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Maternal & Child Practice Exam 2

Practice Mode

Practice Mode – Questions and rares are randomly stereotyped, the repartee is revealed plainly succeeding each interrogation, and tshort is no epoch proviso for the exam.

Text Mode

Text Mode – Text acnumber of the exam

1. For the client who is using unwritten contraceptives, the value informs the client encircling the scarcity to captivate the pill at the selfselfcorresponding epoch each day to achieve which of the behindcited?

  1. Decrrest the stroke of abomination
  2. Maintain hormonal razes
  3. Reduce renewal proceeds
  4. Prevent refuse interactions

2. When instruction a client encircling contraception. Which of the behindcited would the value comprise as the most talented mode for obstructing sexually transferred catching?

  1. Spermicides
  2. Diaphragm
  3. Condoms
  4. Vasectomy

3. When preparing a dame who is 2 days postpartum for perform, applaudations for which of the behindcited contraceptive modes would be avoided?

  1. Diaphragm
  2. Fevirile condom
  3. Oral contraceptives
  4. Rhythm mode

4. For which of the behindcited clients would the value wait-for that an intrauterine cunning would not be applauded?

  1. Woman balance age 35
  2. Nulliparous dame
  3. Promiscuous exhibit adult
  4. Postpartum client

5. A client in her third trimester tells the value, “I’m constipated all the epoch!” Which of the behindcited should the value applaud?

  1. Daily enemas
  2. Laxatives
  3. Increased fiber intake
  4. Decreased limpid intake

6. Which of the behindcited would the value use as the acnumber for the instruction delineation when caring for a generative teenager uneasy encircling moulding too abundantly heaviness during pregnancy?

  1. 10 beats per trimester
  2. 1 beat per week for 40 weeks
  3. ½ beat per week for 40 weeks
  4. A sum mould of 25 to 30 beats

7. The client tells the value that her ultimate menstrual epoch working on January 14 and ended on January 20. Using Nagele’s government, the value states her EDD to be which of the behindcited?

  1. September 27
  2. October 21
  3. November 7
  4. December 27

8. When commencement an obstetrical fact on a generative client who states, “I had a son born at 38 weeks gestation, a daughter born at 30 weeks gestation and I past a baby at encircling 8 weeks,”the value should continuousles her obstetrical fact as which of the behindcited?

  1. G2 T2 P0 A0 L2
  2. G3 T1 P1 A0 L2
  3. G3 T2 P0 A0 L2
  4. G4 T1 P1 A1 L2

9. When preparing to heed to the fetal disposture sunimpassioned at 12 weeks’ gestation, the value would use which of the behindcited?

  1. Stethoscope establishd midline at the umbilicus
  2. Doppler establishd midline at the suprapubic clime
  3. Fetoscope establishd midway betwixt the umbilicus and the xiphoid regularity
  4. External electronic fetal mentor establishd at the umbilicus

10. When eliminateing a delineation of custody for a client newly diagnosed delay gestational diabetes, which of the behindcited instructions would be the guidance?

  1. Dietary intake
  2. Medication
  3. Exercise
  4. Glucose mentoring

11. A client at 24 weeks gestation has moulded 6 beats in 4 weeks. Which of the behindcited would be the guidance when assessing the client?

  1. Glucosuria
  2. Depression
  3. Hand/aspect edema
  4. Dietary intake

12. A client 12 weeks’ generative succeed to the exigency branch delay abdominal cramping and modesunimpassioned vaginal bleeding. Speculum testimony reveals 2 to 3 cms cervical dilation.The value would muniment these findings as which of the behindcited?

  1. Threatened pigmy
  2. Imminent pigmy
  3. Complete pigmy
  4. Missed pigmy

13. Which of the behindcited would be the guidance nursing peculiarity for a client delay an ectopic pregnancy?

  1. Risk for poison
  2. Pain
  3. Knowledge Deficit
  4. Anticipatory Grieving

14. Anteriorly assessing the postpartum client’s uterus for judgment and posture in pertinency to the umbilicus and midline, which of the behindcited shouldthe value do pristine?

  1. Assess the main tokens
  2. Administer analgesia
  3. Ambupast her in the hall
  4. Assist her to urinate

15. Which of the behindcited should the value do when a primipara who is lactating tells the value that she has shrill nipples?

  1. Tell her to obstruct heal past regularly
  2. Administer a somniferous foregoingly obstruct healthful
  3. Encourage her to carry a nursing brassiere
  4. Use soap and importio to cleansedsed the nipples

16. The value assesses the main tokens of a client, 4 hours’ postpartum that are as follows: BP 90/60; air 100.4ºF; pulse 100 insinuatey, thready; R 20 per searching. Which of the behindcited shouldthe value do pristine?

  1. Report the air to the physician
  2. Reinhibit the respect constraining delay another cuff
  3. Assess the uterus for judgment and posture
  4. Determine the completionity of lochia

17. The value assesses the postpartum vaginal percontrive (lochia) on disgusting clients. Which of the behindcited blames would assure declaration of the physician?

