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NCLEX Practice Exam 12 (20 Questions)

Ready for another set of 20 NCLEX enjoyment interrogations? The pattern NCLEX interrogations in this exam earn admonish you how to use situation-cast interrogations.
A few fly delight cannot plug a vivacious charger. ― Mark Twain


Questions on this exam are fascinated from purposeshort diverse nursing concepts.


Follow the guidelines inferiorneathneath to mould the most out of this exam
  • Read each interrogation preservationfully and elect the best reply.
  • You are dedicated one exact per interrogation. Spend your opportunity wisely!
  • Answers and rationales are dedicated inferiorneath. Be knowing to decipher them.
  • If you want aggravate clarifications, gladden trodden them to the comments minority.

Text Mode

In Text Mode: All interrogations and replys are dedicated for deciphering and replying at your own tread. You can to-boot trust this exam and mould a sculpture out. 1. A enduring is admitted to the hospital behind a while a personality of elementary hyperparathyroidism. A nurse staying the enduring’s lab upshots would wait-for which of the forthcoming changes in laboratory discoverings? A. Violent serum calcium. B. Low serum parathyroid hormone (PTH). C. Violent serum vitamin D. D. Low urine calcium. 2. A enduring behind a while Addison’s illness asks a nourish for sustentation and regimen teaching. Which of the forthcoming regimen modifications is NOT recommended? A. A regimen proud in grains. B. A regimen behind a while liberal caloric intake. C. A proud protein regimen. D. A esoteric sodium regimen. 3. A enduring behind a while a fact of diabetes mellitus is in the cooperate post-operative day forthcoming cholecystectomy. She has complained of nausea and isn’t potent to eat firm foods. The nourish enters the extent to discequalize the enduring abashed and vacillating. Which of the forthcoming is the most slight description for the enduring’s symptoms? A. Anesthesia reaction. B. Hyperglycemia. C. Hypoglycemia. D. Diabetic ketoacidosis. 4. A nourish assigned to the crisis line evaluates a enduring who inferiorneathwent fiberoptic colonoscopy 18 hours previously. The enduring fames increasing abdominal pain, fever, and chills. Which of the forthcoming provisions poses the most instant regard? A. Bowel mouth. B. Viral gastroenteritis. C. Colon cancer. D. Diverticulitis. 5. A enduring is admitted to the selfselfcorresponding day surgery item for liver biopsy. Which of the forthcoming laboratory tests assesses coagulation? Select all that exercise.  A. Point thromboplastin opportunity. B. Prothrombin opportunity. C. Platelet reckon. D. Hemoglobin E. Perfect Blood Count F. White Dignity Cell Count 6. A enduring on the cardiac telemetry item unexpectedly goes into ventricular fibrillation. The past cardiac vitality maintenance team prepares to defibrillate. Which of the forthcoming choices evinces the chasten reconsignment of the conductive gel pads? A. The left clavicle and direct inferior sternum. B. Direct of midline inferiorneathneath the profound rib and the left shoulder. C. The remarkpotent and inferior halves of the sternum. D. The direct behalf of the sternum proportioned inferiorneathneath the clavicle and left of the precordium. 7. The nourish performs an judicious abdominal rate on a enduring newly admitted for abdominal aversion. The nourish hears what she describes as “clicks and gurgles in all immodest quadrants” as polite-behaved-behaved as “swishing or buzzing probe heard in one or two quadrants.” Which of the forthcoming statements is chasten? A. The quantity and eagerness of bowel probes varies depending on the exhibition of digestion. B. In the intercourse of intestinal impediment, bowel probes earn be louder and prouder pitched. C. A swishing or buzzing probe may illustrate the impertinent dignity stream of a foster and is not usual. D. All of the aloft. 8. A enduring arrives in the crisis line and fames splashing close free cleaner in his eye. Which of the forthcoming nursing enjoyments is a precedingity? A. Irrigate the eye regularly behind a while usual extraordinary interpretation. B. Place fluorescein drops in the eye. C. Patch the eye. D. Test visual acuity. 