Medical Story Board

Final Project: Medical Storyboard Presentation
• Resource: Appendix A
• Due Date: Day 7 [Individual] forum
• Create a 15- to 20-slide multimedia PowerPoint® presentation that storyboards an
episode of a medical drama or documentary. The episode can be of your own creation or
can be an extension of an existing show. This presentation should include detailed
speaker’s notes with a summary or script that should occur in each scene. Include
images, video, or audio in your presentation. Keep any audio and/or video files shorter
than one minute each. Use at least 45 medical words with at least three words from each
• Post a draft of the presentation to the Main forum on Day 2.
• Evaluate two students’ presentations, paying special attention to the usage of medical
o Critically review presentations and ask for clarification or more detail.
o Provide positive and constructive feedback.
o Evaluations should be completed by Day 4.
• Consider suggestions offered for your presentation and make necessary revisions.
• Post the final presentation as a Microsoft© PowerPoint© attachment.

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Medical Story Board
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