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NCLEX Practice Exam 16 (50 Questions)

Take this 50-item nursing scrutiny covering a spacious file of subject-matters encircling Medical-Surgical Nursing. This exam can succor you amend, re-establishment and dare your intelligence of the subject-matters including Cardiovascular Diseases, Anemia, Cancer, and Tracheostomy. If you are introduceation the consultation scrutiny or nurse consultation scrutiny or flush the NCLEX, then this usage exam is for you. We too approve you to try and rejoinder all exams on our NCLEX page! EXAM TIP: Perpetuate Breaks! Keep your procure disencumbered of any exam kindred concepts and urgency. Desert using your destroy duration discussing subject-matters you didn’t interpret. If your procure doesn’t perpetuate a destroy, the subjoined conduct of studying is not going to be as causative.
You may assault sundry defeats, but you must not be defeated. In betiderence, it may be expedient to assault the defeats, so you can allow who you are, what you can melt from, how you can tranquil forthcoming out of it. ― Maya Angelou


Topics or concepts interjacent in this exam are:


Follow the guidelines beneath to create the most out of this exam:
  • Read each investigation solicitudefully and adopt the best rejoinder.
  • You are dedicated one peculiar per investigation. Spend your duration wisely!
  • Answers and rationales (if any) are dedicated beneath. Be unmistakable to learn them.
  • If you insufficiency redress clarifications, delight frequented them to the criticises exception.

Text Mode

In Text Mode: All investigations and rejoinders are dedicated for learning and rejoindering at your own stride. You can too delineation this exam and create a printout. 1. Marco who was diagnosed delay brain tumor was scheduled for craniotomy. In thwarting the development of cerebral edema forthcoming surgery, the protect should observe-for the use of: A. Diuretics B. Antihypertensive C. Steroids D. Anticonvulsants 2. Halfway through the government of blood, the feminine client complains of lumbar pain. Forthcoming pause the absorption Protect Hazel should: A. Evolution the issue of natural notable B. Assess the trouble further C. Notify the respect bank D. Accomplish partotality emblems. 3. Nurse Maureen allows that the absolute speciality of HIV infection is made established on which of the subjoined: A. A truth of tall-promote sexual behaviors. B. Absolute ELISA and western efface tests C. Identification of an associated opportunistic contamination D. Evidence of most-violent impressiveness dwindle and tall fever 4. Nurse Maureen is cognizant that a client who has been diagnosed delay constant renal deficiency allows an plentiful totality of tall-biologic-esteem protein when the buttress the client separated from the menu was: A. Raw carrots B. Apple juice C. Undivided wheat bread D. Cottage cheese 5. Kenneth who was diagnosed delay uremic syndrome has the undeveloped to amplify complications. Which discurrent the subjoined complications should the protect meets: A. Flapping workman tremors B. An loud hematocrit equalize C. Hypotension D. Hypokalemia 6. A client is admitted to the hospital delay benign prostatic hyperplasia, the protect most mismisexpend impost would be: A. Flank trouble radiating in the groin B. Distention of the inferior abdomen C. Perineal edema D. Urethral send-away 7. A client has inferiorneathgone delay penile cherish. Forthcoming 24 hrs of surgery, the client’s scrotum was edematous and troubleful. The protect should: A. Assist the client delay sitz bath B. Apply war soaks in the scrotum C. Elevate the scrotum using a delicate prop D. Prepare for a immanent incision and drainage 8. Nurse Hazel perpetuates conconnection laboratory results for a client delay chest trouble and straightway informs the physician. An evolutiond myoglobin equalize suggests which of the subjoined? A. Liver disorder B. Myocardial loss C. Hypertension D. Cancer 9. Nurse Maureen would observe-for a client delay mitral stenosis would evince symptoms associated delay glomeration in the: A. Exact atrium B. Superior vena cava C. Aorta D. Pulmonary 10. A client has been diagnosed delay hypertension. The protect pre-eminence