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Maternal and Child Health Nursing Mnemonics & Tips

The VEAL CHOP nursing mnemonic and BUBBLE HE postpartum tribute are some of our multifarious tips to succor you perceive kind and slip vigor nursing. Below are some visual nursing mnemonics and tips environing Kind and Slip Vigor Nursing (includes obstetric and gynecological disorders, and maternity nursing) that can succor you perceive the nucleus concepts over easily! Maternal and slip (or newborn) vigor nursing encompasses a extensive aim of custom. It is not merely associated delay slipbearing but throughout opportunity, it has evolved in caring for the dowager antecedently, during, and succeeding her pregnancy including the foresight of her newborn. With their scholarship, skills, and emotion, nurses succor unite the foresight insufficiencys of their client throughout the lifespan, whether the enduring is pregnant, a fetus, or a confederate, or a dowager delay a vigor-related drifts. The overall view of kind and newborn nursing is to elevate and support optimal vigor of the dowager and her extraction and in studying this intermix of concepts in nursing, students nurses may encounter themselves past in vastness of kind and slip vigor nursing.

1. VEAL CHOP Nursing Fetal Accelerations and Decelerations

The sleight to the VEAL CHOP nursing mnemonic is to transcribe it in a way that each note is associated delay the one parallelside it. The VEAL CHOP nursing acronym is a sleight to recall fetal kernel rebuke patterns. Variable decelerations are associated delay row compression (V and C). Coming decelerations are associated delay division compression. This is generally a kind accident (E and H). Accelerations are associated delay oxygenation, which explains why they’re generally a good-natured-natured symptom rudiment (A and O). Late decelerations are associated delay locatental failure (L and P).

2. BUBBLE-HE Postpartum Assessment

The nursing mnemonic BUBBLE-HE is used to recall the components of the postpartum kind tribute. Nurses insufficiency to be sensible of the usual physiologic and subjective changes that siege locate in women’s bodies and minds in regulate to arrange general foresight during this date. The postpartum date covers the opportunity date from family until approximately six weeks succeeding endowment. So it is essential to recall the mnemonic BUBBLE-HE to enact the components of the postpartum kind nursing tribute.
Postpartum Assessment: "BUBBLE-HE"

3. NNN: Fetal Non-Stress Test

A nonstress proof is a despicable prenatal proof used to obstruct on a baby’s vigor. Results of a nonstress proof are considered reactive or nonreactive. Results are considered usual (reactive) if the baby’s kernelbeat accelerates to a convinced plane twice or over.  If the baby’s kernelbeat doesn’t unite the criteria picturesquely, the results are considered nonreactive.
OB Non-Stress Proof (NNN) Nursing Mnemonic

4. ALONE: Fetal Wellbeing Tribute Tests

Assessment of fetal good-luck is searching not merely for excellent lavish endurings but so for other delay-child women who force disencumbered unlocked-for confusions in the series of differently usual pregnancies. The original view of antenatal evaluation is to warrant fetuses at lavish for intrauterine wear and acquit so that agency and opportunityly endowment can praccident objurgate to stillbirth.
  • Amniocentesis is a prenatal proof where a diminutive quantity of amniotic mitigate is removed from the sac embracing the fetus for proofing. Different proofs can be executed on a exemplification, but it is used largely to contemplate for convinced types of family omissions, such as Down syndrome, a chromosomal irregularity. 
  • The lecithin–sphingomyelin kindred (aka L-S or L/S kindred) is a proof of fetal amniotic mitigate to assess for fetal lung immaturity.
  • Oxytocin Proof or Challenge (a.k.a. Contraction Test) involves the intravenous administration of exogenous oxytocin to the delay-child dowager. The target is to consummate environing three contractions every ten minutes.
  • A nonstress proof is used to evaluate a fetus’ vigor antecedently family and arranges suited notice how the fetus’ oxygen provide by obstructing its kernel rebuke and how it responds to the fetus’ change-of-place.
  • Levels of estriol in the blood is used in kind serum triple or quadruple screening proof that is effected among 15 and 20 weeks. The planes of the substances measured succors judge the chance that the baby may possess convinced drifts or family omissions.
Fetal Wellbeing Tribute Tests (ALONE)

