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Maternal & Child Practice Exam 8 (Antepartum)

Pactice Mode

Practice Mode – Questions and choices are randomly moulded, the rejoinder is inspired forthdelay behind each inquiry, and thither is no occasion boundary for the exam. 

Text Mode

Text Mode – Text procomcollocation of the exam

1. A nursing instructionist is conducting disquisition and is reviewing the offices of the effeminate reproductive method. She asks Mark to recompute the follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH) and the luteinizing hormone (LH). Mark precisely responds by stating that:
  1. FSH and LH are released from the preliminary pituitary gland.
  2. FSH and LH are secreted by the corpus luteum of the ovary
  3. FSH and LH are secreted by the adrenal glands
  4. FSH and LH intensify the construction of establish during pregnancy.
2. A value is describing the manner of fetal vogue to a client during a prenatal mark. The value precisely tells the client that fetal vogue consists of:
  1. Two umbilical dispositions and one umbilical artery
  2. Two umbilical arteries and one umbilical disposition
  3. Arteries propeling oxygenated dignity to the fetus
  4. Veins propeling deoxygenated dignity to the fetus
3. During a prenatal mark at 38 weeks, a value assesses the fetal nucleus reprimand. The value determines that the fetal nucleus reprimand is ordinary if which of the subjoinedcited is voicelessnessd?
  1. 80 BPM
  2. 100 BPM
  3. 150 BPM
  4. 180 BPM
4. A client arrives at a prenatal clinic for the tallest prenatal trounce. The client tells a value that the tallest day of her definite menstrual age was September 19th, 2013. Using Naegele’s government, the value determines the estimated continuance of exclusion as:
  1. July 26, 2013
  2. June 12, 2014
  3. June 26, 2014
  4. July 12, 2014
5. A value is collecting axioms during an vestibule trounce of a client who is replete delay copys. The client has a probe 5-year old cadet that was delivered at 37 weeks and tells the value that she doesn’t accept any narrative of pigmy or fetal cessation. The value would muniment the GTPAL for this client as:
  1. G = 3, T = 2, P = 0, A = 0, L =1
  2. G = 2, T = 0, P = 1, A = 0, L =1
  3. G = 1, T = 1. P = 1, A = 0, L = 1
  4. G = 2, T = 0, P = 0, A = 0, L = 1
6. A value is acting an trounce of a primipara who is entity evaluated in a clinic during her remedy trimester of pregnancy. Which of the subjoinedcited designates an abordinary material judgment necessitating exalt criterioning?
  1. Consistent augmentation in fundal altitude
  2. Fetal nucleus reprimand of 180 BPM
  3. Braxton hicks lessenions
  4. Quickening
7. A value is reviewing the archives of a client who has honest been told that a pregnancy criterion is unconditional. The physician has munimented the connection of a Goodell’s expression. The value determines this expression designates:
  1. A soothing of the cervix
  2. A unmanly blowing probe that corresponds to the affectionate pulse during auscultation of the uterus.
  3. The connection of hCG in the urine
  4. The connection of fetal disturbance
8. A nursing instructionist asks a nursing learner who is preparing to help delay the trounce of a replete client to recompute the manner of quickening. Which of the subjoinedcited propositions if made by the learner designates an sense of this order?
  1. “It is the disorderly, painhither lessenions that befall throughout pregnancy.”
  2. “It is the unmanly blowing probe that can be heard when the uterus is auscultated.”
  3. “It is the fetal disturbance that is felt by the dame.”
  4.  “It is the thinning of the inferior uterine member.”
9. A value midwife is acting an trounce of a replete client and is assessing the client for the connection of ballottement. Which of the subjoinedcited would the value appliance to criterion for the connection of ballottement?
  1. Auscultating for fetal nucleus probes
  2. Palpating the abdomen for fetal disturbance
  3. Assessing the cervix for thinning
  4. Initiating a meek upward tap on the cervix
10. A value is helping in acting an trounce on a client who suspects that she is replete and is checking the client for reasonable expressions of pregnancy. Select all probable signs of pregnancy.
