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Medication Administration

Principles of Medication Administration
I. “Six Rights” of offal government
1. The Upjust Medication – when controling medications, the value compares the mark of the medication container forthcoming a while medication bring-about. The value does this 3 spans:
  1. Before removing the container from the describeer or shelf
  2. As the total of medication commanded is oustd from the container
  3. Before subordinate the container to the storage
2. Right Dose –when dischargeing medication circumspection or conversions, the value should entertain another fitted value inhibit the congenial  dose 3. Right Client – an appropriate march in controling medication unendangeredly is entity secure the medication is consecrated to the upupjust client.
  1. To demonstreprimand the client amendly:
  2. The value inhibits the medication government bring-about counter the client’s identification bracelet and asks the client to aver his or      her call to ensecure the client’s identification bracelet has the amend counsel.
4. Right Passage – if a prescriber’s command neither does nor designates a passage of government, the value ask-advice-of the prescriber. Likewise, if the specific passage is not recommended, the value should prepared the prescriber straightly. 5. Right Span
  1. The value must recognize why a medication is commanded for regular spans of the day and whether the span register can be altered
  2. Each science has are commended span register for medications commanded at usual epoch
  3. Medication that must act at regular spans are consecrated pre-eminence (e.g insulin should be consecrated at a terse epoch antecedently a asceticism)
6. Right Documentation –Documentation is an appropriate distribute of unendangered medication government
  1. The documentation for the medication should lucidly consider the client’s call, the call of the commanded medication, the span, dose, passage and frequency
  2. Sign medication equivocation straightly forthcoming government of the offal
Client’s Upjust Related to Medication Administration
A client has the forthcoming uprights:
  1. To be sensible of the medication’s call, summit, force, and unpatent clear undesired justty.
  2. To offal a medication unobservant of the consequences
  3. To entertain a fitted values or physicians assess medication deed, including allergies
  4. To be justly advised of the experimental affection of medication therapy and to concede written acquiesce for its use
  5. To ordinary marked medications unendangeredly forthcoming a whileout ill-humoredness in agreement forthcoming a while the six uphues of medication government
  6. To entertain delaysupport supportive therapy in bearing to medication therapy
  7. To not entertain usenear medications
II. Practice Asepsis
  • Wash laborer antecedently and forthcoming preparing the medication to refer forward of microorganisms.
III. Value who controls the medications is obligatory for their own force
  • Question any command that you considered inamend (may be unplain or delayhold)
IV. Be recognizeledgeable encircling the medication that you control
  • A essential government of unendangered offal government is: “Never control an inconversant medication”
V. Keep the Narcotics in locked situate
VI. Use barely medications that are in lucidly marked containers. Relabeling of offals is the service of the pharmacist.
VII. Return melting that is stolid in tint to the pharmacy.
VIII. Antecedently controling medication, demonstreprimand the client amendly
IX. Do not concession the medication at the bedside. Stay forthcoming a while the client until he actually catchs the medications.
X. The value who prepares the offal controls it. Barely the value prepares the offal recognizes what the offal is. Do not recognize endorsement of medication.
XI. If the client vomits forthcoming leading the medication, recital this to the value in carry or physician.
XII. Preoperative medications are usually discontinued during the postoperative epoch true commanded to be abided.
XIII. When a medication is omitted for any debate, archives the deed simultaneously forthcoming a while the debate.
XIV. When the medication blinferior is made, recital it straightly to the value in carry or physician
  • To instrument certain measures straightly. This may bar any obstructive justty of the offal.
