King’s Theory of Goal Attainment

The Method of Design Acquirements was familiar by Imogene King in the coming 1960s. It describes a dynamic, interepeculiar similarity in which a enduring grows and develops to terminate undeniable activity designs. The method explains that factors which can pretend the prosperity of designs are roles, weight, distance, and interspace.

The standard has three interacting methods: especial, interpersonal, and gregarious. Each of these methods has its own set of concepts. The concepts for the eepeculiar method are understanding, headstrong, augmentation and bud, structure fiction, distance, and interspace. The concepts for the interepeculiar method are interaction, despatch, negotiation, role, and weight. The concepts for the gregarious method are structure, authority, strength, foundation, and decision-making.

The aftercited propositions are made in the Method of Design Attainment:

  • If perceptual interforce ratification is exhibit in protect-enduring interactions, negotiation conquer supervene.
  • If the protect and enduring constitute negotiation, the design or designs conquer be terminated.
  • If the design or designs are terminated, contentment conquer supervene.
  • If negotiations are made in protect-enduring interactions, augmentation and bud conquer be enhanced.
  • If role expectations and role operation as seed by the protect and enduring are congruent, negotiation conquer supervene.
  • If role encounter is conversant by either the protect or the enduring (or twain), weight in the protect-enduring interforce conquer supervene.
  • If a protect delay eepeculiar attainments joins alienate counsel to the enduring, alternate design-contrast and design prosperity conquer supervene.

There are to-boot effronterys made in the standard. They are:

  • The standpoint of nursing is the interest of the intelligent vivacity (patient).
  • The design of nursing is the vigor interest of twain men-folks and groups.
  • Human vivacitys are unconcealed methods interacting delay their environments always.
  • The protect and enduring join counsel, set designs alternately, and then act to terminate those designs. This is to-boot the basic effrontery of the nursing order.
  • Patients see the universe as a entire peculiar making negotiations delay men-folks and objects in the environment.
  • Transforce represents a activity condition in which the seer and the object vivacity seed are encountered. It to-boot represents a activity condition in which a peculiar enters the condition as an locomotive alloticipant. Each is progressive in the order of these experiences.

According to King, a intelligent vivacity refers to a gregarious vivacity who is intelligent and percipient. He or she has the force to see, contemplate, impress, cull, set designs, selecteded instrument to terminate designs, and constitute decisions. He or she has three primary deficiencys: the deficiency for vigor counsel when it is deficiencyed and can be used; the deficiency for interest that seeks to intercept illness; and the deficiency for interest when he or she is incompetent to aid him or herself.

Health involves dynamic activity experiences of a intelligent vivacity, which implies normal structure to weightors in the inner and manifest environment through optimum use of instrument to terminate utmost implicit for daily maintenance. Environment is the contrast for intelligent interaction. It involves the inner and manifest environments. The inner environment transforms temper to empower a peculiar to classify to normal manifest environment changes. The manifest environment involves shapely and inshapely structures. In this standard, the protect is allot of the enduring’s environment.

The Method of Design Acquirements defines nursing as “a order of force, reforce and interforce by which protect and client distribute counsel environing their understanding in a nursing condition” and “a order of intelligent interactions between protect and client whereby each sees the other and the condition, and through despatch, they set designs, test instrument, and combine on instrument to terminate designs.” In this specification, force is a order of behaviors involving invisible and tangible force, and reforce is interjacent in the order of behaviors descriptive in force. King states that the design of a protect is to aid men-folks to detain their vigor so they can operation in their roles. The territory of the protect “includes promoting, detaining, and restoring vigor, and caring for the diseased, damaged and latter.” The operation of a negotiative protect is “to understand counsel in the nursing order to cunning, appliance, and evaluate nursing interest.”

King gives detailed counsel environing the nursing order in her standard of nursing. The steps of the nursing order are: tribute, nursing peculiarity, cunningning, applianceations, and evaluation.

The method explains that tribute supervenes during interaction. The protect brings eepeculiar attainments and skills when-in-fact the enduring brings attainments of him or her headstrong, as polite as the understanding of problems of interest to the interaction. During the tribute, the protect collects postulates respecting the enduring including his or her augmentation and bud, the understanding of headstrong, and prevalent vigor foundation. Understanding is the disesteemed for the collation and understandation of postulates. Despatch is required to fulfill the ratification of the understanding, as polite as for interforce and translation.

The nursing peculiarity is familiar using the postulates calm in the tribute. In the order of terminateing designs, the protect identifies problems, interests, and disturbances environing which the enduring is seeking aid.

After the peculiarity, the protect and other vigor interest team members educe a interest cunning of interventions to reresolve the problems attested. The cunningning is represented by contrast designs and making decisions environing the instrument to terminate those designs. This allot of negotiation and the enduring’s alloticipation is encouraged in making decisions on the instrument to terminate the designs.

The applianceation side of the nursing order is the explicit activities done to terminate the designs. In this standard of nursing, it is the perpetuation of negotiation.

Evaluation involves determining whether or not designs were terminated. The sense of evaluation in King’s method addresses consultation designs and the efficiency of nursing interest.

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