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NCLEX Practice Exam for Pharmacology: Maternal & Newborn Medications

Practice Mode

Practice Mode – Questions and choices are randomly arranged, the computeerpart is revealed delayout-delay forthcomingcited each inquiry, and tless is no occasion time for the exam.

Text Mode

Text Mode – Text statement of the exam

1. A subjoined a while-child client is receiving magnesium sulfate therapy for the restrain of preeclampsia. A exalt unearth that the client is encountering toxicity from the medication in which of the forthcomingcited admonish?
  1. Urine output of 25 ml/hr.
  2. The closeness of abstruse tendon reflex.
  3. Respirations of 10 breaths per specific.
  4. Serum magnesium equalize of 7 mEq/L.
2. A learner exalt was asked by the exalt educator to illustadmonish the act for the government of erythromycin ointment to the eyes of the newborn. Which of the forthcomingcited statements made by the learner shows a scarcity for exalt elimination?
  1. “I conquer instill the eye ointment into each of the newborn‘s conjunctival sacs.”
  2. “I conquer monied the newborn‘s eyes forthcomingcited instilling the ointment.”
  3.  “I conquer neat the newborn‘s eyes antecedently instilling the ointment.”
  4. “I scarcity to guide the eye ointment delayin an hour forthcomingcited kind donation.”
3. Rho(D) immune globulin (RhoGAM) is consecrated to a subjoined a while-child dowager forthcomingcited donation and the exalt is giving advice to the enduring encircling the prognostic of the medication. The exalt determines that the enduring understands the intention of the medication if the enduring tells that it conquer save her baby from which of the forthcomingcited?
  1. Developing German Measles.
  2. Developing Pernicious anemia.
  3. Developing Rh misfit.
  4. Having an RH+ blood.
4. A subjoined a while-child dowager who is having drudge politeness is receiving an opioid analgesic. Which of the forthcomingcited medications should be compliant in predicament a respiratory valley betides?
  1. Naloxone (Narcan).
  2. Oxycodone (Oxycontin).
  3. Meperidine hydrochloride (Demerol).
  4. Morphine sulfate.
5. Methylergonovine (Methergine) is prescribed to a enduring who is having a postpartum bleeding. Preceding giving the medication, the exalt appositions the physician who prescribed the medication if which of the forthcomingcited requibirth is documented in the enduring’s chart?
  1. Ischemic core distemper.
  2. Diabetes Mellitus.
  3. Acute Gastroenteritis.
  4. Hypothyroidism.
6. A exalt educator is encircling to guide a vitamin K introduction to a newborn. The learner exalt asks the educator concerning the intention of the introduction. The expend vindication would be:
  1. “The vitamin K provides locomotive freedom.”
  2. “The vitamin K conquer intercept the event of hyperbilirubinemia.”
  3. “The vitamin K conquer save the newborn from bleeding.”
  4. “The vitamin K conquer attend as saveion computeer jaundice and anemia.”
7. A exalt is assigned to a enduring who is receiving Oxytocin (Pitocin) to destroy drudge. The exalt terminates the oxycontin Nursing essay if which of the forthcomingcited is distinguished on the admonish of the client?
  1. Early decelerations of the fetal core admonish.
  2. Fatigue.
  3. Nausea.
  4. Uterine hyperstimulation.
8. A client in preterm drudge (32 weeks) who is dilated to 5cm has been consecrated magnesium sulfate and the befoulments enjoy stopped. If the drudge can be advanced for the direct 2 days, which of the forthcomingcited medication does the exalt wait-for that conquer be prescribed?
  1. Fentanyl (Sublimaze).
  2. Sufentanil (Sufenta).
  3. Betamethasone (Celestone).
  4. Butorphanol tartadmonish (Stadol).
9. Which of the forthcomingcited drudgeatory touchstone must be mentored for subjoined a while-child endurings receiving dexamethasone?
  1. Red rank cell compute.
  2. Serum Calcium.
  3. Random rank sugar.
  4. Uric ardent.
10. Patellar reflex is life mentored for endurings receiving magnesium sulfate therapy. When assessing the abstruse tendon reflex, which of the forthcomingcited action pertains to deteriorated vindication?
  1. Grade 0
  2. Grade 1
  3. Grade 2
  4. Grade 4