Oral Administration
  1. The easiest and most enviable way to control medication
  2. Most convenient
  3. Safe, does nor split husk barrier
  4. Usually near expensive
  1. Inwithsupport if client cannot engross and if GIT has referd motility
  2. Inwithsupport for client forthcoming a while disgust and vomiting
  3. Drug may entertain ill-humored nicety
  4. Drug may distint the teeth
  5. Drug may annoy the gastric mucosa
  6. Drug may be aspirated by seriously ill unrepining.
Drug Forms for Spoken Administration
  1. Solid– tablet, capsule, pill, scatter
  2. Liquid– syrup, suspension, emulsion, elixir, allay, or other alkalength substances.
  3. Syrup– sugar-based melting medication
  4. Suspension– insinuate-based melting medication. Shake bottle antecedently use of medication to justly mix it.
  5. Emulsion– oil-based melting medication
  6. Elixir– alcohol-based melting medication. Forthcoming government of elixir, assign 30 microscopics to glide-away antecedently giving insinuate. This assigns culmination aridity of the medication.
“Never subdue Enteric-Coated or Sustained Quit Tablet”
  • Crushing enteric-c-coated tablets – assigns the irrigating medication to succeed in touch forthcoming a while the spoken or gastric mucosa, developmenting in mucositis or gastric impatience.
  • Crushing sustained-released medication – assigns all the medication to be attentive at the identical span, developmenting in a preferable than expected primal equalize of medication and a shorter than expected protraction of force
Sublingual Administration
  • A offal that is situated inferior the discourse, where it disintegrates.
  • When the medication is in capsule and commanded sublingually, the mellifluous must be aspirated from the capsule and situated inferior the discourse.
  • A medication consecrated by the sublingual passage should not be engrossed, or yearn justty get not be achieved
  1. Same as spoken
  2. Drug is aleader attentive in the lengthagestream
  1. If engrossed, offal may be inactivated by gastric juices.
  2. Drug must halt inferior the disroute until disintegrated and attentive
Buccal Administration
  • A medication is held in the bung counter the mucous membranes of the cheek until the offal disintegrates.
  • The medication should not be chewed, engrossed, or situated inferior the disroute (e.g sustained quit nitroglycerine, opiates, antiemetic, tranquilizer, sedatives)
  • Client should be taught to vacillate the cheeks forthcoming a while each succeeding dose to fly mucosal impatience
  1. Same as spoken
  2. Drug can be controled for topical effect
  3. Ensures important potency owing offal straightly enters the lengthage and bypass the liver
  • If engrossed, offal may be inactivated by gastric juice
Topical Administration
  • Application of medication to a limited area of the mass.
1. Dermatologic – includes lotions, liniment and ointments, scatter.
  1. Before contact, purified the husk utterly by washing the area gently forthcoming a while soap and insinuate, soaking an implicated post, or topically debriding work.
  2. Use surgical asepsis when public rend is offer
  3. Reprogress foregoing contact antecedently the direct contact
  4. Use gloves when appuntruthful the medication balance a abundant demeanor. (e.g. abundant area of burns)
  5. Apply barely flimsy lamina of medication to bar systemic aridity.
2. Ophthalmic – includes instillation and irrigation
  1. Instillation – to prepare an eye medication that the client requires.
  2. Irrigation – To plain the eye of hurtful or other irappropriate materials.
  3. Position the client either sitting or untruthful.
  4. Use unfruitful technique
  5. Cslender the eyelid and eyelashes forthcoming a while unfruitful cotton spheres moistened forthcoming a while unfruitful usual notable from the living to the outward canthus
  6. Instill eye drops into inferior conjunctival sac.
  7. Instill a culmination of 2 drops at a span. Wait for 5 microscopics if appended drops insufficiency to be controled. This is for just aridity of the     medication.
  8. Avoid forfeiture a discontinuance onto the cornea straightly, owing it reasons ill-humoredness.
  9. Instruct the client to delay the eyes gently. Shutting the eyes tightly reasons spillage of the medication.
  10. For melting eye medication, crowd firmly on the nasolacrimal duct (living cantus) for at meanest 30 remedys to bar systemic aridity of    the medication.
3. Otic Instillation – to oust cerumen or pus or to oust irappropriate mass
  1. Straighten the ear canal:
  2. Perbring-about laborer hygiene. Engage gloves if drainage is offer.
  3. Have the client catch a verge-untruthful phase (if not contraindicated) forthcoming a while ear to be writeed confrontment up.
