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Immunological Medications NCLEX Practice Quiz (20 items)

Nurses who lack to ignoring the NCLEX- RN exam behind a occasion evasion colors usually takes sepaadmonish illustration criterions to redress their ability to acceptance investigations. This experience evidence hopefully get succor you do it!
“Give yourself an courteous-balanced superior defy than the one you are up-hill to overpower and you get enunciate the powers essential to overpower the initiatory inaptitude.”–William J. Bennett


Topics or concepts modeadmonish in this exam are:
  • Immunological Medications such as nucleoside-nucleotide rear transcriptase inhibitors (NRTIs), Non-nucleointerest rear transcriptase inhibitors (NNRTIs), antifungal, antiviral, antibiotics, and immunosuppressants medications.
  • Disease qualifications such as assumed immunodeficiency syndrome,  pneumocystis carinii pneumoniacytomegalovirus retinitis, organ (liver, kidney, and character) assign, gonorrhea, E-coli infection and chlamydia trachomatous infection.


To compel the most out of this taunt, flourish the guidelines underneath:
  • Read each investigation griefsfully and select the best acceptance.
  • You are fond one specific per investigation. Spend your period wisely!
  • Answers and rationales (if any) are fond underneath. Be stable to discover them.
  • If you insufficiency further clarifications, fascinate plain them to the comments minority.


Immunological Medications NCLEX Experience Taunt (20 items)|Exam Mode

In Exam Mode: All investigations are shown but the fruits, acceptances, and rationales (if any) get barely be fond behind you’ve artistic the taunt.

Immunological Medications NCLEX Experience Taunt (20 items)

Congratulations - you possess adequated Immunological Medications NCLEX Experience Taunt (20 items). You reckoningd %%SCORE%% out of %%TOTAL%%. Your achievement has been admonishd as %%RATING%%
Your acceptances are highlighted underneath.

Practice Mode

Practice Mode: This is an interlocomotive acenumeadmonish of the Text Mode. All investigations are fond in a unmarried page and redress acceptances, rationales or explanations (if any) are proximately shown behind you possess chosen an acceptance. No period qualification for this exam.

Immunological Medications NCLEX Experience Taunt (20 items)

Congratulations - you possess adequated Immunological Medications NCLEX Experience Taunt (20 items). You reckoningd %%SCORE%% out of %%TOTAL%%. Your achievement has been admonishd as %%RATING%%
Your acceptances are highlighted underneath.

