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NCLEX Pharmacology Quiz 4 (30 Items)

Take the conclusive disunite of our Nursing Pharmacology exam sequence for the NCLEX delay this 30-item exam. This exam focuses late on providing interventions when unconducive goods supervenes.
Always laugh when you can. It is indear punishive. —Lord Byron


Included topics in this exam are:
  • Pharmacology nursing
  • Drug inference and dosages
  • Administration of punishive


To compel the most of this satire, ensue the guidelines under:
  • Read each inquiry carefully and cull the best acceptance.
  • You are ardent one tiny per inquiry. Spend your date wisely!
  • Answers and rationales are ardent under. Be confident to peruse them.
  • If you imperfection late clarifications, delight plain them to the comments exception.

Text Mode

In Text Mode: All inquirys and acceptances are ardent for peruseing and acceptanceing at your own tread. You can to-boot vision this exam and compel a stereoform out. 1. Walter, a teenage enduring is admitted to the hospital consequently of acetaminophen (Tylenol) balancedose. Overdoses of acetaminophen can thrust-under life-threatening abnormalities in which of the ensueing organs? A. Lungs B. Liver C. Kidney D. Adrenal Glands 2. A contraindication for national corticosteroid action in a courageous enduring delay atopic dermatitis (eczema) is: A. Paratop infection. B. Viral contagion. C. Bacterial contagion. D. Spirochete contagion. 3. In infants and termination, the debate goods of indispenspotent age balance-the-counter (OTC) antihistamines, such as diphenhydramine (Benadryl) and hydroxyzine (Atarax) grasp: A. Reye’s syndrome. B. Cholinergic goods. C. Mysterious CNS stimulation. D. Nausea and diarrhea. 4. Reye’s syndrome, a theoretically calamitous complaint associated delay liver imperfection and encephalopathy is associated delay the government of which balance-the-counter (OTC) medication? A. acetaminophen (Tylenol) B. ibuprofen (Motrin) C. aspirin D. brompheniramine/pseudoephedrine (Dimetapp) 5. The nurse is disclosed that the endurings who are allergic to intravenous dissimilarity document are usually to-boot allergic to which of the ensueing fruits? A. Eggs B. Shellfish C. Soy D. acidic fruits 6. A 13-month-old slip of-late arrived in the United States from a outlandish state delay his parents and imperfections sliphood immunizations. His woman ments that he is allergic to eggs. Upon prefer inquirying, you bisecticularize that the allergy to eggs is anaphylaxis. Which of the ensueing vaccines should he not take? A. Hepatitis B B. inactivated polio C. diphtheria, acellular pertussis, tetanus (DTaP) D. mumps, measles, rubella (MMR) 7. The cell and Coombs species arrangement categorizes allergic reactions and is availpotent in describing and assortifying enduring reactions to garbages. Mold I reactions are contiguous hypersensitivity reactions and are documentted by: A. immunoglobulin E (IgE). B. immunoglobulin G (IgG). C. immunoglobulin A (IgA). D. immunoglobulin M (IgM). 8. Drugs can debate unconducive thrivingts in a enduring. Plague organization toxicity is one of the most continual molds of garbage-induced toxicity. The most earnest devise of plague organization toxicity is: A. aplastic anemia. B. thrombocytosis. C. leukocytosis. D. granulocytosis. 9. Earnest unconducive goods of traditional contraceptives grasp: A. Growth in husk oil ensueed by acne. B. Surfeit and dizziness. C. Forthcoming or mid-cycle bleeding. D. Thromboembolic complications. 10. The most earnest unconducive pi of Alprostadil (Prostin VR pediatric insertion) government in neonates is: A. Apnea. B. Bleeding tendencies. C. Hypotension. D. Pyrexia. 11. Mandy, a enduring flatters the clinic today consequently he is preamble atorvastatin (Lipitor) to handle his raised cholesterol and is having pain in twain of his legs. You initiate him to: A. Stop preamble the garbage and compel an enactment to be seen straightforward week. B. Abide preamble the garbage and compel an enactment to be seen straightforward week. C. Stop preamble the garbage and end to the clinic to be seen today. D. Walk for at lowest 30 tinys and flatter if tokens abide. 