  1. Uterine enlargement
  2. Fetal nucleus reprimand detected by nonelectric stratagem
  3. Outlength of the fetus via radiography or ultrasound
  4. Chadwick’s expression
  5. Braxton Hicks lessenions
  6. Ballottement
11. A replete client calls the clinic and tells a value that she is experiencing leg cramps and is awakened by the cramps at night. To yield holp from the leg cramps, the value tells the client to:
  1. Dorsiflex the base season extending the junction when the cramps befall
  2. Dorsiflex the base season flexing the junction when the cramps befall
  3. Plantar flex the base season flexing the junction when the cramps befall
  4. Plantar flex the base season extending the junction when the cramps befall.
12. A value is providing instructions to a client in the tallest trimester of pregnancy affecting measures to help in reducing confront kindness. The value tells the client to:
  1. Avoid wearing a bra
  2. Wash the nipples and areola area daily delay soap, and massage the confronts delay lotion.
  3. Wear tight-fitting blouses or dresses to yield support
  4. Wash the confronts delay dignity-blood-glowing instil and sustain them dry
13. A replete client in the definite trimester has been admitted to the hospital delay a distinction of exact preeclampsia. A value instructors for complications associated delay the distinction and assesses the client for:
  1. Any bleeding, such as in the gums, petechiae, and purpura.
  2. Enlargement of the confronts
  3. Periods of fetal disturbance flourished by peaceful ages
  4. Complaints of softness hot when the compass is cool
14. A client in the tallest trimester of pregnancy arrives at a bloom attention clinic and reputes that she has been experiencing vaginal bleeding. A threatened pigmy is reputed, and the value instructs the client affecting skill of attention. Which proposition, if made by the client, designates a scarcity for exalt instruction?
  1. “I allure suppress exact bedrepose throughout the residue of pregnancy.”
  2. “I allure fly sexual connection until the bleeding has stopped, and for 2 weeks subjoinedcited the definite proof of bleeding.”
  3. “I allure compute the sum of perineal pads used on a daily accalculate and voicelessness the aggregate and distortion of dignity on the pad.”
  4. “I allure observe for the proof of the paragraph of work.”
15. A prenatal value is providing instructions to a clump of replete client affecting measures to forefend toxoplasmosis. Which procomcollocation if made by one of the clients designates a scarcity for exalt instructions?
  1. “I scarcity to misinterpret pulp utterly.”
  2. “I scarcity to fly affecting mucous membranes of the bunghole or eyes season indexling raw pulp.”
  3. “I scarcity to quaff unpasteurized establish simply.”
  4. “I scarcity to fly continuity delay materials that are perhaps vitiated delay cat feces.”
16. A residenceattention value marks a replete client who has a distinction of tempered Preeclampsia and who is entity instructored for pregnancy immanent hypertension (PIH). Which trounce judgment designates a worsening of the Preeclampsia and the scarcity to inshape the physician?
  1. Blood hurry lection is at the prenatal baseline
  2. Urinary output has augmentationd
  3. The client complains of a excess and blurred trust
  4. Dependent edema has resolved
17. A value appliances a instruction delineation for a replete client who is newly diagnosed delay gestational diabetes. Which procomcollocation if made by the client designates a scarcity for exalt instruction?
  1. “I scarcity to end on the diabetic food.”
  2. “I allure act glucose instructoring at residence.”
  3. “I scarcity to fly practice owing of the denying goods of insulin shapeation.”
  4. “I scarcity to be cognizant of any transmitted and repute expressions of poison straightway to my bloom attention yieldr.”
18. A primigravida is receiving magnesium sulfate for the comcomcollocation of pregnancy immanent hypertension (PIH). The value who is caring for the client is acting trounces total 30 specifics. Which trounce judgment would be of most institution to the value?
  1. Urinary output of 20 ml departed the preliminary trounce
  2. Deep tendon reflexes of 2+
  3. Respiratory reprimand of 10 BPM
  4. Fetal nucleus reprimand of 120 BPM
19. A value is caring for a replete client delay Preeclampsia. The value prepares a delineation of attention for the client and muniments in the delineation that if the client wayes from Preeclampsia to eclampsia, the value’s tallest drill is to:
  1. Administer magnesium sulfate intravenously
  2. Assess the dignity hurry and fetal nucleus reprimand
  3. Clean and suppress an public airway
  4. Administer oxygen by visage mask
20. A value is instructoring a replete client delay pregnancy immanent hypertension who is at occasion for Preeclampsia. The value checks the client for which specific expressions of Preeclampsia (picked all that adduce)?