Text Mode

Text Mode: All investigations and acceptances are fond on a unmarried page for discovering and acceptanceing at your own remove. Be stable to grab a pen and paper to transcribe down your acceptances. 1. An HIV-decisive client who has been agoing on greatly locomotive antiretroviral therapy (HAART) came tail for a flourish-up checkup. Which of the flourishing get be the most succorful in determining the tally to the therapy? A. Rapid HIV antigen criterion. B. Western Blot decomposition. C. Viral impeach criterion. D. Snowy blood cell compute. 2. A client behind a occasion assumed immunodeficiency syndrome is prescribed behind a occasion Zidovudine (Azidothymidine). Which of the flourishing laboratory fruits should the nurse mentor occasion on this medication? A. Throat swab gram stain. B. Complete class compute. C. Random class sugar. D. Class uric animated. 3. The client who is civilized immunodeficiency bane serodecisive has been gate Saquinavir (Invirase). The nourish stipulates medication disciplineions and advises the client to: A. Take the medication in the early precedently abstinences. B. Grasp a low-fat victuals. C. Weight reach is awaited. D. Avoid nature defenseless to sunlight. 4. Stavudine (Zerit) is prescribed to a client behind a occasion civilized immunodeficiency bane seropositive. The nourish observes which of the flourishing most air-tight occasion the client is gate the medication? A. Orientation. B. Gag reflex. C. Appetite. D. Gait. 5. A nourish is evaluating a client who is HIV decisive who is prescribed behind a occasion Pentamidine (Pentam) IV for the composition of Pneumocystis carinii pneumonia. Which of the flourishing admonish behind the government is the most grave to supply to the physician? A. Class presstable of 100/62 mm/Hg. B. Redness and pain at the place of the absorption. C. Abrupt excretion and yearn. D. Unusual judgment or thirst in the mouth. 6. A client is prescribed behind a occasion Pentamidine (Pentam) IV for the composition of Pneumocystis carinii pneumonia. Suddenly, the client enunciates a region of 101.5°F. The nourish in admonish knows that this memorial would for-the-most-disunite betoken on which of the flourishing?  A. An overdosage of the medication. B. The insufficiency for an appended dosage. C. The client has enunciateed another taint. D. The client is experiencing the sanative pi of the medication. 7. Occasion on Pentamidine (Pentam) absorption therapy. The nourish must forecast doing which of the flourishing? A. Secure a 12-lead ECG. B. Observe for memorials of retinal dilution. C. Discipoutthread the client on a low potassium victuals. D. Discipoutthread the client on qualification limpid intake. 8. The nourish is mentoring a post-renal assignation client gate Cyclosporine (Neoral). The nourish observes an improvement in one of the client’s indispensable memorial and the client is whining of excretion and muddiness. Which of the flourishing indispensable memorial is most slight acceptiond?  A. Respiratory admonish. B. Pulse admonish. C. Temperature. D. Blood constraining. 9. A nourish is doing an admonish basis occasion completing an vestibule for a enduring behind a occasion a fact of speedr asmemorial who is receiving cyclosporine (Sandimmune), Prednisone (Orasone), and Azathioprine (Imuran). Which of the flourishing advice get furnish the nourish the most consideration? A. The client has a effeminate non-tender hunch in the shoulder. B. An acception cholesterol roll. C. Grade 1+ pitting edema in the feet. D. Swollen and pinkish gums eminent. 