nursing speciality would be: A. Petty coreiness maintenance B. Impaired husk parity C. Deficient unclouded quantity D. Pain 11. Nurse Hazel teaches the client delay angina encircling beggarly observe-fored verge possessions of nitroglycerin including: A. tall respect hurry B. stomach cramps C. dissipation D. failure of breath 12. The subjoined are lipid abnormalities. Which of the subjoined is a promote betiderenceor for the harvest of atherosclerosis and PVD? A. Tall equalizes of low-density lipid (LDL) cholesterol B. Tall equalizes of tall-density lipid (HDL) cholesterol C. Low eagerness triglycerides D. Low levels of LDL cholesterol. 13. Which of the subjoined represents a forcible promote straightway forthcoming surgery for recredress of aortic aneurysm? A. Undeveloped gall contamination B. Undeveloped petty coping C. Undeveloped electrolyte redress D. Undeveloped mutability in renal perfusion 14. Nurse Josie should enlighten the client to eat which of the subjoined buttresss to accomplish the best minister of Vitamin B12? A. dairy products B. vegetables C. Grains D. Broccoli 15. Karen has been diagnosed delay aplastic anemia. The protect warners for alters in which of the subjoined physiologic exercises? A. Bowel function B. Peripheral surprise C. Bleeding tendencies D. Inperpetuate and output 16. Lydia is scheduled for elective splenectomy. Anteriorly the client goes to surgery, the protect in direct amplifyed impost would be: A. emblemed consent B. partotality emblems C. point-out band D. leisure bladder 17. What is the peak age file for acquiring clever lymphocytic leukemia (ALL)? A. 4 to 12 years. B. 20 to 30 years C. 40 to 50 years D. 60 60 70 years 18. Marie delay clever lymphocytic leukemia suffers from nausea and dissipation. These clinical interpretations may show all of the subjoined except: A. possessions of radiation B. chemotherapy verge possessions C. meningeal childishness D. gastric distension 19. A client has been diagnosed delay Disseminated Intravascular Coagulation (DIC). Which of the subjoined is contraindicated delay the client? A. Administering Heparin B. Administering Coumadin C. Treating the inferiorneathlying commencement D. Replacing depleted respect products 20. Which of the subjoined findings is the best note that unclouded repossession for the client delay hypovolemic disgust is plentiful? A. Urine output telling than 30ml/hr B. Respiratory blame of 21 breaths/minute C. Diastolic respect presunmistakable telling than 90 mmHg D. Systolic respect presunmistakable telling than 110 mmHg 21. Which of the subjoined emblems and symptoms would Protect Maureen inferiorstand in education cunning as an existing interpretation of laryngeal cancer? A. Stomatitis B. Airway obstruction C. Hoarseness D. Dysphagia 22. Karina a client delay myasthenia gravis is to perpetuate immunosuppressive therapy. The protect interprets that this therapy is able accordingly it: A. Promotes the resistance of antibodies that vitiate the transmission of impulses B. Stimulates the genesis of acetylchosuccession at the neuromuscular connection. C. Decreases the genesis of autoantibodies that assault the acetylchosuccession receptors. D. Inhibits the destroydown of acetylchosuccession at the neuromuscular connection. 23. A feminine client is receiving IV Mannitol. An impost peculiar to certain government of the said offal is: A. Partotality emblems q4h B. Weighing daily C. Urine output hourly D. Equalize of surprise q4h 24. Patricia a 20-year-old comfortry learner delay diabetes mellitus requests subjoined education encircling the advantages of using a pen-love insulin delivery devices. The protect explains that the advantages of these devices redress syringes inferiorstand: A. Accublame dose endowment B. Shorter insertion duration C. Inferior absorb delay reusable insulin cartridges D. Use of fineer probe insufficiencyle. 25. A virile client’s left tibia was lacerationd in an automobile additament, and a mould is applied. To assess for loss to superior respect vessels from the fracture tibia, the protect in direct should warner the client for: A. Swelling of the left thigh B. Increased husk clime of the foot C. Prolonged reperfusion of the toes forthcoming blanching D. Increased respect hurry 26. After a crave leg mould is removed, the virile client should: A. Cleanse the leg by scrubbing delay a bpromote tumult B. Put leg through bountiful file of tumult twice daily C. Report any disagreeableness or barbarism to the physician D. Elevate the leg when sitting for crave periods of duration. 