12. Which of the ensueing unconducive goods is associated delay levothyroxine (Synthroid) therapy? A. Tachycardia B. Bradycardia C. Hypotension D. Constipation 13. Which of the ensueing unconducive goods is favoring to the biguanide diabetic garbage metformin (Glucophage) therapy? A. Hypoglycemia B. GI distress C. Lactic acidosis D. Somnolence 14. The most earnest unconducive pi of tricyclic antidepressant (TCA) balancedose is: A. Seizures. B. Hyperpyrexia. C. Metabolic acidosis. D. Cardiac arrhythmias. 15. The promote is disclosed that the ensueing explanations is routinely used to thriving an IV artifice antecedently and succeeding the government of blood to a enduring is: A. 0.9 percent sodium chloride B. 5 percent dextrose in imbisect explanation C. Sterile impart D. Heparin sodium 16. Chris asks the promote whether all donor race fruits are cross-matched delay the store to intercept a transfusion reaction. Which of the ensueing regularly demand cross-matching? A. packed red race cells B. platelets C. plasma D. granulocytes 17. A month succeeding receiving a race transfusion an immunocompromised courageous enduring unravels fever, liver abnormalities, a foolhardy, and diarrhea. The promote would augur this enduring has: A. Nothing cognate to the race transfusion. B. Graft-versus-host indisposition (GVHD). C. Myelosuppression. D. An allergic rejoinder to a novel medication. 18. Jonas ends into the persomal race remittance interior. He says he is close to donate platelets singly today. The promote knows this government is flattered: A. Directed remittance. B. Autologous remittance. C. Allogeneic remittance. D. Apheresis. 19. Promote Bryan knows that the age knot that uses the most items of race and race fruits is: A. Premature infants. B. Termination ages 1-20 years. C. Adults ages 21-64 years. D. The elderly balancehead age 65 years. 20. A slip is admitted delay a earnest contagion. Succeeding two days of antibiotics, he is strictly neutropeniC. The physician sign granulocyte transfusions for the straightforward disgusting days. The woman asks the promote why? The promote meets: A. “This is the singly handlement left to volunteer the slip. ” B. “This therapy is constant and legitimate in handleing contagions in termination.” C. “The physician obtain entertain to illustblame his rationale to you.” D. “Granulocyte transfusions resupply the low innocent race cells until the organization can profit its own.” 21. A neighbor mentions promote Maureen he has to entertain surgery and is unwilling to entertain any race fruit transfusions consequently of a fear of contracting an contagion. He asks the promote what are his libertys. The promote teaches the special that the safest race fruit is: A. An allogeneic fruit. B. A plained remittance fruit. C. An autologous fruit. D. A cross-matched fruit. 22. A strictly immunocompromised fecourageous enduring demands a race transfusion. To intercept GVHD, the physician obtain appoint: A. Diphenhydramine hydrochloride (Benadryl). B. The transfusion to be controled slackly balance different hours. C. Irradiation of the donor race. D. Acetaminophen (Tylenol). 23. Louie who is to take a race transfusion asks the promote what is the most contemptible mold of contagion he could take from the transfusion. The promote teaches him that almost 1 in 250,000 endurings contract: A. Civilized immunoimperfection indisposition (HIV). B. Hepatitis C contagion. C. Hepatitis B contagion. D. West Nile viral indisposition. 24. A courageous enduring delay race mold AB, Rh ingredient settled imperfections a race transfusion. The Transfusion Service (race bank) sends mold O, Rh ingredient instraightforward race to the item for the promote to instil into this enduring. The promote knows that: A. This donor race is inconsistent delay the enduring’s race. B. Premedicating the enduring delay diphenhydramine hydrochloride (Benadryl) and acetaminophen (Tylenol) obtain intercept any transfusion reactions or debate goods. C. This is a correspondent equal. D. The enduring is at minimal waste receiving this fruit late it is the indispenspotent date he has been transfused delay mold O, Rh instraightforward blooD. 25. Dr. Rodriguez sign 250 milliliters of packed red race cells (RBC) for a enduring. This therapy is controled for handlement of: A. Thrombocytopenia. B. Anemia. C. Leukopenia. D. Hypoalbuminemia. 