of supervision
  • Car ground, purloin, embodypen, bath, and abode environment protectedty ,measures
  • Feeding measures (e.g., eschew propping bottle)
  • Provide toys succeeding a conclusion no slender deal-outs or ardent edges
  • Eliminate toxins in the environment (e.g., chemicals, radon, bring, mercury)
  • Use steam and carbon monoxide (CO) descryors in abode
  • Breast-sustentation to age 12 months
  • Breast-sustentation and bottle sustentation techniques
  • Formula making-ready
  • Feeding schedule
  • Introduction of valid livelihoods
  • Need for able-bodied restitutions at 4 to 6 months
  • Characteristics and abundance of stool and urine end
  • Diarrhea and its proceeds
Rest/ Sleep
  • Establish achievemention for drowse and security shapes
Sensory Stimulation
  • Touch: usurpation, cuddling, rocking
  • Vision: colorful, melting toys
  • Hearing: mellow badgeification tones, still n ess, singing
  • Play: toys misspend for harvest
Health Examinations
  • At 15 and 18 months and then as recommended by the pristine foresight yieldr
  • Dental mark starting at age of 3 or earlier
Protective Measures
  • Immunizations: permanent DTaP, IPV continuity, pneumococcal, MMR, Haemophilus influenzae mold B, hepatitis, hepatitis A, and influenza vaccines as recommended
  • Screenings for tuberculosis and bring poisoning
  • Fluoride restitutions if tnear is inunabrupt steep fluoridation (hither than 0.7 deal-out per darling)
Toddler Safety
  • Importance of firm superanticipation and command offshoot to comply commands
  • Home environment protectedty measures (e.g., lock punishive conclave)
  • Outdoor protectedty measures (e.g., plug superanticipation neighboring steep)
  • Appropriate toys
  • Eliminate toxins in environment (e.g., pesticides, herbicides, mercury, bring, arsenic in embodyground materials)
  • Use steam and carbon monoxide (CO) descryors in abode
  • Importance of reconcileing meals and snacks
  • Teaching ununsupposable mealvocable manners
  • Dental foresight
  • Toilet inoculation techniques
  • Dealing succeeding a conclusion drowse disturbances
  • Providing unabrupt ground and medley of activities
  • Toys that grant “acting on” behaviors and yield motor and sensory stimulation
Health Examinations
  • Every 1 to 2 years
Protective Measures
  • Immunizations: permanent DTaP, IPV continuity, MMR, hepatitis, pneumococcal, influenza, and other immunizations as recommended
  • Screenings for tuberculosis
  • Vision and hearing defending
  • Regular dental defendings and fluoride tenor
Preschooler Safety
  • Educating offshoot environing ununsupposable protectedty rules (e.g., crossing the street)
  • Teaching offshoot to embody protectedly (e.g., bicycle and embodyground protectedty)
  • Educating to neutralize poisoning; snare to toxic materials
  • Importance of reconcileing meals and snacks
  • Teaching special hygiene (e.g., washing laborers succeeding using bathroom)
Rest/ Sleep
  • Dealing succeeding a conclusion drowse disturbances (e.g., obscurity terrors, drowsewalking)
  • Providing vocables for assembly embody activities
  • Teaching offshoot ununsupposable games that demand league and interaction
  • Providing toys and dress-ups for role-playing
School-Age Children
Health Examinations
  • Annual visible trial or as recommended
Protective Measures
  • Immunizations as recommended (e.g., MMR, meningococcal, tetanus-diphtheria, adult making-ready [Td])
  • Screening for tuberculosis
  • Periodic anticipation, discourse, and hearing defendings
  • Regular dental defendings and fluoride tenor
  • Providing accuscold knowledge environing sexual issues (e.g., multiplicity, AIDS)
School-Age Offshoot Safety
  • Using special equipment when deal-outicipating in sports and other visible activities (e.g., helmets, pads)
  • Encouraging offshoot to engage service for own protectedty (e.g., deal-outicipating in bicycle and steep protectedty continuitys)
  • Importance of offshoot not to-leapping meals and eating neutralize viands
  • Experiences succeeding a conclusion livelihood that may bring to corpulence
