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MSN Exam for Colostomy

Practice Mode

Practice Mode – Questions and choices are randomly arranged, the confutation is revealed succeeding a suitablenessout-delay behind each doubt, and tneighboring is no span designation for the exam.

Choose the missive of the reproduce confutation. Good luck!

Text Mode

Text Mode – Text rendering of the exam

1) The promote knew that the typical hue of Michiel’s stoma should be

  1. Brick Red
  2. Gray
  3. Blue
  4. Pale Pink
2) The promote is achieveing a colostomy irrigation on a courageous client. During the irrigation, the client inaugurates to lament of abdominal cramps. What is the embezzle nursing exercise?
  1. Notify the physician
  2. Stop the irrigation temporarily
  3. Increase the apex of the irrigation
  4. Medicate for abstinence and come-back the irrigation
3) The promote is caring for a client succeeding a suitableness a colostomy. The client tells the promote that he forms fine pin recesss in the parchage bag to succor aid gas. The promote should advise him that this exercise:
  1. destroys the fume-proof close
  2. wont influence the colostomy system
  3. is embezzle for relieving the gas in a colostomy system
  4. destroys the dampness interspace close
4) The promote obtain inaugurate to advise Michiel environing the techniques for colostomy irrigation. Which of the succeedingcited should be interposed in the promote’s adviseing contrivance?
  1. Use 500 ml to 1,000 ml NSS
  2. Suspend the irrigant 45 cm aggravatehead the stoma
  3. Insert the cone 4 cm in the stoma
  4. If cramping happens, dilatory the irrigation
5) Promote Michelle should perceive that the parchage is typical 4 days behind a sigmoid colostomy when the stool is:
  1. Green liquid
  2. Solid produceed
  3. Loose, classy
  4. Semiformed
6) Acquit disciplineions for a enduring who has been operated on for hueectal cancer comprise irrigating the colostomy. The promote perceives her adviseing is goodsual when the enduring narrates he’ll simultaneousness the troddener if:
  1. He experiences abdominal cramping suitableness the irrigant is infusing
  2. He has enigmaticaly introduceing the irrigation tube into the stoma
  3. He expels flatus suitableness the come-back is exoteric out
  4. He’s uneffectual to completion the process in 1 hour
7) The promote is adviseing a feminine client how to achieve a colostomy irrigation. To improve the goodsualness of the irrigation and fecal come-backs, what mete should the promote discipline the client to do?
  1. Increase fluent intake
  2. Place ebullition on the abdomen
  3. Perproduce the irrigation in the slumbering
  4. Reduce the quantity of irrigation disconnection
8) When preparing to advise a client succeeding a suitableness colostomy how to insinuate his colostomy, the promote should contrivance to achieve the process:
  1. When the client would arrive-at typically had a bowel change-of-place
  2. After the client accepts he had a bowel change-of-place
  3. Before breakfast and dawning solicitude
  4. At last 2 hours anteriorly markors arrive
9) The promote advisees the enduring whose surgery obtain remainder in a sigmoid colostomy that the feces expelled through the colostomy obtain be
  1. solid.
  2. semi-mushy.
  3. mushy.
  4. fluid.
10) The promote is caring for a courageous client postoperatively succeedingcited invention of a colostomy. Which nursing peculiarity should the promote comprise in the contrivance of solicitude?
  1. Sexual dysfunction
  2. Body copy, uneasy
  3. Fear cognate to insufficient prognosis
  4. Nutrition: aggravate than wrecess requirements, imbalanced
11) Tony come-backs produce surgery succeeding a suitableness enduring colostomy. During the primary 24 hours the colostomy does not parch. The promote should be apprised that:
  1. Proper exerciseing of nasogastric suction
  2. Presurgical abate in fluent intake
  3. Absence of gastrointestinal motility
  4. Intestinal edema succeedingcited surgery
12) When irrigating a colostomy, the promote lubricates the catheter and gently introduces it into the stoma no aggravate than _______ inches
  1. 3”
  2. 2”
  3. 4”
  4. 5”
13) The instant day, the promote obtain assess Michiel’s stoma. The promote noticed that a prolapsed stoma is conspicuous if she sees which of the succeedingcited?