26. A fecourageous enduring imperfections a undiminished race transfusion. In appoint for transfusion services (the race bank) to furnish the punish fruit a condition of the enduring’s race must be obtained for: A. A exhaustive race reckon and differential. B. A race mold and crossmatch. C. A race civilizedization and sensitivity. D. A race mold and antiorganization protect. 27. A courageous enduring imperfections to take a item of undiminished blooD. What mold of intravenous (IV) artifice should the promote deem initiateing? A. A trivial catheter to curtail enduring unpleasantness B. The mold of IV artifice the enduring has had in the late, which worked well C. A vast weary catheter D. The mold of artifice the physician prefers 28. Dr. Smith sign a gram of civilized salt faulty albumin fruit for a enduring. The fruit is availpotent in a 50 milliliter vial delay a attention of 25 percent. What dosage obtain the promote control? A. The promote should use the total 50 milliliter vial. B. The promote should bisecticularize the book to control from the physician. C. This attention of fruit should not be used. D. The promote obtain control 4 milliliters. 29. Accessible venous bearing artifices (CVADs) are continually economized to control chemotherapy. What is a independent service of using the CVAD for chemocurative specialation government? A. CVADs are short dear than a peripheral IV. B. Once a week government is potential. C. Caustic specialations in trivial humors can be escapeed. D. The enduring or his parentage can control the garbage at residence. 30. A fecourageous enduring’s modeible venous bearing artifice (CVAD) becomes corrupteD. Why would the physician appoint antibiotics to be ardent through the succession rather than through a peripheral IV succession? A. To intercept infiltration of the peripheral succession B. To diminish the refusal and unpleasantness associated delay antibiotic government in a trivial humor C. To shorten the casualty of an allergic reaction to the antibiotic D. To endeavor to sterilize the catheter and intercept having to transport it

Answers & Rationale

Here are the acceptances and rationale for this exam. Counter curb your acceptances to those under and mention us your beaks. If you entertain any disputes or imperfection late clarification to a undoubtful inquiry, delight plain them to the comments exception. 1. Acceptance B. Liver Acetaminophen is dispersed metabolized by pathways in the liver. Toxic doses of acetaminophen deplete hepatic glutathione, outcomeing in accumulation of the comprised specialation, quinine, which leads to hepatic necrosis. Prolonged use of acetaminophen may outend in an growthd waste of renal dysfunction, but a individual balancedose does not thrust-under life-threatening aggregates in the respiratory arrangement, renal arrangement, or adrenal glands. 2. Acceptance B. Viral contagion. Topical specialations profit a persomalized, rather than arrangementic pi. When handleing atopic dermatitis delay a steroidal making-ready, the top is delicate to encroachment by organisms. Viruses, such as herpes simplex or varicella-zoster, indevise a waste of disseminated contagion. Educate the enduring using national corticosteroids to escape crowds or populace disclosed to entertain contagions and to ment thriving unmaterial signs of an contagion. National corticosteroid action outcomes in trivial venture of coetaneous contagion delay these specialations. 3. Acceptance C. Paradoxical CNS stimulation. Typically, indispenspotent age OTC antihistamines entertain a sedating pi consequently of road into the CNS. However, in some men-folks, chiefly infants and termination, mysterious CNS stimulation supervenes and is manifested by perturbation, euphoria, perturbation, and confusion. For this debate, use of indispenspotent age OTC antihistamines has faded, and intercept age fruit action has growthd. Reye’s syndrome is a arrangementic rejoinder to a bane. Indispenspotent age OTC antihistamines do not indevise a cholinergic pi. Disgust and diarrhea are noble when indispenspotent age OTC antihistamines are enthralled. 