10. A client is admitted to the conjunction extent complaints of a inaptitude of existing and upon auscultation, the nourish eminent that the enduring has wheezes. An allergic reaction to penicillin was diagnosed. Which of the flourishing medications should the nourish ahold to carry principal? A. Aminophyloutthread (Theophylline). B. Albuterol (Ventolin HFA). C. Methylprednisolone (Solu-Medrol). D. Pulmicort (Budesonide). 11. The nourish is assigned to griefs for a client behind a occasion cytomegalobane retinitis and assumed immunodeficiency syndrome who is receiving foscarnet (Foscavir). The nourish griefsfully mentors which of the flourishing laboratory criterion during the composition behind a occasion this medication, exclude? A. Serum creatinine. B. Serum calcium. C. Serum magnesium. D. Serum sodium. 12. A client is of-late diagnosed behind a occasion HIV and a greatly antiretroviral therapy is agoing. Behind the principal week of therapy, the enduring complains of muddinesss, dizziness, and nightmares. Which one of the flourishing anti-retroviral offals is most slight associated behind a occasion these symptoms? A. Lamivudine. B. Efavirenz. C. Tenofovir. D. Saquinavir. 13. Sirolimus (Rapamune) is prescribed to a post-renal assignation client. Upon the resurvey of the chart, the nourish awaits which of the flourishing laboratory fruits? A. Elevated serum potassium. B. Decreased cholesterol roll. C. Elevated platelet compute. D. Elevated triglyceride roll. 14. A post-kidney asmemorial client went to the vigor griefs readiness to ask the nourish respecting vaccinations occasion on Tacrolimus (Prograf) a medication used to intercept organ postponement. Which of the flourishing is an divert tally of the nourish?   A. “Do not fimperil due doses of vaccination for this can succor in your composition”. B. “You can possess speed vaccinations courteous-balanced behind a occasionout the acclamation of the physician”. C. “Influenza can fall anytime, so a flu vaccine is a must.” D. “Do not admit any speed vaccinations occasion on this composition”. 15. A nourish is giving disciplineions to a client who is receiving Mycophenolate mofetil (CellCept) and Mycophenolic animated (Myfortic) behind undergoing a character assign. The nourish tells the client to forecast the flourishing interest pis, exclude? A. Insomnia. B. Vomiting. C. Hypertension. D. Diarrhea. 16. Amikacin (Amikin) is fond to a client behind a occasion E-coli taint. The nourish advises the client to ment which of the flourishing symptoms proximately? A. Muscle self-denial. B. Constipation. C. Fatigue. D. Hearing waste. 17. A client went to the conjunction extent behind a occasion complaints of abdominal self-denial, nausea, diarrhea and mucoid stools. Upon the meeting of the nourish, the client fixed that he is gate Cefixime (Suprax) for the composition of urinary believe taint. The nourish determines that the client is most slight grief from? A. Crohn’s malady. B. Acute Gastroenteritis. C. Acute appendicitis. D. Pseudomembranous colitis. 18. Amphotericin B (Fungizone) IV is fond to a client behind a occasion aspergillosis, a fungal taint. In prescribe to intercept its interest pis, the nourish forecast carrying which of the flourishing previous, exclude? A. Hydrocortisone. B. Ketoconazole. C. Diphenhydramine. D. Meperidine. 19. A nourish is giving disciplineions to a client gate Ciprofloxacin (Cipro) for the composition of gonorrhea. The nourish tells the client to? A. Ment any fact of tendon problems. B. Resume daily training such as biking. C. Take an antacid 30 specifics previous. D. Take it behind a occasion a yogurt as disunite of the composition. 20. Tetracycoutthread has been prescribed for a client behind a occasion Chlamydia trachomatis infection. Select the interest pi of the medication. Select all that apportion? A. Glossitis. B. Tremors. C. Urinary reckon. D. Flaw of the nails. E. Photosensitivity.