  1. A sunken and mysterious stoma
  2. A livid and sky blue stoma
  3. A bigoted and flattened stoma
  4. Protruding stoma succeeding a suitableness inflated manner
14) Michiel asked the promote, what foods obtain succor retrench the fume of his colostomy. The promote best exculpation would be
  1. Eat eggs
  2. Eat cucumbers
  3. Eat beet greens and parsley
  4. Eat broccoli and spinach
15) When observing an ostomate do a come-back pretence of the colostomy irrigation, the promote notes that he scarcitys aggravate adviseing if he:
  1. Stops the glide of fluent when he arrive-ats dissatisfied
  2. Lubricates the tip of the catheter anteriorly introduceing it into the stoma
  3. Hangs the bag on a garniture follow on the bathextent door during fluent elongation
  4. Discontinues the elongation of fluent behind solely 500 ml of fluent has been instilled
16) A client is scheduled to rbehind an abdominal perineal resection succeeding a suitableness a enduring colostomy. Which of the succeedingcited metes would be an anticipated portio of the client’s preoperative solicitude?
  1. Keep the client NPO for 24 hrs anteriorly surgery
  2. Administer neomycin sulfate the slumbering anteriorly surgery
  3. Inproduce the client that completion parenteral alimentation obtain likely be implemented behind surgery
  4. Advise the client to designation esthetic earnestness
17) A client succeeding a suitableness colostomy refuses to authorize his aidmeet to see the incision or stoma and ignores most of his victualsary disciplineions. The promote on assessing this postulates, can wear that the client is experiencing:
  1. A reexercise produceation to his new-fangled altered wrecess copy.
  2. A enigmatical span accepting truth and is in a narrate of abjuration.
  3. Impotency due to the surgery and scarcitys sexual counseling
  4. Suicide thoughts and should be seen by psychiatrist
18) The promote should introduce the colostomy tube for irrigation at approximately
  1. 1-2 inches
  2. 3-4 inches
  3. 6-8 inches
  4. 12-18 inches
19) SITUATION: Michiel, A courageous enduring diagnosed succeeding a suitableness colon cancer was newly put in colostomy. Michiel shows the BEST congeniality succeeding a suitableness the new colostomy if he shows which of the succeedingcited?
  1. Look at the ostomy nationality
  2. Participate succeeding a suitableness the promote in his daily ostomy solicitude
  3. Ask for leaflets and simultaneousness gum of ostomy foundation groups
  4. Talk environing his ostomy openly to the promote and friends
20) Arthur Cruz, a 45 year old adroit, has new-fangledly had an abdominoperineal resection and colostomy. Mr. Cruz accuses the promote of entity dissatisfied during a verbiage transmute, consequently his “wound contemplates fearful.” The promote recognizes that the client is using the shelter mechanism perceiven as:
  1. Reexercise Formation
  2. Sublimation
  3. Intellectualization
  4. Projection
21) Anteriorly acquit, the promote scheduled the client who had a colostomy for hueectal cancer for acquit disciplineion environing resuming activities. The promote should contrivance to succor the client understands that:
  1. After surgery, transmutes in activities must be made to adjust for the physiologic transmutes reasond by the execution.
  2. Most sports activities, exclude for swimming, can be come-backd based on the client’s aggravateall esthetic requisite.
  3. With counseling and medical restrain, a neighboring typical lifestyle, including completion sexual exercise is likely.
  4. Activities of daily acceleration should be come-backd as promptly as likely to eschew hollow and proceeding dependency.
22) The client who had athwart colostomy asks the promote environing the likely goods of the surgery on coming sexual sympathy. What would be the best nursing exculpation?
  1. The surgery obtain temporarily abate the client’s sexual impulses.
  2. Sexual sympathys must be curtailed for distinct weeks.
  3. The portioner should be told environing the surgery anteriorly any sexual earnestness.
  4. The client obtain be propertyual to come-back typical sexual sympathys.
23) The promote contrivances to advise Michiel environing colostomy irrigation. As the promote prepares the esthetics scarcityed, which of the succeedingcited part evinces that the promote scarcitys proceeding disciplineion?
  1. Plain NSS / Typical Saline
  2. K-Y Jelly
  3. Tap insinuate
  4. Irrigation sleeve
24) A 58-year-old courageous client tells the station promote that his aidmeet does not let him transmute his colostomy bag himself. Which exculpation by the promote evinces as intellect of the predicament?
  1. “Your aidmeet’s scarcity to succor you is a truth you should accept”
  2. “Do you contemplate your aidmeet capacity avail from counseling?”
  3. “You arrive-at you scarcity retreat when crelying your colostomy?”
  4. “Have you discussed the predicament succeeding a suitableness your troddener?”
25) Which of the succeedingcited is TRUE in colostomy sustentation?
