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NCLEX Practice Exam 11 (20 Questions)

Other than a volume of interrogations from pediatric nursing, this 20-item taunt includes to-boot propertyal nursing subject-matters. Propel on relapse another 20-item NCLEX custom taunt!
You can own perfectthing you scantiness if you scantiness it badly sufficient. You can be perfectthing you scantiness to be, do perfectthing you set out to conclude if you abide to that hanker relapse indivisibility of design. ― Abraham Lincoln


Questions on this exam are smitten from propertyal manifold nursing concepts.


Follow the managelines inferior to constitute the most out of this exam:
  • Read each interrogation preservationfully and expend the best confutation.
  • You are fond one exact per interrogation. Spend your opportunity wisely!
  • Answers and fitnessnales are fond inferior. Be enduring to decipher them.
  • If you scarcity adjust clarifications, fascinate straightforward them to the comments exception.

Text Mode

In Text Mode: All interrogations and confutations are fond for deciphering and confutationing at your own stride. You can to-boot delineation this exam and constitute a stereosymbol out. 1. A woman complains to the clinic nurse that her 2 ½-year-old son is not yet toilet useful. She is in-feature watchful that, although he reliably uses the potty settle for bowel motions, he isn’t powerful to abide his urine for hanker durations. Which of the subjoined announcements by the protect is chasten? A. The offshoot should own been useful by age 2 and may own a metasubstantial height that is legal for his “accidents.” B. Bladder repress is usually achieved antecedently bowel repress, and the offshoot should be demandd to sit on the potty settle until he passes urine. C. Bowel repress is usually achieved antecedently bladder repress, and the medium age for problem of toilet trailing varies widely from 24 to 36 months. D. The offshoot should be told “no” each opportunity he wets so that he collects the manner is ungrateful. 2. The woman of a 14-month-old offshoot reports to the protect that her offshoot gain not lapse cool at confusion relapseout a bottle of decide in the steal and generally wakes during the confusion examination for another. Which of the subjoined instructions by the protect is chasten? A. Avow the offshoot to own the bottle at bedtime, but relapseabide the one subjoined in the confusion. B. Put juice in the bottle instead of decide. C. Give singly a bottle of instil at bedtime. D. Do not avow bottles in the steal. 3. Which of the subjoined resuscitations is NOT expend in the preservation of a 2-month-old infant? A. Settle the infant on her tail for naps and bedtime. B. Avow the infant to cry for 5 exacts antecedently responding if she wakes during the confusion as she may lapse tail cool. C. Talk to the infant generally and constitute eye apposition to yield dialect bud. D. Wait until at meanest 4 months to add infant cereals and suseful wealth to the victuals. 4. An older resigned asks a protect to advise strategies to hinder constipation. Which of the subjoined suggestions would be beneficial? Note: Adjust than one confutation may be chasten. A. Get dispassionate employment for at meanest 30 exacts each day. B. Drink 6-8 glasses of instil each day. C. Eat a victuals exalted in fiber. D. Use a tender balsamic if you don’t own a bowel motion perfect day. 5. A offshoot is admitted to the hospital relapse reputed rheumatic fever. Which of the subjoined observations is NOT confirming of the peculiarity? A. A reddened thoughtless clear adjust the stock and extremities. B. A narrative of sarcastic throat that was self-limited in the departed month. C. A indirect antistreptolysin O titer. D. An unaccounteffectual ardor. 6. A resigned relapse a narrative of congestive nature deficiency come-tos at the clinic dissatisfied of dyspnea. Which of the subjoined resuscitations is the chief the protect should discharge? A. Ask the resigned to lie down on the exam consultation. B. Draw blood for chemistry panel and arterial race gas (ABG). C. Send the resigned for a chest x-ray. D. Debar race urgency. 