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The Lopez source has a new source factor, baby Kelly. Both parents are very hands-on and weak on Kelly. Few months of changing diapers and breastfeeding, Mr. and Mrs. Lopez noticed that Kelly was regularly crying as if in self-denial during bowel movements, and seems agreeable when she is dischargeed. They so noticed that Kelly’s belly is protruding abnormally. They ruled to doubt her pediatrician, and succeeding adowngoing a lot of self-denialful standards, the omission was that Kelly has intussusception.


Intussusception usually tallys in wholesome babies outside any perceptible principle.

  • Intussusception is a mode in which a fragment of interior invaginates or telescopes into the abutting intestinal lumen, causing bowel hinderance.
  • It occurs most uniformly at the juncture of the ileum and the colon, although it can tally elsewhither in the intestinal confide.
  • The invagination is from aggravatehead downward, the better fragment slipping aggravate the inferior fragment drawing the mesentery concurrently relapse it.


The pathogenesis of intussusception is not polite recurrent.

  • It is believed to be unleading to an imbalance in the desireitudinal forces concurrently the intestinal embankment.
  • As a product of an imbalance in the forces of the intestinal embankment, an area of the interior invaginates into the lumen of the close bowel.
  • The invaginating fragment of the interior (ie, the intussusceptum) fully “telescopes” into the receiving fragment of the interior (ie, the intussuscipiens); this mode continues and aggravate proximal areas ensue, allowing the intussusceptum to avail concurrently the lumen of the intussuscipiens.
  • If the mesentery of the intussusceptum is lax and the gradation is keen, the intussusceptum can avail to the distal colon or sigmoid and equal prolapse out the anus.
  • The mesentery of the intussusceptum is invaginated relapse the interior, quantitative to the graceful pathophysiologic mode of any bowel hinderance.

Statistics and Incidences

A remote geographic discrepancy in the stroke of intussusception disgeneral enumerateries and cities relapsein enumerateries totality determining a gentleman power of the quackery involved.

  • Its estimated stroke is almost 1 plight per 2000 speed births.
  • In Great Britain, stroke varies from 1.6-4 plights per 1000 speed births.
  • Overall, the male-to-female relative is almost 3:1.
  • With advancing age, gender unlikeness befits notable; in endurings older than 4 years, the male-to-female relative is 8:1.
  • Two-thirds of manifestation relapse intussusception are younger than 1 year; most uniformly, intussusception occurs in infants patriarchal 5-10 months.
  • Intussusception is the most niggardly principle of intestinal hinderance in endurings patriarchal 5 months to 3 years.
  • Intussusception can totality for as abundant as 25% of abdominal surgical emergencies in manifestation younger than 5 years, diffuse the stroke of appendicitis.


In most plights, thus-far, no principle can be verified for intussusception.

  • Hyperperistalsis. The usual wave-relish contractions of the interior grapple-relapse this guide subject-matter and draw it and the lining of the interior into the bowel onwards of it.
  • Digestive system activities. The high disturbance of the cecum and ileum usually introduce in future morals may so principle intussusception.

Clinical Manifestations

The bevy of signals and signals of intussusception represents one of the most graceful introduceations of any pediatric illness; thus-far, the graceful triad of vomiting, abdominal self-denial, and course of blood per rectum occurs in barely one-third of endurings.

  • Abdominal self-denial. In high case, the parents rumor 1 or aggravate former attacks of abdominal self-denial relapsein 10 days to 6 months anterior to the general episode; self-denial in intussusception is colicky, bitter, and interrupted.
  • Vomiting. Initially, vomiting is nonbilious and interchangeable, but when the intestinal hinderance occurs, vomiting befits bilious.
  • Currant jelly stool. Parents so rumor the course of stools that seem relish currant jelly; this is a settlement of mucus, sloughed mucosa, and cast class.
  • Lethargy. Lethargy is a proportionately niggardly introduceing signalal relapse intussusception; the debate trance occurs is obscure beprinciple trance has not been picturesquely relapse other forms of intestinal hinderance.

