investigate a few factors that affect how stress influences individuals’ health….

Axia College Material Appendix C
Stress, Health, and Everything in Between
As you complete this appendix, you will investigate a few factors that affect how stress influences individuals’ health.
Read both case studies and answer the following questions:
Case 1: Lucy
Lucy, 46, is an assistant vice president for the marketing department at Acme Housekeeping. She has three children, ages 18, 16, and 13. Lucy has recently been through a divorce, but she is still living in the same home. Her mother passed away last year from a heart attack. Her father lives independently in the same town. Lucy plays bridge every Friday night with old high school friends. Her children are active in sports and have no medical problems. Lucy has been suffering from migraine headaches more frequently since the divorce. She feels anxious if she isn’t working on something and keeps herself busy all the time. She has been trying to lose 20 pounds, but is too busy to exercise.
Case 2: Chuck
Chuck is an easy-going, 28-year-old man working for the local Great Green grocery store as a butcher. He has been married to his high school sweetheart for 6 years. They have three children under age 5, and his wife teaches piano out of their home. Chuck loves getting together with his friends for Saturday afternoon football, or just to visit and talk about anything—anything but his irritable boss. Both Chuck and his wife have their parents and siblings living nearby. They usually visit their families at least once a month. Chuck has good health insurance and sees his doctor regularly. He is worried about the high blood pressure he is beginning to develop, attributed to the 30 or so pounds his doctor said he needs to lose. His wife has been after him about losing weight, but he struggles with watching his diet.
Answer questions 1-4 below:

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investigate a few factors that affect how stress influences individuals’ health….
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  1. Enter psychosocial factors that act as sources of stress for each individual in the table below.
Psychosocial factors causing stress
Lucy Chuck

  1. Comment on the apparent strength of each individual’s social support system in the following table. Is the social support system adequate to help the individual deal with stress? Why or why not?
Social support system comments

3. Identify the health condition each individual is suffering from. Based on the information provided in the case study and a topic search at, could stress cause or intensify either condition? Explain your answers in the table below.

Effects of stress on health condition
Lucy Condition:
Is stress related to the condition? How?
Chuck Condition:
Is stress related to the condition? How?

4. Fill in the table below to determine how each individual’s personality type affects their health. After indicating each individual’s personality type in question 1, indicate your answers to questions 2-5 with an ‘X’ in the appropriate column. Defend each of your answers in 1 to 2 sentences in the column to the right.

Health event or behavior Lucy Chuck Both, or neither Defend each of your answers in 1 to 2 sentences.
1. What is each individual’s personality Type? (Indicate either Type A or Type B)
2. Who is less likely to get angry?
3. Who has a higher risk of heart attack earlier in life?
4. Who is more prone to illness (excluding coronary heart disease)?
5. Who is prone to greater reactivity to a stressful condition?