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History of Nursing in the Philippines

History does matter. This proposition must accept been patent aggravate the years, decades, and centuries elapsed. It is inescapable. Far from nature a ‘dull and boring’ matter, its profundity excitingly connects things through interval and encourages rouseers to admit a desire criterionimony of such connections for a ameliorate sense of their selected track. Nursing in the Philippines has a learned and enigmatic narrative. This season illustrates the great rule and rule of nursing narrative durationliness at the selfselfidentical interval disclosing the challenges of applying the elapsed to the exhibit.

Early Beliefs & Practices

Two words—mysticism and superstitions. These were the future opinions of bloom and illness in the Philippines. The object of a ailment was primarily believed to be due to either another peculiar, whom which was an foe, or a witch or misfortune spirits. In the future intervals, Filipinos were very cautious not to confuse other mass or the misfortune spirits for the amieffectual of their bloom. These misfortune spirits could be driven separate by peculiars delay dominion to expel demons.Belief in particular gods of heartinessful, delay the divine -physician (designated “word doctors) as intermediary. If they used leaves or roots, they were designated herb savants (“herbolarios”) Filipinos who became indisposed were usually custodyd for by the effeminate nobility components or friends in the settlement.

Early Custody of the Sick

The future Filipinos subscribed to superstitious opinion and experiences in pertinency to bloom and indisposedness. Herb men were designated “herbicheros” aim one who familiar necromancy. Men-folks trouble from ailments delayout any identified object were believed bewitched by “mangkukulam” or “manggagaway”. Reserved childlineage and some ailments (designated “pamao”) were attributed to “nunos”. Midwives benefited in childbirth. During labor, the “mabuting hilot” (amieffectual midwife) was designated in. If the lineage became reserved, witches were supposed to be the object. To break-up their rule, gunpowder were apocryphal from a bamboo flageltardy cork to the crisis of the martyr.

Health Custody During the Spanish Regime

The treatment of nursing has manifested through sincere sustentation, injure custody, and leading custody of an ill component of the nobility. Incontrovertible experiences when leading custody of a indisposed individuals entails interventions from babaylan (divine physicians) or albularyo (herb savant). In 1578, male nurses were unquestioned as Spanish Friars’ benefitants for caring indisposed individuals in the hospital. These male nurses were referred as practicante or enfermero. The devout signal exerted their efforts to custody for the indisposed by erection hospitals in opposed competency of the Philippines. The original hospitals were: Hospital Legitimate de Manila (1577) – it was customary leadingly to custody for the Spanish king’s phalanx, but too admitted Spanish civilians; founded by Gov. Francisco de Sande. San Lazaro Hospital (1578) – founded by Brother Juan Clemente and was administered for numerous years by the Hospitalliers of San Juan de Dios; built exclusively for patients delay leprosy. Hospital de Indios (1586) – customary by the Franciscan Order; use was in unreservedly-unreserved cheered by benefaction and assistances from compassionate peculiars. Hospital de Aguas Santas (1590) – customary in Laguna; close a medicinal issue, founded by Brother J. Bautista of the Franciscan Order. San Juan de Dios Hospital (1596) – founded by the Brotherhood of Misericordia and administered by the Hospitaliers of San Juan de Dios; livelihood was delivered from benefaction and rents; rendered unreservedly-unreserved bloom use to the unreservedly-known.

Nursing During the Philippine Revolution

In the tardy 1890’s, the war betwixt Philippines and Spain emerges which resulted to forcible aggregate of casualties. With this, numerous women accept antecedent the role of nurses in dispose to benefit the injureed phalanx. The emergence of Filipina nurses brought environing the product of Philippines Red Cross. Josephine Bracken — helpmeet of Jose Rizal, installed a scene hospital in an property lineage in Tejeros. She transfered nursing custody to the injureed extinction and day. Rosa Sevilla de Alvero — converted their lineage into quarters for the Filipino phalanx; during the Philippine-American War that broke out in 1899 Dona Hilaria de Aguinaldo — helpmeet of Emilio Aguinaldo who unconfused that Filipino Red Cross subordinate the inspiration of Mabini. Dona Maria Agoncillo de Aguinaldo — assist helpmeet of Emilio Aguinaldo; transfered nursing custody to Filipino phalanx during the vicissitude, President of the Filipino Red Cross sprig in Batangas. Melchora Aquino a.k.a. “Tandang Sora” — nursed the injureed Filipino phalanx and gave them cover and aid. Capitan Salome — a vicissitudeary guide in Nueva Ecija; transfered nursing custody to the injureed when not in contention. Agueda Kahabagan — vicissitudeary guide in Laguna, too transfered nursing uses to her troops Trinidad Tecson (“Ina ng Biak-na-Bato”) — stayed in the hospital at Biak na Bato to custody for injureed phalanx

