12 Best Nursing capstone project topics

Nursing capstone project topics
Nursing capstone project topics https://nursingessays.us/

Nursing capstone project topics is an assignment that students write in their last year of school to showcase an in-depth understanding of the chosen topic and nursing studies. The content is based on independent research to a problem or question in the field.

The purpose is to analyze the gained skills in a nursing program. Students must complete and pass the nursing capstone project to get a degree. A problem any many students, over 40% are that they have writing skills but fail to choose an appropriate topic. Nursing capstone project topics,A wrong topic prevents markers from evaluating the complete mastery of the studies suiting the appropriate level or learning.

Nursing capstone is a report based on various components and elements. It should go beyond an engaging introduction to discuss a problem and a lasting solution at length. Nursing capstone project topics,Make a point of adding all critical issues that inform the readers of the problems relating to nursing despite the topic and capstone project ideas.

Guidelines for Choosing Nursing Capstone Project Topics

You can make the process of writing a nursing capstone project simpler by choosing a proper topic and defining the best capstone project ideas to support the subject. The subject and ideas must relate to the field of nursing you study and be simple for readers to define the complexion.Nursing capstone project topics.

You will enjoy writing a capstone project when the subject is something that you find exciting. Nursing capstone project topics,Find ideas from different sources that you can find online. You can extend your search to other areas with relevant ideas such as academic literature, past academic research examples and library materials. All these sources will provide some guidance but do not copy.Nursing capstone project topics.

Specifying the Nursing Capstone Project Topic

Nursing capstone project topics
Nursing capstone project topics https://nursingessays.us/

The beginning of a capstone project starts with writing down a broad idea then narrow it down as it becomes more familiar and determines the right direction to take. Narrow down to a specific topic that will not be too broad because readers will find it difficult to determine a particular conclusive message. You can quickly narrow down to an appropriate topic by looking for subtopics within the genre. It helps to find a specific narrowed down topic.Nursing capstone project topics.

Examples of Nursing Capstone Project Topics

Nursing has many subjects. You can use one of these broad subjects below to narrow down to a specific topic that you can write to an amicable conclusion.

Modern diagnostic tests: Diagnosis is one of the best topics to write as a nursing course revolves around diagnosing different diseases.Nursing capstone project topics.

Nursing shortage: The number of students has never been enough, and it is unlikely to end soon because the older nurses will keep retiring. The number of newly employed registered nurses can reduce but not end a shortage. Nursing capstone project topics,A low number of nurses are a problem that you write and suggest new solutions on a bid to meet the demand for nursing service. A well-researched piece about the nursing profession and numbers shows a good understanding of issues affecting the quality of patient care.

Medical and surgical therapies: Writing a comprehensive capstone project on therapy is one of the best ideas for students to write. It provides professors with an opportunity to evaluate the way a student has understood the subject as well as the complete course.Nursing capstone project topics.

Other examples of relevant nursing capstone project topics are:

    Evidence-based practice

    Patient-focused approach

    Point of care testing

    Best care practice for acute and critical conditions

The primary purpose of a capstone project is to solve a problem. The best approach is to identify current issues in the nursing field and their solutions.

Nursing capstone project examples

A nursing capstone project is a paper that students write at the near the end of their school time. It integrates and synthesizes the things they have learned during their scholarly program. Nursing capstone project topics,The difference between a capstone project and other terminal projects such as a thesis or dissertation is that it addresses a particular program or concern in the professional field. It also provides a solution to the problem, but a paper like a thesis presents knowledge of the subject. It addresses a broader issue whereas a capstone project focuses on a narrow, specific topic.

Steps To Develop Nursing Capstone Project Examples

Select the nursing area of your topic

Choose a topic to research on by checking online and other scholarly sources. Narrow down the focus to a specific topic that you can write conclusively. It should be something that you find interesting and have mastery of the concept to locate a problem and identify a solution. It should also be a topic with adequate sources for you to research and find material to include in your paper. Narrow down your focus to develop a suitable thesis statement or a research question.

Perform a literature review

A review of available literature enables you to determine the available resources on the subject. The information is useful in determining if you will have enough materials to use in your paper, the available knowledge of the issue and what is lacking.

Write a capstone project proposal

A proposal to your lecturer is a brief presentation of around 200 words revealing the topic, experience about it, available sources, research method, and the intended achievements by writing about it.

Gather valuable information

Search for information supporting your topic from the most credible sources. Textbooks you use for a nursing course are a superb source of a list of the recommended literature that you can use a basis for the capstone project. Save all references and useful links at one place on your computer as it will be simpler to find information and cite. Structure the information in files and highlight the most significant sources to the topic as they are valuable for discussion.

Nursing Capstone Project Examples Writing Structure

Write you capstone project by presenting points that center around the thesis statement. Follow the guidelines by your school and this standard structure for a capstone project.

    Title page

    Signature page


  • Executive summary presenting a brief overview of the capstone project. It is the section that a reader checks to determine if it is worth to continue reading.
  • Table of contents
  • The body of the project
  • It is the main part of a paper consisting of these parts:
  • Statement of the problem that addresses a particular issue that you will state along with background information and importance to resolve the issue
  • Project description to show the design of the capstone project, purpose and discusses the desired goals. A literature review can be part of this portion as it will support your position.
  • An evaluation plan to describe evidence-based measures for each objective, the instruments you use and method of analysis
  • Results of your research on the issue including a discussion the way of achieving the objectives if it happened, unexpected result and any barriers.
  • Conclusion and recommendations
  • List of references to show sources and acknowledge them to avoid plagiarism

You can write the introduction last for it to capture everything. Remember to format, edit and proofread your nursing capstone before submission. Prepare for defense if it is a requirement at your school.

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