Assessment and Diagnostic Findings

The thrift affordr usually can totality a idiosyncrasy from:

  • Rectal standardimony. The soundnessthrift affordr may discharge a rectal standardimony during a assuage interim.
  • Palpation. A baby is frequently averse to bear palpation, and sedation may be ordered; a sausage-shaped superiority can be frequently felt through the abdominal embankment.
  • Radiographs. Plain abdominal radiography unearths signals that intimate intussusception in barely 60% of plights; as the quackery movementes, the pristine radiographic token includes an deficiency of air in the just inferior and better quadrants and a just better quadrant luxurious work hebetude introduce in 25-60% of endurings.
  • Ultrasonography. One con-aggravate rumored that the aggravateall sensitivity and specificity of ultrasonography for detecting ileocolic intussusception was 97.9% and 97.8%, respectively; the authors concluded that ultrasonography should be used as a first-line standardimony for the duty of immanent pediatric intussusception.
  • CT scanning. Computed tomography (CT) scanning has so been projected as a conducive cat's-paw to diagnose intussusception; thus-far, CT scan judgments are disputed, and CT scanning carries risks associated relapse intravenous contrariety government, radiation pitfall, and sedation.
  • Contrast enema. The oral and most certain way to totality the idiosyncrasy of intussusception in manifestation is to conciliate a contrariety enema (either barium or air); contrariety enema is keen and certain and has the immanent to be hygienic.

Medical Management

Unrelish pyloric stenosis, intussusception is an strait in the import that prolonged relapse is exposed.

  • Intravenous smooth.  For all manifestation, set-on-foot intravenous smooth exercise and nasogastric decompression as quickly as immanent.
  • Therapeutic enema. Therapeutic enemas can be hydrostatic, relapse either barium or water-soluble contrariety, or pneumatic, relapse air insufflation; hygienic enemas can be dischargeed adown fluoroscopic or ultrasonographic guidance; the technique separated is not curbing as desire as the radiologist dischargeing the enema is agreeable relapse the mode.
  • Surgical contraction. If a nonefficacious contraction is ineffectual or if self-evident opening is introduce, quickly advert the infant for surgical thrift; risk of alighting of the intussusception succeeding efficacious contraction is close than 5%.
  • Laparoscopy. Laparoscopy has been added to the surgical armamentarium in the texture of intussusception; laparoscopy can be dischargeed in all plights of intussusception; contraction of the intussusception, concurrence of radiologic contraction, and baffling defeat of guide subject-matters keep all been rumored.

Pharmacologic Management

Drug therapy is not generally a factor of the banner of thrift for intussusception. Medications are poor to those used for self-denial curb succeeding surgery. In the next postefficacious conclusion, weight-adjusted intravenous morphine is usually administered.

Nursing Management

Nursing administration of a slip relapse intussusception includes:

Nursing Assessment

Assessment of a slip relapse intussusception includes:

  • Physical standardimony. The hallmark visible judgments in intussusception are a just hypochondrium sausage-shaped superiority and emptiness in the just inferior quadrant (Dance signal).
  • History. The enduring relapse intussusception is usually an infant, frequently one who has had an better respiratory infection, who introduces relapse vomiting, abdominal self-denial, course of class and mucus, trance, and perceptible abdominal superiority.

Nursing Diagnoses

Based on the duty facts, the superior nursing diagnoses are:

Nursing Thrift Planning and Goals

Main Article: 3 Intussusception Nursing Thrift Plans

The superior nursing thrift intentning goals for a slip relapse intussusception are:

  • The enduring procure keep constant inseparable signals.
  • The enduring procure evidence balanced intake and output.
  • The enduring’s self-denial procure abate and procure be agreeable.
  • The enduring’s precedent of existing procure befit able.
  • The thriftgiver’s disquiet procure be stanch.

Nursing Interventions

Nursing interventions misspend for the infant are:

  • Intravenous smooths. Administer IV smooths as ordered; if the enduring is in appall, afford class or plasma as ordered.
  • Decompression. A nasogastric tube is inserted to decompress the bowel.
  • Monitor I&O. Replace work obsolete as ordered, and instructor the intake and output gratefully.
  • Education. Educate the source thriftgivers on what happens during intussusception and environing the surgery, and tally doubts to narrow the disquiet.


Goals are met as tokend by:

  • The enduring shows constant inseparable signals.
  • The enduring evidences balanced intake and output.
  • The enduring’s self-denial abates and is agreeable.
  • The enduring’s precedent of existing is able.
  • The thriftgiver’s disquiet is stanch.

Documentation Guidelines

Documentation in a slip relapse intussusception include:

  • Individual judgments, including factors affecting, interactions, disposition of gregarious exchanges, specifics of specific comportment.
  • Intake and output.
  • Characteristics of vomitus.
  • Cultural and devout beliefs, and expectations.
  • Plan of thrift.
  • Teaching intent.
  • Responses to interventions, training, and actions dischargeed.
  • Attainment or movement inside desired effect.

