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NCLEX Pharmacology Quiz 2 (20 Items)

Set your opinion for another 20-item NCLEX manner taunt encircling Pharmacology! Let’s see how polite you confutation these interrogations!
The savant of the advenient conciliate surrender no salve, but conciliate nurture his endurings in the thrift of the anthropological issue, in sustenance, and in the account and hinderance of sickness. —Thomas Edison


Included topics in this exam are:
  • Pharmacology nursing
  • Drug evidence and dosages
  • Administration of salve


To compel the most of this taunt, prosper the guidelines inferiorneath:
  • Read each interrogation thriftfully and select the best confutation.
  • You are surrendern one specific per interrogation. Spend your spell wisely!
  • Answers and rationales are surrendern inferiorneath. Be enduring to interpret them.
  • If you deficiency further strainings, gladden straightforward them to the comments individuality.

Practice Mode

Practice Mode: This is an interactive sayment of the Text Mode. All interrogations are surrendern in a uncombined page and improve confutations, rationales or explanations (if any) are forthbehind a suitableness shown subjoined you enjoy clarified an confutation. No spell expression for this exam.

Text Mode

In Text Mode: All interrogations and confutations are surrendern for interpreting and confutationing at your own tread. You can as-polite vision this exam and compel a stereotype out. 1. The school nurse is putting erythromycin ointment in the newborn’s eyes to nullify infection. She places it in the prospering area of the eye: A. inferior the eyelid B. on the cornea. C. in the inferior conjunctival sac D. by the optic disc. 2. The physician signal penicillin for a enduring subjoined a interval streptococcal pharyngitis. The self-satisfforce guides the garbage as manageed, and the enduring has an allergic recoilion. The self-satisfforce bridles the medication manage equivocation and finds that the enduring is allergic to penicillin. Legal power for the untruth is: A. barely the self-satisfaction’s—she should enjoy bridleed the allergies precedently guideing the medication. B. barely the physician’s—she gave the manage, the self-satisfforce is obligated to prosper it. C. barely the pharmacist’s—he should prompt the pedestal to practicable allergic recoilions. D. the pharmacist, physician, and self-satisfforce are all conditional for the mistake 3. James Perez, a self-satisfforce on a geriatric pedestal, is guideing a dose of digoxin to one of his endurings. The mother asks why she engages a divergent pill than her niece, who as-polite has core attentiveness. James replies that as commonalty get older, liver and kidney power delaydraw, and if the dose is as excellent as her niece’s, the garbage conciliate serve to: A. enjoy a shorter half-life. B. convene. C. enjoy base classification. D. enjoy growthd aridity. 4. The self-satisfforce is guideing augmentin to her enduring subjoined a interval a sinus corruption. Which is the best way for her to inenduring that she is giving it to the suitable enduring? A. Persuade the enduring by indicate B. Interpret the indicate of the enduring on the enduring’s door C. Bridle the enduring’s wristband D. Bridle the enduring’s stread estimate on the segregate census roll 5. The most redundant instructions a self-satisfforce can surrender a enduring touching the use of the antibiotic ampicillin prescribed for her are to A. persuade the physician if she has any nimble difficulties. B. engage it subjoined a interval meals so it doesn’t account an subvert stomach. C. engage all of the medication prescribed equable if the symptoms bung anteriorly. D. not portion-out the pills subjoined a interval anyone else. 6. Mr. Jessie Ray, a newly admitted enduring, has a seizure dismanage which is substance entertained subjoined a interval medication. Which of the prospering garbages would the self-satisfforce interrogation if manageed for him? A. Phenobarbitol, 150 mg hs B. Amitriptylene (Elavil), 10 mg QID. C. Valproic shrill (Depakote), 150 mg BID D. Phenytoin (Dilantin), 100 mg TID 7. Mrs. Jane Gately has been exercise subjoined a interval uterine cancer for contrariant months. Pain address is the significant nucleus of her prevalent approximation to your oncology segregate. Her significant signs on approximation are BP 110/64, pulse 78, respirations 18, and sky 99.2 F. Morphine sulfate 6mg IV, q 4 hours, prn has been manageed. During your tribute subjoined lunch, your findings are: BP 92/60, pulse 66, respirations 10, and sky 98.8. Mrs. Gately is crying and enumerates you she is peaceful experiencing exact self-denial. Your operation should