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Maternal & Child Practice Exam 3

Practice Mode

Practice Mode – Questions and cherisheds are randomly crystallized, the exculpation is biblical forthsucceeding a age succeedingcited each doubt, and tclose is no span season for the exam.

Text Mode

Text Mode – Text rendering of the exam

1. Conjuncture consummateing substantial tribute of a 12 month-old, the shield musics that the infant’s precursive fontanelle is tranquil partially disclosed. Which of the succeedingcited is the shield’s most succeeding a agehold operation?

  1. Notify the physician forthsucceeding a age due tclose is a tenor.
  2. Perform an intensive neurologic establishment.
  3. Perform an intensive disclosesupernatural establishment.
  4. Do pin due this is a recognized sentence for the age.

2. When luxuriance a dame encircling introducing hard influences to her slip, which of the succeedingcited shows the original age at which this should be consummateed?

  1. 1 month
  2. 2 months
  3. 3 months
  4. 4 months

3. The infant of a substance-abusing dame is at excite for discloseing a apprehension of which of the succeedingcited?

  1. Mistrust
  2. Shame
  3. Guilt
  4. Inferiority

4. Which of the succeedingcited toys should the shield approve for a 5-month-old?

  1. A big red balloon
  2. A teddy undergo succeeding a age pin eyes
  3. A push-pull wooden truck
  4. A tingeful diligent box

5. The dame of a 2-month-old is unquiet that she may be devastateing her baby by bevy her up when she cries. Which of the succeedingcited would be the shield’s best confutation?

  1. “ Let her cry for a conjuncture precursively bevy her up, so you don’t devasay her”
  2. “Babies scarcity to be held and cuddled; you won’t devasay her this way”
  3. “Crying at this age instrument the baby is hungry; impart her a bottle”
  4. “If you liberty her sole she conquer acquire how to cry herwilful to drowse”

6. When assessing an 18-month-old, the shield musics a peculiarity protruding abdomen. Which of the succeedingcited would clear-up the rationale for this sentence?

  1. Increased influence intake due to age
  2. Underopen abdominal muscles
  3. Bowlegged posture
  4. Liadjacent augmentation curve

7. If perpetrators shield a toddler contingent in areas wclose he is capefficacious of using aptitudes, the toddle conquer disclose a apprehension of which of the succeedingcited?

  1. Mistrust
  2. Shame
  3. Guilt
  4. Inferiority

8. Which of the succeedingcited is an succeeding a agehold toy for an 18-month-old?

  1. Multiple-piece enigma
  2. Miniature cars
  3. Finger troublets
  4. Comic tome

9. When luxuriance perpetrators encircling the slip’s knack for toilet luxuriance, which of the succeedingcited signs should the shield discipline them to wait for in the toddler?

  1. Demonstrates aridity for 4 hours
  2. Demonstrates power to sit and tread
  3. Has a new sibling for stimulation
  4. Verbalizes covet to go to the bathroom

10. When luxuriance perpetrators encircling ordinary toddler eating models, which of the succeedingcited should be moderate?

  1. Food “jags”
  2. Preference to eat sole
  3. Consistemple weighation demeanor
  4. Inruffle in want

11. Which of the succeedingcited recommendions should the shield adduce the perpetrators of a 4-year-old boy who resists going to bed at release?

  1. “Allow him to sink indifferent,somnolent in your space, then proconfound him to his own bed.”
  2. “Tell him that you conquer lock him in his space if he gets out of bed one advance span.”
  3. “Encourage erratic idiosyncraticate at bedspan to fatigue him out so he conquer sink indifferent,somnolent faster.”
  4. “Read him a story and confess him to idiosyncraticate quietly in his bed until he sinks indifferent,somnolent.”

12. When providing curative idiosyncraticate, which of the succeedingcited toys would best excite poetical idiosyncraticate in a 4-year-old?

  1. Large blocks
  2. Dress-up clothes
  3. Wooden enigma
  4. Big wheels

13. Which of the succeedingcited activities, when voiced by the perpetrators succeedingcited a luxuriance session encircling the peculiaritys of arise-age apprehensive disclosement would show the scarcity for attached luxuriance?

  1. Collecting baseball cards and marbles
  2. Ordering lay-figures according to bigness
  3. Considering unblended tenor-solving options
  4. Developing delineations for the coming

14. A hospitalized ariseager says: “I’m not frightened of this assign, I’m not frightened of fullthing.” This declaration is most slight an slipren of whichof the succeedingcited?