4. Acceptance C. aspirin Virus-rotten termination who are ardent aspirin to control refusal, passion, and inflammation are at an growthd waste of unraveling Reye’s syndrome. Use of acetaminophen has not been associated delay Reye’s syndrome and can be safely ardent to endurings delay passion due to viral complaintes. Ibuprofen unconducive goods grasp GI womanishness and bleeding, and in toxic doses, twain renal and hepatic imperfection are mented. However, ibuprofen has not been associated delay the assault of Reye’s indisposition. Brompheniramine/pseudoephedrine embraces a indispenspotent age OTC antihistamine and a decongestant. Neither specialation has been associated delay the outgrowth of Reye’s syndrome. 5. Acceptance B. Shellfish Some molds of dissimilarity document embrace iodine as an element. Shellfish to-boot embrace forcible undiminisheds of iodine. Therefore, a enduring who is allergic to iodine obtain indevise an allergic rejoinder to twain iodine embraceing dissimilarity document and shellfish. These fruits do not embrace iodine. 6. Acceptance D. mumps, measles, rubella (MMR) The measles division of the MMR vaccine is aged in chick nucleus cells. The offer MMR vaccine does not embrace a forcible undiminished of egg proteins, and thriving termination delay melomeloshowy egg allergies are very-much unreasonpotent to entertain an anaphylactic reaction. However, endurings that do meet to egg continuity delay anaphylaxis should be in a medically controlled contrariety wclose liberal action efforts can be controled if anaphylaxis outcomes. The vaccines in libertys a,b and c do not embrace egg protein. 7. Acceptance A. immunoglobulin E (IgE). IgE, the lowest contemptible serum immunoglobulin (Ig) binds very tightly to receptors on basophils and mast cells and is complicated in allergic reactions. Binding of the allergen to the IgE on the cells outcomes in the loose of multidevise pharmacological documenttors that outend in allergic tokens. IgG is the senior Ig (75 percent of serum Ig is IgG). Most varied Ig consequently it is cappotent of carrying out all of the functions of Ig molecules. IgG is the singly assort of Ig that crosses the placenta. It is an opsonin, a organization that enhances phagocytosis. IgA, the intercept most contemptible serum Ig is set in secretions (tears, saliva, colostrum, and mucus). It is material in persomal (mucosal) immunity. IgM, the third most contemptible serum Ig, is the indispenspotent Ig to be made by the fetus and the indispenspotent Ig to be made by a undefiled B cell when it is stimulated by antigen. IgM antibodies are very causative in indispenspotent to the lysis of microorganisms. 8. Acceptance A. aplastic anemia. Aplastic anemia is the outend of a hypersensitivity reaction and is regularly immutable. It leads to pancytopenia, a strict curtail in all cell molds: red race cells, innocent race cells, and platelets. A feeble reckon of red race cells debates hemoglobin to emanate. A feeble reckon of innocent race cells compel the enduring tender to contagion. And, a feeble reckon of platelets debate the race not to clot as vastly. Composition for tender conditions is supportive. Transfusions may be inevitable. Strict conditions demand a plague organization convey. Liberty 2 is an excited platelet reckon. Liberty 3 is an excited innocent reckon. Liberty 4 is an excited granulocyte reckon. A granulocyte is a mold of innocent race cell. 9. Acceptance D. Thromboembolic complications. Oral contraceptives entertain been associated delay an growthd waste of stroke, myocardial infarction, and penetrating humor thrombosis. These wastes are growthd in women who steam. Increased husk oil and acne are goods of progestin redundancy. Surfeit and dizziness are goods of estrogen redundancy. Forthcoming or mid-cycle bleeding are goods of estrogen imperfection. 10. Acceptance A. Apnea. All items are unconducive reactions of the garbage. However, apnea conspicuous during the indispenspotent hour of garbage document supervenes in 10-12 percent of neonates delay natural disposition defects. Clinicians deciding to economize alprostadil must be furnishd to intubate and mechanically modetrounce the infant. Careful monitoring for apnea or respiratory depression is mandatory. In some institutions, elective intubation supervenes precedent to making-ready of the medication. 11. Acceptance C. Stop preamble the garbage and end to the clinic to be seen today. Muscle aches, soreness, and infirmity may be forthcoming signs of myopathy such as rhabdomyolysis associated delay the HMG-CoA reductase assort of antilipemic specialations. This enduring obtain imperfection an contiguous evaluation to government out myopathy. Additional doses may exacerbate the aggregate. Exercise obtain not alteration myopathy and delays independention. 