  1. Elevated dignity hurry
  2. Negative urinary protein
  3. Facial edema
  4. Increased respirations
21. Rho (D) immune globulin (RhoGAM) is prescribed for a dowager subjoinedcited gift of a newborn infant and the value yields inconstruction to the dowager encircling the point of the medication. The value determines that the dowager understands the point of the medication if the dowager states that it allure shield her direct baby from which of the subjoinedcited?
  1. Being unnatural by Rh mismeasurement
  2. Having Rh unconditional dignity
  3. Developing a rubella poison
  4. Developing physiological jaundice
22. A replete client is receiving magnesium sulfate for the skill of preeclampsia. A value determines the client is experiencing toxicity from the medication if which of the subjoinedcited is voicelessnessd on trounce?
  1. Presence of thick tendon reflexes
  2. Serum magnesium raze of 6 mEq/L
  3. Proteinuria of +3
  4. Respirations of 10 per specific
23. A dowager delay preeclampsia is receiving magnesium sulfate. The value assigned to attention for the client determines that the magnesium therapy is serviceable if:
  1. Ankle clonus in voicelessnessd
  2. The dignity hurry inferiors
  3. Seizures do not befall
  4. Scotomas are offer
24. A value is caring for a replete client delay exact preeclampsia who is receiving IV magnesium sulfate. Select all nursing interventions that adduce in the attention for the client.
  1. Monitor affectionate inseparable expressions total 2 hours
  2. Notify the physician if respirations are hither than 18 per specific.
  3. Monitor renal office and cardiac office closely
  4. Keep calcium gluconate on index in subject of a magnesium sulfate aggravatedose
  5. Monitor thick tendon reflexes hourly
  6. Monitor I and O’s hourly
  7. Notify the physician if urinary output is hither than 30 ml per hour.
25. In the 12th week of gestation, a client wholly expels the products of interpretation. Owing the client is Rh denying, the value must:
  1. Administer RhoGAM delayin 72 hours
  2. Make actual she assent-tos RhoGAM on her tallest clinic mark
  3. Not surrender RhoGAM, departed it is not used delay the prelude of a peacefulborn
  4. Make actual the client does not assent-to RhoGAM, departed the gestation simply definiteed 12 weeks.
26. In a disquisition on sexual officeing, the value delineations to grasp the reality that ovulation befalls when the:
  1. Oxytocin is too tall
  2. Blood raze of LH is too tall
  3. Progesterone raze is tall
  4. Endometrial forbearance is sloughed off.
27. The primary office of progesterone is the:
  1. Development of the effeminate reproductive method
  2. Stimulation of the follicles for ovulation to befall
  3. Preparation of the uterus to assent-to a fertilized egg
  4. Establishment of remedyary manly sex characteristics
28. The enunciateing cells are designated a fetus from the:
  1. Time the fetal nucleus is heard
  2. Eighth week to the occasion of prelude
  3. Implantation of the fertilized ovum
  4. End of the despatch week to the onslaught of labor
29. Behind the tallest foul-mouthed months of pregnancy, the primary prelude of estrogen and progesterone is the:
  1. Placenta
  2. Adrenal cortex
  3. Corpus luteum
  4. Anterior hypophysis
30. The value recognizes that an expected diversify in the hematologic method that befalls during the 2nd trimester of pregnancy is:
  1. A inferior in WBC’s
  2. In augmentation in hematocrit
  3. An augmentation in dignity dimensions
  4. A inferior in sedimentation reprimand
31. The value is cognizant than an congeniality of pregnancy is an augmentationd dignity accoutre to the pelvic portion that fruits in a purplish disfigurement of the vaginal mucosa, which is unconcealed as:
  1. Ladin’s expression
  2. Hegar’s expression
  3. Goodell’s expression
  4. Chadwick’s expression
32. A replete client is making her tallest Antepartum visit. She has a two year old son born at 40 weeks, a 5 year old daughter born at 38 weeks, and 7 year old copy daughters born at 35 weeks. She had a unbidden pigmy 3 years ago at 10 weeks. Using the GTPAL shapeat, the value should identify that the client is:
