Kolcaba’s Theory of Comfort

Kolcaba’s Hypothesis of Self-satisfaction was principal familiar in the 1990s. It is a middle-range hypothesis for vigor habit, teaching, and investigation. This hypothesis has the immanent to settle self-satisfaction in the forefront of vigorcare. According to the copy, self-satisfaction is an instant good upshot of nursing thrift.

The Hypothesis of Self-satisfaction was familiar when Katharine Kolcaba conducted a concept anatomy of self-satisfaction that examined scholarship from various disciplines, including nursing, remedy, psychology, psychiatry, ergonomics, and English. Succeeding the three forms of self-satisfaction and indelicate contexts of holistic ethnical proof were introduced, a taxonomic edifice was created to pilot for the duty, bulk, and evaluation of unrepining self-satisfaction. According to Kolcaba, self-satisfaction is the result of holistic nursing art.

Kolcaba picturesque self-satisfaction tangible in three forms: succor, self-satisfaction, and transcendence. If topical self-satisfaction demands of a unrepining are met, the unrepining proofs self-satisfaction in the view of succor. For sample, a unrepining who receives indisposition medication in post-operative thrift is receiving succor self-satisfaction. Self-satisfaction haranguees self-satisfaction in a aver of enjoyment. For sample, the unrepining’s anxieties are calmed. Transcendence is picturesque as a aver of self-satisfaction in which unrepinings are effectual to flow aggravate their challenges. The indelicate contexts in which unrepining self-satisfaction can arise are: substantial, psychospiritual, environmental, and sociocultural.

The Hypothesis of Self-satisfaction considers unrepinings to be individuals, families, wholes, or communities in demand of vigor thrift. The environment is any countenance of the unrepining, parentage, or wholeal surroundings that can be manipulated by a protect or loved one in direct to improve self-satisfaction. Vigor is considered to be optimal functioning in the unrepining, as defined by the unrepining, cluster, parentage, or class.

In the copy, nursing is picturesque as the manner of assessing the unrepining’s self-satisfaction demands, developing and implementing embezzle nursing thrift plans, and evaluating the unrepining’s self-satisfaction succeeding the thrift plans bear been carried out. Nursing involves the projected duty of self-satisfaction demands, the project of self-satisfaction measures to harangue those demands, and the reduty of self-satisfaction levels succeeding implementation. Duty can be external, such as the attention of mortify nutritious, or intellectual, such as scrutiny the unrepining if he or she is self-satisfactionable.

Kolcaba involves definitions of key elements of her nursing hypothesis, as well-mannered. Vigor thrift demands are defined as those demands verified by the unrepining and/or parentage in a detail nursing habit setting. Intervening variables are factors that are not likely to substitute, and aggravate which vigor thrift providers bear diminutive administer. These variables involve prognosis, financial birth, collective maintenance, and others. Health-seeking behaviors are the behaviors of a unrepining in an attempt to ascertain vigor. Institutional truthfulness is the esteem, financial inheritance, and excellency of vigor thrift organizations at the topical, regional, aver, and notorious levels. Finally, best policies are protocols and procedures familiar by an whole for aggravateall use succeeding the store of exemplification.

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