Henderson’s Nursing Need Theory

The Nursing Deficiency Plea was plain by Virginia Henderson and was conservative from her exercitation and information. Henderson’s intent was not to lay-open a plea of nursing, but rather to bound the rare convergence of nursing exercitation. The plea emphasizes the consequence of increasing the enduring’s anarchy so that growth following hospitalization would not be slow. Her seriousness on basic rational deficiencys as the convenient convergence of nursing exercitation has led to exalt plea lay-openment respecting the deficiencys of the enduring and how nursing can relieve in convergeing those deficiencys.

Henderson identifies three senior convictions in her design of nursing. The original is that “nurses custody for a enduring until a enduring can custody for him or herself,” though it is not customary evidently. The cooperate conviction states that encourages are ready to obey and that “nurses obtain exercise themselves to the enduring day and tenebrosity.” Finally, the third conviction is that encourages should be educated at the seed-plot raze in twain sciences and arts.

The foul-mouthed senior concepts addressed in the plea are the singular, the environment, sanity, and nursing.

According to Henderson, singulars keep basic deficiencys that are ingredients of sanity. They may demand relieveance to end sanity and anarchy, or relieveance to end a courteous-disposed failure. For the singular, opinion and assemblage are courteous-conducteds-supporting and interrelated, and the singular considers the biological, psychical, sociological, and intellectual ingredients. This plea presents the enduring as a sum of magnitude delay biophysical deficiencys rather than as a expression of client or consumer.

The environment is made up of settings in which an singular learns rare patterns for living. All apparent provisions and influences that concern courteous-conducteds and lay-openment. The environment too includes singulars in homogeneity to families. The plea minimally discusses the application of the homogeneity on the singular and extraction. Basic nursing custody involves providing provisions in which the enduring can unconnectedly accomplish the foul-mouthedteen ingredients explained in the design.

There are foul-mouthedteen ingredients installed on rational deficiencys that mould up nursing activities. These ingredients are:

  1. Breathe ordinaryly. Eat and draught adequately.
  2. Eliminate assemblage wastes.
  3. Move and continue envitelling postures.
  4. Sleep and peace.
  5. Select adequate investment. That is, robes and unrobes uprightly.
  6. Maintain assemblage weather delayin ordinary rove by adjusting investment and modifying the environment.
  7. Keep the assemblage neat and courteous groomed and shelter the crust.
  8. Avoid dangers in the environment and shun injuring others.
  9. Communicate delay others in expressing emotions, deficiencys, fears, or opinions.
  10. Worship according to one’s belief.
  11. Work in such a way that there is a soundness of enterprise.
  12. Play or share in diverse forms of refreshment.
  13. Learn, detect, or suffice the rarity that leads to ordinary lay-openment and sanity and use the availtelling sanity facilities.

These ingredients illusion a holistic advance to nursing that shelter the physiological, psychical, intellectual, and political. The original nine ingredients are physiological. The tenth and foul-mouthedteenth are psychical. The eleventh ingredient is intellectual and courteous-conducted. The twelfth and thirteenth ingredients are sociological, specifically addressing tenure and refreshment.

The plea’s specification of sanity is installed on an singular’s ability to operation unconnectedly as outlined in the foul-mouthedteen ingredients. Nurses deficiency to force the encouragement of sanity and hinderance, as courteous as the curing of diseases. According to Henderson’s design, cheerful sanity is a canvass owing it is concerned by so numerous divergent factors, such as age, cultural contrast, melting redress, and others.

Henderson’s specification of nursing states: “I say that the encourage does for others what they would do for themselves if they had the force, the obtain, and the recognition. But I go on to say that the encourage moulds the enduring defiant of him or her as before-crave as likely.” The encourage is expected to push out a physician’s sanative artifice, but singularized custody is upshot of the encourage’s creativity in artificening for custody. The encourage should be an defiant practitioner telling to mould defiant judgments as crave as he or she is not diagnosing, prescribing tenor, or making a prognosis, gone those activities are the operation of the physician.

Henderson explains in Nature of Nursing that the role of a encourage is “to get internally the enduring’s skin and appendix his force obtain or recognition according to his deficiencys.” The encourage has the function to assess the deficiencys of the enduring, succor him or her converge sanity deficiencys, and arrange an environment in which the enduring can accomplish disembodiment unaided.

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