9. A nourish is caring for a enduring who has had hip rectification. The nourish should be most regarded encircling which of the forthcoming discoverings? A. Complaints of aversion during repositioning. B. Scant dignityy free on the surgical surroundings. C. Complaints of aversion forthcoming substantial therapy. D. Clime of 101.8 F (38.7 C). 10. A cadet is admitted to the hospital behind a while an intemperate seizure conjecture. The admitting physician writes token for enjoyments to be fascinated in the episode of a seizure. Which of the forthcoming enjoyments would NOT be graspd? A. Notify the physician. B. Restrain the enduring’s limbs. C. Lie the enduring on his/her behalf behind a while the example flexed obtrusive. D. Administer rectal diazepam. 11. A enduring who has ordinary chemotherapy for cancer tenor is dedicated an insertion of Epoetin. Which of the forthcoming should contemplate the discoverings in a perfect dignity reckon (CBC) drawn diverse days succeeding? A. An growth in neutrophil reckon. B. An growth in hematocrit. C. An growth in platelet reckon. D. An growth in serum secure. 12. A enduring is admitted to the hospital behind a while reputed polycythemia vera. Which of the forthcoming symptoms is compatible behind a while the personality? Select all that exercise.  A. Moment privation. B. Increased clotting opportunity. C. Hypertension. D. Headaches. 13. A nourish is caring for a enduring behind a while a platelet reckon of 20,000/microliter. Which of the forthcoming is an essential agency? A. Observe for authentication of unbidden bleeding. B. Expression visitors to race simply. C. Give aspirin in fact of exampleaches. D. Impose immune precautions. 14. A nourish in the crisis line assesses a enduring who has been importation covet-term corticosteroids to manage renal illness. Which of the forthcoming is a usual behalf commodities of corticosteroid tenor? Note: Aggravate than one reply may be chasten. A. Hypertension. B. Cushingoid features. C. Hyponatremia. D. Low serum albumin. 15. A nourish is caring for endurings in the oncology item. Which of the forthcoming is the most essential nursing enjoyment when caring for a neutropenic enduring? A. Change the dispospotent misteach instantly behind use. B. Change gloves instantly behind use. C. Minimize enduring touch. D. Minimize chat behind a while the enduring. 16. A nourish is counseling endurings at a investigateness clinic on the prognosticificance of immunizations. Which of the forthcoming instruction is the most obsequious touching immunizations? A. All corruptions illnesss can be forefended behind a while special immunization. B. Immunizations supply regular immunity from illness. C. Immunizations are betray-free and should be universally administered. D. Immunization supplys adscititious privilege from some inequitpotent illnesss. 17. A enduring is brought to the crisis line behind a bee nettle. The race fames a fact of grave allergic reaction, and the enduring appears to keep some verbal protuberance. Which of the forthcoming is the most grave nursing enjoyment? A. Consult a physician. B. Preserve a obvious airway. C. Administer epinephrine subcutaneously. D. Administer diphenhydramine (Benadryl) verbally. 18. A dame calls the clinic to fame that her son has recently inaugurated medication to manage consideration deficit/hyperactivity conjecture (ADHD). The dame fears her son is experiencing behalf commoditiess of the corrective. Which of the forthcoming behalf commoditiess are usually akin to medications used for ADHD? Note: Aggravate than one reply may be chasten: A. Poor disposition. B. Insomnia. C. Sleepiness. D. Agitation. 19. A enduring at a unsubstantial investigateness clinic is importation Haldol (haloperidol) for tenor of schizophrenia. She calls the clinic to fame abusual movements of her visage and speech. The nourish concludes that the enduring is experiencing which of the forthcoming symptoms: A. Co-morbid depression. B. Psychotic hallucinations. C. Disclaiming symptoms of schizophrenia. D. Tardive dyskinesia. 20. A enduring behind a while newly diagnosed diabetes mellitus is lore to identify the symptoms of hypoglycemia. Which of the forthcoming symptoms is expressive of hypoglycemia? A. Polydipsia. B. Confusion. C. Blurred anticipation. D. Polyphagia.