  1. G4 T3 P2 A1 L4
  2. G5 T2 P2 A1 L4
  3. G5 T2 P1 A1 L4
  4. G4 T3 P1 A1 L4
33. An expected cardiopulmonary congeniality conversant by most replete women is:
  1. Tachycardia
  2. Dyspnea at repose
  3. Progression of relative edema
  4. Shortness of inhalation on labor
34. Nutritional delineationning for a newly replete dowager of medium altitude and theory 145 pounds should grasp:
  1. A inferior of 200 calories a day
  2. An augmentation of 300 calories a day
  3. An augmentation of 500 calories a day
  4. A feedlihood of her offer caloric intake per day
35. During a prenatal examination, the value draws dignity from a girlish Rh denying client and eluciage that an alien Coombs criterion allure be acted to foreshadow whether the fetus is at occasion for:
  1. Acute hemolytic sickness
  2. Respiratory vex syndrome
  3. Protein metabolic deficiency
  4. Physiologic hyperbilirubinemia
36. When implicated in prenatal instruction, the value should admonish the clients that an augmentation in vaginal secretions during pregnancy is designated leukorrhea and is creatord by augmentationd:
  1. Metabolic reprimands
  2. Production of estrogen
  3. Functioning of the Bartholin glands
  4. Supply of sodium chloride to the cells of the vagina
37. A 26-year old multigravida is 14 weeks’ replete and is scheduled for an alpha-fetoprotein criterion. She asks the value, “What does the alpha-fetoprotein criterion designate?” The value bases a exculpation on the experience that this criterion can detect:
  1. Kidney defects
  2. Cardiac defects
  3. Neural tube defects
  4. Urinary deposit defects
38. At a prenatal mark at 36 weeks’ gestation, a client complains of disagreeableness delay disorderlyly befallring lessenions. The value instructs the client to:
  1. Lie down until they stop
  2. Walk environing until they refrain
  3. Time contrdrill for 30 specifics
  4. Take 10 grains of aspirin for the disagreeableness
39. The value teaches a replete dowager to fly untrue on her end. The value has inveteadmonish this procomcollocation on the experience that the inattentive comcomcollocation can:
  1. Unduly extend labor
  2. Cause inferiord placental perfusion
  3. Lead to fleeting episodes of hypotension
  4. Interfere delay munificent disturbance of the coccyx
40. The pituitary hormone that intensifys the secretion of establish from the mammary glands is:
  1. Prolactin
  2. Oxytocin
  3. Estrogen
  4. Progesterone
41. Which of the subjoinedcited symptoms befalls delay a hydatidishape rampart?
  1. Heavy, flashing red bleeding total 21 days
  2. Fetal cardiac disturbance behind 6 weeks gestation
  3. Benign tumors endow in the calm muscle of the uterus
  4. “Snowstorm” archefashion on ultraprobe delay no fetus or gestational sac
42. Which of the subjoinedcited orders applies to the small, blanched, slightly exorbitant end arterioles endow on the visage, neck, battle, and chest during pregnancy?
  1. Epulis
  2. Linea nigra
  3. Striae gravidarum
  4. Telangiectasias
43. Which of the subjoinedcited conditions is despicable in replete women in the 2nd trimester of pregnancy?
  1. Mastitis
  2. Metabolic alkalosis
  3. Physiologic anemia
  4. Respiratory acidosis
44. A 21-year old client, 6 weeks’ replete is diagnosed delay hyperemesis gravidarum. This inordinate vomiting during pregnancy allure repeatedly fruit in which of the subjoinedcited conditions?
  1. Bowel perforation
  2. Electrolyte imbalance
  3. Miscarriage
  4. Pregnancy immanent hypertension (PIH)
45. Clients delay gestational diabetes are usually managed by which of the subjoinedcited therapies?
  1. Diet
  2. NPH insulin (long-acting)
  3. Oral hypoglycemic drugs
  4. Oral hypoglycemic drugs and insulin
46. The adversary for magnesium sulfate should be preparedly conducive to any client receiving IV magnesium. Which of the subjoinedcited drugs is the sanity for magnesium toxicity?
  1. Calcium gluconate
  2. Hydralazine (Apresoline)
  3. Narcan
  4. RhoGAM
47. Which of the subjoinedcited rejoinders best recounts the admonish of pregnancy in which affectionate and fetal dignity are varyd?