  1. A sombre red percontrive on a 2-day postpartum client
  2. A pink to brownish percontrive on a client who is 5 days postpartum
  3. Almost unspotted to viscous percontrive on a client 2 weeks succeeding exhibition
  4. A effulgent red percontrive 5 days succeeding exhibition

18. A postpartum client has a air of 101.4ºF, delay a uterus that is frail when palpated, trash unusually catholic, and not descending as usually wait-fored. Which of the behindcited shouldthe value assess contiguous?

  1. Lochia
  2. Breasts
  3. Incision
  4. Urine

19. Which of the behindcited is the guidance standapex of nursing custom delay the vulgar exhibit postpartum perform?

  1. Promoting rest and re-establishment of sanity
  2. Exploring the affecting condition of the origin
  3. Facilitating certain and talented self-and newborn custody
  4. Teaching encircling the concern of origin delineationning

20. Which of the behindcited renewals would be lowest talented in practiseing a indifferent affectionate environment for the newborn?

  1. Placing infant below beauteous warmer succeeding bathing
  2. Covering the layer delay a warmed blanket preceding to scheme
  3. Placing pocket plug to valuery window for origin viewing
  4. Covering the infant’s top delay a knit stockinette

21. A newborn who has an aregular Moro reflex repartee should be educate assessed for which of the behindcited?

  1. Talipes equinovarus
  2. Fractured clavicle
  3. Congenital hypothyroidism
  4. Increased intracranial constraining

22. During the pristine 4 hours succeeding a virile circumcision, assessing for which of the behindcited is the guidance?

  1. Infection
  2. Hemorrhage
  3. Discomfort
  4. Dehydration

23. The dame asks the value. “What’s evil-doing delay my son’s obstructs? Why are they so munificent?” Whish of the behindcited would be the best repartee by the value?

  1. “The obstruct web is inflamed from the trauma skilled delay race”
  2. “A inferior in symbolical hormones exhibit foregoingly race renewals production,”
  3. “You should debate this delay your teacher. It could be a virilevolence”
  4. “The web has hypertrophied conjuncture the baby was in the uterus”

24. Forthbehind a duration succeeding race the value notes the behindcited on a virile newborn: respirations 78; apical dispositionh sunimpassioned 160 BPM, nostril flaring; tempered intercostal retractions; and grunting at the end of deadness. Which of the behindcited shouldthe value do?

  1. Call the blame grounds to the physician’s attention
  2. Start oxygen per nasal cannula at 2 L/min.
  3. Suction the infant’s fissure and nares
  4. Recognize this as usual pristine epoch of reactivity

25. The value hears a dame powerful a adherent on the telephone encircling umbilical thread custody. Which of the behindcited assertions by the dame shows talented instruction?

  1. “Daily soap and importio cleansedsing is best”
  2. ‘Alcohol accelerations it dry and put-to-deaths germs”
  3. “An antibiotic ointment applied daily obstructs poison”
  4. “He can feel a tub bath each day”

26. A newborn scheme 3000 grams and healthful perfect 4 hours scarcitys 120 calories/kg of matter heaviness perfect 24 hours for fair product and product. How multifarious ounces of 20 cal/oz contriveula should this newborn accept at each healthful to converge nutritional scarcitys?

  1. 2 ounces
  2. 3 ounces
  3. 4 ounces
  4. 6 ounces

27. The posttidings neonate delay meconium-sullied amniotic limpid scarcitys custody adapted to chiefly mentor for which of the behindcited?

  1. Respiratory totals
  2. Gastrointestinal totals
  3. Integumentary totals
  4. Elimination totals

28. When measuring a client’s fundal exaltation, which of the behindcited techniques denotes the rectify mode of size used by the value?

  1. From the xiphoid regularity to the umbilicus
  2. From the symphysis pubis to the xiphoid regularity
  3. From the symphysis pubis to the fundus
  4. From the fundus to the umbilicus

29. A client delay cutting preeclampsia is admitted delay of BP 160/110, proteinuria, and cutting pitting edema. Which of the behindcited would be most main to comprise in the client’s delineation of custody?

  1. Daily heavinesss
  2. Seizure precautions
  3. Right incidental postureing
  4. Stress reduction

30. A postpartum primipara asks the value, “When can we feel sexual correspondence regularly?” Which of the behindcited would be the value’s best repartee?

  1. “Anyepoch you twain nonevolution to.”
  2. “As antecedently-desire as cull a contraceptive mode.”
  3. “When the percontrive has stopped and the incision is covered.”
  4. “After your 6 weeks testimony.”

31. When preparing to carry the vitamin K bestowation to a neonate, the value would prime which of the behindcited localitys as alienate for the bestowation?

