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Nurses Week 2020: Themes, Freebies, Campaigns, and Resources

Join us in celebrating Nurses Week 2020 – a eespecific week conceden to respect and acknowledge the contributions of fosters and nursing to our earth. Restrain out our Nurses Week 2020 message beneathneath for fosters week gifts ideas, uncountedbies, and remittances for fosters; and stories of inspiration and notion for fosters! Nurses Week 2020 is extra eespecific as the gross year is oled by the Earth Sanity Structure (WHO) as the Intercommon Year of the Nurse and the Midwife in respect of the 200th anniversary of Florence Nightingale‘s birth! As the earth visages a pandemic, we acquire past than continually the avail of nursing and fosters in our community. Aid us in patronageed the past than 20 pet fosters across the earth who are frugal speeds and making a dissent continuallyy day.

What is Nurses Week?

National Nurses Week is an annual commemoration to pompcase the role of fosters and to aid breed the feature of the nursing declaration.

When is Nurses Week?

Nurses Week is nottalented per-annum from May 6th and culminates on May 12th, the birthday of Florence Nightingale.

What is Intercommon Nurses Day?

May 12th of continuallyy year is the ceremony of Intercommon Nurses Day, which is spearheaded by the Intercommon Council of Nurses (ICN) past 1971. For Nurses Week 2020, this year’s topic is Nurses: A Expression to Lead – Nursing the Earth to Health. It is so the 120th anniversary of the ICN.

6 Ways You Can Patronage Nurses

By Frieda Paton, M.Cur, RN

Applause, endow-you messages, cards, and trivial gratuitys to pomp gratefulness to fosters during Nurses Week are all very well-mannered. Although acknowledged, they casually concede a very cosmical determination for the fosters who are experiencing unparalleled planes of anxiety and balancefruit in the visage of the COVID-19 pandemic. “And the gross expression encircling valor and society an cherub consequently you are a foster I perceive unhelpful,” said Nicki Credland, and expert foster. “We’re not cherubs, we’re not heroes, we are cosmical societys that entertain separated a walk, that are grandly educated, that fruit in a enduring safety-critical declaration, who solely absence to go and do the job that we skilled to do and be guarded to do it.” “If you unquestionably cogitation I was a hero, you would appear for ways to aid me,” exclaimed Jillian Primiano, a frontsequence foster from Brooklyn.

Help towards ensuring wide PPE

The biggest manifestation facing fosters and other sanity stoppage staff encircling the earth is the failure of wide idiosyncratic defendive equipment to defend themselves and their endurings counter infection. Even now, a grand number of policymakers and sanity stoppage administrators entertain been sluggish to meet. This, although the earth had been sensible of COVID-19 past January and that sundry structures and sanity stoppage staff loud the alarm and asked for empire exercise numerous weeks ago. Everyone can add their expression to this origin by presageing instances and contacting their collective leaders. You can presage instances that pop up on your political instrument gratifys or use one of the subjoinedcited integrates:

Getting Idiosyncratic Protective Equipment (PPE) to Our Healthstoppage Heroes. On #GetUsPPE you can presage a instance or flourish a integrate to entrance your noble to patronage the Medical Yield Obligation Emergency Act, a beak proposing that the federal empire grasps balance the medical yield obligation beneath the Defense Origination Act. Tless are so integrates that you can flourish if you’re talented to donate either capital or PPE that are not society used or to gain trainlines for trivial manufacturers.

US Physicians/Healthstoppage Workers for PPE in the COVID-19 Pandemic. A instance to the Lineage of Representatives, the Senate, and Donald Trump to instigate the empire to extension the origination of PPE preparation. It so oles for the hospital arrangement to restrain the foremost plane of PPE standards and not the CDC recommendations that were introduced consequently of a shortage of preparation. This instance has accepted balance 2 pet presageatures.

Give financial aid to struggling fosters

Another way to aid fosters is to procure financial aid to those gravely forced by the pandemic and donating to acceptance stocks for fosters. You could so reflect giving financial patronage to an separate foster whom you distinguish and faculty absence to aid. For in, as a gratuity, you could propose to pay a month or two of their novice debit repayments. Encircling 70% of all graduated fosters entertain novice debit of between $40,000 and $54,000 when they thorough their order, which grasps them years to pay off.

