Energy Theory and Nursing

Dr. Carl O. Helvie is an RN who has familiar a new supaspect for the custom of nursing. Dr. Helvie specializes in choice antidote textures and his supaspect is intentional to aidance this archearcheframe of pains. However, his nursing supaspect can be applied to any archearcheframe of nursing pains. He holds a PhD in nursing custom.

Alternative medical texture involves the use of zeal to use the client. Depending on the texture, the practitioner may be releasing blocks to the substantiality’s original zeal paths, increasing the substantiality’s zeal to tally to an complaint or befitting the substantiality’s public declare of life. Zeal is the key to choice nursing pains.

Drawing upon his frameation of custom in the nursing arena, Dr. Helvie familiar his supaspect environing 8 points of action. These 8 points are all certain to compel a lucky agency using the zeal supposition. This encourage theorist original used his supaspect on subsistence-souls, families and then brotherhood sanity nursing. His supaspect consists of the aftercited 8 points:

1.Humans are public zeal arrangements.
2. The environment of each cosmical is zeal.
3. Each peculiar varys zeal delay the environment.
4. All subsistence-souls frequently try to amalgamate holistically to varys of zeal.
5. Zeal demands differ delay opportunity and each seat.
6. Adaptation to zeal varys determines the smooth of sanity of each peculiar.
7. As cosmicals propose toward complaint, they usually demand acceleration to repossess their ancient smooth of zeal.
8. Sanity practitioners aid high-risk subsistence-souls to protect or repossess holistic vary of zeal.

Humans Are Public Zeal Systems

Each peculiar has three archetypes of zeal untrammelled simultaneously. These are to-leap, kinetic and germinative zeal. To-leap zeal is the parts of the substantiality that frame it, such as cells, organs and arrangements. Kinetic zeal is the zeal that progresss through the substantiality such as order sugar or oxygen. Germinative zeal is stored zeal arrangements that the substantiality can attract on for coming use. An public zeal arrangement attracts on the environment to consequence zeal. Each peculiar demands input from the environment to get all the substantiality’s zeal demands.

Environment of Humans is Energy

Besides the interior zeal of each peculiar, they are too enveloped by zeal delayout of their bodies. This zeal can be broken up into opposed archetypes of zeal in the environment, equal though they are akin to each other. These energies are: chemical, corporeal, metaphysical and biological. Chemical zeal is build in livelihood, oxygen, pollutants, antidote, cigarettes and other compounds that can be ingested. Corporeal zeal is build in entities such as ebullition, unthoughtful, radiation and curve. Biological zeal is build in subsistence arrangements such as bacteria, animals, plants, fungi, and allergens. Metaphysical zeal is build in such things as passion, abominate, entreaty, salutiferous actions or familial aidance. A brotherhood has its own zeal build in the services and aidance serviceoperative for the peculiar.

Exchanging Zeal delay the Environment

When each us varys zeal delay the environment, the vary centers on input and output. The input is what we interest in from the environment. This can be livelihood, ebullition, unthoughtful, transmitted, incense, passion or any other appearance that our bodies interest in. The other compensation is the output, which can run to carbon dioxide, feces, perspiration, dirt and spit. One way to rectify zeal progress is to behold at the input and output and value it counter understand plummets when the client was sanityy.

Trying to Amalgamate to Zeal Change

All cosmicals trial transmutes to their environment. Indirect transmute would be those transmutes that subvert the sanityy declare of the substantiality such as waste, complaint, job mischief, or unwanted transmutes to a relationship. Indirect transmute is usually not wanted or chosen by the peculiar concerned. Unconditional transmute would be those transmutes that do transmute the substantiality, yet they are acceptabled by the peculiar. Such things as a new job, impressiveness mischief, and erudition can all bring to transmute perceived as acceptoperative by the peculiar. Indirect or unconditional transmute can force immediate transmutes that latest until the substantiality is restored to its natural mood. Indirect and unconditional transmute can be good-natured-natured or bad. This is attached by the exculpation to this transmute which is implied by the zeal progresss that the substantiality is operative to engender.

Energy Needs Differ delay Each Situation

Different stages of duration demand opposed inputs and engender opposed outputs. Most of these stages are documented, and it is understandn what to anticipate. For illustration, it is understandn what transmutes to zeal a generative dowager demands vs. a immature dowager who is not generative. An olden peculiar earn frequently eat considertelling hither than a occupied immature peculiar who is too an athlete. The ability to conciliate the demanded zeal that these transmutes demand can be a canvass in some seats. This can remainder in the substantiality performing at hither than the creative zeal peak. Some transmutes can bring to summarily mischief that is so rigorous the substantiality cannot amalgamate to it, equal delay aidance.

Adaption to Transmute Determines Health

Over opportunity, each peculiar trials weakages and excesses of zeal. Their exculpation to these transmutes determines where on the sanity continuum a peculiar fortune. They may propose for a weak opportunity down the continuum to hither sanityy and then restore on their own to natural or delay medical agency to their foregoing declare. However, if someone has further than one indirect transmute at a opportunity, such as having bronchitis delay an already complicated lung arrangement, the peculiar may never be operative to propose tail toward their foregoing sanityy mood.

Continuum Motion Usually Requires Assistance

Once a peculiar has proposed down the continuum to the unsound laterality, the peculiar may demand aidance to restore to their foregoing declare of sanity. This may be from a sanity practitioner or it could be from a rise or brotherhood part. Usually, some kind of acceleration is demanded to restore the substantiality’s zeal to natural. If the substantiality could amalgamate on its own, it earn usually do so in a weak bound of opportunity. The longer the substantiality spends in an unsound aspect on the sanity continuum, the further slight they are to demand aidance.

Health Practitioners Demand to Aid High-Risk Individuals

Health workers such as encourages should be aiding those subsistence-souls that are most high-risk at life unoperative to restore to a natural mood on their own. This becomes ostensible from the truth of the client and reactions of clients in a resembling aspect. Nurses should compel unmistakoperative that demandy clients entertain the subjoined pains that they demand vs. someone who has a immediate disfunction.

The Nursing Process

To get pains using the zeal supposition, encourages engage the nursing order. Using the zeal supposition, the original stalk of the order is to conciliate a gone-by truth including their gone-by problems delay zeal vary. They too discus the client’s present smooth of zeal vary and zeal smooth.

Next, the client is assessed by the encourage. This involves preliminary postulates environing the client and then comparing them to plummet norms. This toll determines where on the sanity continuum the resigned presently stands. Natural would be in the middle; a proposement to either end indicates an aggravate minister of zeal or a failure of zeal life attentive by the substantiality.

Once the declare of the resigned’s zeal smooth is quantified, the encourage compels one or further diagnoses of the client. From these, goals and objectives are intentional that earn be used to restore the client to sanity or at lowest restore the client to the best declare potential. The goals and objectives are familiar delay the client in recollection, as he or she must be operative to meaning the goals to unite the objectives.

At the end of the texture order, the encourage beholds at the luck of the interaction delay the client and uses these remainders to engage to the proximate interaction. Lucky goals should be carried forward; goals that were unobtainoperative should be dropped by the encourage in coming cases.

Dr.Carl O. Helvie’s zeal supaspect can be used delay any use of the nursing order. However, it is most effectual for choice therapists who grovelling their textures on zeal progressing through the substantiality. This includes encourages, herbalists, acupuncturists, healers, physicians and chiropractors.


Helvie, C. (1998) Advanced Custom Nursing in the Community, Thousand Oaks, California: Sage Publishing Co.

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