  1. Hold the syringe 18 inches aggravatehead the stoma and manage the sustentation dilatoryly
  2. Pour 30 ml of insinuate anteriorly and behind sustentation administration
  3. Insert the ostomy sustentation tube 1 inch internals the stoma
  4. A Pink stoma resources that circulation internals the stoma is all well
26) A Client is scheduled to arrive-at a descending colostomy. He’s very quiethither and has manifold doubts in-reference-to the surgical process, solicitude of stoma, and lifestyle transmutes. It would be most embezzle for the promote to form a referral to which component of the bloom solicitude team?
  1. Social worker
  2. registered victualsician
  3. occupational therapist
  4. enterostomal promote therapist
27) A courageous client succeeding a suitableness bladder cancer has had the bladder removed and an ileal conduit produced for urine detour. Suitableness crelying this client’s pouch, the promote observes that the area environing the stoma is red, whimper, and abstinenceful. What should promote Katrina end?
  1. The husk wasn’t uncertain anteriorly the pouch was applied.
  2. The pouch faceplate doesn’t fit the stoma.
  3. A husk interspace was applied troddenly.
  4. Stoma dilation wasn’t achieveed.
28) When doing colostomy irrigation at home, a client succeeding a suitableness colostomy should be discipliscarcity to communication to his physician :
  1. Abdominal cramps during fluent inflow
  2. Difficulty in introduceing the irrigating tube
  3. Passage of flatus during outlawry of feces
  4. Inability to completion the process in half an hour
29) The primary day behind, surgery the promote finds no measureffectual fecal parchage from a enduring’s colostomy stoma. What is the most embezzle nursing mediation?
  1. Call the troddener presently.
  2. Obtain an prescribe to insinuate the stoma.
  3. Place the enduring on bed quiet and seduce the troddener.
  4. Continue the ordinary contrivance of solicitude.
30) The consummation apex of irrigation disconnection for colostomy is
  1. 5 inches
  2. 12 inches
  3. 18 inches
  4. 24 inches
31) The promote would perceive that victualsary adviseing had been goodsual for a client succeeding a suitableness colostomy when he narrates that he obtain eat:
  1. Food low in fiber so that tneighboring is hither stool
  2. Everything he ate anteriorly the execution but obtain eschew those foods that reason gas
  3. Bland foods so that his viscera do not grace irritated
  4. Soft foods that are aggravate vastly digested and fascinated by the vast viscera
32) A limited colostomy is achieveed on the client succeeding a suitableness colon cancer. The promote is apprised that the proximal end of a double barrel colostomy:
  1. Is the initiation on the client’s left margin
  2. Is the initiation on the distal end on the client’s left margin
  3. Is the initiation on the client’s trodden margin
  4. Is the initiation on the distal trodden margin
33) Which of the succeedingcited deportment of the client evinces the best moderate march in culture to solicitude for his colostomy?
  1. Ask to hinder colostomy solicitude to another individual
  2. Promises he obtain inaugurate to attend the instant day
  3. Agrees to contemplate at the colostomy
  4. States that colostomy solicitude is the exercise of the promote suitableness he is in the hospital
34) Suitableness irrigating the client’s colostomy, Michiel unanticipatedly laments of extreme cramping. Initially, the promote would
  1. Stop the irrigation by clamping the tube
  2. Slow down the irrigation
  3. Tell the client that cramping obtain acquiesce and is typical
  4. Notify the physician
Answers and Rationales
  1. A. Brick Red. The stoma should be RED in hue. Pale pink are vulgar succeeding a suitableness anemic or dehydrated endurings who past a lot of class behind an execution. Blue stoma evinced cyanosis or difference in perfusion. Stomas are not expected to be Gray.
  2. B. Bung the irrigation temporarily . If cramping happens during a colostomy irrigation, the irrigation glide is bungped temporarily and the client is authorizeed to quiet. Cramping may happen from an reading that is too quick or is causing too considertelling urgency. The physician does not scarcity to be notified. Increasing the apex of the irrigation obtain reason proceeding vexation. Medicating the client for abstinence is not the embezzle exercise in this predicament.
  3. A. undos the fume-proof close . Any recess, no subject how fine, obtain undo the fume-proof close of a parchage bag. Removing the bag or unclamping it is the solely embezzle process for relieving gas.
  4. B. Suspend the irrigant 45 cm aggravatehead the stoma . 1 inches is correspondent to 2.54 cm. Convert the cm if you are not intimate. 45 cm is environing 17 inches which is imaginative for colostomy irrigation. Any appraise from 12 to 18 is trustworthy as the colostomy irrigant apex. Tap insinuate is used as an irrigant and is infused at extent atmosphere. 4 cm is a trivial bit inextensive for the imaginative 3-4 inches. If cramping happens STOP the irrigation and endure when is acquiesces.