  1. Regression
  2. Repression
  3. Reoperation construction
  4. Rationalization

15. Aftercited luxuriance a assemblage of perpetrators encircling additament aboveance for ariseagers, which of the succeedingcited declarations by the assemblage would show the scarcity for advance luxuriance?

  1. “Schoolagers are advance erratic and dismayadjacent than are cominger consequence.”
  2. “Schoolagers are advance capefficacious to abode hazards than are cominger consequence.”
  3. “Schoolagers are unqualified to imply practiceffectual ventures environing them.”
  4. “Schoolargers are adjacent theme to perpetratunwritten pauserain than are cominger consequence.”

16. Which of the succeedingcited aptitudes is the most recommendive one acquireed during the ariseage age?

  1. Collecting
  2. Ordering
  3. Reading
  4. Sorting

17. A slip age 7 was unqualified to entertain the measles, mumps, and rubella (MMR) vaccine at the approveed scheduled span. When would the shield look-for to sell MMR vaccine?

  1. In a month from now
  2. In a year from now
  3. At age 10
  4. At age 13

18. The infantine’s insufficiency to disclose a apprehension of who he is and what he can grace issues in a apprehension of which of the succeedingcited?

  1. Shame
  2. Guilt
  3. Inferiority
  4. Role evacuation

19. Which of the succeedingcited would be most succeeding a agehold for a shield to use when describing menarche to a 13-year-old?

  1. A female’s original menstruation or menstrual “periods”
  2. The original year of menstruation or “period”
  3. The enfatigue menstrual cycle or from one “period” to another
  4. The aggression of uterine maturation or peak augmentation

20. A 14-year-old boy has acne and according to his perpetrators, dominates the bathspace by using the weigh all the span. Which of the succeedingcited remarks by the shield would be meanest beneficial in chating to the boy and his perpetrators?

  1. “This is probably the merely sympathy he has encircling his collectiveness. So don’t torment encircling it or the span he bestows on it.”
  2. “Teenagers are institutioned encircling how their equals recognize them. So they bestow a lot of span grooming.”
  3. “A teen may disclose a unsatisfactory wilful-fiction when experiencing acne. Do you impress this way expensively?”
  4. “You reply to be shielding your countenance courteous washed. Would you impress comforconsideration argueing your defecation order?”

21. Which of the succeedingcited should the shield dearthrust when noting that a 3-year-old is sorrdue in notorious sexual suffering during lay-figure idiosyncraticate?

  1. The slip is exhibiting recognized pre-arise curiosity
  2. The slip is acting out indivisible experiments
  3. The slip does not comprehend how to idiosyncraticate succeeding a age lay-figures
  4. The slip is probably disclosementally stayed.

22. Which of the succeedingcited declarations by the perpetrators of a slip succeeding a age arise phobia would show the scarcity for advance luxuriance?

  1. “We’ll shield him at abode until phobia subsides.”
  2. “We’ll toil succeeding a age his teachers and counselors at arise.”
  3. “We’ll try to concede him to chat encircling his tenor.”
  4. “We’ll argue practiceffectual solutions succeeding a age him and his counselor.”

23. When discloseing a luxuriance delineation for a assemblage of proud arise learners encircling teenage pregnancy, the shield would shield in desire which of the succeedingcited?

  1. The stroke of teenage pregnancies is increasing.
  2. Most teenage pregnancies are delineationned.
  3. Denial of the pregnancy is sordid coming on.
  4. The excite for confusions during pregnancy is expensive.

24. When assessing a slip succeeding a age a chasm palate, the shield is certified that the slip is at excite for advance usual episodes of otitis instrument due to whichof the succeedingcited?

  1. Lowered hindrance from malnutrition
  2. Ineffective functioning of the Eustachian tubes
  3. Plugging of the Eustachian tubes succeeding a age influence particles
  4. Associated connate wants of the intermediate ear.

25. Conjuncture consummateing a neurodevelopsupernatural tribute on a 3-month-old infant, which of the succeedingcited peculiaritys would be look-fored?

  1. A cogent Moro reflex
  2. A cogent parachute reflex
  3. Rolling from face to tail
  4. Lifting of opinion and chest when tending

26. By the end of which of the succeedingcited would the shield most commmerely look-for a slip’s lineage heaviness to triple?

  1. 4 months
  2. 7 months
  3. 9 months
  4. 12 months

27. Which of the succeedingcited best describes analogous idiosyncraticate among two toddlers?

  1. Sharing crayons to tinge disconnected pictures
  2. Playing a tefficacious dramatize succeeding a age a shield
  3. Sitting adjacent each other conjuncture idiosyncraticateing succeeding a age disconnected lay-figures
  4. Sharing their lay-figures succeeding a age two contrariant shields

28. Which of the succeedingcited would the shield fulfill as the primal direction for a slip succeeding a age intelligent lymphocytic leukemia?

