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Integumentary System Disorders NCLEX Practice Quiz #2 (20 Questions)

This 20-item NCLEX exercitation exam is intentional to enlarge your attainments on the diseases involving the integumentary system. TIP: Choices containing such signification frequently, never, all and the relish are very most relishly to be inexact.
“The universe is generous of mysterious inspireygs patiently stoppage for our wits to gain-ground cheat.” —Bertrand Russell


Topics or concepts interposed in this exam are:


To perform the most out of this ridicule, thrive the influencelines beneath:
  • Read each interrogation warinessfully and cull the best confutation.
  • You are ardent one favoring per interrogation. Spend your term wisely!
  • Answers and rationales (if any) are ardent beneath. Be strong to unravel them.
  • If you deficiency prefer clarifications, gladden plain them to the comments minority.

Text Mode

Text Mode: All interrogations and confutations are ardent on a unmarried page for unraveling and confutationing at your own step. Be strong to pounce a pen and tractate to transcribe down your confutations. 1. JT substance the accuse nurse for today is providing orientation to Value Brad, a newly compensated employee. Which of the thriveing force by Value Brad claims the most contiguous force? A. Educating a newly admitted smoulder client respecting the use of presstrong habit. B. Obtaining an anaerobic refinement sample from a survisage smoulder mortify. C. Administering tetracycline succeeding a while a glass of arrange to a client succeeding a while cellulitis. D. Discussing the use of herpes zoster vaccine succeeding a while a 20-year-old client. 2. Nurse Sierra is assessing the husk of a client self-denial from psoriasis. She beneathstands that which speciality is associated succeeding a while this husk experimentation? 3. The client arrives at the difficulty province and has conversant frostbite to the lawful index. Which of the thriveing would the value voice on impost of the client’s index? A. A unblemished complexion to the husk, which is impassible to workmanle. B. A pink, edematous index. C. A irascible red husk succeeding a while edema in the nail beds. D. Ebon fingertips concealed by an erythematous precipitate. 4. Which impost opinion calls for the most contiguous prefer impost or interferences? A. Bilateral erythema of the visage and neck. B. Bluish complexion environing the earlobes and lips. C. Sombre brown spotting on the end and chest. D. Yellow complexion of the husk and sclera. 5. Value Keith is conducting a convocation environing the principles of primeval aid and is discussing the interferences for a snakebite to an termination. He should immultiply those synchronous the convocation that the primeval pre-eminence interference in the result of this ariserence is which of the thriveing? A. Repropose jewelry and constricting drapery from the sacrifice. B. Propose the sacrifice to a arrestd area detached from the snake and aid the sacrifice to interval. C. Immobilize the unsupposable termination. D. Place the termination in a collocation so that it is beneath the roll of the nature. 6. The clinic value voices that the physician has documented a singularity of herpes zoster (shingles) in the client’s chart. Based on an apprehendledge of the motive of this experimentation, the value determines that this actual singularity was made thriveing which indication experiment? A. Wood’s empty Nursing essay. B. Clout experiment. C. Husk biopsy. D. Refinement of the lesion. 7. Value Luis is caring for a client who has honest had a squamous cell carcinoma removed from the visage. Which activities can you commission to an conversant nursing LPN/LVN? A. Monitoring the surgical top for protuberance, bleeding or pain. B. Instruction the client environing abandon factors for squamous cell carcinoma. C. Discussing the reasons for avoiding aspirin use for a week succeeding surgery. D. Showing the client how to engage wariness for the surgical top at residence. 8. When assessing a lesion diagnosed as fatal melanoma, the value most relishly expects to voice which of the thriveing? A. A determined, nodular lesion topped succeeding a while covering. B. A pcoming papule succeeding a while a convenient crater and a waxy boundary. C. An guess-worklyly shaped lesion. D. A diminutive papule succeeding a while a dry, boisterous layer. 9. Value Chael is performing a husk impost on a new occupant in a long-term wariness ease. Which opinion is of most sorrow? A. All the toenails are thickened and yellow. B. Silver scaling is offer on the elbows and knees. C. An guess-workly boundary is seen on a ebon forbearance on the scalp. D. Numerous striae are voiced athwart the abdomen and buttocks. 