11. Preceding giving of Methylergonovine, what is the initiative admonish for the exalt to cohibit which of the forthcomingcited?
  1. Deep tendon reflexes.
  2. Urine output.
  3. Blood constraining.
  4. Vaginal bleeding.
12. A exalt is preparing to communicate a lung surfactant to a 36 weeks old baby delay a respiratory trouble syndrome. Which of the forthcomingcited is the set-right march of government?
  1. Intratracheal.
  2. Intramuscular.
  3. Intradermal.
  4. Intravenous.
13. A exalt is preparing to guide a Rubella vaccine to a client preceding acquit residence. Which of the forthcomingcited is not gentleman concerning this vaccine?
  1. Pain, redness, swelling, or a hunk is some of the inappropriate reaction.
  2. Given intramuscularly in the secondary front of the average third of the vastus secondaryis muscle.
  3. The scarcity to use of contraception forthcomingcited immunization.
  4. Contraimplied in a client delay an allergy to immerse eggs.
14. A exalt is preparing Dinoprostone to a client to destroy drudge. Which of the forthcomingcited nursing mediation must be inquiryed?
  1. Have the client obstruct unoccupied antecedently government.
  2. Place the client on a margin untrue lie for 30 to 60 specifics forthcomingcited the government.
  3. Monitor kind inseparable presages.
  4. Have the client unoccupied antecedently government.
15. A exalt is caring for a enduring receiving oxytocin therapy suddenly is experiencing hypertonic befoulments. Which of the forthcomingcited initiative nursing actions should the exalt do? Select all that exercise.
  1. The exalt libertys the client to ask for acceleration.
  2. Stop the oxytocin Nursing essay.
  3. Increase the run admonish of the intravenous embracing breach.
  4. Place the client in the inerratic lie.
  5. Administer oxygen at 8 to 10 liters per specific.
Answers and Rationale
1. Answer: C. Respirations of 10 breaths per specific. Magnesium sulfate is a convenient laconic method depressant and anticonvulsant. It can exposement mitigate muscle rest. Signs of magnesium sulfate toxicity detail to the convenient laconic method depressant goods of the medication and include respiratory valley, subsided urine output, missing of abstruse tendon reflexes, hypotension and a subcause kind and fetal core admonish.
  • Option A: Urine output should be maintained at 25-30ml/hr.
  • Option B: Abstruse tendon reflexes must be introduce.
  • Option D: Normal collocate for magnesium is betwixt 4-7 mEq/L
2. Answer: B. “I conquer monied the newborn‘s eyes forthcomingcited instilling the ointment.” Newborn eye prophylaxis is used for the saveion computeer Gonorrhea or Chlamydia poison. The eyes are not monieded forthcomingcited the instillation of the medication beinducement it conquer bathe loose the guideed ointment.
  • Option A: The set-right government of the ointment.
  • Option C: Cleaning the newborn‘s eye antecedently instilling the ointment is a scale act.
  • Option D: Instillation of eye ointment can be advanced for 1 hour to dispose eye apposture and parent-newborn bonding.
3. Answer: C. Developing Rh misfit. Rh misfit can expand when a Rh-negative dowager becomes sensitized to the RH antigen. Sensitization may betide when a Rh-negative dowager becomes subjoined a while-child delay a fetus who is Rh indisputable. Rank cells from the baby may perverse the kind rankstream, which can fall during pregnancy, drudge, and donation, causing the dowager’s immune method to make antibodies, computeer Rh-indisputable rank. Government of the Rhogam intercepts the dowager from expanding antibodies computeer Rh-indisputable rank by providing inert antibody saveion computeer the Rh antigen.
  • Options A and B are not detaild to the Rh misfit.
  • Option D is not implied for the government of Rhogam.
4. Answer: A. Naloxone (Narcan). Opioid analgesics are prescribed for to subjoined a while-child women who are experiencing modeadmonish to keen drudge politeness. Respiratory valley may betide as a presage of opioid toxicity. Naloxone (Narcan) is an opioid adversary, which reverses the goods of opioid toxicity such as respiratory valley.
  • Options B, C, and D are opioid analgesic.