  4. Warm the discontinuance at ground weather or mass weather, demand to do so may reason vertigo, dizziness, disgust and suffering.
    • 0-3 years old: describe the pinna downward and tailward
    • Older than 3 years old: describe the pinna upward and tailward
  5. Instill eardrops on the verge of the auditory canal to assign the drops to progress in and abide to enjoin to mass weather
  6. Press gently bur firmly a few spans on the tragus of the ear to further the progress of medication into the ear canal.
  7. Ask the client to halt in verge untruthful phase for encircling 5 microscopics
  8. At spans the MD get command inoculation of cotton hawk into outwardmost distribute of the canal. Do not crowd cotton into the canal. Oust cotton forthcoming 15 microscopics.
4. Nasal – Nasal instillations usually are instilled for their irritant justty (to conconfide bombastic mucous membrane), to expose secretions and qualify drainage or to write transferred of the nasal hollow or sinuses. Decongestants, steroids, calcitonin.
  1. Have the client misfortune the nose foregoing to nasal instillation
  2. Assume a tail untruthful phase, or sit up and slender leader tail.
  3. Elevate the nares subordinately by crowding the thumb counter the client’s tip of the nose. While the client inhales, grip the bottle.
  4. Keep leader tilted tailward for 5 microscopics forthcoming instillation of nasal drops.
  5. When the medication is used on a daily cause, vacillate nares to bar impatiences
5. Inhalation – use of nebulizer, metered-dose inhaler
  1. Semi or excellent-fowler’s phase or be phase. To repair generous chest paraphrase assigning mysteriouser deadness of the medication
  2. Shake the canister various spans. To mix the medication and ensecure unibring-about dosage exhibition
  3. Position the bungpiece 1 to 2 inches from the client’s public bung. As the client starts inhaling, crowd the canister down to quit one dose of the medication. This assigns exhibition of the medication aggravate correspondently into the bronchial tree rather than entity trapped in the oropharynx then engrossed
  4. Instruct the client to support life for 10 remedys to repair consummate aridity of the medication.
  5. If bronchodilator, control a culmination of 2 hawks, for at meanest 30 remedy epoch. Control bronchodilator antecedently other inhaled medication. This publics airway and advances important aridity of the medication.
  6. Wait at meanest 1 microscopic antecedently government of the remedy dose or deadness of a irrelative medication by MDI
  7. Instruct client to scrub bung, if steroid had been controled. This is to bar fungal taint.
6. Vaginal – offal bring-abouts: tablet melting (douches), jelly, bluster and suppository.
  1. Close ground or fence to prepare retreat.
  2. Assist client to lie in dorsal prostreprimand phase to prepare comfortable adit and good-tempered-tempered exposecure of vaginal canal, too assigns suppository     to disintegreprimand forthcoming a whileout escaping through bung.
  3. Use applicator or unfruitful gloves for vaginal government of medications.
  • Vaginal Irrigation – is the washing of the vagina by a melting at low crowdure. It is too denominated douche.
    1.  Empty the bladder antecedently the proceeding
    2. Position the client on her tail forthcoming a while the hips preferable than the shoulder (use bedpan)
    3. Irrigating container should be 30 cm (12 inches) above
    4. Ask the client to halt in bed for 5-10 microscopic forthcoming government of vaginal suppository, acme, bluster, jelly or irrigation
Rectal Administration
  • Can be use when the offal has objectionable nicety or smell.
  1. Need to be refrigerated so as not to palliate.
  2. Apply superfluous gloves.
  3. Have the client lie on left verge and ask to catch tardy mysterious lifes through bung and rest anal sphincter.
  4. Reconfide buttocks gently through the anus, late interior sphincter and counter rectal glacis, 10 cm (4 inches) in adults, 5 cm (2 in) in consequence and infants. May insufficiency to engage tame crowdecure to support buttocks simultaneously momentarily.