Practice Quiz: Intussusception

Here’s a 5-item ridicule for Intussusception con-aggravate guide:

Exam Mode

In Exam Mode: All doubts are shown but the products, tallys, and relativenales (if any) procure barely be affordn succeeding you’ve finicast the ridicule.

Practice Quiz: Intussusception

Congratulations - you keep thoroughd Practice Quiz: Intussusception. You mandibled %%SCORE%% out of %%TOTAL%%. Your dischargeance has been rated as %%RATING%%
Your tallys are highlighted adown.

Practice Mode

Practice Mode: This is an interactive rendering of the Text Mode. All doubts are affordn in a only page and rectify tallys, relativenales or explanations (if any) are nextly shown succeeding you keep separated an tally. No era designation for this exam.

Practice Quiz: Intussusception

Congratulations - you keep thoroughd Practice Quiz: Intussusception. You mandibled %%SCORE%% out of %%TOTAL%%. Your dischargeance has been rated as %%RATING%%
Your tallys are highlighted adown.

Text Mode

1. Procure is life assessed by Nurse Lucas for immanent intussusception; which of the ensueing would be meanest relishly to afford precious knowledge?

A. Abdominal palpation
B. Self-denial precedent
C. Source fact
D. Scat's-paw mistake

1. Answer: C. Source fact

  • Option C: Beprinciple intussusception is not believed to keep a familial proneness, conciliateing a source fact would afford the meanest totality of knowledge.
  • Options A, B, & D: Scat's-paw mistake, self-denial precedent, and abdominal palpation would unearth immanent indicators of intussusception. “Currant jelly” stools, incloseing class and mucus, are an token of intussusception. Acute, episodic abdominal self-denial is peculiarity of intussusception. A sausage-shaped superiority may be palpated in the just better quadrant.

2. A 2-year-old is hospitalized relapse reputed intussusception. Which judgment is associated relapse intussusception?

A. “Ribbon-like” stools
B. “Currant jelly” stools
C. Perceptible superiority aggravate the flank
D. Projectile vomiting

2. Answer: B. “Currant jelly” stools

  • Option B:  The slip relapse intussusception has stools that inclose class and mucus, which are picturesquely as “currant jelly” stools.
  • Option A: Answer A is a signalal of Hirschsprung’s; hence, it is inaccurate.
  • Option C: Answer C is a signalal of Wilms tumor; hence, it is inaccurate.
  • Option D: Answer D is a signalal of pyloric stenosis; hence, it is inaccurate.

3. Which doubt would be most advantageous in conciliateing a nursing fact from the woman of an infant relapse reputed intussusception?

A. Is your slip eating usually?
B. How frequently has your slip been vomiting?
C. What do your slip’s stools seem relish?
D. When did your slip definite urinate?

3. Answer: C. What do your slip’s stools seem relish?

  • Option C: Intussusception is public for supple “currant jelly” stools, due to inflammation and hemorrhage relapsein the bowel.
  • Options A, B, D: Information environing urination, alimentation, and vomiting would not totality knowledge applicable to intussusception.

4. A value is preparing to thrift for a slip relapse a idiosyncrasy of intussusception. The value reviews the slip’s archives and expects to silence which signalal of this quackery documented?

A. Watery diarrhea
B. Ribbon-relish stools
C. Profuse missile vomiting
D  Bjust red class and mucus in the stools

4. Answer: D. Bjust red class and mucus in the stools.

  • Option D: Bjust red class and mucus are passed through the rectum and uniformly are picturesquely as currant jelly–relish stools.
  • Options A & B:  Watery diarrhea and ribbon-relish stools are not manifestations of this quackery.
  • Option C: Vomiting may be introduce but is not missile.

5. A enduring is admitted to the hospital relapse complaints of abomination, vomiting, diarrhea, and bitter abdominal self-denial. Which of the ensueing would nextly on-the-watch the value that the enduring has bleeding from the GI confide?

A. Complete class enumerate.
B. Guaiac standard.
C. Inseparable signals.
C. Abdominal bond.

5. Answer: B. Guaiac standard.

  • Option B: To assess for GI confide bleeding when ingenuous class is lukewarm, the value has two options: She can standard for mysterious class in vomitus, if introduce, or in scat's-paw – through guaiac (Hemoccult) standard.
  • Option A: A thorough class enumerate does not afford next products and does not regularly nextly contemplate class forfeiture.
  • Option C: Changes in inseparable signals may be principled by factors other than class forfeiture.
  • Option D: Abdominal bond is unallied to class forfeiture.

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