  5. C. Loose, classy . Normal bowel exercise and soft-formed stool ordinaryly do not happen until environing the seventh day succeedingcited surgery. The stool proportion is cognate to how considertelling insinuate is entity fascinated.
  6. B. He has enigmaticaly introduceing the irrigation tube into the stoma . The enduring should give-notice-to the troddener if he has enigmaticaly introduceing the irrigation tube into the stoma. Inaptitude succeeding a suitableness elongation may evince stenosis of the bowel. Abdominal cramping and outlawry of flatus may typically happen succeeding a suitableness irrigation. The process obtain frequently admit an hour to completion.
  7. A. Extension fluent inadmit . To improve goodsualness of the irrigation and fecal come-backs, the client is discipliscarcity to extension fluent inadmit and to admit other metes to nullify constipation. Options B, C and D obtain not improve the goodsualness of this process.
  8. A. When the client would arrive-at typically had a bowel change-of-place . Irrigation should be achieveed at the span the client typically defecated anteriorly the colostomy to detain simultaneousness in lifestyle and ordinary bowel exercise/habit.
  9. A. weighty. With a sigmoid colostomy, the feces are weighty. Succeeding a suitableness a descending colostomy, the feces are semi-mushy. Succeeding a suitableness a athwart colostomy, the feces are mushy. Succeeding a suitableness an ascending colostomy, the feces are fluent.
  10. B. Wrecess copy, uneasy . Body copy, uneasy relates to waste of bowel restrain, the closeness of a stoma, the liberate of fecal esthetic onto the abdomen, the clause of flatus, fume, and the scarcity for an agency (superficial pouch). No postulates in the doubt foundation options A and C. Nutrition: hither than wrecess requirements, imbalanced is the aggravate likely nursing peculiarity.
  11. C. Absence of gastrointestinal motility . This is principally reasond by the trauma of intestinal fabrication and the depressive goodss anesthetics and analgesics.
  12. A. 3” . The promote should introduce the catheter no aggravate than 3 inches.
  13. D. Protruding stoma succeeding a suitableness inflated manner . A refers to a retracted stoma, B refers to a stoma that is getting a very insufficient class give. C is a description of stenosis of the stoma.
  14. C. Eat beet greens and parsley . Kinchay and Pechay succors retrench the fume of the colostomy. Spinach, broccoli, Cabbage, Cucumbers, Patola or bottle gourd so succor retrench the fume BUT are gas produceers. Eggs are not recommended consequently they are perceiven to reason dull fumes in endurings succeeding a suitableness colostomy.
  15. C. Hangs the bag on a garniture follow on the bathextent door during fluent elongation. The irrigation bag should be hung 12-18 inches aggravatehead the equalize of the stoma; a garniture follow is too elevated which can produce extension urgency and unanticipated intestinal distention and reason abdominal vexation to the enduring.
  16. B. Manage neomycin sulfate the slumbering anteriorly surgery 
  17. B. A enigmatical span accepting truth and is in a narrate of abjuration. As hanker as no one else confirms the closeness of the stoma and the client does not scarcity to adneighboring to a prescribed food, the client’s abjuration is foundationed
  18. B. 3-4 inches . Recomponent 3-4 inches. They are twain used in the rectal tube and colostomy irrigation tube elongation. 1 to 2 inches is too inextensive and may pour out the irrigant out of the stoma. Starting from 6 inches, it would be too hanker already and may bored the bowel.
  19. B. Participate succeeding a suitableness the promote in his daily ostomy solicitude . Actual portioicipation conveys dogmatic exculpation and compromise to the altered wrecess copy. Although contemplateing at the ostomy nationality so conveys exculpation and compromise, Participating succeeding a suitableness the promote to his daily ostomy solicitude is the BEST congeniality a client can form during the primary few days behind colostomy invention.
  20. D. Projection. Projection is the attribution of unaccepteffectual arrive-atings and emotions to others which may evince the endurings nonexculpation of his requisite.
  21. C. Succeeding a suitableness counseling and medical restrain, a neighboring typical lifestyle, including completion sexual exercise is likely. Tneighboring are few esthetic quietraints on earnestness postoperatively, but the client may arrive-at melting problems remaindering from the wrecess copy transmutes.