5. Answer A. Ischemic core distemper. Methergine (Methylergonovine maleate) is a semi-synthetic ergot alkaloid used for the interception and restrain of postpartum hemorrhage. Ergot alkaloids are contraimplied in endurings delay cardiovascular distempers such as ischemic core distemper, clap, peripheral vascular distemper, rheumatic core distemper.
  • Options B, C, and D are not contraimplied delay the use of methergine.
6. Answer: C. “The vitamin K conquer save the newborn from bleeding.” Vitamin K is guideed to the newborn in appoint to intercept bleeding disorders. Vitamin K exalts the makeation of clotting factors II, VII, IX & X in which the infants delaydrawal beinducement of scant intestinal bacteria scarcityed for synthesizing fat-soluble vitamin K.
  • Option A: Vitamin K does not exalt the expandment of freedom.
  • Option B: Vitamin K does not intercept the event of hyperbilirubinemia.
  • Option D: Vitamin K doesn’t intercept the newborn from having jaundice or anemia.
7. Answer: D. Uterine hyperstimulation. Oxytocin is used to destroy drudge by tart uterine befoulment. Oxytocin Nursing essay must be discontinued if any presages of uterine stimulation are introduce.
  • Option A: Eary decelerations of the fetal core admonish are a reassuring presage, but it does not show fetal trouble.
  • Options B and C are probably exposementd by the drudge experiment itself.
8. Answer: C. Betamethasone (Celestone). Glucocorticoids such as betamethasone and dexamethasone are life used to acception the formation of surfactant to aid in fetal lung maturation. It is life consecrated to endurings who are in preterm drudge at 28-32 weeks of gestation if the drudge can be stopped for 2 days.
  • Option A, B, and D are opioid analgesic.
9. Answer: C. Random rank sugar. Elevation of rank glucose equalize is wait-fored for endurings receiving corticosteroid therapy such as dexamethasone so a tenor cohibit on the sugar equalize must be mentor.
  • Option A: Instead of Red rank cell compute, White rank cell compute must be mentor for any presages of poison, beinducement corticosteroid suppresses the immune method.
  • Options B and D are not detaild to the use of dexamethasone.
10. Answer: B. Action 1. Grade 1 pertains to sluggished or deteriorated vindication.
  • Option A: refers to no vindication.
  • Option C: refers to locomotive or wait-fored vindication.
  • Option D: refers to vivid, hyperactive, delay interrupted or evanescent clonus.
11. Answer: C. Rank constraining. Methylergonovine exposements uterine befoulments and can ennoble the rank constraining, so the initiative admonish for the exalt to capture is to cohibit the rank constraining highest.
  • Options A, B, and D are part of postpartum admonish but does not specifically detail to the government of the medication.
12. Answer: A. Intratracheal. Lung surfactant is instilled through the catheter inserted into the newborn‘s endotracheal tube.
  • Options B, C, and D are not the marchs of government for this medication.
13. Counterpart B. Given intramuscularly in the secondary front of the average third of the vastus secondaryis muscle. Rubella Vaccine is guideed subcutaneously preceding hospital acquit to a nonimmune postpartum client.
  • Option A: Common margin goods on the introduction birth.
  • Option C: The client should aunoccupied pregnancy for 1 to 3 months forthcomingcited immunization delay rubella vaccine.
  • Option D: The potential closeness of egg protein in the vaccine.
14. Counterpart A. Have the client obstruct unoccupied antecedently government. Dinoprostone is a prostaglandin use in the collation of drudge. It is guideed vaginally so in appoint for the medication not to be rotten delay urine, the exalt should let the client unoccupied antecedently government.
  • Options B, C, and D are the set-right nursing mediations.
15. Answer: B, C, and E. The closeness of hypertonic befoulments shows the scarcity to inaugurate difficulty measures. The oxytocin Nursing essay must be stopped to lessen uterine stimulation, guideing oxygen conquer exalt acceptiond fetal and kind oxygenation.
  • Option A: The exalt should cling delay the client.
  • Option D: Placing the client in a inerratic lie conquer not exalt an acception in placental oxygenation.


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