7. A clinic resigned has of-late been prescribed nitroglycerin for composition of angina. He calls the protect dissatisfied of general surfeits. Which of the subjoined responses to the resigned is chasten? A. “Stop commencement the nitroglycerin and see if the surfeits better.” B. “Go to the casualty province to be debared beorigin nitroglycerin can origin bleeding in the brain.” C. “Headaches are a general edge goods of nitroglycerine beorigin it origins vasodilation.” D. “The surfeits are unslight to be connected to the nitroglycerin, so you should see your schoolman for raise exploration.” 8. A resigned niggardly surgery and chemotherapy for colon cancer, completing therapy 3 months antecedently, and she is now in discharge. At a prosper-up ordinance, she complains of fatigue subjoined enthusiasm and awkwardness relapse study at her weekly bridge games. Which of the subjoined explanations could totality for her presages? A. The presages may be the end of anemia origind by chemotherapy. B. The resigned may be immunosuppressed. C. The resigned may be inglorious. D. The resigned may be dehydrated. 9. A clinic resigned has a hemoglobin study of 10.8 g/dL and reports sticking to a nice vegetarian victuals. Which of the prosper nutritional counsel is expend? A. The victuals is providing distant sources of hardihoody and demands no changes. B. The resigned should add pulp to her victuals; a vegetarian victuals is not advised. C. The resigned should use hardihoody cookware to arcollocate succors, such as ebon chill, leafy vegetables and legumes, which are exalted in hardihoody. D. A cup of coffee or tea should be assumed to perfect asceticism. 10. A hospitalized resigned is receiving packed red race cells (PRBCs) for composition of vexing anemia. Which of the subjoined is the most deferential announcement? A. Transfusion reresuscitation is most slight relapseout-relapse succeeding the balbutiation is accomplishedd. B. PRBCs are best infused unwillingly through a 20g. IV catheter. C. PRBCs should be sanguine relapse a 5% dextrose key. D. A protect should tarry in the margin during the chief 15 exacts of balbutiation. 11. Casualty province triage is an main nursing power. A protect inaugurated the uniforming alter is bestowed relapse immodest resigneds at the identical opportunity. Which of the subjoined resigneds should be assigned the exaltedest earlierity? A. A resigned relapse low-grade ardor, surfeit, and myalgias for the departed 72 hours. B. A resigned who is unpowerful to submit-to consequence on the left plantation, relapse turgescence and bruising subjoined a floating property. C. A resigned relapse abdominal and chest pain subjoined a abundant, aromatic asceticism. D. A offshoot relapse a one-inch bleeding shield on the chin but differently polite-behaved-behaved succeeding lapseing occasion jumping on his bed. 12. A resigned is admitted to the hospital relapse a calcium smooth of 6.0 mg/dL. Which of the subjoined presages would you NOT foresee to see in this resigned? A. Numbness in hands and feet. B. Muscle cramping. C. Hypoactive bowel sounds. D. Explicit Chvostek’s presage. 13. A protect preservations for a resigned who has a nasogastric tube steadfast to low suction beorigin of a reputed bowel impediment. Which of the subjoined arterial race gas ends strength be foreseeed in this resigned? A. pH 7.52, PCO2 54 mmHg. B. pH 7.42, PCO2 40 mmHg. C. pH 7.25, PCO2 25 mmHg. D. pH 7.38, PCO2 36 mmHg. 14. A resigned is admitted to the hospital for prescription elective surgery. Included in the roll of floating medications is Coumadin (warfarin) at a exalted dose. Watchful encircling the activeial goodss of the garbage, in-feature in a resigned scheduled for surgery, the protect anticipates which of the subjoined resuscitations? A. Draw a race scantling for prothrombin (PT) and interpolitical customaryized fitness (INR) smooth. B. Administer vitamin K. C. Draw a race scantling for mark and crossmatch and solicit race from the race bank. D. Cancel the surgery succeeding the resigned reports plugping the Coumadin one week antecedently. 15. The prosper lab ends are niggardly for a resigned. Which of the subjoined ends are monstrous? Note: Adjust than one confutation may be chasten. A. Hemoglobin 10.4 g/dL. B. Total cholesterol 340 mg/dL. C. Total serum protein 7.0 g/dL. D. Glycosylated hemoglobin A1C 5.4%. 16. A protect is assigned to the pediatric rheumatology clinic and is assessing a offshoot who has impartial been diagnosed relapse young idiopathic arthritis. Which of the subjoined announcements encircling the malady is most deferential? A. The offshoot has a moneyless fortuity of vdemonstration relapseout elbow ugliness. B. Most offshootren proficiency to adult rheumatoid arthritis. C. Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory garbages are the chief valueffectual in composition. D. Substantial enthusiasm should be minimized. 17. A offshoot is admitted to the hospital distinct days succeeding treadping on a pointed aim that punctured her robust shoe and entered the flesh of her plantation. The physician is watchful encircling osteomyelitis and has ordered parenteral antibiotics. Which of the subjoined resuscitations is commoditiesed relapseout-relapse antecedently the antibiotic is instituted? A. The arrival instruction are written. B. A race cultivation is drawn. C. A accomplished race reckon relapse differential is drawn. D. The parents come-to. 18. A two-year-old offshoot has sustained an deficient to the leg and refuses to tramp. The protect in the casualty province documents turgescence of the inferior unsupposeffectual leg. Which of the subjoined does the protect imagine is the origin of the offshoot’s presages? A. Potential fracture of the tibia. B. Bruising of the gastrocnemius muscle. C. Potential fracture of the radius. D. No anatomic deficient, the offshoot scantinesss his woman to propel him. 19. A toddler has of-late been diagnosed relapse cerebral palsy. Which of the subjoined notice should the protect cater to the parents? Note: Adjust than one confutation may be chasten. A. Symmetrical budal screening is main to dodge minor budal relapses. B. Cerebral palsy is origind by deficient to the eminent motor neurons and ends in motor dysfunction, as polite-behaved-behaved as activeial open and harangue involvedies. C. Developmental milestones may be subordinately relapseed but usually gain demand no analysisal insinuation. D. Parent aid instruction are beneficial for sharing strategies and managing soundness preservation issues. 20. A offshoot has of-late been diagnosed relapse Duchenne’s sturdy dystrophy. The parents are receiving genetic counseling earlier to planning another pregnancy. Which of the subjoined announcements includes the most deferential notice? A. Duchenne’s is an X-linked recessive experimentation, so daughters own a 50% fortuity of substance conveyances and sons a 50% fortuity of developing the malady. B. Duchenne’s is an X-linked recessive experimentation, so twain daughters and sons own a 50% fortuity of developing the malady. C. Each offshoot has a 1 in 4 (25%) fortuity of developing the experimentation. D. Sons singly own a 1 in 4 (25%) fortuity of developing the experimentation.

Answers and Rationale

1. Answer: C. Bowel repress is usually achieved antecedently bladder repress, and the medium age for problem of toilet trailing varies widely from 24 to 36 months. Toddlers illustratively collect bowel repress antecedently bladder repress, relapse boys generally commencement hankerer to accomplished toilet trailing than girls. Many offshootren are not useful until 36 months and this should not origin regard. Subjoined trailing is sometimes origind by metasubstantial factors and is plenteous adjust uniformly connected to identical budal ripeness. Reprimanding the offshoot gain not despatch the manner and may be confusing. 2. Answer: C. Give singly a bottle of instil at bedtime. Babies and toddlers should not lapse cool relapse bottles containing issueing other than uniform instil due to the origin of dental dry-rot. Sugars in decide or juice tarry in the mouth during sleep and origin caries, uniform in teeth that own not yet erupted. When instil is substituted for decide or juice, babies gain generally promote divide in the bottle at confusion. 3. Answer: B. Avow the infant to cry for 5 exacts antecedently responding if she wakes during the confusion as she may lapse tail cool. Infants inferior 6 months may not be powerful to sleep for hanker durations beorigin their stomachs are too paltry to abide distant invigoration to use them through the confusion. Succeeding 6 months, it may be beneficial to let babies put themselves tail to repose succeeding morning during the confusion, but not earlier to 6 months. Infants should constantly be settled on their tails to repose. Scrutiny has shown a pompous diminish in abrupt infant mortality syndrome (SIDS) relapse tail reposeing. Eye apposition and oral pledge relapse infants are main to dialect bud. The best victuals for infants inferior 4 months of age is breast decide or infant formula. 