Implementation of the Roper, Logan and Tierney Model of Care: Development of a Nursing Care Plan and… 1 answer below »

Nursing Care Plan and nursing report. You need to write a nursing plan and nursing report which is on page 6 second file based on case study.Marking criteria is on page 10 and 11 second file

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Implementation of the Roper, Logan and Tierney Model of Care: Development of a Nursing Care Plan and… 1 answer below »
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Unit: Nursing for Health and Wellbeing 400745
School of Nursing and Midwifery

NHW 2012 Assignment case study

Name: Jake Anderson
DOB: 5 May 2008
Address: 66 Longbow St

You are working in a community centre and received a referral letter from one of the
local General Practitioners about a young child he has seen. According to the letter, Jake
who is nearly 4, has had extensive consultations with Paediatric specialists as his mother
is concerned about his development. No reasons have been found to explain his situation.
The doctor asks that you make a plan of care to provide the mother with strategies to help
his development.

Jake’s mother, Sally has come to the centre to speak with you about Jake. Sally states that
Jake is her only child and she has no siblings or friends with children. Sally has just
moved into a house, from a small unit. She is worried about Jake getting hurt so she has
him sitting with her most of the day. She admits that she doesn’t know what she should
be doing but when Jake recently started preschool, it was obvious that he wasn’t doing
things other children of his age were doing.

On examination you find:
Jake is 95 cm tall and
Weighs 13 Kg.
Jake is shy and does not make eye contact. He sits very close to his mother. His mother
informs you that the preschool teachers have voiced concerns to her that Jake rarely
interacts with other children preferring to play on his own or parallel to them. They are
also concerned about his diet as he often refuses to eat his lunch.

When you ask Jake about what he likes to eat, he says “McDonald’s”. On further
questioning, you find he generally has cereal for breakfast and Sally states they eat a lot
of take away food as she gets frustrated when she cooks a meal and he will not eat it. She
knows he’ll eat the take away food. Even then he doesn’t eat much.

His speech is limited to short phrases to get what he wants. For example when he…