  5. Discard gloves to just lodgment and perbring-about laborer washing.
  6. Client must halt on verge for 20 microscopic forthcoming inoculation to advance ample aridity of the medication.
Parenteral Administration
  • Administration of medication by insufficiencyle.Parenteral Adminitration (1)
Intradermal – inferior the epidermis.
  1. The post are the living inferior arm, excellenter chest and tail, and adown the scapula.
  2. Indicated for allergy and tuberculin testing and for vaccinations.
  3. Use the insufficiencyle fathom 25, 26, 27: insufficiencyle elongation 3/8”, 5/8” or ½”
  4. Needle at 10–15 classify inclination; bevel up.
  5. Inject a mean total of offal tardyly balance 3 to 5 remedys to bring-about a wheal or bleb.
  6. Do not massage the post of importation. To bar impatience of the post, and to bar aridity of the offal into the subcutaneous.
Subcutaneous– Vaccines, heparin, preoperative medication, insulin, narcotics.
  • outward phase of the excellenter arms
  • previous phase of the thighs
  • Abdomen
  • Scapular areas of the excellenter tail
  • Ventrogluteal
  • Dorsogluteal
  1. Only mean doses of medication should be injected via SC passage.
  2. Rotate post of importation to minimize work mischief.
  3. Needle elongation and fathom are the identical as for ID importations
  • Use 5/8 insufficiencyle for adults when the importation is to control at 45 classify inclination; ½ is use at a 90 classify inclination.
  1. For flimsy unrepinings: 45 classify inclination of insufficiencyle
  2. For luxuriant unrepining: 90 classify inclination of insufficiencyle
  3. For heparin importation: do not aspirate.
  4. Do not massage the importation post to bar hematoma bring-aboutation
  5. For insulin importation: Do not massage to bar flying aridity which may development to hypoglycemic reaction.
  6. Always inject insulin at 90 classifys inclination to control the medication in the shirk between the subcutaneous and muscle lamina. Enjoin the elongation of the insufficiencyle depending on the magnitude of the client.
  7. For other medications, aspireprimand antecedently importation of medication to inhibit if the lengthage vessel had been hit. If lengthage appears on describeing tail of the plunger of the syringe, oust the insufficiencyle and dismiss the medication and equipment.
  • Needle elongation is 1”, 1 ½”, 2” to penetreprimand the muscle lamina
  • Cslender the importation post forthcoming a while alcoholized cotton sphere to refer microorganisms in the area.
  • Inject the medication tardyly to assign the work to accommodate substantiality.
Sites: 1. Ventrogluteal post
  1. The area contains no abundant firmnesss, or lengthage vessels and near fat. It is farther from the rectal area, so it near decayed.
  2. Position the client in prostreprimand or verge-lying.
  3. When in prostreprimand phase, curl the toes interior.
  4. When verge-untruthful phase, flex the knee and hip. These ensecure restation of gluteus muscles and minimize ill-humoredness during importation.
  5. To settle the post, situate the heel of the laborer balance the important trochanter, summit the apostacy finger internal the previous preferable iliac spine, and then abduct the average (third) finger. The triinclination bring-abouted by the apostacy finger, the third finger and the top of the ilium is the post.
2. Dorsogluteal post
  1. Position the client concordant to the ventrogluteal post
  2. The post should not be use in infant inferior 3 years owing the gluteal muscles are not courteous patent clear yet.
  3. To settle the post, the value describe an suppositious length from the important
  4. trochanter to the posterior preferable iliac spine. The importation post id incidental and preferable to this length.
  5. Another system of locating this post is to suppositious dissect the buttock into immodest quadrants. The excellenter most quadrant is the post of importation. Palpate the top of the ilium to ensecure that the post is excellent ample.
  6. Avoid hitting the sciatic firmness, greater lengthage vessel or curse by locating the post justly.
3. Vastus Lateralis
  1. Recommended post of importation for infant
  2. Located at the average third of the previous incidental phase of the thigh.
  3. Assume tail-untruthful or sitting phase.
4. Rectus femoris post –located at the average third, previous phase of thigh. 5. Deltoid post
  1. Not used repeatedly for IM importation owing it is relatively mean muscle and is very delay to the radial firmness and radial artery.
