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MSN Exam for Endocrine Problems

Practice Mode

Practice Mode – Questions and choices are randomly arranged, the reply is revealed bestowly subjoined each doubt, and tless is no season condition for the exam.

Text Mode

Text Mode – Text account of the exam

1. A resigned is admitted to the medical individual subjoined a while likely Graves’ indiscomposition (hyperthyroidism). Which duty decision supports this distinction?

  1. Periorbital edema
  2. Bradycardia
  3. Exophthalmos
  4. Hoarse words
2. Which diversify in inseparable concurrents would you acquaint a nursing coadjutor to relation bestowly for a resigned subjoined a while hyperthyroidism?
  1. Increased and accelerated life reprove
  2. Decrease systolic lineage hurry
  3. Increased respiratory reprove
  4. Decreased traditional latitude
3. For the resigned subjoined a while hyperthyroidism, what intercomposition should you depute to the familiar apprised nursing coadjutor?
  1. Instruct the resigned to relation palpitations, dyspnea, vertigo, pr chest asceticism.
  2. Check the apical pulse, lineage hurry, and latitude integral 4 hours.
  3. Draw lineage for thyroid-stimulating hormone, T3, and T4 correspondentizes.
  4. Explain the suit proceeds of propylthiouracil (PTU) to the resigned.
4. As the shelve begins, you are attributeed these resigneds. Which resigned should you assess haughtyest?
  1. A 38-year-old resigned subjoined a while Graves’ indiscomposition and a life reprove of 94/minute
  2. A 63-year-old resigned subjoined a while image 2 diabetes and fingerstick glucose of 137 mg/dL
  3. A 58-year-old resigned subjoined a while hypothyroidism and life reprove of 48/minute
  4. A 49-year-old resigned subjoined a while Cushing’s indiscomposition and +1 contingent edema
5. A resigned is hospitalized subjoined a while adrenocortical omission. Which nursing air should you depute to the nursing coadjutor?
  1. Remind resigned to diversify compositions reluctantly.
  2. Check the resigned for muscle weakness
  3. Teach the resigned how to assemble 24-hour urine
  4. Plan nursing interpositions to raise smooth neutralize

6. You assess a resigned subjoined a while Cushing’s indisposition. For which decision succeed you declare the physician bestowly?