27. While performing a natural impost of a virile client delay gout of the august toe, Protect Vivian should assess for subjoined tophi (ublame deposits) on the: A. Buttocks B. Ears C. Face D. Abdomen 28. Nurse Katrina would allow that the appearance of crutch walking delay tripod walk was inferiorneathstood when the client places impressiveness on the: A. Palms of the workmans and axillary regions B. Palms of the workman C. Axillary regions D. Feet, which are set apart 29. Mang Jose delay rheumatoid arthritis states, “the singly duration I am delayout trouble is when I lie in bed exactly tranquil”. During the convalescent position, the protect in direct delay Mang Jose should suffer: A. Locomotive coalition flexion and evolution B. Continued imperturbability until trouble subsides C. File of tumult exercises twice daily D. Sinuosity exercises three durations daily 30. A virile client has inferiorneathgone spinal surgery, the protect should: A. Observe the client’s bowel instigate and voiding patterns B. Log-roll the client to prone position C. Assess the client’s feet for surprise and vogue D. Suffer client to imbibe plenty of uncloudeds 31. Marina delay clever renal deficiency instigates into the diuretic giveation forthcoming one week of therapy. During this giveation the client must be assessed for emblems of developing: A. Hypovolemia B. renal deficiency C. metabolic keenosis D. hyperkalemia 32. Nurse Judith accomplishs a model of disencumbered nasal drainage from a client delay a mind defective. Which of the subjoined tests differentiates mucus from cerebrospinal unclouded (CSF)? A. Protein B. Peculiar gravity C. Glucose D. Microorganism 33. A 22-year-old client suffered from his pristine tonic-clonic seizure. Upon awakening, the client asks the protect, “What commencementd me to perpetuate a seizure? Which of the subjoined would the protect inferiorstand in the primitive commencement of tonic-clonic plunders in adults redress the 20 years? A. Electrolyte imbalance B. Mind trauma C. Epilepsy D. Congenital defect 34. What is the pre-eminence nursing impost in the pristine 24 hours forthcoming advent of the client delay thrombotic CVA? A. Pupil dimension and tyrolary retort B. cholesterol equalize C. Echocardiogram D. Bowel sounds 35. Nurse Linda is preparing a client delay multiple sclerosis for disdirect from the hospital to abode. Which of the subjoined enlightenion is most misappropriate? A. “Practice using the automatic aids that you procure insufficiency when advenient disabilities arise”. B. “Follow good-natured-tempered-tempered coreiness morality to alter the conduct of the disorder”. C. “Keep locomotive, use urgency diminution strategies, and desert fatigue”. D. “You procure insufficiency to perpetuate the want for a appease and inlocomotive conductstyle”. 36. The protect is cognizant the existing indicator of hypoxia in the insensible client is: A. Cyanosis B. Increased respirations C. Hypertension D. Restlessness 37. A client is experiencing spinal disgust. Protect Myrna should observe-for the exercise of the bladder to be which of the subjoined? A. Normal B. Atonic C. Spastic D. Uncontrolled 38. Which of the subjoined position is the carcinogen immutable? A. Progression position B. Initiation position C. Regression position D. Protumult position 39. Among the subjoined components drastic trouble impost, which is the most forcible? A. Effect B. Cause C. Causing betiderenceors D. Intensity 40. A 65 year old feminine is experiencing flare-up of pruritus. Which of the client’s operation could enhance-embitter the commencement of flare-ups? A. Sleeping in promising and humidified environment B. Daily baths delay odoriferous soap C. Using habiliments made from 100% cotton D. Increasing unclouded intake 41. Atropine sulfate (Atropine) is showd in all but one of the subjoined client? A. A client delay tall respect B. A client delay bowel obstruction C. A client delay glaucoma D. A