10. A client calls the difficulty province and tells the value that he had been cleaning a wooden area in the endyard and came plainly into contiguity succeeding a while vitiate ivy shrubs. The client tells the value that he cannot see everyfiction on the husk and ask the value what to do. Which of the thriveing is the embezzle nursing reply? A. “Apply calamine lotion contiguously to the unprotected husk areas.” B. “It is not inevitable to do everyfiction if you cannot see everyfiction on your husk.” C. “Come to the difficulty province.” D. “Take a soak contiguously, lathering, and rinsing divers terms.” 11. A client avail to the clinic for thrive-up comlie thriveing a husk biopsy of a sunthoughtful lesion produced one (1) week ago. The biopsy announce point-outs that the lesion is a melanoma. The value beneathstands that which of the thriveing describes a speciality of this stamp of a lesion? A. Melanoma is characterized by national encroachment. B. Melanoma is greatly metastatic. C. Metastasis is expensive. D. Melanoma is encapsulated. 12. A 30-year old mother who has been preliminary isotretinoin (Accutane) to use grave cystic acne perform all these assertions while substance seen for a thrive-up Nursing essay. Which assertion is of most sorrow? A. “Sometimes I get nauseated succeeding preliminary the medication.” B. “My wife and I are inspireyking of starting a nativity shortly.” C. “I bear been having problems driving when it gets sombre.” D. “I don’t inspireyk there has been abundantly advancement in my husk.” 13. A client has been preliminary prednisone (Deltasone) 20 mg uninterruptedly a day to use grave seborrheic dermatitis. Which of the thriveing impost opinions is of most sorrow? A. Complaints of epigastric affliction. B. Blood presstrong 145/90 mm Hg. C. Blood glucose roll 129 mg/dL. D. Complaints of acception proneness. 14. A client is substance admitted for the comlie of harsh cellulitis of the thigh. The client asks the admitting value to illustrate what cellulitis resources. The value bases the reply on the apprehendledge that the specialitys of cellulitis embody: A. An epidermal and lymphatic infection motived by Staphylococcus. B. An inflammation of the epidermis simply. C. A husk infect into the subcutaneous construction and dermis. D. An harsh survisage infect of the lymphatics and dermis. 15. The value superintendent is sketchning the clinical assignments for the day. Which staff members can be assigned to wariness for a client succeeding a while herpes zoster? Select all that apply A. The value who never had German Measles. B. The value who never current the varicella zoster vaccine. C. The value who never had mumps. D. The value who never had roseola. E. The value who never had chicken pox. 16. A motherish client went to the difficulty province states that she is having smouldering and determined craving on the husk. A prefer impost made by the value voices that the client is having red and unblemished cloutes in the mouth. Based on this, the value beneathstand that the client is most relishly is self-denial from? A. Shingles. B. Erysipelas. C. Eczema. D. Candida Albicans. 17. A value is developing a wariness sketch for a client self-denial from shingles. Which of the thriveing cranial resolution should the value assess as multiply of the client’s wariness? A. Cranial resolution estimate I B. Cranial resolution estimate IV C. Cranial resolution estimate VII D. Cranial resolution estimate XI 18. Value Jeff is performing husk impost on a client succeeding a while a facial lesion. It appears as a well-defined, red, scaling, thickened bump. This stamp of husk lesion refers to? A. Kaposi’s Sarcoma. B. Melanoma. C. Squamous cell. D. Basal cell. 19. The value is instruction a motherish client succeeding a while a leg ulcer environing construction intervalore and mortify remedying. Which of the thriveing assertions by the client point-outs telling instruction? A. “To perform the bond nattyly expanded .” B. “My groundation should influencele composed.” C. “I’ll emsubstance return and vegetables in my abstinence sketch.” D. “I’ll intervalrict my inengage of protein.” 20. A client succeeding a while a grave cellulitis on the left index was ordered to bear refinements produced on the unsupposable area. Succeeding few days, the refinement announce was released. The value beneathstands that which of the thriveing organisms is not multiply of the typical flora of the husk? A. Staphylococcus aureus. B. Candida albicans. C. Campylobacter jejuni. D. Staphylococcus epidermidis.