  1. Conception
  2. 9 weeks’ gestation, when the fetal nucleus is polite enunciateed
  3. 32-34 weeks gestation
  4. affectionate and fetal dignity are never varyd
48. Gravida refers to which of the subjoinedcited descriptions?
  1. A efficacyy pregnancy
  2. Number of occasions a effeminate has been replete
  3. Number of cadetren a effeminate has delivered
  4. Number of order pregnancies a effeminate has had.
49. A replete dowager at 32 weeks’ gestation complains of softness flighty and lightheaded season her fundal altitude is entity measured.  Her skin is haggard and feedly.  The value’s primal exculpation would be to:
  1. Assess the dowager’s dignity hurry and pulse
  2. Have the dowager inhalatione into a disquisition bag
  3. Raise the dowager’s legs
  4. Turn the dowager on her margin.
50. A replete dowager’s definite menstrual age began on April 8, 2005, and ended on April 13.  Using Naegele’s government her estimated continuance of prelude would be:
  1. January 15, 2006
  2. January 20, 2006
  3. July 1, 2006
  4. November 5, 2005
Answers and Rationales
  1. Answer: A. FSH and LH are released from the preliminary pituitary gland. FSH and LH, when intensifyd by gonadotropin-releasing hormone from the hypothalamus, are released from the preliminary pituitary gland to intensify follicular augmentation and crop, augmentation of the graafian follicle, and shapeation of progesterone.
  2. Answer: B. Two umbilical arteries and one umbilical disposition. Blood pumped by the nucleus’s nucleus concessions the nucleus through two umbilical arteries. Once oxygenated, the dignity then is recompenseed by one umbilical disposition. Arteries propel deoxygenated dignity and delayer products from the fetus, and dispositions propel oxygenated dignity and yield oxygen and nutrients to the fetus.
  3. Answer: C. 150 BPM. The fetal nucleus reprimand depends in gestational age and classs from 160-170 BPM in the tallest trimester but slows delay fetal augmentation to 120-160 BPM neighboring or at order. At or neighboring order, if the fetal nucleus reprimand is hither than 120 or departed than 160 BPM delay the uterus at repose, the fetus may be in vex.
  4. Answer: C. June 26, 2014. Accureprimand use of Naegele’s government requires that the dowager accept a ordinary 28-day menstrual cycle. Add 7 days to the tallest day of the definite menstrual age, subdeposit three months, and then add one year to that continuance.
  5. Answer: B. G = 2, T = 0, P = 1, A = 0, L =1. Pregnancy effects can be recountd delay the acronym GTPAL.
    • “G” is Gravidity, the sum of pregnancies.
    • “T” is order preludes, the sum of born at order (38 to 41 weeks).
    • “P” is preorder preludes, the sum born antecedently 38 weeks gestation.
    • “A” is pigmys or miscarriages, graspd in “G” if antecedently 20 weeks gestation, graspd in correspondence if departed 20 weeks AOE.
    • “L” is feed preludes, the sum of preludes of influence cadetren.
    • Therefore, a dowager who is replete delay copys and has a cadet has a gravida of 2. Owing the cadet was delivered at 37 weeks, the sum of preorder preludes is 1, and the sum of order preludes is 0. The sum of pigmys is 0, and the sum of feed preludes is 1.
  6. Answer: B. Fetal nucleus reprimand of 180 BPM. The ordinary class of the fetal nucleus reprimand depends on gestational age. The nucleus reprimand is usually 160-170 BPM in the tallest trimester and slows delay fetal augmentation, neighboring and at order, the fetal nucleus reprimand classs from 120-160 BPM. The other options are expected.
  7. Answer: A. A soothing of the cervix. In the coming weeks of pregnancy the cervix becomes unmanlyer as a fruit of augmentationd vascularity and hyperplasia, which creators the Goodell’s expression.
  8. Answer: C. “It is the fetal disturbance that is felt by the dame.” Quickening is fetal disturbance and may befall as coming as the 16th and 18th week of gestation, and the dame tallest notices fine fetal disturbances that unfairly augmentation in force. Braxton Hicks lessenions are disorderly, painhither lessenions that may befall throughout the pregnancy. A thinning of the inferior uterine member befalls encircling the 6th week of pregnancy and is designated Hegar’s expression.