5. REEDDA: Episiotomy Healing Evaluation

If the dame had an episiotomy or vaginal sever during endowment, the injure force rack for a few weeks. Extensive severs force siege hankerer to cure. The enduring conquer possess a vaginal dismiss (lochia) for a number of weeks succeeding endowment. Expect a shining red, burdensome progress of class for the leading few days. The dismiss conquer spiritual taper off, suitable unsound and changing from pink or brown to yellow or stainless. So it is frequently essential to obstruct for REEDA.
Evaluation of Episiotomy Healing Mnemonic: REEDDA

6. HELLP Syndrome: Censorious Pre-Eclampsia

HELLP syndrome nursing mnemonic is a life-threatening pregnancy confusion usually considered to be a unequivalent of preeclampsia. Both stipulations usually amount during the succeeding stages of pregnancy, or costlyly succeeding slipbirth.
Severe Preeclampsia (HELLP Syndrome) Nursing Mnemonic

7. 9 & 16: Chorionic Villi Sampling & Alpha-fetoprotein

  • “Chorionic” has 9 notes and CVS is executed at 9 weeks gestation.
  • “Alpha Fetoprotein” has 16 notes and is measured at 16 weeks gestation.
Chorionic villus sampling (CVS) is a leading-trimester (10 to 12 weeks) resource to amniocentesis for prenatal peculiarity of genetic irregularities. This proceeding is courteous by insufficiencyle aspiration of a exemplification of chorionic villi, either by the transcervical or transabdominal way. Alpha-fetoprotein is a fetal protein executed in the yolk sac during the leading 6 weeks of gestation and succeeding by the fetal liver. AFP is fix in the amniotic mitigate and kind serum. If the fetus has neural tube omission, AFP planes are elated.
007-Chorionic Villi Sampling (CVS) and Amniocentesis Nursing Mnemonics

8. ABCDEF: Prenatal Foresight Assessment

If you are past delay your tribute, recall the nursing mnemonic “ABCDEF” for the approvely areas you can ask. The leading prenatal visit is a opportunity to substantiate rapport and baseline postulates bearing to the enduring’s vigor. This begins delay obtaining a vigor truth, including screening for any influence of teratogens and concerns the dowager may be experiencing.
  • A: Amniotic mitigate leakage Check whether amniotic mitigate is disencumbered, class-tinged (pink), exposed, or brown. A dowager can mention the distinction among urine and amniotic mitigate owing the mitigate keeps leaking and she can’t coerce its acquit.
  • B: Bleeding vaginally Bleeding during pregnancy can supervene any opportunity from interpretation to the end of pregnancy. Any bleeding or spotting can be a prognostic of pregnancy where the fertilized egg disencumbereds beyond the uterus (ectopic). An untreated ecsubject-matter pregnancy can be life-threatening for the dowager.
  • C: Contractions A delay-child dame may test them from as coming as six weeks into pregnancy to the very end, or not at all. These contractions typically affect approve a tightening or hardening counter the abdomen and should be disorderly and altogether denialless.
  • D: Dysuria Pregnant women are so over capable to urinary entrust catching. Be foresightful not to disorder increased quantity of urination delay a bladder infection (cystitis). If a delay-child dowager notices that she is urinating over frequently, that urination is grievous (dysuria), or that she has a fever, she may possess an taint.
  • E: Edema Edema is when superfluity mitigate collects in the web. It’s usual to possess a convinced quantity of protuberance during pregnancy owing of impart dissatisfaction. Edema is most approvely to inconvenience during the third trimester. It may be specially censorious for women delay superfluityive amniotic mitigate or those carrying multiples.
  • F: Fetal change-of-place (quickening) This can usually be felt among 16 and 23 weeks; change-of-places are occasional and dispersed.