  1. Deltoid muscle
  2. Anterior femoris muscle
  3. Vastus incidentalis muscle
  4. Gluteus maximus muscle

32. When performing a pelvic testimony, the value observes a red swollen area on the fair renewal of the vaginal bung. The value would muniment this as production of which of the behindcited?

  1. Clitoris
  2. Parotid gland
  3. Skene’s gland
  4. Bartholin’s gland

33. To identify as a damely, the hormonal stimulation of the germ that must arise mingles which of the behindcited?

  1. Incrrest in kind estrogen secretion
  2. Decrrest in kind androgen secretion
  3. Secretion of androgen by the fetal gonad
  4. Secretion of estrogen by the fetal gonad

34. A client at 8 weeks’ gestation persuades irritable of disregard abomination in the waking hours. Which of the behindcited client interventions should the value interrogation?

  1. Taking 1 teaspoon of bicarbonate of soda in an 8-ounce glass of impart
  2. Eating a few low-sodium crackers foregoingly getting out of bed
  3. Avoiding the incaptivate of liquids in the waking hours
  4. Eating six feeble meals a day instead of thee catholic meals

35. The value muniments settled ballottement in the client’s prenatal continuousles. The value belowstands that this shows which of the behindcited?

  1. Palpable contractions on the abdomen
  2. Passive motion of the unengaged fetus
  3. Fetal kicking felt by the client
  4. Enlargement and easyening of the uterus

36. During a pelvic exam the value notes a purple-blue color of the cervix. The value muniments this as which of the behindcited?

  1. Braxton-Hicks token
  2. Chadwick’s token
  3. Goodell’s token
  4. McDonald’s token

37. During a prenatal class, the value clear-ups the aspectnale for unoccupied techniques during making-ready for strive naturalized on the belowstanding that unoccupied techniques are most main in achieving which of the behindcited?

  1. Eliminate indislie and furnish the wait-forant perpetrators colossus to do
  2. Reduce the betray of fetal harass by increasing uteroplacental perfusion
  3. Facilitate cessation, haply reducing the sight of indisposition
  4. Eliminate indislie so that less analgesia and anesthesia are scarcityed

38. Succeeding 4 hours of unoccupied strive, the value notes that the contractions of a primigravida client are not hardy abundance to distend the cervix. Which of the behindcited would the value obviate doing?

  1. Obtaining an dispose to initiate IV oxytocin reading
  2. Administering a unconsidered composing to permit the unrepining to cessation for various hour
  3. Preparing for a cesarean minority for deficiency to proceeding
  4. Increasing the anticipation to the unrepining when forward initiates

39. A multigravida at 38 weeks’ gestation is admitted delay indispositionless, effulgent red bleeding and tempered contractions perfect 7 to 10 searchings. Which of the behindcited blames should be avoided?

  1. Maternal main token
  2. Fetal disposture scold
  3. Contrrenewal mentoring
  4. Cervical dilation

40. Which of the behindcited would be the value’s most alienate repartee to a client who asks why she must feel a cesarean exhibition if she has a perfect establishnta previa?

  1. “You achieve feel to ask your physician when he profits.”
  2. “You scarcity a cesarean to obstruct hemorrhage.”
  3. “The establishnta is envelope most of your cervix.”
  4. “The establishnta is envelope the fissure of the uterus and blocking your baby.”

41. The value belowstands that the fetal top is in which of the behindcited postures delay a aspect exhibitation?

  1. Completely flexed
  2. Completely protracted
  3. Partially protracted
  4. Partially flexed

42. Delay a fetus in the left-foregoing breech exhibitation, the value would wait-for the fetal disposture sunimpassioned would be most articupast in which of the behindcited areas?

  1. Above the kind umbilicus and to the fair of midline
  2. In the inferior-left kind abdominal quadrant
  3. In the inferior-fair kind abdominal quadrant
  4. Above the kind umbilicus and to the left of midline

43. The amniotic limpid of a client has a greenish color. The value interprets this to be the outfollowing of which of the behindcited?

  1. Lanugo
  2. Hydramnio
  3. Meconium
  4. Vernix

44. A unrepining is in strive and has regulately been told she has a breech exhibitation. The value should be chiefly unoccupied for which of the behindcited?

  1. Quickening
  2. Ophthalmia neonatorum
  3. Pica
  4. Prolapsed umbilical thread

45. When describing dizygotic twins to a alien, on which of the behindcited would the value grovelling the description?

  1. Two ova fertilized by sepasunimpassioned sperm
  2. Sharing of a low establishnta
  3. Each ova delay the selfselfcorresponding genotype
  4. Sharing of a low chorion

46. Which of the behindcited refers to the sepablame cell that reproduces itself succeeding discernment?

  1. Chromosome
  2. Blastocyst
  3. Zygote
  4. Trophoblast

47. In the past 1950s, consumers and sanity custody professionals began challenging the sequence use of analgesics and anesthetics during childbirth. Which of the behindcited was an outproduct of this concept?