  1. Purple striae bestow on abdomen and thighs
  2. Weight execute of 1 beat since the foregoing day
  3. +1 contingent edema in ankles and calves
  4. Crackles bilaterally in inferior lobes of lungs
7. The resigned subjoined a while pheochromocytoma had surgery to transport his adrenal glands. Which nursing intercomposition should you depute to the nursing coadjutor?
  1. Add strategies to contribute a assuage and restful environment post-operatively to the economy intention.
  2. Warm the resigned to quit smoking and draining caffeinated beverages
  3. Monitor the resigned’s peel and mucous membranes for concurrents of comprehensive hydration.
  4. Monitor false and established lineage hurry integral 4 hours subjoined a while cuff placed on selfselfsimilar arm
8. For the resigned subjoined a while pheochromocytoma, what visible duty technique should you acquaint the LPN/LVN to quit?
9. The resigned subjoined a while adrenal omission is to be acquitd portico prednisone 10 mg traditionally each day. What succeed you be unmistakable to counsel the resigned?
  1. Report enormous investigate execute or protuberance to the physician.
  2. Rapid diversifys of comcomposition may suit hypotension.
  3. A cheer subjoined a while foods haughty in potassium may be salutary.
  4. Signs of hypoglycemia may bedroop period portico this refuse.
10.You are caring for a resigned who is post-hypophysectomy for hyperpituitarism. Which post-operative decision demands next interposition?
  1. Presence of glucose in nasal drainage
  2. Nasal packing bestow in nares
  3. Urine output of 40 – 50 mL per hour
  4. Patient complaints of dryness
11.Which resigned’s nursing economy would be most mismisexpend for the direct comfort to attribute to the LPN, inferior the supervision of the RN team head?
  1. A 51-year-old resigned subjoined a while bilateral adrenalectomy proper returned from the post-anesthesia economy individual
  2. An 83-year-old resigned subjoined a while image 2 diabetes and continuous impertinent pulmonary indisposition
  3. A 38-year-old resigned subjoined a while myocardial infarction who is preparing for acquit
  4. A 72-year-old resigned admitted from long-term economy subjoined a while intellectual standing diversifys
12.You are providing economy for a resigned who inferiorwent thyroidectomy 2 days ago. Which laboratory compute demands suspend mentoring?
  1. Calcium
  2. Sodium
  3. Potassium
  4. White lineage cells
13.You are preparing to critique a counseling intention for a resigned subjoined a while image 2 diabetes. What succeed you bridle to determine the resigned’s correspondentize of yielding subjoined a while his diabetic food?
  1. Patient’s fasting glucose correspondentize
  2. Patient’s traditional glucose tolerance trial results
  3. Patient’s glycosylated hemoglobin assay
  4. Patient’s fingerstick glucose bridle for 24 hours
14.The resigned has newly diagnosed image 2 diabetes. Which belowtaking should you depute to the nursing coadjutor?
  1. Arrange regard subjoined a while the cheerician for resigned.
  2. Verify resigned’s insulin introduction technique.
  3. Teach resigned to use glucometer for mentoring glucose at residence.
  4. Remind resigned to bridle glucose correspondentize precedent to each frugality.
15.A nursing distinction for the newly diagnosed diabetic resigned is induce for Injury allied to sensory alterations. Which key points should you comprise in the counseling intention for this resigned? (Choose all that exercise).
  1. Clean and investigate your feet integral day.
  2. Be unmistakable that your shoes fit right.
  3. Nylon socks are best to hinder attrition among toes and shoes.
  4. Report any non-healing peel breaks to your doctor.
16.The diabetic resigned has all of these duty bindings. Which succeed you acquaint the LPN/LVN to relation bestowly?
  1. Fingerstick glucose of 185 mg/dL
  2. Numbness and tingling in twain feet
  3. Profuse perspiration
  4. Bunion on left magnanimous toe
17.The intention of economy for the diabetic resigned comprises all of the subjoined interpositions. Which intercomposition could you depute to the nursing coadjutor?
  1. Check to effect unmistakable that the resigned’s bath inspire is not too hot.
  2. Discuss vulgarwealth resources for diabetic outresigned economy.
  3. Instruct the resigned to enact daily base investigateions.
  4. Check the resigned’s technique for scheme insulin into a syringe.
18.You are precepting a comfort who has of-late disequalized and passes the NCLEX establishment. The new comfort has been on the individual for solely 2 days. Which resigned should you attribute to the new comfort?
  1. A 68-year-old diabetic who is experiencing concurrents of hyperglycemia including accelerated, submerged food and intellectual standing diversifys
  2. A 58-year-old diabetic subjoined a while peripheral neuropathy and cellulitis of the left ankle.
  3. A 49-year-old diabetic who has proper returned from post-anesthesia economy individual (PACU) subjoined a below-the-knee pollarding (BKA)
  4. A 72-year-old diabetic subjoined a while diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA) on an IV insulin drip
19.In the embarrassment portion, during primal duty of a new avenue subjoined a while diabetes, you unearth all of the subjoined. Which counsel should you bestowly relation to the physician?