9. LARA CROFT: Abdominal Denial Causes During Pregnancy

Intermittent abdominal trouble or pain is a despicable pregnancy grievance. While itself may introduce to be innocuous, it can so be a prognostic of a grave drift. There can be multifarious agents for abdominal denial especially during pregnancy, recall the nursing mnemonic “LARA CROFT” to remind you.
  • L: Labor Labor contractions usually agent trouble or a dead ache in a delay-child dowager’s tail and inferior abdomen, parallel delay influence in the pelvis.
  • A: Abruptio Placenta The too-early disengagement of locatenta from the uterus and typically introduces delay bleeding, uterine contractions, and fetal disturb. Puts dame and fetus in grave jeopardy if left untreated.
  • R: Laceration (e.g., ectopic/uterine laceration) Ruptured ecsubject-matter pregnancy frequently results in inside bleeding and strenuous abdominal denial. Rupture of the uterus results in bleeding, laceration of the amniotic sac; it is a grave strait.
  • A: Abortion (Spontaneous) Spontaneous abortion (a.k.a. unsuccess) is the unintentional expulsion of an nucleus or fetus antecedently the 24th week of gestation; manifests delay abdominal cramps and vaginal bleeding.
  • C: Cholestasis Cholestasis is the debility of bile progress from the liver that can trigger strenuous lustful and abdominal denial. It perplexs no lavish for the dame but can be jeopardyous for the disencumbereding baby.
  • R: Rectus sheath hematoma (RSH) It is a costly hematoma delayin the rectus sheath that produces a grievous, pathetic protuberance that can ape an intraperitoneal body delay features of an quick abdomen.
  • O: Ovarian tumor Ovarian cysts typically amount in the relieve trimester and typically do not perplex lavishs to the dame or fetus; can naturally counteract themselves antecedently or early succeeding slipbirth.
  • F: Fibroids Fibroids are kind tumors that create in the uterus and are tight of the identical mitigate muscle fibers as the myometrium; usually perplexs no drifts during pregnancy.
  • T: Torsion of the uterus It is the course of over than 45 degrees environing the hanker axis of the uterus; manifests delay censorious abdominal denial, firm uterus, and fetal disturb. It may be due to structural irregularities in the pelvis.
009-Causes of Abdominal Denial During Pregnancy (LARACROFT) Nursing Mnemonics

10. ‘PRE’Eclampsia: Preeclampsia Classic Triad

Preeclampsia is a confusion characterized by excellent class influence and prognostics of loss to another organ method (usually the kidneys). The term usually begins succeeding 20 weeks of pregnancy in a dowager whose class influence had been usual. Even a contempt mount in class influence may be a prognostic of preeclampsia.
  • P: Proteinuria Proteinuria is defined as > 300 mg/24 h. Alternatively, proteinuria is diagnosed grounded on a protein:creatinine kindred ≥ 0.3 or a dipstick balbutiation of 1+. Absence of proteinuria on close accurebuke proofs (eg, urine dipstick proofing, gradation urinalysis) does not government out preeclampsia.
  • R: Rising class influence High class influence may disencumbered unwillingly, but over commmerely it has a unexpected aggression. Class influence that is 140/90 millimeters of mercury (mm Hg) or greater — documented on two occasions, at meanest indelicate hours aloof — is irregular.
  • E: Edema Sudden consequence perform and protuberance (specially in the countenance and hands) frequently manifests; pitting edema–an remarkable protuberance, specially of the hands, feet, or countenance, renowned by leaving an cavity when pressed on.
Know a few acute nursing mnemonics? If you some mnemonics environing this subject-matter, delight do portion-out them at our comments individuality below! Else, there are over nursing mnemonics here.


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