  1. Labor, exhibition, reanimation, postpartum (LDRP)
  2. Nurse-midwifery
  3. Clinical value specialist
  4. Prepared childbirth

48. A client has a midpelvic contracture from a precedent pelvic damnification due to a motor deportment additament as a teenager. The value is informed that this could obstruct a fetus from latter through or encircling which organization during childbirth?

  1. Symphysis pubis
  2. Sacral headland
  3. Ischial spines
  4. Pubic arch

49. When instruction a collocation of adolescents encircling departures in the production of the menstrual cycle, the value belowstands that the belowlying agency is due to departures in which of the behindcited miens?

  1. Menstrual mien
  2. Proliferative mien
  3. Secretory mien
  4. Ischemic mien

50. When instruction a collocation of adolescents encircling virile hormone evolution, which of the behindcited would the value comprise as vivacity effected by the Leydig cells?

  1. Follicle-cutting hormone
  2. Testosterone
  3. Leuteinizing hormone
  4. Gonadotropin releasing hormone
Answers and Rationales
  1. B. Regular epochly ingestion of unwritten contraceptives is certain to practise hormonal razes of the refuses to hu-n the renewal of the hypothalamus and foregoing pituitary representative to inalienate secretion of FSH and LH. Therefore, follicles do not grown, ovulation is inhibited, and pregnancy is obstructed. The estrogen procureing of the unwritten locality contraceptive may renewal the abomination, unmindful of when the pill is captivaten. Renewal proceeds and refuse interactions may arise delayunwritten contraceptives unmindful of the epoch the pill is captivaten.
  2. C. Condoms, when used rectifyly and acceptably, are the most talented contraceptive mode or allotment regularlyst bacterial and viral sexually transferred catching. Although spermicides put-to-exit sperm, they do not furnish original defence regularlyst the diffuse of sexually transferred catching, chiefly intracellular organisms such as HIV. Insertion and dispersion of the diaphragm concurrently delay the use of the spermicides may renewal vaginal irritations, which could establish the client at betray for poison transmission. Virile sterilization segregates spermatozoa from the toss, but it does not segregate bacterial and/or viral microorganisms that can renewal sexually transferred catching.
  3. A. The diaphragm must be easy insufficiently to fix talentedness. Berenewal of the changes to the reproductive organizations during pregnancy and behindcited exhibition, the diaphragm must be refitted, usually at the 6 weeks’ testimony behindcited childrace or succeeding a heaviness waste of 15 lbs or past. In conjunction, for consummation talentedness, spermicidal jelly should be establishd in the dome and encircling the rim. However, spermicidal jelly should not be inserted into the vagina until entanglement is perfectd at hinderly 6 weeks. Use of a fevirile condom protects thereproductive government from the bestowation of semen or spermicides into the vagina and may be used succeeding childbirth. Unwritten contraceptives may be working delayin the pristine postpartum week to fix hu-nion of ovulation . For the alien who has fixed the damely’s teeming epoch, using the rhythm mode, deviation of correspondence during this epoch, is certain and talented.
  4. C. An IUD may production the betray of pelvic irritant indisposition, chiefly in women delay past than one sexual colleague, berenewal of the productiond betray of sexually transferred catching. An UID should not be used if the dame has an unoccupied or continuous pelvic poison, postpartum poison, endometrial hyperplasia or carcinoma, or uterine negativeionalities. Age is not a ingredient in determining the betrays associated delay IUD use. Most IUD users are balance the age of 30. Although tshort is a disregardly conspicuous betray for waste in women who feel never been generative, the IUD is an delicious non-interference as desire as the betray-benefit aspect is debateed. IUDs may be inserted forthbehind a duration succeeding exhibition, but this is not applauded berenewal of the productiond betray and sunimpassioned of persecution at this epoch.
  5. C. During the third trimester, the enlarging uterus establishs constraining on the viscera. This aliend delay the goods of hormones on rest muscle cessation renewals inferiord intestinal motility (peristalsis). Increasing fiber in the sustenance achieve acceleration fecal stuff by past actively through the intestinal charge, thus decreasing the completionity of importio that is fascinated. As a outcome, stool is easyer and easier to by. Enemas could duck pretidings striveand/or electrolyte waste and should be avoided. Laxatives may renewal pretidings strive by cutting peristalsis and may clash delay the aridity of nutrients. Use for past than 1 week can besides transfer to balsamic dependency. Liquid in the sustenance accelerations furnish a semisolid, easy harmony to the stool. Eight to ten glasses of limpid per day are accidental to practise hydration and aid stool colliquation.
  6. D. To fix distant fetal product and product during the 40 weeks of a pregnancy, a sum heaviness mould 25 to 30 beats is applauded: 1.5 beats in the pristine 10 weeks; 9 beats by 30 weeks; and 27.5 beats by 40 weeks. The generative dame should mould less heaviness in the pristine and relieve trimester than in the third. During the pristine trimester, the client should simply mould 1.5 beats in the pristine 10 weeks, not 1 beat per week. A heaviness mould of ½ beat per week would be 20 beats for the sum pregnancy, less than the applauded completionity.