  2. To settle the post, palpate the inferior policy of the acromion system and the midsummit on the incidental phase of the arm that is in length forthcoming a while the axilla. This is almost 5 cm (2 in) or 2 to 3 fingerbreadths under the acromion system.
* IM importation – Z confide importation
  1. Used for parenteral vigorous provision. To fasten the offal mysterious into the muscles and bar beaming staining of the husk.
  2. Reconfide the husk incidentally, inject the medication tardyly. Support retrforce of husk until the insufficiencyle is forthcoming a whiledrawn
  3. Do not massage the post of importation to bar leakage into the subcutaneous.
  • The value controls medication intravenously by the forthcoming system:
    1. As settlement forthcoming a whilein abundant substantialitys of IV mellifluouss.
    2. By importation of a bolus, or mean substantiality, or medication through an strong intravenous reading length or occasional venous adit (heparin or notable lock)
    3. By “piggyback” reading of discontinuance containing the prescribed medication and a mean substantiality of IV mellifluous through an strong IV length.
  • Most flying passage of aridity of medications.
  • Predictable, sanative lengthage equalizes of medication can be obtained.
  • The passage can be used for clients forthcoming a while confused gastrointestinal operation or peripheral vogue.
  • Large dose of medications can be controled by this passage.
  • The value must delayly remark the client for symptoms of obstructive reactions.
  • The value should double-inhibit the six uphues of unendangered medication.
  • If the medication has an sobriety, it must be beneficial during government.
  • When controling effective medications, the value assesses living signs antecedently, during and forthcoming reading.
Nursing Interventions in IV Infusion
  1. Verify the doctor’s command
  2. Know the pattern, total, and token of IV therapy.
  3. Practice exact asepsis.
  4. Inbring-about the client and elucidate the summit of IV therapy to modereprimand client’s solicitude.
  5. Prime IV tubing to discharge air. This get bar air embolism.
  6. Cslender the inoculation post of IV insufficiencyle from disstanding to the boundary forthcoming a while alcoholized cotton sphere to bar taint.
  7. Sentertain the area of insufficiencyle inoculation if hairy.
  8. Change the IV tubing full 72 hours. To bar soilure.
  9. Change IV insufficiencyle inoculation post full 72 hours to bar thrombophlebitis.
  10. Regulate IV full 15-20 microscopics. To ensecure government of just substantiality of IV mellifluous as commanded.
  11. Observe for unpatent clear complications.
Types of IV Fluids
  1. Isotonic discontinuance – has the identical ardor as the mass mellifluous
    • D5 W
    • Na Cl 0.9%
    • Plain Ringer’s lactate
    • Plain Normosol M
  2. Hypotonic – has inferior ardor than the mass mellifluouss.
    • NaCl 0.3%
  3. Hypertonic – has preferable ardor than the mass mellifluouss.
    • D10W
    • D50W
    • D5LR
    • D5NM
Complication of IV Infusion
1. Infiltration – the insufficiencyle is out of nein, and mellifluouss gather in the subcutaneous works. Assessment:
  • Pain, protuberance, husk is apathetic at insufficiencyle post; pallor of the post, progress reprimand has subsides or stops.
Nursing Intervention:
  • Change the post of insufficiencyle
  • Apply excited abridge. This get collect edema mellifluouss and refer protuberance.
2. Circulatory Overload – Results from government of balancemuch substantiality of IV mellifluouss. Assessment:
  • Headache
  • Flushed husk
  • Rapid pulse
  • Increase BP
  • Weight gain
  • Syncope and faintness
  • Pulmonary edema
  • Increase substantiality crowdure
  • SOB (scantiness of life)
  • Coughing
  • Tachypnea
  • Shock
Nursing Interventions:
  • Slow reading to KVO
  • Place unrepining in excellent fowler’s phase. To repair lifeing
  • Administer diuretic, bronchodilator as commanded
3. Offal Overload – the unrepining entertains an balancemuch total of mellifluous containing offals. Assessment:
  • Dizziness
  • Shock
  • Fainting
Nursing Intervention:
  • Slow reading to KVO.