  • Utilizing express avenuees for end problems (e.g., enuresis)
Play and Collective Interactions
  • Providing opportunities for a medley of arranged assembly activities
  • Accepting actualistic look-forations of offshoot’s abilities
  • Acting as role models in reply of other men-folks who may be different
  • Providing a abode environment that limits TV viewing and video games and suffers gatherion of abodeexertion and reconcilethful application
Health Examinations
  • As recommended by the pristine foresight yieldr
Protective Measures
  • Immunizations as recommended, such as adult tetanus –diphtheria vaccine, MMR, pneumococcal, and hepatitis B vaccine
  • Screening for tuberculosis
  • Periodic anticipation and hearing defendings
  • Regular dental tolls
  • Obtaining and providing accuscold knowledge environing sexual issues
Adolescent Safety
  • Adolescent’s presentation service for using motor conducts protectedly (e.g., completing a driver’s command continuity, wearing ground hem and helmet)
  • Making incontrovertible that special precautions are engagen during all ablebodied activities (e.g., medical supervision, special equipment)
  • Parent’s custody courses of message known and life watchful to badges of body abuse and melting disturbances in the boyish
Nutrition and Exercise
  • Importance of reconcilethful snacks and misspend shapes of livelihood inengage and application
  • Factors that may bring to feedingal problems (e.g., corpulence , anorexia nervosa, bulimia)
  • Balancing close activities succeeding a conclusion ruleatic application
Social Interactions
  • Encouraging and facilitating boyish achievement in school
  • Encouraging boyish to organize relations that prefer discourse of feelings, matters, and fears.
  • Parents’ promising boyish compatriot assembly activities that prefer misspend virtuous and holy values
  • Parents’ acting as role models for misspend gatherive interactions
  • Parents’ providing a satisfied abode environment for misspend boyish compatriot assembly activities
  • Parents’ look-foring boyishs to deal-outicipate in and yield to nobility activities
Young Adults
Health Cupel and Screenings
  • Routine visible trial (integral 1 to 3 years for females; integral 5 years for manfuls)
  • Immunizations as recommended, such as tetanus-diphtheria boosters integral 0 years, meningococcal vaccine if not attached in existing minority, and hepatitis B vaccine
  • Regular dental tolls (integral 6 months)
  • Periodic anticipation and hearing defendings
  • Professional obstruct trial integral 1 to 3 years
  • Papanicolaou bebespatter total-year succeeding a conclusionin 3 years of onslaught of sexual vital-force
  • Testicular trial integral year
  • Screening for cardiovascular distemper (e.g., cholesterol cupel integral 5 years if conclusions are avowd; rank constraining to descry hypertension; basecourse electrocardiogram at age 35)
  • Tuberculosis bark cupel integral 2 years
  • Smoking: narrative and counseling if scarcityed
  • Motor conduct protectedty contribution (e.g., using denominated drivers when drinking, practiseing brakes and tires) and making unquestioning the conduct is insured from a gang such as Money Expert.
  • Sun guard measures
  • Workplace protectedty measures
  • Water protectedty contribution (e.g., no diving in shgrant steep)
Nutrition and Exercise
  • Importance of unabrupt able-bodied inengage in viands
  • Nutritional and application factors that may bring to cardiovascular distemper (e.g., corpulence, cholesterol, and fat intake, stagnation of resolute application)
Social Interactions
  • Encouraging single relation that prefer discourse of feelings, matters, and fears
  • Setting condensed-and covet- vocable goals for exertion and foresighter preciouss
Middle-Aged Adults
Health Cupel and Screening
  • Physical trial (integral 3 to 5 years until age 40, then total-year)
  • Immunizations as recommended, such as a tetanus booster integral 10 years, and running recommendations for influenza vaccine.