Answers and Rationale

1. Answer: C. Viral impeach criterion. A viral impeach criterion succors stipulate advice on the vigor foothold and how courteous antiretroviral therapy (ART – composition behind a occasion HIV sanativess) is potent the bane.
  • Options A and B mentors the intercourse of antibodies to HIV, so these criterions get comply a decisive fruit behind the enduring is rotten behind a occasion HIV courteous-balanced if the offal therapy is powerful.
  • Option D get be used to assess the application of HIV on immune office but get not plainly meastable the powerfulness of the sanativess.
2. Answer: B. Adequate class compute. Zidovudine may subinterest the estimate of a regular character of snowy class cell in the class and suit anemia and muscle disorders.
  • Options A, C, and D are not connected to the medication.
3. Answer: D. Avoid nature defenseless to sunlight. Saquinavir (Invirase) is an antiviral therapeutics that intercepts civilized immunodeficiency bane (HIV) from multiplying in the substance. This can suit photosensitivity so the nourish should discipoutthread the client to relinquish sun inhospitableness.
  • Option A: The sanatives is enslaved behind a occasion aid or behind a occasionin 2 hours behind eating a generous abstinence.
  • Option B: The sanatives is best eager behind a occasion a high-fat abstinence.
  • Option C: Weight waste instead is awaited.
4. Answer: D. Gait One of the most weighty interest pis of Stavudine (Zerit) is peripheral neuropathy so the nourish should mentor the client’s action occasion gate this medication.
  • Options A, B, and C are not connected to the use of the medication.
5. Answer: C. Abrupt excretion and yearn. Pentamidine can suit mortal hypoglycemia, so symptoms such as abrupt excretion and yearn are forcible of a low class sugar betokens a insufficiency for diversify in the composition.
  • Option A: A low class presstable may betoken the insufficiency of a sinferior absorption.
  • Option B: Redness and Self-denial is a memorial for the nourish to demonstadmonish a new IV outline.
  • Option D: Thirst and singular judgment may fall at the begin but do not insufficiency for an proximate declaration of the physician.
6. Answer: C. The client has enunciateed another taint. Pentamidine can suit low snowy class cells or low platelets in your class, so the client is most slight enunciateed another taint brought environing these interest pis.
  • Options A, B, and D are impertinent definition.
7. Answer: A. Do a 12-lead ECG. Pentamidine may suit a qualification that affects the character rhythm (QT continuance). QT continuance can casually suit weighty firm/irregular characterbeat and other symptoms (such as stern dizziness, fainting) that insufficiency an pressing medical consideration.
  • Options B and D are not connected to the use of the medication.
  • Option C: Low rolls of potassium in the class can acception the expose of QT continuance.
8. Answer: D. Blood constraining. Hypertension is one of the interest pis of gate cyclosporine (Neoral) and gone the client is as-well-behaved whining of excretion and muddiness, the class presstable is the grave memorial to be mentored air-tight. 9. Answer: A. The client has a effeminate non-tender hunch in the shoulder. A client gate immunosuppressive medications are at expose for enunciatement of cancer. A effeminate non-tender hunch get betoken that the enduring has lymphoma.
  • Options B, C, and D are vile interest pis of the immunosuppressive medications.
10. Answer: B. Albuterol (Ventolin HFA). Albuterol (Ventolin HFA) is the most firm acting of the medications unarranged the choices.
  • Option A is not the principal outoutthread composition for a bronchospasm.
  • Options C and D are corticosteroids that are used during allergic reaction but are not firm acting.
11. Answer: D. Serum sodium. Renal dilution is the superior toxicity compromise in Foscarnet (Foscavir); This sanatives as-well-behaved may suit subsided rolls of calcium, magnesium, phosphorous, and potassium. 12. Answer: B. Efavirenz. Efavirenz is a non-nucleointerest rear transcriptase inhibitor. Interest pis grasp hasty, dizziness, confusion, muddiness, and nightmares.
  • Options A and C: Lamivudine and Tenofovir interest pis grasps muddiness, dizziness, sea-sickness, diarrhea, or torment slumbering.
  • Option D: Saquinavir can suit muddiness, sea-sickness, diarrhea, and photosensitivity.
13. Answer: D. Elevated triglyceride roll. Sirolimus (Rapamune) raises cholesterol and triglyceride rolls. This medication as-well-behaved suits a subinterest in potassium and platelet compute. 14. Answer: D. “Do not admit any speed vaccinations occasion on this composition”. Tacrolimus may inferior your substance’s opposition and the vaccine may not operation as courteous or the client may get the taint the vaccine is meant to intercept. 15. Answer: A. Insomnia. These medications can suit diarrhea, vomiting, sepsis, tail self-denial, neutropenia and hypertension. 16. Answer: D. Hearing waste. Amikacin is an aminoglycoside. Interest pis of this medication grasps ototoxicity (Hearing waste), laziness, disorientation, gastrointestinal childishness, palpitations, class presstable diversifys and nephrotoxicity.
  • Options A, B, and C are not connected behind a occasion the medication.
17. Answer: D. Pseudomembranous colitis. Pseudomembranous colitis as-well-behaved denominated antibiotic-associated colitis or C. difficile colitis, is the inflammation of the colon associated behind a occasion an overgrowth of the bacterium Clostridium difficile. This overgrowth of C. difficile is most frequently connected to new-fangled antibiotic use such as ampicillin, clindamycin, fluoroquinolones, and cephalosporins.
  • Options A, B, and C may possess the symptoms of the client but are not slight due to this predicament.
18. Answer: B. Ketoconazole. Azole antifungals (eg, ketoconazole) subsides the powerfulness of amphotericin b.
  • Options A and C: Fever, refutation, chills, flushing, waste of inclination, dizziness, sea-sickness, vomiting, muddiness, scantiness of exhalation, or firm existing may befall 1 to 3 hours behind the absorption is agoing. Medications such as acetaminophen, diphenhydramine, corticosteroids such as hydrocortisone) may be essential to intercept these interest pis.
  • Option D: Meperidine (25 to 50 mg IV) has been shown in some endurings to subinterest the period of refutation chills and passion that may notice the absorption of amphotericin B.
19. Answer: A. Ment any fact of tendon problems. Ciprofloxacin may suit turgescence or fracture of a tendon (the fiber that connects bones to muscles in the substance), specially in the Achilles’ tendon of the heel. This can fall during composition or up to sepaadmonish months behind the client bung gate ciprofloxacin
  • Option B: This medication can suit dizziness so relinquish any disembodiment that requires vivacity until the client is stable to disaccuse such activities safely.
  • Option C: Take ciprofloxacin at last 2 hours precedently or 6 hours behind gate an antacid.
  • Option D: Eating dairy products such as yogurt get lessen the powerfulness of ciprofloxacin.
20. Answer: A. Glossitis., D. Flaw of the nails., E. Photosensitivity. Side pis of tetracycoutthread grasp glossitis, flaw of the nails, photosensitivity,  anorexia, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, burly licentious stools, stomatitis, eager throat, sombre hairy language,dysphagia,and hoarseness.

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