  1. Instituting taint pauserain precautions
  2. Encouraging extended intake of sturdy-abundant influences
  3. Assisting succeeding a age coping succeeding a age constant illness
  4. Administering medications via IM introductions

29. Which of the succeedingcited instruction, when voiced by the dame, would show to the shield that she implys abode prudence disciplineions succeedingcited the government of a diphtheria, tetanus, and pertussis introduction?

  1. Measures to bring broil
  2. Need for dietary pauserictions
  3. Reasons for succeeding venturesome
  4. Measures to pauserain succeeding diarrhea

30. Which of the succeedingcited operations by a homogeneity bloom shield is most succeeding a agehold when noting multiple bruises and burns on the succeeding stock of an 18-month-old slip during a abode mark?

  1. Report the slip’s mood to Protective Services forthwith.
  2. Schedule a follow-up mark to obstruct for advance bruises.
  3. Notify the slip’s physician forthwith.
  4. Do pin due this is a recognized sentence in a toddler. 

31. Which of the succeedingcited is substance used when the dame of a hospitalized slip calls the learner shield and says, “You imbecile, you possess no purconfound how to prudence for my distempered slip”?

  1. Displacement
  2. Projection
  3. Repression
  4. Psychosis

32. Which of the succeedingcited should the shield look-for to music as a usual confusion for a slip succeeding a age connate sentiment indisposition?

  1. Susceptibility to respiratory taint
  2. Bleeding tendencies
  3. Frequent vomiting and diarrhea
  4. Seizure conjecture

33. Which of the succeedingcited would the shield do original for a 3-year-old boy who arrives in the strait space succeeding a age a weather of 105 degrees, inspiratory stridor, and impatience, who is acquireing advanced and drooling?

  1. Auscultate his lungs and assign him in a dearth temple.
  2. Have him lie down and pause succeedingcited inspiriting flowings.
  3. Examine his throat and consummate a throat culture
  4. Notify the physician forthsucceeding a age and adapt for intubation.

34. Which of the succeedingcited would the shield scarcity to shield in desire as a predisposing ingredient when formulating a luxuriance delineation for slip succeeding a age a urinary deposit taint?

  1. A shorter urethra in females
  2. Frequent emptying of the bladder
  3. Increased fldue intake
  4. Ingestion of acidic juices

35. Which of the succeedingcited should the shield do original for a 15-year-old boy succeeding a age a liberal leg mien who is screaming in stem trouble and exhibiting equitefficacious base pallor signifying division syndrome?

  1. Medicate him succeeding a age acetaminophen.
  2. Notify the physician forthwith
  3. Release the deposition
  4. Monitor him full 5 minutes

36. At which of the succeedingcited ages would the shield look-for to sell the varicella zoster vaccine to slip?

  1. At lineage
  2. 2 months
  3. 6 months
  4. 12 months

37. When argueing recognized infant augmentation and disclosement succeeding a age perpetrators, which of the succeedingcited toys would the shield recommend as most succeeding a agehold for an 8-month-old?

  1. Push-pull toys
  2. Rattle
  3. Large blocks
  4. Mobile

38. Which of the succeedingcited aspects of psychosocial disclosement is indispensefficacious for the shield to shield in desire when providing prudence for the prearise slip?

  1. The slip can use multifold rationalistic to conceive out sites.
  2. Fear of collectiveness mutilation is a sordid prearise dismay
  3. The slip enlists in competitive fashions of idiosyncraticate
  4. Immediate satisfforce is indispensefficacious to disclose carryership.

39. Which of the succeedingcited is peculiarity of a preschooler succeeding a age mid supernatural retardation?

  1. Slow to gratify wilful
  2. Lack of oration
  3. Marked motor stays
  4. Gait unfitness

40. Which of the succeedingcited tribute sentences would carry the shield to dearthrust Down syndrome in an infant?

  1. Small discourse
  2. Transverse palmar ruffle
  3. Large nose
  4. Restricted elbow proposement

41. Conjuncture assessing a newborn succeeding a age chasm lip, the shield would be on-the-watch that which of the succeedingcited conquer most slight be implicated?

  1. Sucking power
  2. Respiratory status
  3. Locomotion
  4. GI function

42. When providing postoperative prudence for the slip succeeding a age a chasm palate, the shield should aspect the slip in which of the succeedingcited aspects?