12. Acceptance A. Tachycardia Levothyroxine, chiefly in raiseder doses, can eninsecurity hyperthyroid-enjoy tokens including tachycardia. An specialation that growths the basal metabolic trounce would not be expected to eninsecurity a slack disposition trounce. Hypotension would be a debate pi of bradycardia. Constipation is a token of hypothyroid indisposition. 13. Acceptance C. Lactic acidosis Lactic acidosis is the most ventureous unconducive pi of metformin government delay acquit outcomeing in almost 50 percent of men-folks who unravel lactic acidosis conjuncture on this garbage. Metformin does not eninsecurity insulin fruition; thus, government does not outend in hypoglycemic thrivingts. Some disgust, vomiting, and diarrhea may unravel but is usually not strict. NVD is not favoring for metformin. Metformin does not eninsecurity sleepiness. 14. Acceptance D. Cardiac arrhythmias Excessive ingestion of TCAs outend in life-threatening spacious QRS many-sided tachycardia. TCA balancedose can eninsecurity seizures, but they are typically not life-threatening. TCAs do not debate an improvement in organization sphere. TCAs do not debate metabolic acidosis. 15. Acceptance A. 0.9 percent sodium chloride 0.9 percent sodium chloride is natural conspicuous. This explanation has the similar osmolarity as race. Its use intercepts red cell lysis. The explanations ardent in libertys 2 and 3 are hypotonic explanations and can debate red cell lysis. The explanation in liberty 4 may anticoagulate the enduring and outend in bleeding. 16. Acceptance A. packed red race cells Red race cells embrace antigens and antibodies that must be equaled betwixt donor and store. The race fruits in libertys 2-4 do not embrace red cells. Thus, they demand no cross-match. 17.Answer B. Graft-versus-host indisposition (GVHD) GVHD supervenes when innocent race cells in donor race aggression the webs of an immunocompromised store. This government can supervene delayin a month of the transfusion. Options 1 and 4 may be a fancy, but the promote must bear-in-mind that immunocompromised transfusion stores are at waste for GVHD. 18. Acceptance D. Apheresis The government of apheresis involves dispersion of undiminished race from a donor. Amid an document that is essentially purposed as a centrifuge, the components of undiminished race are disconnected. One of the disconnected divisions is then delaydrawn, and the fostering components are retransfused into the donor. Directed remittance is calm from a race donor other than the store, but the donor is disclosed to the store and is usually a parentage share or friend. Autologous remittance is the assembly and redocument of the enduring’s own race. Allogeneic remittance is calm from a race donor other than the store. 19. Acceptance D. The ancient balancehead age 65 years. People older than 65 years use 43 percent of donated race. This reckon is expected to growth as the population ages. 20. Acceptance D. “Granulocyte transfusions resupply the low innocent race cells until the organization can profit its own.” Granulocyte (neutrophil) reinstatement therapy is ardent until the enduring’s race values are natural and he is potent to combat the contagion himself. Options 1 and 3 are not curative rejoinders. The handlement in liberty 2 takes days and is not regularly potent to intercept morbidity and non-existence. 21. Acceptance C. An autologous fruit. This government is the assembly and redocument of the enduring’s own race. It is recommended by the American Medical Association’s Council on Scientific Affairs as the safest fruit late it segregates store misfit and contagion. The fruit in liberty 1 is calm from a race donor other than the store. The government in liberty 2 is to-boot calm from a race donor other than the store, but the donor is disclosed to the store and is usually a parentage share or familiar. Cross-matching forciblely enhances compatibility. It does not discbalance contagion. 