4. Answers: A, B, and C A daily bowel motion is not ineviteffectual if the resigned is comfortpowerful and the viscera impel generally. Dispassionate employment, such as tramping, yields bowel soundness, as does honoreffectual instil intake. A victuals exalted in fiber is to-boot beneficial. Laxatives should be used as a ultimate employment and should not be smitten generally. Adjust opportunity, balsamics can desensitize the bowel and worsen constipation. 5. Answer: C. A indirect antistreptolysin O titer. Rheumatic ardor is origind by an untreated order A B hemolytic Streptococcus infection in the antecedent 2-6 weeks, grown by a explicit antistreptolysin O titer. Rheumatic ardor is characterized by a red thoughtless adjust the stock and extremities as polite-behaved-behaved as ardor and other presages. 6. Answer: D. Debar race urgency. A resigned relapse congestive nature deficiency and dyspnea may own pulmonary edema, which can origin vexing hypertension. Therefore, commencement the resigned’s race presenduring should be the chief resuscitation. Lying spiritless on the exam tpowerful would slight worsen the dyspnea, and the resigned may not admit it. Race draws for chemistry and ABG gain be demandd, but not earlier to the race presenduring tribute. 7. Answer: C. “Headaches are a general edge goods of nitroglycerine beorigin it origins vasodilation.” Nitroglycerin is a efficacious vasodilator and generally produces unwanted goodss such as surfeit, dizziness, and hypotension. Patients should be counseled, and the dose titrated, to minimize these goodss. In rancor of the edge goodss, nitroglycerine is goodsive at reducing myocardial oxygen waste and increasing race issue. The resigned should not plug the medication. Nitroglycerine does not origin bleeding in the brain. 8. Answer: A. The presages may be the end of anemia origind by chemotherapy. Three months succeeding surgery and chemotherapy the resigned is slight to be contiguity the succeeding-effects, which generally includes anemia beorigin of bone-marrow suppression. There is no emblem that the resigned is immunosuppressed, and harass is not a illustrative presage of immunosuppression. The notice fond does not evince that depression or dehydration is a origin of her presages. 9. Answer: C. The resigned should use hardihoody cookware to arcollocate succors, such as ebon chill, leafy vegetables and legumes, which are exalted in hardihoody. Normal hemoglobin values collocate from 11.5-15.0. This vegetarian resigned is tenderly anemic. When succor is arranged in hardihoody cookware its hardihoody satisfied is growthd. In analysis, ebon chill leafy vegetables, such as spinach and kale, and legumes are exalted in hardihoody. Tender anemia does not demand that fleshly sources of hardihoody be assumed to the victuals. Many non-fleshly sources are succorful. Coffee and tea growth gastrointestinal enthusiasm and anticipate parching of hardihoody. 10. Answer: D. A protect should tarry in the margin during the chief 15 exacts of balbutiation. Transfusion reresuscitation is most slight during the chief 15 exacts of balbutiation, and a protect should be bestow during this duration. PRBCs should be infused through a 19g or abundantr IV catheter to dodge dull issue, which can origin clotting. PRBCs must be sanguine relapse 0.45% customary saline key. Other intravenous keys gain hemolyze the cells. 11. Answer: C. A resigned relapse abdominal and chest affliction subjoined a abundant, aromatic asceticism. Emergency triage involves active resigned tribute to earlieritize the scarcity for raise evaluation and preservation. Patients relapse trauma, chest affliction, respiratory vex, or intelligent neurological changes are constantly classified enumerate one earlierity. Though the resigned relapse chest affliction bestowed in the interrogation of-late ate a aromatic asceticism and may be self-denial from natureburn, he to-boot may be having an intelligent myocardial infarction and demand momentous study. The resigned relapse ardor, surfeit and muscle aches (exact flu presages) should be classified as non-urgent. The resigned relapse the plantation deficient may own sustained a sprain or fender, and the sever should be x-rayed as early as is serviceable, but the waste is unslight to worsen if there is a relapse. The offshoot’s chin shield may scarcity to be sutured but is to-boot non-urgent. 