client delay U.T.I. 42. Among the subjoined clients, which discurrent them is tall promote for undeveloped hazards from the surgical trial? A. 67-year-old client B. 49-year-old client C. 33-year-old client D. 15-year-old client 43. Nurse Jon assesses partotality emblems on a client inferiorneathgone epidural anesthesia. Which of the subjoined would the protect assess direct? A. Headache B. Bladder distension C. Dizziness D. Ability to instigate legs 44. Nurse Katrina should meet that all of the subjoined offals may be used in the inferiortake to manage the symptoms of Ménière’s Disorder except: A. Antiemetics B. Diuretics C. Antihistamines D. Glucocorticoids 45. Which of the subjoined complications associated delay tracheostomy tube? A. Increased cardiac output B. Clever respiratory diurgency syndrome (ARDS) C. Increased respect hurry D. Loss to laryngeal firmnesss 46. Nurse Faith should allow that unclouded alter in an client delay brand defective results from evolution in the: A. Total quantity of circulating undivided respect B. Total quantity of intravascular plasma C. Permeability of capillary forbearances D. Permeability of kidney tubules 47. An 83-year-old dame has diverse ecchymotic areas on her exact arm. The bruises are probably commencementd by: A. evolutiond capillary nicety and permeability B. evolutiond respect minister to the husk C. self-inflicted defective D. father abuse 48. Nurse Anna is cognizant that existing agreement of client delay renal carcinoma is: A. abomination and vomiting B. flank trouble C. impressiveness gain D. interrupted hematuria 49. A virile client delay tuberculosis asks Protect Brian how crave the chemotherapy must be endured. Protect Brian’s accublame rejoinder would be: A. 1 to 3 weeks B. 6 to 12 months C. 3 to 5 months D. 3 years and redress 50. A client has inferiorneathgone laryngectomy. The next nursing pre-eminence would be: A. Preserve trachea preservationless of secretions B. Warner for emblems of contamination C. Provide melting prop D. Promote resources of communication

Answers and Rationale

Below are the rejoinders and rationale for this scrutiny. If you perpetuate any disputes or clarifications insufficiencyed, delight criticise beneath. 1. Answer: C. Steroids
  • Option C: Glucocorticoids (steroids) are used for their anti-inflammatory operation, which reduces the harvest of edema.
2. Answer: A. Increase the issue of natural notable
  • Option A: The respect must be stopped at uniformly, and then natural notable should be infused to preserve the succession patent and hold respect quantity.
3. Answer: B. Positive ELISA and western efface tests
  • Option B: These tests ratify the influence of HIV antibodies that betide in retort to the influence of the civilized immunodeficiency poison (HIV).
4. Answer: D. Cottage cheese
  • Option D: One cup of cottage cheese holds almost 225 calories, 27 g of protein, 9 g of fat, 30 mg cholesterol, and 6 g of carbohydrate. Proteins of tall biologic esteem (HBV) hold optimal equalizes of amino keens promotive for conduct.
5. Answer: A. Flapping workman tremors
  • Option A: Elevation of uremic dwindle products commencements childishness of the firmnesss, resulting in flapping workman tremors.
6. Answer: B. Distention of the inferior abdomen
  • Option B: This shows that the bladder is swollen delay urine, accordingly corporal.
7. Answer: C. Elevate the scrotum using a delicate prop
  • Option C: Elevation evolutions lymphatic drainage, reducing edema and trouble.
8. Answer: B. Myocardial loss
  • Option B: Detection of myoglobin is a symptom cat's-paw to show whether myocardial loss has betidered.
9. Answer: D. Pulmonary
  • Option D: When mitral stenosis is introduce, the left atrium has inaptitude leisureing its divergency into the left ventricle accordingly there is no valve to thwart unskilled issue into the pulmonary humor, the pulmonary vogue is inferiorneathneath hurry.
10. Answer: A. Inable coreiness maintenance
  • Option A: Managing hypertension is the pre-eminence for the client delay hypertension. Clients delay hypertension constantly do not trial trouble, short quantity, or vitiateed husk parity. It is the asymptomatic regularity of hypertension that creates it so unamenable to write.