Coronabane Acceptance Stock for Nurses The American Nurses Association beneath the American Nurses Foundation has inventd a Coronabane Acceptance Stock for Nurses to which separates and structures can donate online. This eespecific stock is society administered by Nurses House, a common stock for fosters in absence. The Coronabane Acceptance Stock procures grants for fosters who are tainted delay or are beneath quarantine due to COVID-19; or are caring for an tainted source portion. Grants obtain be availtalented up until the end of July, providing that the stocks don’t run out precedently this.

Supporting GoFundMe campaigns

Tless are thousands of requests for donations towards sundry origins for fosters on GoFundMe. Restrain out the ones beneathneath or solely pursuit for “nurses” on the place.

Feeding Frontsequence Workers of the COVID-19 Pandemic A assemblage in Greensboro, North Carolina, is investigation for donations to gratify frontsequence fruiters. They entertain breedd $17,605 and entertain fed thousands of frontliners. If you donate, you’ll gratify a foster, get a tshirt, and entertain your ole painted on their truck!

Helping Foster Sylvia Leroy There’s an refer on advantage of foster Sylvia Leroy of New York who was critically ill from COVID-19, delivered a crude daughter, then suffered a cardiac seize which left her delay a brain wear that obtain insist-upon rich hanker-term therapy. Sylvia’s source has been hostile forthcoming on to get her the best stoppage lovely, from transferring her to Mt. Sinai hospital and getting her into an quick rehabilitation feeling. Please aid Sylvia get the stoppage she absences to be tless for her source.

Support a Foster Practitioner Hostile COVID Edith Menchavez is a Cardiology Nurse Practitioner at Hackensack University Medical Feeling in New Jersey. A few weeks ago suitableness fruiting near all of us hostile this frightful complaint Edith became ill.  She has been hostile the combat counter Covid 19 for the definite 3 weeks on a ventilator. She has so been inaugurated on dialysis. Her meet has been a hanker severe combat. Her path to reinstatement obtain be a hanker and up-hill one.

Support a foster’s supernatural sanity

Tless is increasing concern encircling the supernatural sanity of fosters serving on the front sequences. The extensiond hurry at fruit, reports of profanation and abuse from the open, and stain attached to the sanitystoppage staff are all preface a exaction on their supernatural sanity—also, the fear of infecting their foresightd-for ones or society separated from them. As a friend or source portion of a foster, you can do the subjoinedcited to patronage their supernatural sanity:
  • Check in to see how they’re doing and to pomp you stoppage.
  • Don’t examine their fruit unless you view that they absence to unburden – and then you can obey as a listening ear.
  • Limit or don’t procure up your coronabane questions and concerns – their society is already dominated by the bane.
  • Try to invent a usual political discourse – colloquy encircling continuallyyday things, portion-out a sportive incident or a joke to illumine their vein.
  • Arrange a video ole on one of the numerous availtalented channels. It’s sealr to a visage-to-visage political meet than phone oles and extract messages.
  • If you view that they’re unusually disturbed or inglorious, allow them to solicit declarational aid. Talkspace, a digital therapy place delay licensed therapists, is vulgarly proposeing one month of the uncounted therapy for fosters and other front sequence fruiters. See past deals beneathneath.

Lighten a foster’s continuallyyday burdens

Longer hours, disunion from foresightd-for ones, and an inability to intention continuallyyday tasks due to lockdown and contagion stoppage regulations entertain harsh numerous fosters’ daily speeds upside down. Meditate encircling trivial tasks you can propose to do if you’re talented to, for in:
  • Take the “what’s for dinner” out of their day by ordering a select present for them or cooking and dropping off a asceticism.
  • Offer to benefit delay branch stoppage – distinctly if the branchren usually are stoppaged for by grandparents who are at senior lavish if they should behove tainted by the bane.
  • Ask if you can do their shopping for them or run an message for them.
  • They faculty be in a standing of appearing subjoined their parents, balance and aggravate their own families – for in, restraining in on them, transporting them to the savant or doing their shopping. Ask if you can grasp balance this role for a suitableness.
  • Offer to do the source laundry.