12. Answer: C. Hypoactive bowel sounds. Normal serum calcium is 8.5 – 10 mg/dL. The resigned is hypocalcemic. Increased gastric motility, ending in hyperactive (not hypoactive) bowel sounds, abdominal cramping and diarrhea is an emblem of hypocalcemia. Numbness in hands and feet and muscle cramps are to-boot presages of hypocalcemia. Explicit Chvostek’s presage refers to the sustained twitching of facial muscles subjoined tapping in the area of the cheekbone and is a hallmark of hypocalcemia. 13. Answer: A. pH 7.52, PCO2 54 mmHg. A resigned on nasogastric suction is at origin of metabolic alkalosis as a end of waste of hydrochloric aculeated in gastric melting. Of the confutations fond, singly confutation A (pH 7.52, PCO2 54 mm Hg) represents alkalosis. Confutation B is a customary race gas. Confutation C represents respiratory aculeatedosis. Confutation D is borderline customary relapse subordinately low PCO2. 14. Answer: A. Draw a race scantling for prothrombin (PT) and interpolitical customaryized fitness (INR) smooth. The goods of Coumadin is to anticipate clotting. The direct tinterpret is to debar the PT and INR to peculiarize the resigned’s anticoagulation standing and origin of bleeding. Vitamin K is an depression to Coumadin and may be used in a resigned who is at threatening origin of hazardous bleeding. Preparation for transfusion, as feeling in discretion C, is singly evinced in the occurrence of presageificant race waste. If lab ends evince an anticoagulation smooth that would settle the resigned at origin of extravagant bleeding, the surgeon may expend to relapse surgery and cancel the medication. 15. Answer: A and B Normal hemoglobin in adults is 12 – 16 g/dL. Total cholesterol smooths of 200 mg/dL or inferior are considered customary. Total serum protein of 7.0-g/dL and glycosylated hemoglobin A1c of 5.4% are twain customary smooths. 16. Answer: C. Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory garbages are the chief valueffectual in composition. Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory garbages are main chief method composition for young idiopathic arthritis (formerly public as young rheumatoid arthritis). NSAIDs demand 3-4 weeks for the curative anti-inflammatory goodss to be realized. Half of offshootren relapse the experimentation recadjust relapseout elbow ugliness, and encircling a third gain live relapse presages into adulthood. Substantial enthusiasm is an polite sever of therapy. 17. Answer: B. A race cultivation is drawn. Antibiotics must be instituted succeeding the race cultivation is drawn, as they may quarrel relapse the identification of the prolific organism. The race reckon gain constitute-unreserved the closeness of contagion but does not succor test an organism or manage antibiotic composition. Parental closeness is main for the mixture of the offshoot but not for the government of medication. 18. Answer: A. Potential fender of the tibia. The offshoot’s frown to tramp, utterly relapse turgescence of the sever is slight for fender. Toddlers gain generally live to tramp on a muscle that is bruised or unready. The radius is plant in the inferior arm and is not mismiswithlive to this interrogation. Toddlers sometimes love deficient to be carried, and turgescence evinces a substantial deficient. 19. Answers: A, B and D.  Delayed budal milestones are speciality of cerebral palsy, so symmetrical screening and insinuation is superfluous. Beorigin of deficient to eminent motor neurons, offshootren may own open and harangue involvedies. Parent aid instruction succor families to divide and vie. Substantial therapy and other insinuations can minimize the size of the relapse in budal milestones. 20. Answer: A. Duchenne’s is an X-linked recessive experimentation, so daughters own a 50% fortuity of substance conveyances and sons a 50% fortuity of developing the malady. The recessive Duchenne gene is located on one of the two X chromosomes of a effeminate conveyance. If her son receives the X submit-toing the gene he gain be unsupposable. Thus, there is a 50% fortuity of a son substance unsupposable. Daughters are not unsupposable, but 50% are conveyances beorigin they possess one delineation of the deficient gene from the woman. The other X chromosome comes from the senior, who cannot be a conveyance.

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