Hospitals and Nursing Schools

Americans began trailing the leading Filipino nursing students in 1907. Nursing students in the Philippines thought-out numerous of the selfselfidentical matters as nursing students in the U.S. However, it was believed that the curriculum in the Philippines “was never a mirror-image teeming of the American nursing curriculum” and concerned late than a sincere transmit of notice from American nurses to Filipino nurses. The leading Filipino nursing students too thought-out matters that were late apt to their patients, such as “the nursing of poetical ailments” and “industrial and livelihood stipulations in the islands,” as illustrative by Lavinia L. Dock’s 1912 dimensions A Narrative of Nursing: From the Original Times to the Exhibit Day delay Particular Reference to the Achievement of the Elapsed Thirty Years.

Hospital Train of Nursing’s Formal Trailing (1901 – 1911)

Formal trailing in hospital train of nursing escape. This began when American missionary savants and nurses legitimateized that they mandominion is inadequate. Thus it resulted to a unravelling of trailing Filipino nurses that would be catering to the hospitals that Americans customary in the 20th antiquity. The leading hospital in the Philippines which useful Filipino nurses in 1906 was Iloilo Mission Hospital, customary by the Baptist Missionaries. When this bloom companionship was built, there were no severe modifications for the suitors as desire as they are all inclined to achievement. This has been the unreserveding of product of late nursing trains in the province. In this end, Pensionado Act of 1903 (or Act 854) was mandated, allowing Filipino nursing student to examine in United States. Shapeless of the leading triumph of nurses who went to United States Iloilo Mission Hospital Train of Nursing (Iloilo City, 1906)
Iloilo Mission Hospital Train of Nursing
Iloilo Mission Hospital Train of Nursing
It was ran by the Baptist Foreign Mission Companionship of America. Miss Rose Nicolet, a disequalize of New England Hospital for Women and Conclusion in Boston, Massachusetts was the leading manager for nurses. It moved from its exhibit colony to Jaro Road, Iloilo City in 1929. Miss Flora Ernst, an American nurse, took advise of the train in 1942. In April 1944 disequalize nurses took the leading Nurses Consideration Testimony at the Iloilo Mission Hospital. Saint Paul’s Hospital Train of Nursing (Manila, 1907) The hospital was customary by the Archbishop of Manila, Jeremiah Harty subordinate the supervision of the Sisters of St. Paul de Chartres located in Intramuros. It transfered unreservedly-unreserved hospital uses. It unreserveded its trailing train for nurses in 1908, delay Mother Melanie as manager and Miss Chambers as Principal.

Philippine Generally-unreserved Hospital Train of Nursing (Manila, 1907)