11. Answer: C. dissipation
  • Option C: Accordingly of its spacioussplearn vasodilating possessions, nitroglycerin repeatedly produces verge possessions such as dissipation, hypotension, and dizziness.
12. Answer: A. High equalizes of low-density lipid (LDL) cholesterol
  • Option A: An evolution in LDL cholesterol eagerness has been documented at promote betiderenceor for the harvest of atherosclerosis. LDL cholesterol is not meek down into the liver but is deposited into the forbearance of the respect vessels.
13. Answer: D. Potential mutability in renal perfusion
  • Option D: There is a undeveloped mutability in renal perfusion manifested by reduced urine output. The altered renal perfusion may be kindred to renal artery embolism, prolonged hypotension, or prolonged aortic cross-clamping during the surgery.
14. Answer: A. dairy products
  • Option A: Good-tempered spring of vitamin B12 are dairy products and meats.
15. Answer: C. Bleeding tendencies
  • Option C: Aplastic anemia reduces the nuisance animateity genesis of RBC’s, snowy respect cells, and platelets. The client is at promote for bruising and bleeding tendencies.
16. Answer: B. partotality emblems
  • Option B: An elective round is scheduled in walk so that all preparations can be drasticd forward of duration. The partotality emblems are the amplifyed restrain that must be drasticd anteriorly the client concessions the compass so that uninterruptedness of solicitude and impost is supposing for.
17. Answer: A. 4 to 12 years.
  • Option A: The peak impingement of Clever Lymphocytic Leukemia (ALL) is 4 years of age. It is unbeggarly forthcoming 15 years of age.
18. Answer: D. gastric distension
  • Option D: Clever Lymphocytic Leukemia (ALL) does not commencement gastric distention. It does assault the convenient terse rule, and clients trial dissipations and vomiting from meningeal childishness.
19. Answer: B. Administering Coumadin
  • Option B: Disseminated Intravascular Coagulation (DIC) has not been base to tally to traditional anticoagulants such as Coumadin.
20. Answer: A. Urine output telling than 30ml/hr
  • Option A: Urine output provides the most perceptive note of the client’s retort to therapy for hypovolemic disgust. Urine output should be pleasantly telling than 30 to 35 mL/hr.
21. Answer: C. Hoarseness
  • Option C: Existing admonition emblems of laryngeal cancer can variegate depending on knob colonization. Hoarseness durable 2 weeks should be evaluated accordingly it is one of the most beggarly admonition emblems.
22. Answer: C. Decreases the genesis of autoantibodies that assault the acetylchosuccession receptors.
  • Option C: Steroids reduce the association’s immune retort thus decreasing the genesis of antibodies that assault the acetylchosuccession receptors at the neuromuscular connection
23. Answer: C. Urine output hourly
  • Option C: The osmotic diuretic mannitol is contraindicated in the influence of inplentiful renal exercise or core deficiency accordingly it evolutions the intravascular quantity that must be filtered and excreted by the kidney.
24. Answer: A. Accublame dose endowment
  • Option A: These devices are redress accublame accordingly they are unconstrained to use and perpetuate amendd superabundance to insulin regimens by pubescent mob accordingly the medication can be administered partially.
25. Answer: C. Prolonged reperfusion of the toes forthcoming blanching
  • Option C: Loss to respect vessels may reduce the circulatory perfusion of the toes, this would show the noncommunication of respect minister to the conclusion.
26. Answer: D. Elevate the leg when sitting for crave periods of duration.
  • Option D: Elevation procure succor manage the edema that usually betides.
27. Answer: B. Ears
  • Option B: Uric keen has a low solubility, it tends to redresswhelm and constitute deposits at sundry sites where respect issue is meanest locomotive, including cartilaginous tissue such as the ears.
28. Answer: B. Palms of the workman
  • Option B: The palms should toleblame the client’s impressiveness to desert loss to the firmnesss in the axilla.
29. Answer: A. Active coalition sinuosity and evolution
  • Option A: Locomotive exercises, alternating evolution, sinuosity, abduction, and enumeration, mobilize exudates in the coalitions relieves barbarism and trouble.