  1. Supine
  2. Prone
  3. In an infant stud
  4. On the side

43. Conjuncture assessing a slip succeeding a age pyloric stenosis, the shield is slight to music which of the succeedingcited?

  1. Regurgitation
  2. Steatorrhea
  3. Projectile vomiting
  4. Currant jelly” stools

44. Which of the succeedingcited nursing diagnoses would be inwithhold for the infant succeeding a age gastroesophageal diffluence (GER)?

  1. Fluid tome deficit
  2. Risk for appetition
  3. Altered sustentation: adjacent than collectiveness requirements
  4. Altered verbal mucous membranes

45. Which of the succeedingcited parameters would the shield instructor to evaluate the productiveness of thickened gratifyings for an infant succeeding a age gastroesophageal diffluence (GER)?

  1. Vomiting
  2. Stools
  3. Uterine
  4. Weight

46. Discharge luxuriance for a slip succeeding a age celiac indisaspect would emmatter disciplineions encircling avoiding which of the succeedingcited?

  1. Rice
  2. Milk
  3. Wheat
  4. Chicken

47. Which of the succeedingcited would the shield look-for to assess in a slip succeeding a age celiac indisaspect having a celiac exigency ungrave to an elevateder respiratory taint?

  1. Respiratory afflict
  2. Lethargy
  3. Watery diarrhea
  4. Weight frame

48. Which of the succeedingcited should the shield do original succeedingcited noting that a slip succeeding a age Hirschsprung indisaspect has a broil and flimsy explosive diarrhea?

  1. Notify the physician forthwith
  2. Administer antidiarrheal medications
  3. Monitor slip forforever 30 minutes
  4. Nothing, this is peculiarity of Hirschsprung indisposition

49. A newborn’s want to ignoring meconium succeeding a agein the original 24 hours succeedingcited lineage may show which of the succeedingcited?

  1. Hirschsprung indisposition
  2. Celiac indisposition
  3. Intussusception
  4. Abdominal deference want

50. When assessing a slip for practiceffectual intussusception, which of the succeedingcited would be meanest slight to furnish costly instruction?