PGH began in 1901 as a diminutive dispensary for Civil officials and Employees in the City of Manila and tardyr grew as a Civil Hospital. In 1906, Mary Coleman Masters, an instructor advocated for the fancy of trailing Filipino girls for the declaration of nursing delay the commendation of Council officials, she leading unreserveded a dormitory for Girls enrolled at the Philippine Normal Hall and the University of the Philippines. In 1907, delay the livelihood of Governor Generally-unreserved Forbes and the Manager of Bloom and shapeless others, she unreserveded classes in nursing subordinate the Auspices of the Bureau of Education. Advent was fixed on an avenue criterionimony. The suitor must accept perfectd ultimate counsel to the seventh stage. Julia Nichols and Charlotte Clayton taught the students nursing matters. American physician too served as lecturers. In 1910, the Act No. 1976 mitigated the construction of the train placing it subordinate the supervision of the Department of Health. The Civil Hospital was abolished and the Philippine Generally-unreserved Hospital was customary. St. Luke’s Hospital Train of Nursing (Quezon City, 1907)
St. Luke’s Hospital Train of Nursing (Class 1914)
St. Luke’s Hospital Train of Nursing (Class 1914)
The hospital is an Episcopalian Institution. It began as a diminutive dispensary in 1903. In 1907, the train unreserveded delay three girls admitted. These three girls had their leading year in collectively classes delay the PGH Train of Nursing and St. Paul’s Hospital Train of Nursing. Miss Helen Hicks was the leading leading. Mrs. Vitaliana Beltran was the leading Filipino manager of nurses and Dr. Jose Fores was the leading medical manager of the hospital. Mary Johnston Hospital and Train of Nursing (Manila, 1907)
Mary Johnston Hospital and Train of Nursing
Mary Johnston Hospital and Train of Nursing
It rouseed as a diminutive dispensary on Calle Cervantes (now Avenida). It was designated the Bethany Dispensary and funded by the Methodist Mission for the comfort of trouble shapeless women and conclusion. In 1907, Sister Rebecca Parrish coincidently delay registered nurses Rose Dudley and Gertude Dreisbach, unconfused the Mary Johnston Train of Nursing. The nurses’ trailing plan began delay three Filipino childish girls unskilled from ultimate as their leading students. Philippine Christian Mission Institute Schools of Nursing The United Christian Missionary Companionship of Indianapolis, Indiana- a Protestant construction of the disciples of Christ operated three trains of nursing. Sallie Desire Read Memorial Hospital Train of Nursing (Laoag Ilocos Norte, 1903)

The Rouse of Nursing Experience (1911- 1921)

Promulgation of Act No. 2493 which compensation Medical Law (Act No. 310) allowing the mastery of nursing experience escaped during this end.  However, in 1919, the Leading True Nursing Law was legitimate through Act 2808. During this end the Consideration Examiners for Nursing was too created. The leading nursing consideration criterionimony was fond on 1920. The leading supporter official of the Consideration Examiners for Nurses is a physicians. Mary Chiles Hospital Train of Nursing (Manila, 1911)
Mary Chiles Hospital Train of Nursing
Mary Chiles Hospital Train of Nursing
The hospital was customary by Dr. WN Lemon in a diminutive lineage on Azcarraga, Sampaloc, Manila. In 1913, Miss Mary Chiles of Montana donated a great sum of money delay which the preset erection at Gastambide was bought. The Tuason Annex was donated by Miss Esperanza Tuason, a Filipino Philanthropist. Frank Dunn Memorial Hospital (Vigan Ilocos Sur, 1912) San Juan de Dios Hospital Train of Nursing (Manila, 1913) In 1913, through the rouse of Dr. Benito Valdez, the consideration of inspectors and the supporter consideration of the hospital passed a unravelling to unreserved train of nursing. The train has been run by the Daughters of Charity since then. Sister Taciana Tinanes was the leading Directress of the School Emmanuel Hospital Train of Nursing (Capiz, 1913)
Capiz Emmanuel Hospital (CEH)
Capiz Emmanuel Hospital (CEH)
In 1913, the American Baptist Foreign Mission Companionship sent Dr. PH Lerrigo to Capiz for the mind of unreserveding a hospital. Miss Rose Nicolet benefited him. The train offered a 3-year trailing plan for an annual fee of Php 100.00. Miss Clara Pedroso was the leading leading Southern Islands Hospital Train of Nursing (Cebu, 1918) The hospital was customary in 1911 subordinate the Bureau of Health. The train unreserveded in 1918 delay Anastacia Giron-Tupas as the organizer. Miss Visitacion Perez was the leading leading

A Much Customary Administrative Organization: 1921 – 1931

During this end, the harbinger to the accredited declarational construction in the Philippines was created. The Filipino Nurses Association was customary on October 15, and the construction systematic the unreservedly-knownation of Filipino Nurse Journal. Later, this register was altereffectual to The Philippine Register of Nursing. Emendation of incontrovertible sections of the Act 2008 was precedeed in 1922 subordinate Act 3025 passed by the 5th Legislature. This plan is entitled An Act Reigning the Experience of Nursing Declaration in the Philippine Islands, which necessitates all nurses who are practicing the declaration to register annually. In 1929, the construction too became a component of the International Council of Nurses. Through the 1930s, Philippine trains of nursing continued to annex those aspects of American declarational nursing they reported apt and misspend, such as upper advent standards and the particularization of unreservedly-unreserved bloom nursing.