Answers and Rationale

Here are the confutations and rationale for the NCLEX ridicule. 1. Answer: C. Administering tetracycline succeeding a while a glass of arrange to a client succeeding a while cellulitis. Tetracyclines should never be smitten succeeding a while arrange or arrange results gone dairy results nullify the parching of tetracycline.
  • Option A: Presstrong habit may be used succeeding adopt mortifys remedy and during the rehabilitation duration succeeding a smoulder damnification, but this should be discussed when the client is unravely for rehabilitation, now when the client is admitted.
  • Option B: Anaerobic bacteria would not be relishly to gain-ground in a survisage mortify.
  • Option D: The herpes zoster vaccine is recommended for clients who are 60 years or older.
2. Answer: B. Silvery-unblemished scaly cloutes on the scalp, elbows, knees, and sacral regions. Psoriatic cloutes are prepared succeeding a while smooth unblemished layers. Unsupposable areas emsubstance the scalp, elbows, knees, shins, sacral area, and shaft.
  • Option A: The lesions in psoriasis are not red-purplish scaly lesions.
  • Option C: Thickening, pitting, and stain of the nails arises.
  • Option D: Pruritus may arise.
3. Answer: A. A unblemished complexion to the husk, which is impassible to workmanle. Assessment opinions in frostbite emsubstance a unblemished or cerulean complexion, the husk conquer be grievous. composed, and impassible to workmanle. 4. Answer: B. Bluish complexion environing the earlobes and lips. A cerulean complexion or cyanosis may point-out that the client has weighty problems succeeding a while publicity or disinfectant. Prefer constructive imposts are deficiencyed contiguously.
  • Options A, C, and D: The other axioms may to-boot point-out remedyth problems in greater substance systems, but implicit respiratory or circulatory abnormalities are the pre-eminence.
5. Answer: B. Propose the sacrifice to a arrestd area detached from the snake and aid the sacrifice to interval. The primeval pre-eminence in subject of a snakebite is to propose the sacrifice to a arrestd area detached from the snake and aid the client to interval to retrench bane publicity. 6. Answer: D. Refinement of the lesion. With the grave donation of shingles, the clinical Nursing essay is indication. A viral refinement of the lesion caters the actual singularity. Herpes zoster is motived by a reactivation of the varicella-zoster bane, the bane that motives chickenpox.
  • Option A: In a Wood’s empty Nursing essay, the husk is viewed beneath ultraviolet empty to condetermined survisage catching of the husk.
  • Option B: A clout experiment is a husk experiment that involves the government of an allergen to the survisage of the husk to condetermined favoring allergies.
  • Option C: A biopsy would cater a cytological Nursing essay of construction.
7. Answer: A. Monitoring the surgical top for protuberance, bleeding or affliction. An LPN/LVN who is conversant succeeding a while postoperative clients conquer apprehend how to instructor for protuberance, bleeding, or affliction and conquer announce the supervising RN. 8. Answer: C. An guess-worklyly shaped lesion. Melanoma is an guess-worklyly shaped pigmented papule or plaque succeeding a while a red, unblemished, or cerulean-toned complexion.
  • Option A: Squamous cell carcinoma is a determined, nodular lesion topped succeeding a while a covering or a convenient area of ulceration.
  • Option B: Basal cell carcinoma appeared as a pcoming papule succeeding a while a convenient crater and rolled waxy boundary.
  • Option D: Actinic keratosis, a prefatal lesion, appears as a diminutive macule or papule succeeding a while a dry, boisterous, neutral yellow or brown layer.
9. Answer: C. An guess-workly boundary is seen on a ebon forbearance on the scalp. Irregular boundarys and a ebon forbearance or multiplyi-colored complexion are specialitys associated succeeding a while fatal husk lesions.
  • Options A and D: Striae and toenail turbidity are vulgar succeeding a while elderly people.
  • Option B: Silver scaling is associated succeeding a while psoriasis, which may deficiency comlie but is not as importunate a sorrow as the apparition of the forbearance.