  1. Hammertoe of the left prevent metatarsophalangeal joint
  2. Rapid respiratory reprove subjoined a while submerged inspirations
  3. Numbness and tingling bilaterally in the feet and hands
  4. Decreased sensitivity and protuberance of the abdomen
20.You are caring for a diabetic resigned who is developing DKA. Which deputed belowtaking is most misappropriate?
  1. Ask the individual clerk to page the physician to conclude to the individual.
  2. Ask the LPN/LVN to transfer IV insulin according to the sliding lamina.
  3. Ask the nursing coadjutor to bridle the resigned’s correspondentize of sense.
  4. Ask the nursing coadjutor to get the resigned a cup of ochreous-colored-colored juice.
21.A diabetic resigned bestows subjoined a while hot and dry peel, accelerated and submerged respirations, and a fruity scent to his exhalation. As direct comfort, you remark the new disequalize RN accomplishing all these resigned belowtakings. Which one demands that you intervene bestowly?
  1. The RN bridles the resigned’s fingerstick glucose.
  2. The RN advances the resigned to drain ochreous-colored-colored juice.
  3. The RN bridles the resigned’s classify for sliding lamina insulin.
  4. The RN assess the resigned’s inseparable concurrents integral 15 minutes
22.You are preparing a 24-year-old resigned subjoined a while diabetes insipidus (DI) for disdirect from the hospital. Which announcement specifys that the resigned wants attached counseling?
  1. “I succeed drain smooths correspondent to the quantity of my urine output.”
  2. “I succeed investigate myself integral day using the selfselfsimilar lamina.”
  3. “I succeed waste my medical prepared bracelet at all seasons.”
  4. “I succeed spiritual transfer myself off the vasopressin.”
Answers and Rationales
  1. ANSWER C – Exophthalmos (monstrous protuberance of the eye) is diagnosis of resigneds subjoined a while hyperthyroidism due to Graves’ indisposition. Periorbital edema, bradycardia, and gruff words are all diagnosiss of resigneds subjoined a while hypothyroidism. Focus: Prioritization
  2. ANSWER A – The cardiac problems associated subjoined a while hyperthyroidism comprise tachycardia, increased systolic lineage hurry, and decreased diastolic lineage hurry. Patients subjoined a while hyperthyroidism so may bear increased collectiveness latitude allied to increased metabolic reprove. Focus: Delegation/supervision
  3. ANSWER B – Monitoring and recording inseparable concurrents are subjoined a whilein the advice opportunity of nursing coadjutors. An familiar nursing coadjutor should bear been taught how to mentor the apical pulse. However, the comfort should remark the nursing coadjutor to be unmistakable that she has mastered this expertness. Instructing and counseling resigneds, as well-behaved-behaved-behaved as enacting venipuncture for laboratory samples, are further conducive to the adviceal opportunity of licensed comforts. In some facilities, an familiar nursing coadjutor may enact venipuncture, but solely subjoined peculiar grafting. Focus: Delegation/supervision
  4. ANSWER C – Although resigneds subjoined a while hypothyroidism regularly bear cardiac problems that comprise bradycardia, a life reprove of 48/minute may bear weighty implications for cardiac output and hemodynamic arrestation. Patients subjoined a while Graves’ indiscomposition usually bear a accelerated life reprove, but 94/minute is subjoined a whilein conditions. The diabetic resigned may want sliding lamina insulin. This is expressive but not importunate. Patients subjoined a while Cushing’s indiscomposition regularly bear contingent edema. Focus:  Prioritization
  5. ANSWER A – Patients subjoined a while hypofunction of the adrenal glands regularly bear hypotension and should be acquainted to diversify compositions reluctantly. Once a resigned has been acquainted, it is mismisexpend for the nursing coadjutor to remind the resigned of those acquaintions. Assessing, counseling, and intentionning nursing economy demand further advice and should be effected by licensed comforts. Focus: Delegation/supervision
  6. ANSWER D – The influence of crackles in the resigned’s lungs specify surplus smooth size doe to surplus inspire and sodium reabsorption and may be a premonition of pulmonary edema, which must be treated acceleratedly. Striae (tighten marks), investigatet execute, and contingent edema are vulgar decisions in resigneds Cushing’s indisposition. These decisions should be mentored, but are not importunate. Focus: Prioritization
  7. ANSWER D – Monitoring inseparable concurrents is subjoined a whilein the adviceal opportunity of the nursing coadjutor. The comfort should be unmistakable to acquaint the nursing coadjutor that lineage hurry measurements are to be effected subjoined a while the cuff on the selfselfsimilar arm. Revising the economy intention and acquainting and assessing resigneds are past the opportunity of nursing coadjutors and droop subjoined a whilein the purview of licensed comforts. Focus: Delegation/supervision
  8. ANSWER: PALPATION OF THE ABDOMEN – Palpating the abdomen can suit rash acquit of catecholamines and violent hypertension. Focus: Delegation/supervision
  9. ANSWER A – Accelerated investigatet execute and edema are concurrents of enormous refuse therapy, and the dose of the refuse wants to be adjusted. Hypertension, hyperkalemia, and hyperglycemia are vulgar in resigneds subjoined a while adrenal hypofunction. Focus: Prioritization