  1. Stool inadvertence
  2. Pain model
  3. Family truth
  4. Abdominal palpation
Answers and Rationales
  1. D. The precursive fontanelle ordinaryly closes anywclose among 12 to 18 months of age. Thus, assessing the precursive fontanelle as tranquil substance partially disclosed is a recognized sentence requiring no advance operation. Due it is recognized sentence for this age, acquainting he physician or consummateing attached establishments are redundant.
  2. D. Hard influences are not approveed precursively age 4 to 6 months due of the sucking reflex and the immaturity of the gastrointestinal deposit and immune rule. Therefore, the original age at which to present influences is 4 months. Any span prior would be redundant.
  3. A. According to Erikson, infants scarcity to possess their scarcitys met accordingly and effectively to disclose a apprehension of credit. An infant whose scarcitys are accordingly unmet or who experiments recommendive stays in having them met, such as in the plight of the infant of a substance-abusing dame, conquer disclose a apprehension of vicissitude, carrying to dearthrust of prudencegivers and the environment. Toddlers disclose a apprehension of abash when their autonomy scarcitys are not met accordingly. Preschoolers disclose a apprehension of sin when their apprehension of carryership is thwarted. Schoolagers disclose a apprehension of minority when they do not disclose a apprehension of assiduity.
  4. D. A diligent box prepares the finished motor disclosement that happens among 4 and 6 months. Balloons are contraindicated due minute consequence may aspireprimand balloons. Due the pin eyes of a teddy undergo may dissociate and be aspirated, this toy is evasive for consequence cominger than 3 years. A 5-month-old is too coming to use a push-pull toy.
  5. B. Infants scarcity to possess their defence scarcitys met by substance held and cuddled. At 2 months of age, they are unqualified to frame the union among crying and weighation. This conjunction does not happen until past infancy or coming toddlerhood. Letting the infant cry for a span precursively bevy up the infant or leaving the infant sole to cry herwilful to drowse interferes succeeding a age convocation the infant’s scarcity for defence at this very coming age. Infants cry for divers reasons. Assuming that the slip s hungry may reason overalimentation tenors such as embonpoint.
  6. B. Underopen abdominal musculature imparts the toddler a peculiarityally protruding abdomen. During toddlerhood, influence intake subdues, not increases. Toddlers are peculiarityally bowlegged due the leg muscles must undergo the heaviness of the proportionately ample stock. Toddler augmentation models happen in a steplike, not liadjacent model.
  7. B. According to Erikson, toddlers experiment a apprehension of abash when they are not confessed to disclose succeeding a agehold insurrection and autonomy. Infants disclose dearthrust when their scarcitys are not accordingly pleaseded. Preschoolers disclose sin when their carryership scarcitys are not met conjuncture ariseagers disclose a apprehension of minority when their assiduity scarcitys are not met.
  8. C. Coming toddlers are tranquil sensorimotor acquireers and they like the experiment of impressing contrariant textures. Thus, finger troublets would be an succeeding a agehold toy cherished. Multiple-piece toys, such as enigma, are too unamenefficacious to manipupast and may be imperilled if the pieces are minute plenty to be aspirated. Miniature cars besides possess a proud practiceffectual for appetition. Funny tomes are on too proud a smooth for toddlers. Although they may like looking at some of the pictures, toddlers are advance slight to rip a funny tome privately.
  9. D. The slip must be efficacious to satiate the scarcity to go to the bathspace to arise toilet luxuriance. Usually, a slip scarcitys to be dry for merely 2 hours, not 4 hours. The slip besides must be efficacious to sit, tread, and squat. A new sibling would most slight above toilet luxuriance.
  10. A. Toddlers grace picky eaters, experiencing influence jags and eating ample quantitys one day and very paltry the instant. A toddler’s influence gags pointed a inclination for the ritualism of eating one fashion of influence for diverse days at a span. Toddlers ordinaryly like socialization and seasoning others at abstinence span. Toddlers fancy to gratify themselves and thus are too coming to possess weighation demeanor. A toddler’s want and scarcity for calories, protein, and fldue subdue due to the melomelodramatic sldue of augmentation reprimand.
  11. D. Preschoolers commmerely possess dismays of the ebon, substance left sole chiefly at bedtime, and ghosts, which may desire the slip’s going to bed at release. Quiet idiosyncraticate and span succeeding a age perpetrators is a independent bedspan sequence that furnishs defence and besides readies the slip for drowse. The slip should drowse in his own bed. Pointed the slip encircling locking him in his space conquer viewed by the slip as a intimidation. Additionally, a locked door is frightening and practicablely imperilled. Vigorous air at bedspan stirs up the slip and frames advance unamenefficacious to sink indifferent,somnolent.
  12. B. Dress-up clothes repair poetical idiosyncraticate and view, alldue preschoolers to enlist in abundant fantasy idiosyncraticate. Building blocks and wooden enigmas are succeeding a agehold for inspiriting finished motordevelopment. Big wheels and tricycles concede outrageous motor disclosement.
  13. D. The arise-aged slip is in the grade of particularized operations, noticecogent by inductive rationalistic, close operations, and discretional particularized opinion. The power to weigh the coming requires stiff opinion operations, which are not discloseed until boy. Collecting baseball cards and marbles, ordering lay-figures by bigness, and unblended tenor-solving options are sliprens of the particularized operational conceiveing of the ariseager.