Answers and Rationale

1. Answer: A. Violent serum calcium. The parathyroid glands organize the calcium flatten in the dignity. In hyperparathyroidism, the serum calcium flatten earn be violent. Parathyroid hormone flattens may be proud or usual but not low. The substance earn inferior the flatten of vitamin D in an try to inferior calcium. Urine calcium may be violent, behind a while calcium spilling aggravate from violent serum flattens. This may producer renal stones. 2. Answer: D. A esoteric sodium regimen. A enduring behind a while Addison’s illness requires usual regimenary sodium to forefend surplus running privation. Liberal caloric intake is recommended behind a while a regimen proud in protein and multifold carbohydrates, including grains. 3. Answer: C. Hypoglycemia. A postoperative diabetic enduring who is unpotent to eat is slight to be affliction from hypoglycemia. Laziness and shakiness are base symptoms. An anesthesia reenjoyment would not appear on the cooperate post-operative day. Hyperglycemia and ketoacidosis do not producer laziness and shakiness. 4. Answer: A. Bowel mouth. Bowel mouth is the most momenty indistinctness of fiberoptic colonoscopy. Essential premonitions grasp newfangled abdominal aversion, ardor, chills, and tachycardia, which evince advancing peritonitis. Viral gastroenteritis and colon cancer do not producer these symptoms. Diverticulitis may producer aversion, ardor, and chills, but is far short momenty than mouth and peritonitis. 5. Answer: A, B, and C Prothrombin opportunity, separateicular thromboplastin opportunity, and platelet reckon are all graspd in coagulation studies. The hemoglobin flatten, though essential instruction preceding to an invasive process relish liver biopsy, does not assess coagulation. 6. Answer: D. The direct behalf of the sternum proportioned inferiorneathneath the clavicle and left of the precordium. One gel pad should be placed to the direct of the sternum, proportioned inferiorneathneath the clavicle and the other proportioned left of the precordium, as evinced by the anatomic dregs of the center. To defibrillate, the paddles are placed aggravate the pads. Options A, B, and C are not compatible behind a while the lie of the center and are accordingly inchasten confutations. 7. Answer: D. All of the aloft. All of the statements are penny. The gurgles and clicks picturesquely in the interrogation illustrate usual bowel probes, which change behind a while the exhibition of digestion. Intestinal impediment producers the probes to inflame as the usual stream is blocked by the impediment. The swishing and buzzing probe of impertinent dignity stream may be heard in the abdomen in the intercourse of abdominal aortic aneurism, for issue, and should regularly be considered irregular. 8. Answer: A. Irrigate the eye regularly behind a while usual extraordinary interpretation. Emergency tenor forthcoming a chemical splash to the eye grasps instant irrigation behind a while usual extraordinary. The irrigation should be continued for at last 10 exacts. Fluorescein drops are used to stay for scratches on the cornea due to their fluorescent specialties and are not separate of the judicious preservation of a chemical splash, nor is patching the eye. Forthcoming irrigation, visual acuity earn be assessed. 9. Answer: D. Clime of 101.8 F (38.7 C). Post-surgical nursing rate behind hip rereconsignment should be chiefly regarded behind a while the betray of neurovascular indistinctnesss and the harvest of infection. A clime of 101.8 F (38.7 C) postoperatively is prouder than the low walk that is to be wait-fored and should breed regard. Some aversion during repositioning and forthcoming substantial therapy is to be wait-fored and can be managed behind a while analgesics. A narrow sum of dignityy drainage on the surgical surroundings is a upshot of usual investigatenessful. 10. Answer: B. Restrain the enduring’s limbs. During a witnessed spoil, nursing enjoyments should centre on securing the enduring’s safely and curtailing the spoil. Restraining the limbs is not evinced beproducer zealous muscle contractions could producer wear. A side-lying lie behind a while example flexed obtrusive allows for drainage of secretions and forefends the speech from onissue tail, blocking the airway. Rectal diazepam may be a tenor ordered by the physician, who should be notified of the spoil. 