It’s A Nurse: A Mother’s Heartfelt Letter to Nurses That Moved Me to Tears

Nurses play an important role in the lives of people every day. Most of the time, we do this without even realizing it. We are encouragers, comforters, listeners and a shoulder to cry on. We give out a little piece of ourselves every day, to serve others. We see our patients more frequently than any other member of the healthcare team and know them on a level that no one else does.

We know which patients prefer ginger ale or Sierra Mist. We know that the 93-year-old lady in Room 2 will eat only strawberry milkshakes, so we buy them for her. The gentleman in Room 3 likes his coffee with three sugars and two creamers. You bring it to him without him asking because you know it will make him smile.

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It’s A Nurse: A Mother’s Heartfelt Letter to Nurses That Moved Me to Tears
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Heartfelt Letter to Nurses That Moved Me to Tears

We comfort the family in Room 4 because their loved one has just passed. We don’t say the wrong thing. We leave and enter a room down the hall, where a patient that has been fighting for 36 days is finally being released and can WALK home with his family. And we say all the right things.

It is a gift from God what you do.
Not everyone has the gift not everyone should have the power. But those of you who love the gift and wield the power compassionately are truly angels put here to perform miracles. It’s a nurse who does that.

We cry in the break room when our patient stops fighting for their life. We have birthday parties and decorate our patient’s rooms for the holidays because they may not get to see another year.

It’s a Nurse was written by a grieving mother to pay tribute to nurses for caring for her son. After a 29-day hospital stay, her son passed from this life. It was a nurse who was there to help this mother through her nightmare. It was a nurse who made a difference. This mother believes that nurses are sent from Heaven to perform miracles. People can do anything, except what we do. We are nurses. There are no words.