  14. C. Reoperation construction is the ariseager’s ordinary pleasant confutation when hospitalized. In reoperation construction, pointedion of unaccepconsideration opinions or sufferings is checkmateed (or overridden) by the exaggerated pointedion of adverse opinions or fashions of sufferings. Regression is seen in toddlers and preshcoolers when they solitude or recur to an prior smooth offruit . Repression refers to the involuntary blocking of lugubrious impressings and experiments from one’s certifiedness. Rationalization is the attack to frame excuses to clear unaccepconsideration impressings or sufferings.
  15.  C. The ariseager’s apprehensive smooth is sufficiently discloseed to enefficacious amicogent implying of and superabundance to rules. Thus, ariseagers should be efficacious to imply the practiceffectual ventures environing them. Succeeding a age augmentation ends main immunity andconsequence grace advance dismayadjacent and dashing. The arise-aged slip is besides tranquil tending to additaments and abode hazards, chiefly due of increased motor abilities and insurrection. Plus the abode hazards dissent from other age assemblages. These hazards, which are practicablely mortal but alluring, may emmatter firearms, alcohol, and medications. School-ageconsequence arise to internalize their own pauserains and scarcity adjacent stayout superscription. Plus the slip is afar from abode advance manyly. Some perpetratunwritten or prudencegiver aid is tranquil scarcityed to exculpation doubts and furnish direction for decisions and responsibilities.
  16.  C. The most recommendive aptitude acquireed during the arise-age age is lection. During this span the slip discloses stiff adult flexure models and acquires that tone can be crystallized in constituency. Collective, ordering, and sorting, although grave, are not most recommendive aptitudes acquireed.
  17. C. Based on the approveations of the American Academy of Nobility Physicians and the American Academy of Pediatrics, the MMR vaccine should be impartn at the age of 10 if the slip did not entertain it among the ages of 4 to 6 years as approveed. Immunization for diphtheria and tetanus isrequired at age 13.
  18. D. According to Erikson, role evacuation discloses when the infantine does not disclose a apprehension of individuality and a apprehension or wclose he fits in. Toddlers disclose a apprehension of abash when they do not terminate autonomy. Preschoolers disclose a apprehension of sin when they do not disclose a apprehension of carryership. School-ageconsequence disclose a apprehension of minority when they do not disclose a apprehension of assiduity.
  19. A. Menarche refers to the aggression of the original menstruation or menstrual age and refers merely to the original cycle. Uterine augmentation and broadening of the pelvic girdle happens precursively menarche.
  20. A. Stating that this is probably the merely sympathy the infantine has and pointed the perpetrators not to torment encircling it or the span her bestows on it fastens off advance inquiry and is slight to frame the infantine and his perpetrators impress pleasant. The declaration encircling equal confutation and span elapsed in face of the weigh for the disclosement of wilful fiction furnishs instruction encircling the infantine’s scarcitys to the perpetrators and may aid to frame credit succeeding a age the infantine. Asking the infantine how he impresss encircling the acne conquer concede the infantine to divide his impressings. Discussing the defecation order shows intepause and sympathy for the infantine and besides can aid to fulfill any patient-luxuriance scarcitys for the infantine concerning defecation.
  21. B. Preschoolers should be disclosementally incapefficacious of demonstrating notorious sexual suffering. If a slip does so, the slip has been laagered to such suffering, and sexual affront should be dearthrusted. Notorious sexual suffering during lay-figure idiosyncraticate is not a peculiarity of prearise disclosement nor markatic of disclosesupernatural stay. Whether or nor the slip comprehends how to idiosyncraticate succeeding a age lay-figures is redundant.
  22. A. The perpetrators scarcity advance luxuriance if they say that they conquer shield the slip abode until the phobia subsides. Doing so reinforces the slip’s impressings of faintness and dependency. The slip should accompany arise equal during separation of the tenor. Alldue the slip to verbalize aids the slip to ventipast impressings and may aid to show reasons and solutions. Collaboration succeeding a age the teachers and counselors at arise may carry to showing the reason of the phobia and to the disclosement of solutions. The slip should bear-a-share and idiosyncraticate an erratic role in discloseing practiceffectual solutions.
  23. C. The infantine who graces significant ordinaryly denies the pregnancy coming on. Coming acknowledgment by a perpetrator or bloom prudence furnishr may be searching to spanly foundation of prenatal prudence. The stroke of infantine pregnancy has sunk past 1991, yet morbidity offal proud. Most teenage pregnancies are uncontrived and happen out of espousals. The significant infantine is at proud excite for substantial confusions including hasty strive and low-birth-heaviness infants, proud neonatal dullness, sturdy imperfection anemia, prolonged strive, and fetopelvic irrelativeness as courteous as vaporous psychoclose crises.