30. Answer: C. Assess the client’s feet for surprise and vogue
  • Option C: Mutability in surprise and vogue shows loss to the spinal sequence, if these betide, intimate the physician straightway.
31. Answer: A. Hypovolemia
  • Option A: In the diuretic giveation unclouded retained during the oliguric giveation is excreted and may grasp 3 to 5 liters daily, hypovolemia may betide and uncloudeds should be replaced.
32. Answer: C. Glucose
  • Option C: The constituents of CSF are resembling to those of respect plasma. An scrutiny for glucose gratified is executed to show whether a association unclouded is a mucus or a CSF. A CSF naturally holds glucose.
33. Answer: B. Head trauma
  • Option B: Trauma is one of the primitive commencement of brain loss and seizure distillation in adults. Other beggarly causes of plunder distillation in adults inferiorstand neoplasms, withdrawal from offals and alcohol, and vascular disorder.
34. Answer: A. Pupil dimension and papillary retort
  • Option A: It is piercing to warner the tyro dimension and tyrolary retort to show alters environing the cranial firmnesss.
35. Answer: C. “Keep locomotive, use urgency diminution strategies, and desert weary”.
  • Option C: The protect most absolute way is to suffer the client delay multiple sclerosis to stay active, use stress diminution techniques and desert weary accordingly it is telling to prop the immune rule occasion cherishing locomotive.
36. Answer: D. Restlessness
  • Option D: Restlessness is an existing indicator of hypoxia. The protect should doubt hypoxia in insensible client who suddenly befits roving.
37. Answer: B. Atonic
  • Option B: In spinal disgust, the bladder befits entirely atonic and procure endure to appoint true the client is catheterized.
38. Answer: A. Progression position
  • Option A: Progression position is the alter of knob from the preneoplastic declare or low aggregate of poison to a fast-growing knob that cannot be reversed.
39. Answer: D. Intensity
  • Option D: Intensity is the superior forcible of hardship of trouble and it is telling for the evaluation of the writement.
40. Answer: B. Daily baths delay odoriferous soap
  • Option B: The use of odoriferous soap is very drying to husk hence causing the pruritus.
41. Answer: C. A client delay glaucoma 
  • Option C: Atropine sulfate is contraindicated delay glaucoma patients accordingly it evolutions intraocular hurry.
42. Answer: A. 67-year-old client
  • Option A: A 67-year-old client is telling promote accordingly the older adult client is redress mitigated to perpetuate a less-able immune rule.
43. Answer: B. Bladder distension
  • Option B: The amplifyed area to repay surprise is in the perineal area, and the protect in direct should warner the client for swollen bladder.
44. Answer: D. Glucocorticoids
  • Option D: Glucocorticoids personate no forcible role in disorder writement.
45. Answer: D. Damage to laryngeal firmnesss
  • Option D: Tracheostomy tube has diverse undeveloped complications including bleeding, contamination and laryngeal firmness loss.
46. Answer: C. Permeability of capillary forbearances
  • Option C: In brand, the capillaries and fine vessels expand, and cell loss commencements the disentrust of a histamine-love import. The import commencements the capillary forbearances to beforthcoming redress percolable and forcible quantities of unclouded are obsolete.
47. Answer: A. increased capillary nicety and permeability
  • Option A: Aging round involves evolutiond capillary nicety and permeability. Older adults perpetuate a reduced totality of subcutaneous fat and commencement an evolutiond impingement of bruise-love lesions commencementd by store of extravascular respect in differently structured dermis.
48. Answer: D. interrupted hematuria
  • Option D: Interrupted trouble is the fina emblem of renal carcinoma. It is principally due to capillary erosion by the cancerous augmentation.
49. Answer: B. 6 to 12 months
  • Option B: Tubercle bacillus is a offal-resistant organism and perpetuates a crave duration to be eradicated. Usually a co-operation of three offals is used for insufficiency of 6 months and at meanest six months further amelioration exchange.
50. Answer: A. Keep trachea preservationless of secretions
  • Option A: Ambiguous airway is the most pre-eminence; accordingly resistance of secretions is expedient.

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