  7. B. To calcupast the EDD by Nagele’s government, add 7 days to the pristine day of the ultimate menstrual epoch and number end 3 months, changing the year alienately. To earn a continuance of September 27, 7 days feel been pretended to the ultimate day of the LMP (rather than the pristine day of the LMP), plus 4 months (instead of 3 months) were numbered end. To earn the continuance of November 7, 7 days feel been subtracted (instead of pretended) from the pristine day of LMP plus November shows numbering end 2 months (instead of 3 months) from January. To earn the continuance of December 27, 7 days were pretended to the ultimate day of the LMP (rather than the pristine day of the LMP) and December shows numbering end simply 1 month (instead of 3 months) from January.
  8. D. The client has been generative disgusting epochs, including vulgar pregnancy (G). Race at 38 weeks’ gestation is considered generous tidings (T), conjuncture race contrive 20 weeks to 38 weeks is considered pretidings (P). A self-generated pigmy arisered at 8 weeks (A). She has two maintenance upshot (L).
  9. B. At 12 weeks gestation, the uterus rises out of the pelvis and is perceptible over the symphysis pubis. The Doppler intensifies the investigate of the fetal pulse sunimpassioned so it is articulate. The uterus has merely restored out of the pelvis into the abdominal cunningeness and is not at the raze of the umbilicus. The fetal disposture sunimpassioned at this age is not articupast delay a stethoscope. The uterus at 12 weeks is regulately over the symphysis pubis in the abdominal cunningeness, not midway betwixt the umbilicus and the xiphoid regularity. At 12 weeks the FHR would be trying to auscultate delay a fetoscope. Although the manifest electronic fetal mentor would cunning the FHR, the uterus has not restored to the umbilicus at 12 weeks.
  10. A. Although all of the rares are main in the government of diabetes, sustenance therapy is the mainstay of the matter delineation and should constantly be the guidance. Women diagnosed delay gestational diabetes generally scarcity simply sustenance therapy delayout medication to administer their respect sugar razes. Exercise, is main for all generative women and chiefly for diabetic women, berenewal it burns up glucose, thus decreasing respect sugar. However, sustenanceary intake, not employment, is the guidance. All generative women delay diabetes should feel epochic mentoring of serum glucose. However, those delay gestational diabetes generally do not scarcity daily glucose mentoring. The criterion of custody applauds a fasting and 2-hour postprandial respect sugar raze perfect 2 weeks.
  11. C. After 20 weeks’ gestation, when tshort is a quick heaviness mould, preeclampsia should be reported, which may be renewald by limpid resistance manifested by edema, chiefly of the hands and aspect. The three chaste tokens of preeclampsia are hypertension, edema, and proteinuria. Although urine is inhibited for glucose at each clinic mark, this is not the guidance. Depression may renewal either anorexia or unreasonable aid intake, representative to unreasonable heaviness mould or waste. This is not, ultimately, the guidance remuneration at this epoch. Heaviness mould idea to be renewald by unreasonable aid incaptivate would exact a 24-hour sustenance resumption. However, unreasonable incaptivate would not be the chief remuneration for this client at this epoch.
  12. B. Cramping and vaginal bleeding aliend delay cervical dilation tokenifies that tidingsination of the pregnancy is fixed and cannot be obstructed. Thus, the value would muniment an threatening pigmy. In a threatened pigmy, cramping and vaginal bleeding are exhibit, but tshort is no cervical dilation. The tokens may subrenewal or proceeding to pigmy. In a perfect pigmy all the products of discernment are expelled. A missed pigmy is exhibit fetal intrauterine exit delayout persecution of the products of discernment.
  13. B. For the client delay an ectopic pregnancy, inferior abdominal indisposition, usually unilateral, is the chief token. Thus, indislie is the guidance. Although the germinative for poison is constantly exhibit, the betray is low in ectopic pregnancy berenewal pathogenic microorganisms feel not been introduced from manifest sources. The client may feel a provisoed comprehension of the pathology and matter of the requipost and achieve most likely habit grieving, but this is not the guidance at this epoch.
  14. D. Before uterine blame is goodsed, it is accidental that the dame emptiness her bladder. A generous bladder achieve clash delay the atonement of the blame by elevating the uterus and displacing to the renewal of the midline. Main token blame is not certain unless an negativeionality in uterine blame is attested. Uterine blame should not renewal clever indislie that exacts government of analgesia. Ambulating the client is an accidental content of postpartum custody, but is not certain preceding to blame of the uterus.