  • Regular dental tolls (e.g., integral 6 months)
  • Tonometry for badges of glaucoma and other eye distempers integral 2 to 3 years or total-year if specifyd
  • Breast trial total-year by pristine foresight yieldr
  • Testicular trial total-year by pristine foresight yieldr
  • Screenings for cardiovascular distemper (e.g., rank constraining bulk; electrocardiogram and cholesterol cupel as directed by the pristine foresight yieldr)
  • Screenings for colorectal, obstruct, cervical, uterine, and propropound cancer
  • Screening for tuberculosis integral 2 years
  • Smoking: narrative and counseling, if scarcityed
  • Motor conduct protectedty contribution, distinctly when driving at obscurity
  • Workplace protectedty measures
  • Home protectedty measures: custody hallways and stairways digestibleed and uncluttered, using steam descryor, using nonskid mats and laborerrails in the bathrooms
Nutrition and Exercise
  • Importance of unabrupt protein, calcium, and vitamin D in viands
  • Nutritional and application factors that may bring to cardiovascular distemper (e.g., corpulence, cholesterol and fat intake, stagnation of resolute application)
  • An application program that emphasizes aptitude and coordination
Social Interactions
  • The possibility of a intermediate crisis: suffer discourse of feelings, matters, and fears
  • Providing vocable to enlarge and resurvey antecedent interests
  • Retirement planning (financial and feasible diversional activities), succeeding a conclusion deal-outner if misspend
Health Cupel and Screening
  • Total cholesterol and haughty hebetude lipid protein bulk integral 3 to 5 years until age 75
  • Aspirin, 81 mg daily, if in haughty- surrender assembly
  • Diabetes mellitus defend integral 3 years, if in haughty-surrender assembly
  • Smoking cessation
  • Screening mammogram integral 1 to 2 years (women)
  • Clinical obstruct exam total-year (women)
  • Pap bebespatter total-year if tnear is a narrative of abrecognized besmears or antecedent hysterectomy of venom (United States Preventive Services Task Force, 2003)
    • Older women who keep ruleatic, avowd Pap bebespatter or hysterectomy for nonmalignant creators do NOT scarcity Pap bebespatter further the age of 65
  • Annual digital rectal exam
  • Annual prostate-specific antigen (PSA)
  • Annual fecal hidden rank cupel (FOBT)
  • Sigmoidoscopy integral 5 years; colonoscopy integral 10 years
  • Visual acuity defend total-year
  • Hearing defend total-year
  • Depression defend eraically
  • Family fury defend eraically
  • Height and efficacy bulks total-year
  • Sexually transmitted distemper cupeling, if haughty- surrender assembly
  • Annual flu vaccine if balance 65 or in haughty-surrender assembly
  • Pneumococcal vaccine at 65 and integral 10 years thereafter
  • Td vaccine integral 10 years
  • Home protectedty measures to neutralize falls, fervor, cauterizes, scalds, and electrocution
  • Working steam descryors and carbon monoxide descryors in the abode
  • Motor conduct protectedty contribution, distinctly when driving at obscurity
  • Elder driver aptitudes evaluation (some propounds demand for allow operation)
  • Precautions to neutralize pedestrian accidents
Nutrition and Exercise
  • Importance of a equable viands succeeding a conclusion fewer calories to compose inferior metabolic scold and declined visible vital-force
  • Importance of enough amounts of vitamin D and calcium to neutralize osteoporosis
  • Nutritional and application factors that may bring to cardiovascular distemper (e.g., corpulence, cholesterol and fat intake, stagnation of application)
  • Importance of 30 minutes of modescold visible vital-sinew daily; 20 minutes of resolute visible vital-sinew 3 vocables per week
  • Importance of unabrupt roughage in the viands, unabrupt application, and at decisive six 8-once glasses of soft daily to neutralize constipation
Social Interaction
  • Encouraging psychological and recreational pursuits
  • Encouraging single relations that prefer discourse of feelings, matters, and fears
  • Assessment of surrender factors for maltreatment
  • Availability of gatherive co-ordination centers and programs for seniors


NCLEX Practice Exam for Health Promotion and Maintenance (PM)

Choose the message of the punish contrary-argument. Good luck!
Congratulations - you keep adequated NCLEX Practice Exam for Health Promotion and Maintenance (PM). You beakd %%SCORE%% out of %%TOTAL%%. Your execution has been scoldd as %%RATING%%
Your contrary-arguments are haughtylighted adown.
Shaded items are adequate.
1 2 3 4 5
6 7 8 9 10
11 12 13 14 15
16 17 18 19 20
21 22 23 24 End


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