  10. ANSWER A – The influence of glucose in nasal drainage specifys that the smooth is CSF (cerebrospinal smooth) and suggests a CSF traverse. Packing is normally inserted in the nares subjoined the surgical incision is suspendd. Forty to 50 mL per hour is comprehensive urine output and resigneds may proof dryness post-operatively. When resigneds are drynessy, nursing staff should advance smooth intake. Dryness may be a concurrent of hypokalemia. The comfort should assess the resigned’s dryness and bridle the resigned’s potassium correspondentize. This is not as importunate as the CSF traverse. Focus: Prioritization
  11. ANSWER B – The 83-year-old resigned has no complicating factors at the weight. Providing economy for steady and uncomplicated resigneds is subjoined a whilein the LPN’s adviceal provision and opportunity of experience, subjoined a while the economy regularly substance contributed inferior the supervision and address of the RN. The RN should assess the newly post-operative resigned and the new avenue. The resigned who is preparing for disdirect subjoined MI may want some intricate counseling. Focus: Delegation/supervision, attributement
  12. ANSWER A – The parathyroid glands are located on the tail of the thyroid gland. The parathyroids are expressive in maintaining calcium and phosphorus neutralize. The comfort should be placid to all resigned laboratory computes, but calcium and phosphorus are expressive to mentor subjoined thyroidectomy. Focus: Prioritization
  13. ANSWER C – The haughtyer the lineage glucose correspondentize is balance season, the further aggravated the glycosylated hemoglobin becomes. Glycosylated hemoglobin is a amiable indicator of medium lineage glucose correspondentize balance the foregoing 120 days. Fasting glucose and traditional glucose tolerance trials are expressive indication trials. Fingerstick lineage glucose mentoring contributes counsel that allows for compromise of resigneds’ sanative food. Focus: Prioritization
  14. ANSWER D – The nursing coadjutor’s role comprises reminding resigneds encircling interpositions that are already keep-akeep-aseparate of the intention of economy. Arranging for a cheer regard is mismisexpend to depute to the individual clerk. Grafting and assessing demand attached advice and should be completed by licensed comforts. Focus: Delegation/supervision, attributement
  15. ANSWER A, B & E – Sensory alterations are the senior suit of base abstruseitys in diabetic resigneds, and resigneds should be taught to search their feet on a daily plea. Right quick shoes vindicate the resigned from base abstruseitys. Broken peel increases the induce of contamination. Cotton socks are recommended to collect humidity. Patients, race, or vigor economy contributers may adjust toenails. Focus: Prioritization
  16. ANSWER C – Profuse perspiration is a premonition of hypoglycemia, a abstruseity of diabetes that wants importunate matter. A glucose correspondentize of 185 succeed want coverage subjoined a while sliding-lamina insulin, but this is not importunate. Numbness, tingling, and bunions are allied to the continuous sort of diabetes and are not importunate. Focus: Prioritization
  17. ANSWER A – Checking the bath inspire latitude is keep-akeep-aseparate of conducive subjoined a while activities of daily food and is subjoined a whilein the adviceal opportunity of the nursing coadjutor. Discussion of vulgarwealth resources and counseling and assessing demand a haughtyer correspondentize of advice and are mismisexpend to the opportunity of experience of licensed comforts. Focus: Delegation
  18. ANSWER B – The new comfort is stationary orienting to the individual. Misexpend resigned attributements at this season comprise those who are steady and not intricate. Focus: Assignment
  19. ANSWER B – Rapid, submerged respirations (Kussmaul) are premonitionatic of DKA. Hammertoe, as well-behaved-behaved-behaved as insensibility and tingling, are continuous abstruseitys associated subjoined a while diabetes. Decreased sensitivity and protuberance (lipohypertrophy) bedroop at a top of general insulin introductions, and matter involves counseling the resigned to move introduction tops. Focus: Prioritization
  20. ANSWER A – The comfort should not liberty the resigned. The opportunity of the individual clerk’s job comprises calling and paging physicians. LPN/LVNs generally do not transfer IV impel medication. IV smooth government is not subjoined a whilein the opportunity of nursing coadjutors. Patients subjoined a while DKA already bear a haughty glucose correspondentize and do not want ochreous-colored-colored juice. Focus: Delegation/supervision
  21. ANSWER B – The concurrents and premonitions the resigned is exhibiting are accordant subjoined a while hyperglycemia. The RN should not grant the resigned attached glucose. All of the other interpositions are mismisexpend for this resigned. The RN should so declare the physician at this season. Focus: Prioritization
  22. ANSWER D – The resigned subjoined a while persistent DI demands life-long vasopressin therapy. All of the other announcements are mismisexpend to the residence economy of this resigned. Focus: Prioritization


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