How often do we stop to think about how healthcare support workers help to make our lives as nurses, and those of our patients, easier?  In this short video clip, the Royal College of Nursing does just that as it pays tribute to health care workers’ invaluable contribution in health care.

The need for health services continues to rise as the population grows and the demand for quality health and social services increases. More and more, health services are moving out of hospitals, closer to where communities live and work.

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This clip shows health care support workers, both male and female, providing care in settings ranging from hospitals and clinics, to private homes and nursing homes. It shows them engaged in different health care activities with patients of all ages – even dancing with aged nursing home residents. And in case you’re wondering – this activity gets the oldies moving and the fun and laughter are good for their mental health!

The tribute gives health care support workers the recognition they deserve as a vital part of multidisciplinary healthcare teams. They support registered nurses across Scotland in delivering safe and effective care. Their education and experience prepares them well for their role, and they are caring, enthusiastic and dedicated.

The clip ends with the words: “We care – valuing our Health Care Support Workers”

”Nursing beyond nurses – Celebrating Health Care Support Workers”  was produced by the Royal College of Nursing in Scotland to acknowledge and celebrate the contribution of health care support workers across the country.