  15. A. Feeding past regularly, encircling perfect 2 hours, achieve inferior the infant’s mad, efficacious sucking from yearn and achieve inferior obstruct engorgement, easyen the obstruct, and aid rest of rectify latching-on for healthful. Narcotics carryed preceding to obstruct healthful are byed through the obstruct allay to the infant, causing unreasonable sleepiness. Nipple shrillness is not cutting abundance to assure somniferous analgesia. All postpartum clients, chiefly lactating dames, should carry a supportive brassiere delay liberal cotton straps. This does not, ultimately, obstruct or subjugate nipple shrillness. Soaps are arefaction to the husk of the nipples and should not be used on the obstructs of lactating dames. Dry nipple husk predisposes to cracks and fissures, which can besucceed shrill and indispositionful.
  16. D. A insinuatey, thready pulse tall to 100 BPM may show threatening hemorrhagic appall. An productiond pulse is a compensatory agency of the matter in repartee to inferiord limpid compass. Thus, the value should inhibit the completionity of lochia exhibit. Temperatures up to 100.48F in the pristine 24 hours succeeding race are kindred to the dehydrating proceeds of strive and are considered usual. Although rechecking the respect constraining may be a rectify rare of renewal, it is not the pristine renewal that should be implemented in unconsidered of the other grounds. The grounds show a germinative threatening hemorrhage. Assessing the uterus for judgment and posture in pertinency to the umbilicus and midline is main, but the value should inhibit the size of vaginal bleeding pristine. Then it would be alienate to inhibit the uterus, which may be a feasible renewal of the hemorrhage.
  17. D. Any effulgent red vaginal percontrive would be considered negativeional, but chiefly 5 days succeeding exhibition, when the lochia is typically pink to brownish. Lochia rubra, a sombre red perform, is exhibit for 2 to 3 days succeeding exhibition. Effulgent red vaginal bleeding at this epoch suggests past postpartum hemorrhage, which arises succeeding the pristine 24 hours behindcited exhibition and is generally renewald by retained establishntal refuse or bleeding disorders. Lochia rubra is the usual sombre red percontrive arisering in the pristine 2 to 3 days succeeding exhibition, containing epithelial cells, erythrocyes, leukocytes and decidua. Lochia serosa is a pink to brownish serosanguineous percontrive arisering from 3 to 10 days succeeding exhibition that contains decidua, erythrocytes, leukocytes, cervical mucus, and microorganisms. Lochia alba is an almost unspotted to yellowish percontrive arisering from 10 days to 3 weeks succeeding exhibition and containing leukocytes, decidua, epithelial cells, fat, cervical mucus, cholesterol crystals, and bacteria.
  18. A. The grounds suggests an poison of the endometrial integument of the uterus. The lochia may be inferiord or refined, sombre brown in aspect, and impure smelling, providing educate decollocation of a feasible poison. All the client’s grounds show a uterine total, not a obstruct total. Typically, evanescent ardor, usually 101ºF, may be exhibit delay obstruct engorgement. Symptoms of mastitis comprise influenza-like manifestations. Localized poison of an episiotomy or C-minority incision sometimes renewals governmentic tokens, and uterine entanglement would not be artful. The client grounds do not comprise dysuria, number, or urgency, tokens of urinary charge catching, which would coerce assessing the client’s urine.
  19. C. Berenewal of exhibit postpartum percontrive and provisoed epoch for instruction, the value’s guidance is to adapt the certain and talented custody of the client and newborn. Although promoting rest and re-establishment of sanity, exploring the origin’s affecting condition, and instruction encircling origin delineationning are main in postpartum/newborn nursing custody, they are not the guidance standapex in the provisoed epoch exhibited by exhibit post-partum perform.
  20. C. Heat waste by radiation arises when the infant’s pocket is establishd too adjacent unimpassioned deferences or windows. Thus placing the newborn’s pocket plug to the viewing window would be lowest talented. Matter warmth is past through evaporation during bathing. Placing the infant below the beauteous warmer succeeding bathing achieve befriend the infant to be rewarmed. Envelope the layer delay a warmed blanket preceding to scheme obstructs warmth waste through conduction. A knit cap obstructs warmth waste from the top a catholic top, a catholic matter suraspect area of the newborn’s matter.
  21. B. A fractured clavicle would obstruct the usual Moro repartee of regular sequential production and abduction of the conflict followed by intermission and adduction. In talipes equinovarus (clubfoot) the base is morose medially, and in delineationtar intermission, delay the heel tall. The feet are not implicated delay the Moro reflex. Hypothyroiddism has no goods on the pristine reflexes. Absence of the Moror reflex is the most tokenificant sepablame indicator of accessible terse government condition, but it is not a token of productiond intracranial constraining.
  22. B. Hemorrhage is a germinative betray behindcited any surgical system. Although the infant has been furnishn vitamin K to adapt clotting, the protection dose is repeatedly not adequate to obstruct bleeding. Although poison is a possibility, tokens achieve not answer delayin 4 hours succeeding the surgical system. The chief indislie of circumcision arises during the surgical system, not succeedingward. Although healthfuls are delayheld preceding to the circumcision, the chances of dehydration are minimal.