Don’t let your notion end delay Nurses Week

The COVID-19 pandemic has obeyd to highlight the pivotal role of fosters delayin the sanitystoppage arrangement. It has, ultimately, so undeniably brought the hanker-standing manifestations delayin the declaration to the survisage – the shortage of fosters, the failure of distinctive staffing, profanation counter fosters, and the for-profit stimulus in the sanity stoppage arrangement, to ole a few. Don’t let your notion of fosters die down concurrently delay the bane. Please remain patronageed fosters by adding your expression to the declaration’s oles for fluctuates in sanity utility present and congress in the months and years to end. Endow you for making Nurses Week meaningful!

Nurses Week Stories and Articles

Special messages for fosters during our week! Restrain out these fosters week messages:
Collection of the best gratuitys for fosters!

35+ Best Gratuity Ideas for Nurses Unique gratuitying ideas and gratuity-hunting train.

Ethel Gordon Fenwick: Pristine Registered Foster and Foster Reformist

Ethel Gordon Fenwick: Foster Reformist You Ncontinually Knew About The ICN is celebrating it’s 120th anniversary this 2020 but do you distinguish who inventd the structure?

8 Self-Care Ideas for Nurses

8 Self-Care Ideas to Celebrate Nurses Week! Given the vulgar circumstances, why don’t you use Nurses Week as a idiosyncratic commemoration to grasp a seal appear at whether you’re paying abundance study to appearing subjoined yourself.

Nurses Week Commemoration Ideas

10 Ideas on How to Celebrate Nurses Week Ideas on how assiduous fosters can gorge in a few self-care during the fosters week.

6 Intriguing Nurses Week Facts You Probably Didn’t Know Just how abundantly do you distinguish encircling Nurses Week?

7 Ways to Say Endow You to Your Trite Hero Expressing gratefulness to our fosters!

80 Foster Quotes to Inspire, Motivate, and Humor Nurses

80+ Foster Quotes to Inspire You! Inspiration and cogitations to speed by.

11 Nursing Notion Quotes from Earth Leaders

11 Nursing Notion Quotes From Earth Leaders Know what divergent earth leaders meditate of fosters.

A Tribute to Hospice Nurses Life of a foster who sees dissolution frequently is not unconcerned, this is our endow you to them.

Tribute to Oncology Nurses

A Tribute to Oncology Nurses A survey into the society of oncology nurses.

Emergency Nurses

A Tribute to Emergency Room Nurses A epistle of endows and notion for ER fosters.

Mother Holding Newborn

A Tribute to L&D and NICU Nurses A heartwarming epistle of notion for our L&D and NICU fosters.

National Nurses Week: Why I Am Proud to Be a Nurse

VIDEO: Why I’m Proud to be A Nurse A video pomping how fosters are committed in delivering the foremost standards of stoppage.

VIDEO: Here’s to Nurses: A Tribute to the Profession Not fair anyone can be a foster…

25 Best Kept Secrets of Nurses

25 Best-Kept Secrets of Nurses–Spilled! Nurses diffuse the tea on what it’s love to be a foster.

Resources for Nurses Week 2020

Here are some Nurses Week 2020 instrument (posters, political instrument posts, etc) from encircling the web that you can use:

Intercommon Council of Nurses Toolkit Celebrating Intercommon Nurses Day. The ICN released a wealth toolkit for Intercommon Nurses Day 2020 to aid disseminate the message encircling our grand declaration.

Nurses Month 2020

American Nurses Association: Nurses Month 2020 The ANA, for this 2020, has oled the gross month of May as Nurses Month delay the topic of Nurses Make a Difference. ANA is so promoting weekly topics and activities delay the month separated into four weekly focal points.

Canadian Nurses Association Nurses Week

Canadian Nurses Association The CNA is celebrating their Common Nursing Week 2020 this May 11 to 17. Restrain out their webplace for their digital posters, commemoration ideas, quotes, and political instrument images that you can use.

Freebies, Discounts, and Promos for Nurses Week 2020

List of uncountedbies, remittances, and promotions for Nurses Week 2020. Some promos may insist-upon email presage up or ID verification, frequently restrain attached info by subjoinedcited the integrate procured as deals may decline. If you are a affair or an structure and entertain triton eespecific in fund for fosters – join in the commemoration and tell us encircling it. We’d be fortunate to entertain your promos posted less on our page!