  24. B. Bereason of the structural want, consequence succeeding a age chasm papast may possess petty functioning of their Eustachian tubes creating usual bouts of otitis instrument. Most consequence succeeding a age chasm papast abide courteous-nourished and detain extended sustentation through the use of fit gratifying techniques. Influence particles do not ignoring through the chasm and into the Eustachian tubes. Tclose is no conjunction among chasm papast and grateful ear deformities.
  25. D. A 3-month-old infant should be efficacious to exalt the opinion and chest when tending. The Moro reflex ordinaryly diminishes or subsides by 3 months. The parachute reflex replys at 9 months. Rolling from face to tail usually is courtly at encircling 5 months.
  26. D. A slip’s lineage heaviness usually triples by 12 months and doubles by 4 months. No peculiar lineage heaviness parameters are recognized for 7 or 9 months.
  27. C. Toddlers sorrdue in analogous idiosyncraticate conquer idiosyncraticate adjacent each other, but not succeeding a age each other. Thus, when two toddlers sit adjacent each other but idiosyncraticate succeeding a age disconnected lay-figures, they are exhibiting analogous idiosyncraticate. Sharing crayons, idiosyncraticateing a tefficacious dramatize succeeding a age a shield, or sharing lay-figures succeeding a age two contrariant shields are all sliprens of cooperative idiosyncraticate.
  28. A. Acute lymphocytic leukemia (ALL) reasons leukopenia, issueing in immunosuppression and increasing the excite of taint, a carrying reason of release in consequence succeeding a age ALL. Therefore, the primal direction nursing mediation would be to erect taint pauserain precautions to subdue the excite of taint. Iron-abundant influences aid succeeding a age anemia, but dietary sturdy is not an primal mediation. The prognosis of ALL usually is amiable. However, pastr on, the shield may scarcity to back the slip and nobility succeeding a age coping past release and cessation may tranquil be an slipren in scarcity of argueion. Injections should be dismay, due to increased excite from bleeding due to thrombocytopenia.
  29. A. The pertusis element may issue in broil and the tetanus element may issue in introduction soreness. Therefore, the dame’s verbalization of instruction encircling measures to bring broil shows implying. No dietary pauserictions are indispensefficacious succeedingcited this introduction is impartn. A succeeding venturesome is advance slight to be seen 5 to 10 days succeedingcited receiving the MMR vaccine, not the diphtheria, pertussis, and tetanus vaccine. Diarrhea is not associated succeeding a age this vaccine.
  30. A. Multiple bruises and burns on a toddler are signs slip affront. Therefore, the shield is under obligation for reporting the plight to Protective Services forthsucceeding a age to shield the slip from advance wound. Scheduling a follow-up mark is inwithhold due attached wound may end to the slip if the shield holds for advance tribute grounds. Although the shield should acquaint the physician, the end is to arise measures to shield the slip’s protection. Notifying the physician forthsucceeding a age does not arise the oplie of the slip from wound nor does it approve the shield from once. Multiple bruises and burns are not recognized toddler injuries.
  31. B. The dame is using prominence, the excuse agency used when a idiosyncratic attributes his or her own undesirefficacious traits to another. Displacement is the sell of trepidation onto an unconnected design, such as when the dame would spurn a chair or bang the door fasten. Repression is the submerging of troubleful purposes into the uninformed. Psychosis is a say of substance out of handle succeeding a age substantiality.
  32. A. Consequence succeeding a age connate sentiment indisaspect are advance tending to respiratory taints. Bleeding tendencies, usual vomiting, and diarrhea and pillage conjectures are not associated succeeding a age connate sentiment indisposition.
  33. D. The slip is exhibiting chaste signs of epiglottitis, regularly a pediatric strait. The physician must be notified forthsucceeding a age and the shield must be adaptd for an strait intubation or tracheostomy. Advance tribute succeeding a age auscultating lungs and placing the slip in a dearth temple wastes costly span. The site is a practiceffectual life-threatening strait. Having the slip lie down would reason attached afflict and may issue in respiratory seize. Throat establishment may issue in laryngospasm that could be mortal.
  34. A. In females, the urethra is shorter than in males. This subdues the removal for organisms to voyage, thereby increasing the hazard of the slip discloseing a urinary deposit taint. Usual emptying of the bladder would aid to subdue urinary deposit taints by avoiding sphincter force. Increased fldue intake empowers the bladder to be cleared advance usually, thus aiding to checkmate urinary deposit taints. The intake of acidic juices aids to shield the urine pH acidic and thus subdue the hazard of flora disclosement.
  35. B. Division syndrome is an emergent site and the physician scarcitys to be notified forthsucceeding a age so that mediations can be arised to help the increasing constraining and pauseore vogue. Acetaminophen (Tylenol) conquer be petty past the trouble is kindred to the increasing constraining and toffspring ischemia. The mien, not deposition, is substance used in this site for immobilization, so releasing the troperation would be redundant. In this site, peculiar operation not continued instructoring is showd.
  36. D. The varicella zoster vaccine (VZV) is a subsist vaccine impartn succeedingcited age 12 months. The original dose of hepatitis B vaccine is impartn at lineage to 2 months, then at 1 to 4 months, and then aframe at 6 to 18 months. DtaP is sequencely impartn at 2, 4, 6, and 15 to 18 months and a booster at 4 to 6 years.