Public Bloom Nursing Development: 1931 1941

In 1933, the nursing companionship accept increased their modification. During this end, they accept implemented that to invade nursing counsel an suitor must be effectual to perfect assistary counsel. The leading collegiate nursing disequalizes of the Philippines disequalized from University of the Philippines Train of Generally-unreserved Bloom Nursing in 1938.

Other Schools of Nursing

1. Zamboanga Generally-unreserved Hospital Train of Nursing (1921) 2. Chinese Generally-unreserved Hospital Train of Nursing (1921) 3. Baguio Generally-unreserved Hospital Train of Nursing (1923) 4. Manila Sanitarium Hospital and Train of Nursing (1930) 5. St. Paul Train of Nursing in Iloilo City (1946) 6. North Generally-unreserved Hospital and Train of Nursing (1946) 7. Siliman University Train of Nursing (1947)

Nursing during World War II

With the transaction of the greatst and most passionate armed encounter in the narrative of man, there was a re-emergence of nursing needs as courteous as new programs to attract women into trailing. In the US, the council empowered the women to give. In truth, late women achievemented after a whileout of the settlement and as courteous as product opportunities involving nurses divers. While in the Philippines, World War II made generally-unreserved bloom nurses in Manila assigned to devastated areas to involve the indisposed and the injureed. A year succeeding, thirty one nurses who were admitn prisoners of war by the Japanese soldiers and intolerant at the Bilibid Prison in Manila were released to the Manager of the Bureau of Health. And sound love in the US, a lot of unreservedly-unreserved bloom nurses affixed the guerillas or went to blink in the mountains during this interval. In 1946, shaft war archives of Bureau of Bloom showed that there were 308 unreservedly-unreserved bloom nurses and 38 supervisors compared to the pre-war 556 unreservedly-unreserved bloom nurses and 38 supervisors. It was in the selfselfidentical year when the invention of the Nursing Office in the Department of Bloom was recommended by Mrs. Genera De Guzman, technical benefitant in nursing of the DOH and the President of the Filipino Nurses Association. History of Nursing in the Philippines|The Stage of Bachelor of Science in Nursing: 1941 1951 A nursing curriculum which was fixed on the topic exhibited by Julita V. Sotejo, disequalize of the Philippine Generally-unreserved Hospital Train of Nursing, tackles on the product of a nursing counsel delayin a University-fixed Propaganda of Nursing. This dissertation was the unreserveding of nursing curriculum that accept made the Nursing Companionship of the province as a baccalaureate plan. During this end, Propaganda of Nursing was too created. When the Japanese bound the Philippines in 1942, trailing and experience at the hospital trains of nursing in Manila was “violently disrupted.”  However, U.S. colonial patterns in Philippine nursing counsel early returned succeeding the U.S. subjugated the province in 1945 and level succeeding the Philippines gained insurrection from the U.S. July 4, 1946.

The First Colleges of Nursing in the Philippines

University of Santo Tomas-College of Nursing (1946) In its leading year of creature, its enrollees were consisted of students from opposed train of nursing whose thought-out were intermittent by the war. In 1947, the Bureau of Private Schools permitted UST to transfer the style Disequalize Nurse to the 21 students who were of slow be from 1948 up to the exhibit. The propaganda has offered meritorious counsel leading to a baccalaureate stage. Sor Taciana Trinanes was its leading directress. Presently, Associate Professor Glenda A. Vargas, RN, MAN serves as its Dean. Manila Central University-College of Nursing (1947)
Manila Central University-College of Nursing
Manila Central University-College of Nursing
The MCU Hospital leading offered BSN and Savant of Medicine stages in 1947 and served as the clinical scene for experience. Miss Consuelo Gimeno was its leading leading. Presently, Professor Lina A. Salarda, RN, MAN, EdD serves as its Dean. University of the Philippines Manila-College of Nursing (1948) The fancy of unreserveding the propaganda began in a discourse betwixt Miss Julita Sotejo and UP President. In April 1948, the University Council widespread the curriculum, and the Consideration of Regents normal the declaration as having an similar be as Medicine, Engineering etc. Miss Julita Sotejo was its leading dean. Presently, Professor Josefina A. Tuason, RN, MAN, DrPh is uniformly late reappointed as the Dean of UP Manila Propaganda of Nursing