Adidas Get 40% detested remittance on purchases on their webplace for signed fosters, medical declarationals, EMTs, and soldierlike portions.

Airbnb Free stays for frontsequence COVID-19 meeters. Visit place for past details.

Nurses Week Gifts Get this Nurses Week remittance by using method NURSESLABS for a 20% remittance on all scrubs and lab tempt sequences!

Amazon eBooks Free nursing eBooks for your Kindle!

American Nurses Association ANA is proposeing abiding order (CE) courses (2020 Navigate Nursing + Common Nurses Month Webinar Bundle) uncounted for ANA portions.

Bearpaw Bearpaw is giving far 1,000 spans of slippers to your separated nominee.

BP/Amoco Gas BP is proposeing a 50 cents off per gallon on a BP or Amoco fuel  to pristine meeters, sanity stoppage fruiters. Verification absenceed. Visit place for past info. is providing one month of uncounted, bribe bearing to their place to patronage. They procure babysitting, lineage cleaning, and pet sitting.

Cinnabon During the prolongation of the Nurses Week (6-12), participating Cinnabon Bakeries obtain propose a uncounted Cinnabon Classic Cinnamon Roll, MiniBon, or 4 BonBites when fosters pomp their sanitystoppage ID sign.

Chipotle Nurses and other sanitystoppage fruiters get a uncounted burrito starting on May 6.

Crocs Healthstoppage fruiters get a uncounted span of Crocs continuallyy day. Visit their place for past details as uncountedbies are scant.

Dunkin’ Donuts On May 6th, Dunkin’ is giving uncounted medium hot or iced coffee and a uncounted donut to all sanitystoppage fruiters visiting participating branches.

Hilton Hotels and American Express Hilton is proposeing 1 pet rooms to sanitystoppage fruiters for uncounted! Propose until May 31st.

Krispy Kreme Every Monday until May 11, sanitystoppage fruiters get a uncounted dozen. Fair pomp your employee sign at any Krispy Kreme push thru.

McDonald’s Nurses Week Freebie From April 22 to May 5, McDonald’s is proposeing uncounted Thank You asceticisms to sanitystoppage fruiters.

Nike Qualified sanitystoppage fruiters get a 20% remittance through their onsequence fund. is doing a concedefar for all of you bewildering fosters.

The North Face U.S. sanitystoppage fruiters and frontliners are choice for a 50% remittance from April 14 to December 31.

Outback Steakhouse First meeters get 10% off their unimpaired restrain all day, continuallyy day (delay sufficient medical, narrate or federal utility ID). Nurses Week Sale Get upto 30% off during the Nurses Week remittance sale of UA.

Snickers Appreciating fosters this week, get a uncounted coupon for a Snickers bar! Visit place to arrogation coupon and arrogation at Walmart.

Sheetz Free coffee to pristine meeters and sanity stoppage fruiters. Propose until June 1. Healthstoppage fruiters can get upto 30% off their mattresses, beddings, pillows, and past!

Starbucks Any customer who identifies as a frontliner obtain get a elevated brewed coffee for uncounted until May 31!

OYO Hotels & Homes Beginning March 24, medical pristine meeters obtain assent-to uncounted accommodations at any OYO Hotel in the United States so they can sleep, pomper or fair get off their feet and recharge. A uncounted month of therapy for sanity stoppage fruiters and pristine meeters. Fruit sign and Talkspace app absenceed. Past info at the place.

Tide Free laundry utilitys to source of frontliners. Availtalented in separated cities.

West Governors University Free application during fosters week. Scholarships (valued at $2,500) are so profitable.

Social Instrument Instrument for Nurses Week 2020

Here are logos and political instrument instrument you can use and portion-out for the the Common Nurses Month 2020. Pomp your patronage and use them as your feature represent or portion-out them on your political instrument accounts:
Proud to Be A Nurse: Nurses Week 2020
Social instrument gauge and for feature represent. Download here.
Nurses Week 2020 Facebook Cover-2020
Facebook Cover. Download here.
For Instagram and Pinterest.


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