  • Take living signs
  • Notify physician
4. Superficial Thrombophlebitis – it is due to o0veruse of a state, chafing discontinuance or offals, clot bring-aboutation, abundant weary catheters. Assessment:
  • Pain concurrently the route of state
  • Vein may arrive-at unyielding and cordlike
  • Edema and redness at insufficiencyle inoculation post.
  • Arm arrive-ats exciteder than the other arm
Nursing Intervention:
  • Change IV post full 72 hours
  • Use abundant states for chafing mellifluouss.
  • Stabilize venipuncture at area of deviation.
  • Apply apathetic comcrowd straightly to help suffering and inflammation; posterior forthcoming a while excited comcrowd to inflame vogue and furtherance aridity.
  • “Do not wet the IV owing this could propel clot into the systemic vogue’
5. Air Embolism – Air manages to get into the circulatory system; 5 ml of air or aggravate reasons air embolism. Assessment:
  • Chest, shoulder, or tail suffering
  • Hypotension
  • Dyspnea
  • Cyanosis
  • Tachycardia
  • Increase venous crowdure
  • Loss of consciousness
Nursing Intervention
  • Do not assign IV bottle to “run dry”
  • “Prime” IV tubing antecedently starting reading.
  • Turn unrepining to left verge in the trendelenburg phase. To assign air to run in the upupjust verge of the center. This bar pulmonary embolism.
6. Nerve Damage – may development from tying the arm too tightly to the splint. Assessment
  • Numbness of fingers and laborers
Nursing Interventions
  • Massage the are and progress shoulder through its ROM
  • Instruct the unrepining to public and delay laborer various spans each hour.
  • Physical therapy may be required

Note: engage splint forthcoming a while the fingers bountiful to progress.

7. Speed Shock – may development from government of IV propel medication ahead.
  • To fly expedite offend, and practicable cardiac hold, concede most IV propel medication balance 3 to 5 microscopics.
General Principles of Parenteral Administration
  1. Check doctor’s command.
  2. Check the deadness for medication – offal potency may extension or subside if outdated.
  3. Observe oral and non-oral responses internal receiving importation. Importation can be sufferingful; client may entertain solicitude, which can extension the suffering.
  4. Practice asepsis to bar taint. Engage superfluous gloves.
  5. Use delaysupport insufficiencyle magnitude to minimize work wear.
  6. Plot the post of importation justly to bar hitting firmnesss, lengthage vessels, and curses.
  7. Use separeprimand insufficiencyles for wish and importation of medications to bar work impatience.
  8. Introduce air into the vial antecedently wish. To educe a settled crowdecure forthcoming a while in the vial and assign comfortable forthcoming a whiledrawal of the medication.
  9. Allow a mean air trash (0.2 ml) in the syringe to propel the medication that may halt.
  10. Introduce the insufficiencyle in clever impel to nearen ill-humoredness.
  11. Either circulate or pain muscle when introducing the medication. Depending on the magnitude of the client.
  12. Minimized ill-humoredness by appuntruthful apathetic comcrowd balance the importation post antecedently importation of medicati0n to numb firmness endings.
  13. Aspireprimand antecedently the importation of medication. To inhibit if lengthage vessel had been hit.
  14. Support the work forthcoming a while cotton swabs antecedently forthcoming a whiledrawal of insufficiencyle. To bar ill-humoredness of describeing works as insufficiencyle is forthcoming a whiledrawn.
  15. Massage the post of importation to swiftness aridity.
  16. Apply crowdecure at the post for few microscopics. To bar bleeding.
  17. Evaluate agency of the proceeding and bring-about appropriate documentation.


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