Proliferation of Nurses as a Workforce: 1951 1971

The Philippine Nursing Law was widespread subordinate the Regenerally-unreserved Act No. 877 on June 19 1953. Then raise emendation was created in 1966 which limits that experience of shapeless nurses 21 years old and aloft. The increasing enumerate of nurses in the Philippines accept too brought environing the solemnization of Nurses’ Week which was proclaimed by President Carlos P. Garcia subordinate the Proclamation No. 539. The normal of nurses had too resulted to the leading globular of alibi, especially in United States. In truth, betwixt 1966 and 1985 environing 25,000 Filipino nurses accept migrated to United States.

Nursing Declaration Development: 1971 2001

Regulation of the experience of bloom custody providers, the Presidential Decree No. 223, was mandated which brought environing the art of the influence, Administrative Mastery Commission. During this end, the Philippine Nursing Act of 1991 was too amended subordinate Regenerally-unreserved Act No. 7164 which remote nursing experience to other roles such as government, education, unravelling making, and guideship. The requirement of nurses or douceur’s in the academe was too updated to Master’s Stage in Nursing or equiponderant. Another relevant levelt in Philippine Nursing narrative is the invention of Nursing Certification Council in 1999 subordinate the Consideration of Nursing through Unravelling No. 14 which visit the new programs’ implementation precedeed by Specialty Certification Boards. This progress too prompted the rouse of Slow Experience Nursing (APN) in the Philippines.

Further Changes in Nursing Law: 2001- to Present

Nursing disequalizes admit their oath in Manila.
Nursing disequalizes admit their oath in Manila.
During this end, the Philippine Nursing Act of 2002 was legitimate subordinate the Regenerally-unreserved Act No. 9173 which entails changes on solid policies subordinate Regenerally-unreserved Act No. 7164. These changes subordinatescore on the modifications for douceur and Dean of the Colleges of Nursing, as courteous as the precede for Nursing Licensure Exam.

In a glance

College of Nursing
  1. UST Propaganda of Nursing – 1st Propaganda of Nursing in the Phils: 1877
  2. MCU Propaganda of Nursing – June 1947 (1st Propaganda who offered BSN – 4 year program)
  3. UP Propaganda of Nursing – June 1948
  4. FEU Institute of Nursing – June 1955
  5. UE Propaganda of Nursing – Oct 1958
  • 3 effeminate disequalized as “qualified medical-surgical nurses”
  • The 1st Nurses Law (Act#2808) was legitimate reigning the experience of the nursing declaration in the Philippines Islands. It too transfered the pursuit of exam for the experience of nursing on the 2nd Monday of June and December of each year.
  • 1st consideration criterionimony for nurses was precedeed by the Consideration of Examiners, 93 candidates took the exam, 68 passed delay the foremost rating of 93.5%-Anna Dahlgren
  • Theoretical exam was held at the UP Amphitheater of the Propaganda of Medicine and Surgery. Practical exam at the PGH Library.
  • Filipino Nurses Association was customary (now PNA) as the National Construction Of Filipino Nurses
  • PNA: 1st President – Rosario Delgado
  • Fosubordinate – Anastacia Giron-Tupas
  • Regenerally-unreserved Act 877, unreserved as the “Nursing Experience Law” was widespread.
Though it was not frequently considered as a declaration, Nursing has already been solid for centuries. Its meaning of today gain definitely not be proven legitimate if not beobject of its remarkeffectual narrative. And now, the treasure of Nursing has rational the criterion of interval and is becoming late discernible in the eyes of numerous not barely beobject of its elapsed, but too due to its great assistance in the companionship.


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