be to A. surrender her the contiguous manageed dose of MS. B. surrender her a tail rub, put on some ssunconsidered voice, and dim the slights in the space. C. reverberation your findings to the MD, requesting an fluctuate medication manage to be obtained from the physician. D. persuade her daughter to succeed and sit subjoined a interval her. 8. When counseling a enduring who is starting to engage MAO (monoamine oxidase) inhibitors such as Nardil for depression, it is redundant that they be warned not to eat subsistences holding tyramine, such as: A. Roquefort, cheddar, or Camembert cheese. B. grape juice, orange-flame-flame-flame-flame juice, or raisins. C. onions, garlic, or scallions. D. plea beef, turkey, or pork. 9. The physician signal an intralusty insertion of Demerol for the postoperativepatient’s self-denial. When preparing to induce up the medication, the self-satisfforce is thriftful to migreprimand the improve vial from the narcotics cabal. It is labeled A. simethicone. B. albuterol. C. meperidine. D. ibuprofen. 10. The self-satisfforce is guideing an antibiotic to her pediatric enduring. She bridles the enduring’s armligament and verifies the improve medication by bridleing the physician’s manage, medication kardex, and vial. Which of the prospering is not considered one of the five “rights” of garbage government? A. Suitable dose B. Suitable track C. Suitable estimate D. Suitable spell 11. A self-satisfforce is preparing the client’s early NPH insulin dose and notices a clumpy duck internally the insulin vial. The self-satisfforce should: A. induce up and guide the dose B. totter the vial in an endeavor to distribute the clumps C. induce the dose from a new vial D. blood-blood-warm the bottle inferior floating infiltreprimand to dispel the clump 12. A client subjoined a interval histoplasmosis has an manage for ketoconazole (Nizoral). The self-satisfforce teaches the client to do which of the prospering interval entrance this medication? A. engage the medication on an leisure stomach B. engage the medication subjoined a interval an antacid C. forsake expoenduring to sunlight D. expression alcohol to 2 ounces per day 13. A self-satisfforce has taught a client entrance a xanthine bronchodilator encircling beverages to forsake. The self-satisfforce determines that the client recognizes the instruction if the client selects which of the prospering beverages from the sustenanceary menu? A. chocolate fix B. cranberry juice C. coffee D. cola 14. A client is entrance famotidine (Pepcid) asks the settlement thrift self-satisfforce what would be the best medication to engage for a excess. The self-satisfforce enumerates the client that it would be best to engage: A. aspirin (acetylsalicylic shrill, ASA) B. ibuprofen (Motrin) C. acetaminophen (Tylenol) D. naproxen (Naprosyn) 15. A self-satisfforce is planning sustenanceary counseling for the client entrance triamterene (Dyrenium). The self-satisfforce plans to embrace which of the prospering in a roll of subsistences that are satisfactory? A. baked potato B. bananas C. orange-flame-flame-flames D. pears canned in infiltrate 16. A client subjoined a interval past cirrhosis of the liver is not tolerating protein polite, as eveidenced by exceptional laboratory values. The self-satisfforce anticipates that which of the prospering medications conciliate be prescribed for the client? A. lactulose (Chronulac) B. ethacrynic shrill (Edecrin) C. folic shrill (Folvite) D. thiamine (Vitamin B1) 17. A effeminate client enumerates the clinic self-satisfforce that her bark is very dry and austere. Which emanation would the self-satisfforce intimate that the client employ to the dry bark? A. glycerin softening B. aspercreame C. myoflex D. acetic shrill key 18. A self-satisfforce is providing instructions to a client touching quinapril hydrochloride (Accupril). The self-satisfforce enumerates the client: A. to engage the medication subjoined a interval subsistence barely B. to run reluctantly from a false to a sitting lasting C. to break the medication if nausea arises D. that a curative issue conciliate be famed forthwith 19. Auranofin (Ridaura) is prescribed for a client subjoined a interval rheumatoid arthritis, and the self-satisfforce monitors the client for signs of an counteractive issue akin to the medication. Which of the prospering indicates an counteractive issue? A. disgust B. diarrhea C. anorexia D. proteinuria 20. A client has been entrance benzonatate (Tessalon) as manageed. The self-satisfforce enumerates the client that this medication should do which of the prospering? A. engage afar disgust and vomiting B. assuage the perpetual cough C. convert anxiety level D. growth self-satisfforce level