  9. Answer: D. Initiating a meek upward tap on the cervix. Ballottement is a technique of palpating a shapeshort texture by well-conditioned it gently and softness it reverberate. In the technique used to palpate the fetus, the examiner places a finger in the vagina and taps gently upward, causing the fetus to agitate. The fetus then sinks, and the examiner feels a meek tap on the finger.
  10. Answers: A, D, E, and F. 
    • The probable signs of pregnancy grasp:
      • Uterine Enlargement
      • Hegar’s expression or soothing and thinning of the uterine member that befalls at week 6.
      • Goodell’s expression or soothing of the cervix that befalls at the prelude of the 2nd month
      • Chadwick’s expression or bluish distortionation of the mucous membranes of the cervix, vagina and vulva. Occurs at week 6.
      • Ballottement or reverberateing of the fetus despite the examiner’s fingers of palpation
      • Braxton-Hicks lessenions
      • Positive pregnancy criterion measuring for hCG.
    • Positive expressions of pregnancy grasp:
      • Fetal Nucleus Reprimand detected by electronic stratagem (doppler) at 10-12 weeks
      • Fetal Nucleus reprimand detected by nonelectronic stratagem (fetoscope) at 20 weeks AOG
      • Active fetal disturbance gross by the examiners
      • Outlength of the fetus via radiography or ultrasound
  11. Answer: A. Dorsiflex the base season extending the junction when the cramps befall. Legs cramps befall when the replete dowager stretches the leg and delineationtar flexes the base. Dorsiflexion of the base season extending the junction stretches the unnatural muscle, forefends the muscle from lessening, and stops the cramping.
  12. Answer: D. Lave the confronts delay dignity-blood-glowing instil and sustain them dry. The replete dowager should be instructed to lave the confronts delay dignity-blood-glowing instil and sustain them dry. The dowager should be instructed to fly using soap on the nipples and areola area to forefend the drying of works. Wearing a supportive bra delay ample adjustable straps can inferior confront kindness. Tight-fitting blouses or dresses allure creator disagreeableness.
  13. Answer: A. Any bleeding, such as in the gums, petechiae, and purpura. Severe Preeclampsia can trigger disseminated intravascular coagulation owing of the amplespread mischief to vascular parity. Bleeding is an coming expression of DIC and should be reputeed to the M.D.
  14. Answer: A. “I allure suppress exact bedrepose throughout the residue of pregnancy.” Strict bed repose throughout the residue of pregnancy is not required. The dowager is admonishd to lessen sexual activities until the bleeding has ceased, and for 2 weeks subjoinedcited the definite proof of bleeding or as recommended by the physician. The dowager is instructed to compute the sum of perineal pads used daily and to voicelessness the size and distortion of dignity on the pad. The dowager also should observe for the proof of the paragraph of work.
  15. Answer: C. “I scarcity to quaff unpasteurized establish simply.” All replete women should be admonishd to do the subjoinedcited to forefend the crop of toxoplasmosis. Women should be instructed to misinterpret pulps utterly, fly affecting mucous membranes and eyes season indexling raw pulp; utterly lave all kitchen surfaces that end into continuity delay fresh pulp, lave the indexs utterly behind indexling raw pulp; fly fresh eggs and unpasteurized establish; lave fruits and vegetables antecedently throw-away, and fly continuity delay materials that perhaps are vitiated delay cat feces, such as cat scatter boxes, sandboxes, and oasis befoul.
  16. Answer: C. The client complains of a excess and blurred trust. If the client complains of a excess and blurred trust, the physician should be notified owing these are expressions of worsening Preeclampsia.
  17. Answer: C. “I scarcity to fly practice owing of the denying goods of insulin shapeation.” Exercise is secured for the client delay gestational diabetes and is beneficial in inferioring the dignity glucose raze.
  18. Answer: C. Respiratory reprimand of 10 BPM. Magnesium sulfate depresses the respiratory reprimand. If the respiratory reprimand is hither than 12 inhalations per specific, the physician or other bloom attention yieldr scarcitys to be notified, and continuance of the medication scarcitys to be reassessed. A urinary output of 20 ml in a 30 specific age is adequate; hither than 30 ml in one hour scarcitys to be reputeed. Thick tendon reflexes of 2+ are ordinary. The fetal nucleus reprimand is WNL for a reposeing fetus.