11. Answer: B. An growth in hematocrit. Epoetin is a mould of erythropoietin, which stimulates the genesis of red dignity cells, causing an growth in hematocrit. Epoetin is dedicated to endurings who are anemic, regularly as a upshot of chemotherapy tenor. Epoetin has no commodities on neutrophils, platelets, or serum secure. 12. Answer: B, C, and D Polycythemia vera is a state in which the scourge kernel produces too multifarious red dignity cells. This producers an growth in hematocrit and viscosity of the dignity. Patients can proof exampleaches, dizziness, and visual disturbances. Cardiovascular commoditiess grasp growthd dignity influence and deceased clotting opportunity. Moment privation is not a delineateation of polycythemia vera. 13. Answer: A. Observe for authentication of unbidden bleeding. Platelet reckons inferiorneathneath 30,000/microliter may producer unbidden petechiae and bruising, separateicularly in the extremities. When the reckon falls inferiorneathneath 15,000, unbidden bleeding into the brain and inner organs may appear. Headaches may be a premonition and should be watched for. Aspirin disables platelets and should never be used in the intercourse of thrombocytopenia. Thrombocytopenia does not endanger privilege, and there is no infer to expression visitors as covet as any substantial trauma is forefended. 14. Answers: A, B, and D Side commoditiess of corticosteroids grasp moment construct, running claim behind a while hypertension, Cushingoid features, a low serum albumin, and mumbling exasperating confutation. Patients are encouraged to eat a regimen proud in protein, vitamins, and minerals and low in sodium. Corticosteroids producer hypernatremia, not hyponatremia. 15. Answer: B. Change gloves instantly behind use. The neutropenic enduring is at betray of contagion. Changing gloves instantly behind use protects endurings from dirt behind a while organisms chosen up on hospital surfaces. This dirt can keep momenty consequences for an immunocompromised enduring. Changing the respiratory misteach is beneficial, but not almost as grave as changing gloves. Minimizing touch and chat are not compulsory and may producer nursing staff to misunderstand changes in the enduring’s symptoms or state. 16. Answer: D. Immunization supplys adscititious privilege from some inequitpotent illnesss. Immunization is availpotent for the forefendion of some, but not all, inequitpotent illnesss. This cast of privilege is “acquired” by causing antibodies to mould in confutation to a inequitpotent pathogen. Regular privilege is offer at origin beproducer the infant acquires tender antibodies Immunization, relish all medication, cannot be betray-free and should be considered fixed on the betray of the illness in interrogation. 17. Answer: B. Preserve a obvious airway. The enduring may be experiencing an anaphylactic reaction. The most grave enjoyment is to preserve an airway, separateicularly behind a while palppotent verbal protuberance, followed by the administration of epinephrine by subcutaneous insertion. The physician earn see the enduring as quickly as practicpotent behind a while the aloft enjoyments inferiorneathway. Verbal diphenhydramine is evinced for gentle allergic reactions and is not delayhold for anaphylaxis. 18. Answers: A, B, and D ADHD in cadetren is regularly manageed behind a while CNS indignity medications, which growth centre and ameliorate eagerness. Offspring regularly proof insomnia, tumult, and decreased disposition. Sleepiness is not a behalf commodities of indignitys. 19. Answer: D. Tardive dyskinesia. Abusual facial movements and speech convexity in a enduring importation haloperidol is most slight due to tardive dyskinesia, an impertinent reenjoyment to the antipsychotic. Debasement may appear acovet behind a while schizophrenia and would be characterized by such symptoms as privation of influence, discollocation and/or sleep changes, and anhedonia. These depressive changes and stagnation of purpose are separate of the disclaiming symptoms of schizophrenia. Psychotic hallucinations may be visual or conference but do not grasp abusual movements. 20. Answer: B. Confusion. Hypoglycemia in diabetes mellitus producers laziness, indicating the want for carbohydrates. Polydipsia, blurred anticipation, and polyphagia are symptoms of hyperglycemia.

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