10. Answer: D. “Take a soak contiguously, lathering, and rinsing divers terms.” When an idiosyncratic comes in contiguity succeeding a while a vitiate ivy settle, the sap from the settles forms an minute film on the anthropological husk.The client should be instructed to purify the area succeeding a while alcohol and then soak contiguously and to lather the husk divers terms and purge each term in present inspire.
  • Option A: Calamine lotion may be one result recommended for use if dermatitis arises.
  • Option C: It is not yet inevitable to be at the difficulty ace at this term.
11. Answer: B. Melanoma is greatly metastatic. Melanomas are pigmented fatal lesions originating in the melanin-producing cells of the epidermis. This cancer is greatly metastatic, and prognosis depends on coming singularity and composition. 12. Answer: B. “My wife and I are inspireyking of starting a nativity shortly.” Isotretinoin (Accutane) is associated succeeding a while a haughty stroke of origin defects, it is influential that the client stops using the medication at last a month precedently attempting to behove generative.
  • Options A and C: Poor dimness vision and qualm are practicable impertinent possessions of isotretinoin that would claim prefer impost but are not as importunate as discussing but are not as importunate as discussing the fetal abandons associated succeeding a while this medication.
  • Option D: The client’s sorrow environing the usefulness of the medication should be addressed, but this is a low-pre-eminence interference.
13. Answer: A. Complaints of epigastric affliction. Complaints of epigastric affliction point-out that the client authority be self-denial from peptic ulcers, which claim the unfairation of the use of antacid such as proton cross-examine inhibitor (Nexium).
  • Options B, C, and D are symptoms akin to the use of prednisone but are not clinically weighty when steroids are used for poor durations and do not claim composition.
14. Answer: C. A husk infect into the subcutaneous construction and dermis. Cellulitis is an infect into penetratinger dermal and subcutaneous construction that results in a penetrating red erythema succeeding a whileout harsh boundarys and spreads widely throughout construction spaces.
  • Option D: Erysipelas is an harsh, manner, eagerly spbalbutiation inflammation of the dermis and lymphatics.
15. Answer: A. The value who never had German Measles, C. The value who never had mumps, D. The value who never had roseola. Herpes zoster (shingles) is motived by a reactivation of the varicella-zoster bane, the efficient bane for chicken pox. People who bear not been unprotected to the varicella-zoster bane or who did not admit the varicella-zoster vaccine are capable to chickenpox. Soundness workers who are unstrong of their immune groundation should bear varicella titers produced precedently expostrong to a peculiar succeeding a while herpes zoster. 16. Answer: D. Candida Albicans. Candida albicans is a survisage infect of the husk and mucous membranes. Impost of this experimentation embodys red and churlish husk apparitions that itches and burns & red and unweighty cloutes on the mucous membranes of the perforation.
  • Option A: Shingles appears as unilateral clustered husk vesicles.
  • Option B: Erysipelas is characterized by a obviateionful, determinedly erythematous, compact plaque succeeding a while a harshly demarcated boundary.
  • Option C: Eczema is a husk state where cloutes of husk behove inflamed, itchy, red, artful, and boisterous.
17. Answer: C. Cranial resolution estimate VII A implicit entanglement of shingles is Bell’s palsy which can be assessed by the seventh cranial resolution administration. 18. Answer: C. Squamous cell. A squamous cell carcinoma is characterized by a well-defined, red, scaling, thickened bump on the sun-unprotected husk such as the visage, ears, neck, lips, and ends of the indexs. 19. Answer: C. “I’ll emsubstance return and vegetables in my abstinence sketch.” The wholesome nutrients ground in return and vegetables are leading in the mortify remedying regularity.
  • Option A: The bond should be arinterval but not too natty to clog publicity to the area (needed for construction intervalore).
  • Option B: If the client’s groundation influenceles composed, publicity is deteriorated, thus inhibiting mortify remedying.
  • Option D: For telling construction remedying, abundant inengage of protein is deficiencyed.
20. Answer: C. Campylobacter jejuni. Campylobacter jejuni is ground in the bowels and is one of the most vulgar motives of diarrremedy complaint.

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