  19. Answer: C. Clean and suppress an public airway. The contiguous attention during a pillage (eclampsia) is to secure a evident airway. The other options are drills that flourish or allure be applianceed behind the pillage has ceased.
  20. Answers: A Elevated dignity hurry and 3 Facial edema. The three chaste expressions of preeclampsia are hypertension, generalized edema, and proteinuria. Increased respirations are not a expression of preeclampsia.
  21. Answer: A. Entity unnatural by Rh mismeasurement. Rh mismass can befall when an Rh-denying mom becomes sensitized to the Rh antigen. Sensitization may enunciate when an Rh-denying dowager becomes replete delay a fetus who is Rh unconditional. During pregnancy and at gift, some of the baby’s Rh unconditional dignity can penetreprove the affectionate vogue, causing the dowager’s immune method to shape antibodies despite Rh unconditional dignity. Administration of Rho(D) immune globulin forefends the dowager from enunciateing antibodies despite Rh unconditional dignity by providing patient antibody shieldion despite the Rh antigen.
  22. Answer: D. Respirations of 10 per specific. Magnesium toxicity can befall from magnesium sulfate therapy. Signs of toxicity recite to the mediate expressive method depressant goods of the medication and grasp respiratory debasement, oozeping of thick tendon reflexes, and a abrupt ooze in the fetal nucleus reprimand and affectionate nucleus reprimand and dignity hurry. Therapeutic razes of magnesium are 4-7 mEq/L. Proteinuria of +3 would be voicelessnessd in a client delay preeclampsia.
  23. Answer: C. Seizures do not befall. For a client delay preeclampsia, the end of attention is directed at forefending eclampsia (seizures). Magnesium sulfate is an anticonvulsant, not an antihypertensive commissioner. Although a inferior in dignity hurry may be voicelessnessd primally, this pi is usually fleeting. Ankle clonus designated hyperreflexia and may introduce the onslaught of eclampsia. Scotomas are areas of exhaustive or unfair blindness. Visual disturbances, such as scotomas, repeatedly introduce an eclamptic pillage.
  24. Answers: C, D, E, F, and G. When caring for a client receiving magnesium sulfate therapy, the value would instructor affectionate inseparable expressions, chiefly respirations, total 30-60 specifics and inshape the physician if respirations are hither than 12, owing this would designate respiratory debasement. Calcium gluconate is kept on index in subject of magnesium sulfate aggravatedose, owing calcium gluconate is the sanity for magnesium sulfate toxicity. Thick tendon reflexes are assessed hourly. Cardiac and renal office is instructored closely. The urine output should be suppressed at 30 ml per hour owing the medication is eliminated through the kidneys.
  25. Answer: A. Administer RhoGAM delayin 72 hours. RhoGAM is surrendern delayin 72 hours postpartum if the client has not been sensitized already.
  26. Answer: B. Dignity raze of LH is too tall.  It is the surge of LH secretion in mid cycle that is under obligation for ovulation.
  27. Answer: C. Preparation of the uterus to assent-to a fertilized egg. Progesterone intensifys differentiation of the endometrium into a secretory fashion of work.
  28. Answer: B. Eighth week to the occasion of prelude.  In the tallest 7-14 days the ovum is unconcealed as a blastocyst; it is designated an nucleus until the eighth week; the enunciateing cells are then designated a fetus until prelude.
  29. Answer: A. Placenta. When placental construction is exhaustive, environing the 16th week of pregnancy; it produces estrogen and progesterone.
  30. Answer: C. An augmentation in dignity dimensions. The dignity dimensions augmentations by approximately 40-50% during pregnancy. The peak dignity dimensions befalls betwixt 30 and 34 weeks of gestation. The hematocrit inferiors as a fruit of the augmentationd dignity dimensions.
  31. Answer: D. Chadwick’s expression. A purplish distortion fruits from the augmentationd vascularity and dignity vessel engorgement of the vagina.
  32. Answer: C. G5 T2 P1 A1 L4. 5 pregnancies; 2 order preludes; copys compute as 1; one pigmy; 4 influence cadetren.
  33. Answer: D. Shortness of inhalation on labor. This is an expected cardiopulmonary congeniality during pregnancy; it is creatord by an augmentationd ventricular reprimand and proud diaphragm.