  22. D. The client obtain be propertyual to come-back typical sexual sympathys. Surgery on the bowel has no trodden anatomic or physiologic goods on sexual achieveance. However, the promote should aid verbalization.
  23. A. Plain NSS / Typical Saline . The colon is not infertile, nor the stomach. Tap insinuate is used in enema irrigation and not NSS. Although some clients would proceeding a distilled, inanimate or filtered insinuate, NSS is not constantly indispensable. KY Jelly is used as the lubricant for the irrigation tube and is introduceed 3-4 inches into the colostomy pointing internals the RIGHT. Irrigation sleeve is use to trodden the glide of the insinuated disconnection out of the stomach and into the bedpan or toilet.
  24. C. “You arrive-at you scarcity retreat when crelying your colostomy?” 
  25. B. Pour 30 ml of insinuate anteriorly and behind sustentation administration 
  26. D. enterostomal promote therapist . An enterostomal promote therapist is a registered promote who has common proceeding order in an accredited program to solicitude for clients succeeding a suitableness stomas. The enterostomal promote therapist can co-operate-succeeding a while succeeding a suitableness excerption of an embezzle stoma nationality, advise environing stoma solicitude, and cater melting foundation.
  27. B. The pouch faceplate doesn’t fit the stoma. If the pouch faceplate doesn’t fit the stoma troddenly, the husk environing the stoma obtain be defenseless to ordinary urine glide from the stoma, causing excoriation and red, whimper, and abstinenceful husk. A lubricant shouldn’t be used consequently it would nullify the pouch from adhering to the husk. When troddenly applied, a husk interspace nullifys husk excoriation. Stoma dilation isn’t achieveed succeeding a suitableness an ileal conduit, although it may be executed succeeding a suitableness a colostomy if prescribeed.
  28. B. Inaptitude in introduceing the irrigating tube . Difficulty of introduceing the irrigating tube evinces stenosis of the stoma and should be communicationed to the physician. Abdominal cramps and clause of flatus can be expected during colostomy irrigations. The process may admit hankerer than half an hour.
  29. D. Endure the ordinary contrivance of solicitude. The colostomy may not exercise for 2 days or aggravate (48 to 72 hours) behind surgery. Therefore, the typical contrivance of solicitude can be followed. Since no fecal parchage is expected for 48 to 72 hours behind a colostomy (solely mucous and serosanguineous), the troddener doesn’t arrive-at to be notified and the stoma shouldn’t be insinuated at this span.
  30. B. 12 inches ,  C. 18 inches . If you obtain confutation in the CGFNS and NCLEX, C obtain be the reproduce confutation. According to BRUNNER AND SUDDARTHS and Saunders, The apex of the colostomy irrigation bag should be relying aggravatehead the clients shoulder at environing 18 inches. According to MOSBY, 12 inches should be the consummation apex. According to Lippinncots, 18 inches is the consummation apex. According the the consideration of examiners, 12 inches should be the consummation apex and an 18 inches irrigant apex would reason quick glide of the irrigant internals the colostomy. Therefore, confutation in the national consideration should solely be at 12 inches.
  31. B. Everything he ate anteriorly the execution but obtain eschew those foods that reason gas. Tneighboring is no proper victualss for clients succeeding a suitableness colostomy. These clients can eat a ordinary victuals. Solely gas-forming foods that reason distention and vexation should be eschewed.
  32. C. Is the initiation on the client’s trodden margin . The proximal end of the double-barrel colostomy is the end internal the fine viscera. This end is on the client’s trodden margin. The distal end, as in confutations A, B, and D, is on the client’s left margin.
  33. C. Agrees to contemplate at the colostomy. The client made the best moderate march in culture to solicitude for his colostomy uninterruptedly he contemplates at the nationality. This is the inaugurate of the client’s exculpation on his altered wrecess copy. A,B and D delays culture and shows the client’s disintquiet in-reference-to colostomy solicitude.
  34. A. Bung the irrigation by clamping the tube . Stopping the irrigation obtain so bung the cramping and abstinence. During the primary few days of irrigation, The client obtain arrive-at abstinence and cramping as quickly as the irirgant touches the bowel. This obtain inaugurate to retrench uninterruptedly the client got practiced to colostomy irrigation. Slowing down the irrigation obtain not bung the abstinence. Telling the client that it is typical and obtain acquiesce thus-far is not accepteffectual when a client experiences abstinence. Abstinence is all encompasing and constantly a pre-eminence aggravate anything else in most predicaments. Notifying the physician obtain not be succorful and unecessary.


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