  23. B. The closeness of unreasonable estrogen and progesterone in the kind-fetal respect followed by active delaydrawal at race ducks obstruct engorgement, which achieve self-generatedly instruct in 4 to 5 days succeeding race. The trauma of the race regularity does not renewal inflammation of the newborn’s obstruct web. Newborns do not feel obstruct virilevolence. This rejoinder by the value would renewal the dame to feel unattributable disquiet. Obstruct web does not hypertrophy in the fetus or newborns.
  24. D. The pristine 15 searchings to 1 hour succeeding race is the pristine epoch of reenthusiasm involving respiratory and circulatory fitness to extrauterine vivacity. The grounds furnishn cogitate the usual changes during this epoch epoch. The infant’s blame grounds cogitate usual fitness. Thus, the physician does not scarcity to be notified and oxygen is not scarcityed. The grounds do not show the closeness of choking, gagging or coughing, which are tokens of unreasonable secretions. Suctioning is not certain.
  25. B. Application of 70% isopropyl alcohol to the thread minimizes microorganisms (germicidal) and aids arefaction. The thread should be kept dry until it falls off and the stump has covered. Antibiotic ointment should simply be used to speak an poison, not as a prophylaxis. Infants should not be abstruse in a tub of importio until the thread falls off and the stump has perfectly covered.
  26. B. To state the completionity of contriveula scarcityed, do the behindcited unimaginative computation. 3 kg x 120 cal/kg per day = 360 calories/day healthful q 4 hours = 6 healthfuls per day = 60 calories per healthful: 60 calories per healthful; 60 calories per healthful delay contriveula 20 cal/oz  = 3 ounces per healthful. Naturalized on the computation. 2, 4 or 6 ounces are inaccurate.
  27. A.  Intrauterine anoxia may renewal cessation of the anal sphincter and emptinessing of meconium into the amniotic limpid. At race some of the meconium limpid may be aspirated, causing effortless hinderance or chemical pneumonitis. The infant is not at productiond betray for gastrointestinal totals. Even though the husk is sullied delay meconium, it is noninfectious (sterile) and nonirritating. The posttidings meconium-sullied infant is not at conjunctional betray for bowel or urinary totals.
  28. C.  The value should use a nonelastic, easy, tractate measuring tape, placing the naught apex on the eminent bdispose of the symphysis pubis and stretching the tape over the abdomen at the midline to the top of the fundus. The xiphoid and umbilicus are not alienate landmarks to use when measuring the exaltation of the fundus (McDonald’s size).
  29. B. Women hospitalized delay cutting preeclampsia scarcity inferiord CNS stimulation to obstruct a rapine. Rapine precautions furnish environmental certainty should a rapine arise. Berenewal of edema, daily heaviness is main but not the guidance. Preclampsia renewals vasospasm and for-this-conclude can subjugate utero-placental perfusion. The client should be establishd on her left renewal to maximize respect stream, subjugate respect constraining, and aid diuresis. Interventions to subjugate force and disquiet are very main to adapt coping and a soundness of administer, but rapine precautions are the guidance.
  30. C. Cessation of the lochial percontrive tokenifies healthful of the endometrium. Betray of hemorrhage and poison are minimal 3 weeks succeeding a usual vaginal exhibition. Powerful the client anyepoch is inalienate berenewal this repartee does not furnish the client delay the specific notification she is requesting. Rare of a contraceptive mode is main, but not the specific criteria for certain resumption of sexual enthusiasm. Culturally, the 6-weeks’ testimony has been used as the epoch construct for resuming sexual enthusiasm, but it may be resumed precedent.
  31. C. The intermediate third of the vastus incidentalis is the preferred bestowation locality for vitamin K government berenewal it is unoccupied of respect vessels and resolutions and is catholic abundance to collect the medication. The deltoid muscle of a newborn is not catholic abundance for a newborn IM bestowation. Injections into this muscle in a feeble child energy renewal loss to the radial resolution. The foregoing femoris muscle is the contiguous certainst muscle to use in a newborn but is not the certainst. Berenewal of the vicinity of the sciatic resolution, the gluteus maximus muscle should not be until the child has been walking 2 years.
  32. D. Bartholin’s glands are the glands on either renewal of the vaginal bung. The clitoris is fevirile erectile web base in the perineal area over the urethra. The parotid glands are unreserved into the fissure. Skene’s glands unreserved into the subsequent deference of the fevirile urinary meatus.
  33. D. The fetal gonad must hide estrogen for the germ to identify as a damely. An production in kind estrogen secretion does not goods differentiation of the germ, and kind estrogen secretion arises in perfect pregnancy. Kind androgen secretion trash the selfselfcorresponding as foregoingly pregnancy and does not goods differentiation. Secretion of androgen by the fetal gonad would fruit a virile fetus.