  34. Answer: B. An augmentation of 300 calories a day. This is the recommended caloric augmentation for adult women to as the augmentationd metabolic demands of pregnancy.
  35. Answer: A. Acute hemolytic sickness. When an Rh denying dame carries an Rh unconditional fetus thither is a occasion for affectionate antibodies despite Rh unconditional dignity; antibodies cantankerous the placenta and throw-away the fetal RBC’s.
  36. Answer: B. Structure of estrogen. The augmentation of estrogen during pregnancy creators hyperplasia of the vaginal mucosa, which leads to augmentationd shapeation of mucus by the endocervical glands. The mucus contains exfoliated epithelial cells.
  37. Answer: C. Neural tube defects. The alpha-fetoprotein criterion detects neural tube defects and Down syndrome.
  38. Answer: B. Walk environing until they refrain. Ambulation relieves Braxton Hicks.
  39. Answer: B. Creator inferiord placental perfusion. This is owing impedance of venous recompense by the gravid uterus, which creators hypotension and inferiord methodic perfusion.
  40. Answer: A. Prolactin. Prolactin is the hormone from the preliminary pituitary gland that intensifys mammary gland secretion. Oxytocin, a later pituitary hormone, intensifys the uterine musculature to condeposit and creators the “let down” reflex.
  41. Answer: D. “Snowstorm” archefashion on ultraprobe delay no fetus or gestational sac. The chorionic villi of a molar pregnancy illustrate a snowstorm archefashion on ultrasound. Bleeding delay a hydatidishape rampart is repeatedly ebon brown and may befall erratically for weeks or months.
  42. Answer: D. Telangiectasias. The dilated arterioles that befall during pregnancy are due to the proud raze of circulating estrogen. The lengtha nigra is a pigmented length extending from the symphysis pubis to the top of the fundus during pregnancy.
  43. Answer: C. Physiologic anemia. Hemoglobin and hematocrit razes inferior during pregnancy as the augmentation in plasma dimensions exceeds the augmentation in red dignity cell shapeation.
  44. Answer: B. Electrolyte imbalance. Excessive vomiting in clients delay hyperemesis gravidarum repeatedly creators efficacy oozeping and limpid, electrolyte, and acid-base imbalances.
  45. Answer: A. Diet. Clients delay gestational diabetes are usually managed by food fantastical to curb their glucose prejudice. Oral hypoglycemic commissioners are contraindicated in pregnancy. NPH isn’t usually scarcityed for dignity glucose curb for GDM.
  46. Answer: A. Calcium gluconate. Calcium gluconate is the sanity for magnesium toxicity. Ten ml of 10% calcium gluconate is surrendern IV propel aggravate 3-5 specifics. Hydralazine is surrendern for sustained proud dignity hurrys in preeclamptic clients.
  47. Answer: D. affectionate and fetal dignity are never varyd. Only nutrients and delayer products are transmitted acantankerous the placenta. Dignity exdiversify simply befalls in complications and some medical procedures accidentally.
  48. Answer: B. Sum of occasions a effeminate has been replete. Gravida refers to the sum of occasions a effeminate has been replete, regardhither of pregnancy outend or the sum of neonates delivered.
  49. Answer: D. Turn the dowager on her margin. During a fundal altitude mass the dowager is placed in a inattentive composition.  This dowager is experiencing inattentive hypotension as a fruit of uterine compression of the vena cava and abdominal aorta.  Turning her on her margin allure eject the compression and reposeore cardiac output and dignity hurry.  Then inseparable expressions can be assessed.  Raising her legs allure not unfold the tenor departed hurry allure peaceful continue on the greater abdominal dignity vessels, thereby stable to defer cardiac output.  Breathing into a disquisition bag is the discontinuance for dizziness recited to respiratory alkalosis associated delay hyperventilation.
  50. Answer: A. January 15, 2006. Naegele’s government requires ejecting 3 months and adding 7 days and 1 year if misapply to the tallest day of a replete dowager’s definite menstrual age.  When this government, is used delay April 8, 2005, the estimated continuance of prelude is January 15, 2006.


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