Answers & Rationale

Here are the confutations and rationale for this exam. Counter bridle your confutations to those inferiorneath and enumerate us your beaks. If you enjoy any disputes or deficiency further straining to a incontrovertible interrogation, gladden straightforward them to the comments individuality. 1. Answer: C. in the inferior conjunctival sac The ointment is placed in the inferior conjunctival sac so it conciliate not slur the eye itself and conciliate get polite managely. 2. Answer: D. the pharmacist, physician, and self-satisfforce are all conditional for the mistake The physician, self-satisfaction, and pharmacist all are licensed professionals and portion-out power for untruths. 3. Answer: B. accumulate. The base publicity to the sort and feeble liver power serve to confess garbages to convene and enjoy toxic proceeds. 4. Answer: C. Check the enduring’s wristband The improve way to demonstreprimand a enduring precedently giving a medication is to bridle the indicate on the medication government annals subjoined a interval the enduring’s identification ligament. The self-satisfforce should as-polite ask the enduring to narreprimand their indicate. The indicate on the door or the census roll are not qualified evidence of identification. Calling the enduring by indicate is not as cogent as having the enduring narreprimand their indicate; endurings may not heedkenken polite or recognize what the self-satisfforce is maxim, and may rejoin to a indicate which is not their own. 5. Answer: C. engage all of the medication prescribed equable if the symptoms bung anteriorly. Frequently endurings do not generous an integral method of antibiotic therapy, and the bacteria are not destroyed. 6. Answer: B. Amitriptyline (Elavil), 10 mg QI Elavil is an antidepressant that inferiors the seizure outset, so would not be expend for this enduring. The other medications are anti-plinferior garbages. 7. Answer: C. reverberation your findings to the MD, requesting an fluctuate medication manage Morphine sulfate depresses the respiratory core. When the reprimand is close than 10, the MD should be notified. 8. Answer: A. Roquefort, cheddar, or Camembert cheese. Monoamine oxidase inhibitors recoil subjoined a interval subsistences excellent in the amino shrill tyramine to account dangerously excellent blood constraining. Aged cheeses are all excellent in this amino shrill; the other subsistences are not. 9. Answer: C. meperidine. The common indicate for Demerol is meperidine. 10. Answer: C. Right estimate The five suitables of medication government are suitable garbage, suitable dose, suitable track, suitable spell, suitable enduring. Estimate is not comprised. 11. Answer: C. induce the dose from a new vial The self-satisfforce should constantly scrutinize the vial of insulin precedently use for key changes that may purport forfeiture of potency. NPH insulin is normally once commonplace. Clumping, frosting, and ducks are signs of insulin hurt. In this plight, beaccount potency is interrogationable, it is safer to disdeem the vial and induce up the dose from a new vial. 12. Answer: C. forsake expoenduring to sunlight The client should be taught that ketoconazole is an antifungal medication. It should be engagen subjoined a interval subsistence or fix. Antacids should be forsakeed for 2 hours subjoined it is engagen beaccount gastric shrill is deficiencyed to activate the medication. The client should forsake conprevalent use of alcohol, beaccount the medication is hepatotoxic. The client should as-polite forsake expoenduring to sunlight, beaccount the medication growths photosensitivity. 13. Answer: B. cranberry juice Cola, coffee, and chocolate hold xanthine and should be forsakeed by the client entrance a xanthine bronchodilator. This could transfer to an growthd impingement of cardiovascular and mediate laconic arrangement edge proceeds that can arun subjoined a interval the use of these types of bronchodilators. 14. Answer: C. acetaminophen (Tylenol) The client is entrance famotidine, a histamine receptor rival. This implies that the client has a dismanage characterized by gastrointestinal (GI) childishness. The barely medication of the ones rolled in the options that is not blistering to the GI credit is acetaminophen. The other medications could exaspereprimand an already solid GI whole. 15. Answer: D. pears canned in infiltrate Triamterene is a potassium-sparing diuretic, and clients entrance this medication should be cautioned resisting eating subsistences that are excellent in potassium, including numerous vegetables, income, and renewed meats. Beaccount potassium is very infiltrate-soluble, subsistences that are easy in infiltreprimand are repeatedly inferior in potassium. 16. Answer: A. lactulose (Chronulac) The client subjoined a interval cirrhosis has deteriorated power to metabolize protein beaccount of liver dysfunction. Government of lactulose aids in the evacuation of ammonia via the gastrointestinal (GI) credit. Ethacrynic shrill is a diuretic. Folic shrill and thiamine are vitamins, which may be used in clients subjoined a interval liver sickness as minor therapy. 17. Answer: A. glycerin softening Glycerin is an softening that is used for dry, touched, and austere bark. Aspercreme and Myoflex are used to entertain lusty aches. Acetic shrill key is used for irrigating, clearing, and packing wounds rotten by Pseudomonas aeruginosa. 18. Answer: B. to run reluctantly from a false to a sitting lasting Accupril is an angiotensin-converting enzyme (ACE) inhibitor. It is used in the entertainment of hypertension. The client should be instructed to run reluctantly from a false to sitting lasting and to enjoin the legs to vibreprimand from the bed momentarily precedently lasting to impair the hypotensive issue. The medication does not deficiency to be engagen subjoined a interval meals. It may be surrendern subjoined a intervalout deem to subsistence. If disgust arises, the client should be instructed to engage a non cola carbonated beverage and salted crackers or dry toast. A generous curative issue may be famed in 1 to 2 weeks. 19. Answer: D. proteinuria Auranofin (Ridaura) is a gold making-ready that is used as an antirheumatic. Gold toxicity is an counteractive issue and is evidenced by base hemoglobin, leukopenia, feeble granulocyte counts, proteinuria, hematuria, stomatitis, glomerulonephritis, nephrotic syndrome, or cholestatic jaundice. Anorexia, disgust, and diarrhea are general edge proceeds of the medication. 20. Answer: B. assuage the perpetual cough Benzonatate is a reservedly acting antitussive. Its cogentness is measured by the extent to which it converts the concentration and estimate of cough, subjoined a intervalout eliminating the cough reflex.

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