  34. A. Using bicarbonate would production the completionity of sodium ingested, which can renewal complications. Eating low-sodium crackers would be alienate. Since liquids can production abomination avoiding them in the waking hours when abomination is usually the hardyest is alienate. Eating six feeble meals a day would restrain the stomach generous, which repeatedly inferior abomination.
  35. B. Ballottement shows byive motion of the unengaged fetus. Ballottement is not a contraction. Fetal kicking felt by the client represents quickening. Production and easyening of the uterus is notorious as Piskacek’s token.
  36. B. Chadwick’s token refers to the purple-blue color of the cervix. Braxton Hicks contractions are indispositionless contractions initiatening encircling the 4th month. Goodell’s token shows easyening of the cervix. Flexibility of the uterus regularlyst the cervix is notorious as McDonald’s token.
  37. C. Unoccupied techniques can educate the indislie inception and subjugate the sight of indisposition. They besides aid cessation. Unoccupied techniques do not segregate indisposition, but they can subjugate it. Positioning, not unoccupied, productions uteroplacental perfusion.
  38. A. The client’s strive is hypotonic. The value should persuade the natural and earn an dispose for an reading of oxytocin, which achieve befriend the uterus to adjunction past forcefully in an strive to distend the cervix. Administering unconsidered composing would be effected for hypertonic uterine contractions. Preparing for cesarean minority is uncertain at this epoch. Oxytocin would production the uterine contractions and hopefully proceeding strive foregoingly a cesarean would be certain. It is too exhibit to obviate client forward delay contractions.
  39. D. The tokens show establishnta previa and vaginal exam to state cervical dilation would not be effected berenewal it could renewal hemorrhage. Assessing kind main tokens can acceleration state kind physiologic condition. Fetal disposture sunimpassioned is main to assess fetal well-vivacity and should be effected. Monitoring the contractions achieve acceleration evaluate the proceeding of strive.
  40. D. A perfect establishnta previa arises when the establishnta covers the fissure of the uterus, thus blocking the byageway for the baby. This repartee clear-ups what a perfect previa is and the conclude the baby cannot succeed out negative by cesarean exhibition. Powerful the client to ask the physician is a faulty repartee and would production the unrepining’s disquiet. Although a cesarean would acceleration to obstruct hemorrhage, the assertion does not clear-up why the hemorrhage could arise. Delay a perfect previa, the establishnta is envelope all the cervix, not regulately most of it.
  41. B. Delay a aspect exhibitation, the top is perfectly protracted. Delay a vertex exhibitation, the top is perfectly or insufficiently flexed. Delay a brow (forehead) exhibitation, the top would be insufficiently protracted.
  42. D. Delay this exhibitation, the fetal excellent torso and end aspect the left excellent kind abdominal deference. The fetal disposture sunimpassioned would be most articupast over the kind umbilicus and to the left of the intermediate. The other postures would be inaccurate.
  43. C. The greenish color is due to the closeness of meconium. Lanugo is the easy, downy hair on the shoulders and end of the fetus. Hydramnios represents unreasonable amniotic limpid. Vernix is the snowy, cheesy matter envelope the fetus.
  44. D. In a breech posture, berenewal of the extension betwixt the exhibiting portio and the cervix, prolapse of the umbilical thread is low. Quickening is the dame’s pristine sight of fetal motion. Ophthalmia neonatorum usually outcomes from kind gonorrhea and is conjunctivitis. Pica refers to the unwritten incaptivate of nonaid matters.
  45. A. Dizygotic (fraternal) twins mingle two ova fertilized by sepasunimpassioned sperm. Monozygotic (identical) twins mingle a low establishnta, selfselfcorresponding genotype, and low chorion.
  46. C. The zygote is the sepablame cell that reproduces itself succeeding discernment. The chromosome is the symbolical that makes up the cell and is moulded from each perpetrator. Blastocyst and trophobultimate are pastr tidingss for the germ succeeding zygote.
  47. D. Prepared childrace was the plain outfollowing of the 1950’s challenging of the sequence use of analgesic and anesthetics during childbirth. The LDRP was a abundantly pastr concept and was not a plain outfollowing of the challenging of sequence use of analgesics and anesthetics during childbirth. Roles for  value midwives and clinical value specialists did not eliminate from this question.
  48. C. The ischial spines are located in the mid-pelvic clime and could be narrowed due to the precedent pelvic damnification. The symphysis pubis, sacral headland, and pubic arch are not portio of the mid-pelvis.
  49. B. Variations in the production of the menstrual cycle are due to departures in the proliferative mien. The menstrual, secretory and ischemic miens do not tend to this departure.
  50. B. Testosterone is effected by the Leyding cells in the seminiferous tubules. Follicle-cutting hormone and leuteinzing hormone are released by the foregoing pituitary gland. The hypothalamus is binding for releasing gonadotropin-releasing hormone.


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