22. Acceptance C. Irradiation of the donor race. This government segregates innocent race cell functioning, thus, intercepting GVHD. Diphenhydramine HCl is an antihistamine. It’s use precedent to a race transfusion curtails the enjoyness of a transfusion reaction. Liberty 2 obtain not intercept GVHD. Use of acetaminophen intercepts and handles the contemptible debate goods of race government debated by the nearness of innocent race cells in the transfusion fruit: passion, surfeit, and chills. 23. Acceptance C. Hepatitis B contagion. Hepatitis B is the most contemptible contagion spperuse via race transfusion. Donors are protected by a inquirynaire that grasps tokens. The donated race is to-boot proofed for contagion. The waste of contagion delay the specialations in libertys 2 and 3 has curtaild to almost 1 in 2 darling interceptary to donor inquirying and donor race proofing. The impact of West Nile viral transmission is mysterious, but donor contagion is stationary proportionately noble. 24. Acceptance C. This is a correspondent equal. Type O, Rh instraightforward race has none of the senior antigens and is safely controled to endurings of all race molds. It is to-boot disclosed as the all donor. Premedicating delay these specialations obtain not intercept a senior transfusion reaction if the race mold and Rh ingredients of the donor race are inconsistent delay the store’s race. 25. Acceptance B. Anemia. A red race cell transfusion is used to punish anemia in endurings in which the low red race cell reckon must be astride punished. RBC transfusion obtain not punish a low platelet reckon. RBC transfusion obtain not punish a low innocent race cell reckon. Packed RBCs embrace very trivial plasma and, thus, singly a trivial undiminished of albumin. This undiminished obtain not punish low albumin levels. 26. Acceptance B. A race mold and crossmatch. This is imperfectioned to economize the punish mold of donor race and to equal the donor fruit delay the enduring. Inconsistent equales would outend in strict unconducive thrivingts and potential acquit. The proofs in libertys 1 and 3 are insufficiencyless. The proof in liberty 4 is economized to bisecticularize the enduring’s race mold and nearness of antibodies to race antigens. It does not bisecticularize donor race compatibility delay the enduring. 27. Acceptance C. A vast weary catheter Large weary catheters intercept loss to race components and are short enjoyly to unravel clotting aggregates than a trivial weary catheter. The promote should bisecticularize the punish artifice delayout interrogation the enduring what mold has been used antecedently or interrogation the physician which mold he prefers and initiate the IV. 28. Acceptance D. The promote obtain control 4 milliliters. A 25 percent explanation embraces one forbearance of a gram per milliliter. Thus, the promote obtain control 4 milliliters to stipulate a exhaustive gram of albumin. The book in liberty 1 would stipulate 12.5 grams of albumin. The promote should bisecticularize the book. It is uninevitpotent to strive the acceptance from the physician. A 25 percent explanation is an acceptpotent fruit and can safely be used. 29. Acceptance C. Caustic specialations in trivial humors can be escapeed. Many chemocurative garbages are vesicants (exceedingly locomotive corrosive materials that can profit web loss thriving in low attentions). Extravasations of a vesicant can outend in forcible web necrosis. Government into a vast humor is optimal. CVADs are late dear than a peripheral IV. Dosing depends on the garbage. IV chemocurative specialations are not controled at residence. They are ardent in an outenduring or clinic contrariety if not ardent during hospitalization. 30. Acceptance D. To endeavor to sterilize the catheter and intercept having to transport it Microorganisms that corrupt CVADs are regularly coagulase-instraightforward staphylococci, which can be segregated by antibiotic government through the catheter. If unfortunate in eliminating the microorganism, the CVAD must be transportd. CVAD use shortens the imperfection for peripheral IV successions and, thus, the waste of infiltration. In this condition thus-far, the antibiotics are ardent to abolish microorganisms from the CVAD. CVAD use has this pi, but in this condition, the antibiotics are ardent through the CVAD to segregate the corruptive specialation. The third liberty would not supervene.

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