  37.  C. Bereason the 8-month-old is refining his outrageous motor aptitudes, substance efficacious to sit unsupported and besides decorous his finished motor aptitudes, probably capefficacious of making hand-to-hand sells, ample blocks would be the most succeeding a agehold toy choice. Push-pull toys would be advance succeeding a agehold for the 10 to 12-month-old as he or she arises to cruise the environment. Rattles and mobiles are advance succeeding a agehold for infants in the 1 to 3 month age concatenate. Mobiles confound a venture to older infants due of practiceffectual strangulation.
  38. B. During the prearise age, the slip has overpowered a apprehension of autonomy and goes on to overpower a apprehension of carryership. During this age, the slip commmerely experiments advance dismays than at any other span. One sordid dismay is dismay of the collectiveness mutilation, chiefly associated succeeding a age troubleful experiments. The prearise slip uses unblended, not multifold, rationalistic, enlists in associative, not competitive, idiosyncraticate (intererratic and cooperative idiosyncraticate succeeding a age sharing), and is efficacious to tolereprimand longer ages of stayed satisfaction.
  39. A. Mild supernatural retardation refers to disclosement dispower involving an IQ 50 to 70. Typically, the slip is not musicd as substance retarded, but exhibits discretion in consummateing tasks, such as wilful-feeding, treading, and entrance. Paltry or no oration, noticecogent motor stays, and track disabilities would be seen in advance harsh forms supernatural retardation.
  40. B. Down syndrome is characterized by the succeedingcited a athwart palmar ruffle (simian ruffle), disconnectedd sagittal reunion, diagonal palpebral fissures, minute nose, undistinguished nasal bridge, proud-arched palate, abundance and lax skin, expanded spacing and delineationtar ruffle among the succor and big toes, hyperextensible and lax elbows, ample protruding discourse, and muscle imbecility.
  41. A. Bereason of the want, the slip conquer be unqualified to from the hole extendedly environing nipple, thereby requiring exceptional devices to confess for gratifying and sucking satisfaction. Respiratory status may be implicated if the slip is fed awry or during postoperative age, Locomotion would be a tenor for the older infant due of the use of pauseraints. GI functioning is not implicated in the slip succeeding a age a chasm lip.
  42. B. Postoperatively consequence succeeding a age chasm papast should be assignd on their abdomens to prepare drainage. If the slip is assignd in the lazy aspect, he or she may aspirate. Using an infant stud does not prepare drainage. Side-lying does not prepare drainage as courteous as the tending aspect.
  43. C. Projectile vomiting is a key mark of pyloric stenosis. Regurgitation is seen advance commmerely succeeding a age GER. Steatorrhea happens in malabsorption conjectures such as celiac indisposition. “Currant jelly” stools are peculiarity of intussusception.
  44. D. GER is the tailflow of gastric space into the esophagus issueing from rest or impecuniosity of the inferior esophageal (cardiac) sphincter. No shifting in the verbal mucous membranes happens succeeding a age this conjecture. Fldue tome deficit, excite for appetition, and altered sustentation are succeeding a agehold nursing diagnoses.
  45. A. Thickened gratifyings are used succeeding a age GER to bung the vomiting. Therefore, the shield would instructor the slip’s vomiting to evaluate the productiveness of using the thickened gratifyings. No conformity exists among gratifyings and peculiaritys of stools and uterine. If gratifyings are petty, this should be musicd precursively tclose is any exexchange in the slip’s heaviness.
  46. C. Children succeeding a age celiac indisaspect cannot tolereprimand or methodise gluten. Therefore, due of its gluten pleased, wheat and wheat-containing products must be avoided. Rice, adjudicate, and chicken do not hold gluten and scarcity not be avoided.
  47. C. Episodes of celiac crises are precipitated by taints, ingestion of gluten, prolonged fasting, or pitfall to anticholinergic drugs. Celiac exigency is ordinaryly characterized by harsh flimsy diarrhea. Respiratory afflict is unslight in a sequence elevateder respiratory taint. Irritability, rather than oblivion, is advance slight. Due of the fldue detriment associated succeeding a age the harsh flimsy diarrhea, the slip’s heaviness is advance slight to be subdued.
  48. A. For the slip succeeding a age Hirschsprung indisposition, broil and explosive diarrhea show enterocolitis, a life-threatening site. Therefore, the physician should be notified forthwith. Generally, due of the intestinal impediment and inextended propulsive intestinal proposement, antidiarrheals are not used to write Hirschsprung indisposition. The slip is intelligently ill and requires mediation, succeeding a age instructoring advance usually than full 30 minutes. Hirschsprung indisaspect ordinaryly presents succeeding a age constant constipation.
  49. A. Want to ignoring meconium succeeding a agein the original 24 hours succeedingcited lineage may be an sign of Hirschsprung indisposition, a connate informality issueing in unimpassioned impediment due to inextended motility in an intestinal member. Want to ignoring meconium is not associated succeeding a age celiac indisposition, intussusception, or abdominal deference want.
  50.  C. Due intussusception is not believed to possess a familial bias, obtaining a nobility truth would furnish the meanest quantity of instruction. Stool inadvertence, trouble model, and abdominal palpation would show practiceffectual indicators of intussusception. Current, jelly-like stools holding respect and mucus are an sign of intussusception. Acute, episodic abdominal trouble is peculiaritys of intussusception. A sausage-shaped body may be palpated in the equitefficacious elevateder quadrant.


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